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Fabian – ALPHA

This is what we’ve been waiting for. Sometimes we bring the beach, sometimes we bring the HEAT. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Binary’s own thundergod Fabian slays mankind with ALPHA. This is the grit, the spit in the streets. The drums are classic Fabian, ripping and twisting in directions Satan couldn’t contend with. He doesn’t pound you into submission, he deftly rips through your skull with rhythms and riffs that never sit still. Its heavy, and it just feels like LA to us. This is the riots. This is a war for territory and we think ALPHA comes out on top. There’s more where this came from so head over to Fabian’s myspace and hit him up.

Fabian – Alpha

NightWaves Presents: The Dreamwave Hour

Jump into your car. Drive to the ocean. Play this mix. Fall in love. Have a drink. Listen to this mix.

NightWaves brings us their mix “NightWaves Presents The Dreamwave Hour” today. It’s a soundtrack to living in LA in the summer.


NightWaves – August Intro
Russ Chimes – She’s Got The Heat
CSS – Move (Cut Copy Remix)
Sweet Sensation – Never Let You Go (Extended Remix)
Jupiter – CHiP
VEGA – All Too Vivid
The Paradise (w Alan Braxe) – In Love With You
Anoraak – Nightdrive With You (Fear Of Tigers Remix)
Daft Punk – Voyager (Revolte Remix)
NightWaves – She’s Electric
Maethelvin – Dragster (NightWaves Edit)
The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE (Feat Lexicon Don) – Higher
College – Teenage Color (Russ Chimes Remix)
The Outrunners – Cool Feeling
Diamond Cut – Run For Your Life (Instrumental/NightWaves Edit)
NightWaves – August Redux

NightWaves Presents: The Dreamwave Hour

TKAR (Featuring LexiconDon)

This is one we’ve been waiting to get for a while now. So excited about “Higher”, a Binary collaboration between The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE and LexiconDon. Try and listen without wanting to binge your way through a Hollywood night. Its big, its loud, and its leaving us singing the hook all day. Hit up their myspaces, they both have a lot more to offer. We love it, hope you guys do too.

The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE – Higher (Featuring LexiconDon)

The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE get some French Love!

This post is pretty much just an excuse to post Time Warp, by far our favorite TKAR track, but we wanted to put it out that french blog, Empreintes Digitales has taken the time to blog about his love for the Kids. Great post focusing on the Cryptonites remix he did, but giving some serious love on the whole. Binary gets a shout out in there, which we love. Hope this is just the beginning for Jordan and the whole family…

Like I said though, we just want to share our favorite TKAR song, Time Warp. The previously mentioned Cryptonites remix is up on his myspace, and also further down the page here. Check out Time Warp though, the synth riffs are killer, and the breakdowns really take the whole song to a new level. We fucking love this song.

The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE – Time Warp

If you love that, here’s his entire “Murder on the DANCE Floor” EP.

Murder on the DANCE Floor – ZShare

NightWaves Remix

On Off On brings his signature heavy, dark riffing to “She’s Electric”, by Binary artist NightWaves. We’re loving the entirely new direction it takes the song. Its almost sinister in an awesome way. The vocal chopping is top notch, and he’s really got a feel for letting loose with some metal overtones. After recently getting blogged about on MissingToof, On Off On has taken the show on the road, performing weekly at Tilt Tuesdays at the Airliner downtown. Hit him up on myspace, and while you’re at it, hit up NightWaves as well.

We’ve got a bunch of new stuff that’ll be going up this week here at Binary, so keep checking back.

NightWaves – She’s Electric (On Off On Remix)


The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE are Jordan, a producer from just east of LA that seems to churn out new bangers every week. We’re happy to bring him into the Binary family, and can’t wait to hear what else the 17 year old phenom has in store for us! Check out the rest of his stuff on his myspace, and don’t forget to check back here for new tracks and mixes. We’ll be bringing you unique stuff from around the world and from Binary artists.

Here’s a Cryptonite’s remix from TKAR, as well as a great new original we just got from him, entitled “Murder by Disco”

Cryptonites – I Can’t Give You Up (TKAR Remix)

The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE – Murder By Disco


Binary’s latest addition, LexiconDon, comes to us from the heart of LA. Born and raised in Seattle, he moved to LA to live the dream, and the sound of SWMG captures that perfectly. LexiconDon embodies the new style of Southern California and his music backs it up. Check out his myspace to hear more of his work. Binary’s own Fabian produced this track, and the 80’s beach vibe we just cant get enough of. Enjoy friends.

Lexicon Don – SWMG


Andrew is ON OFF ON. From just outside LA, he brings his sample heavy brand of electro straight to the Binary Family. We’ve got a killer Digitalism remix for you, as well as an original, “Engine Down”. Check out the rest of his work on his myspace and keep watching for more original work here. We’re excited to have him on board!

Digitalism – Magnets (ON OFF ON remix)

ON OFF ON – Engine Down


We’d like to welcome Fabian to the Binary family. Fabian is from East LA. A DJ since he was in diapers, his productions have turned heavily 80’s as of late. We love the direction he’s moving and expect big things from him. Bringing a unique LA flair to his productions, Fabian brings us this new release “Everybody Goes to Hollywood”

Fabian – Everybody Goes to Hollywood