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Hey Champ

Hey Champ, a 3 piece from Chicago caught our attention just this week, but we didn’t want to sit on it at all. “Cold Dust Girl”, the song we’re bringing you today, along with the video they made, is just gold. We at Binary are constantly on the lookout for bands that are utilizing all that electro has advanced. There are some great dance-rock bands out there, but the full blending of the sounds has yet to reach the heights it could. We’re not saying Hey Champ is the answer either, but fuck, Cold Dust Girl is good stuff.

For some reason it makes me think of a hot, sticky, summer day. Barbecues, softball games, water gun fights, and young love. I’m probably way off considering the title is “Cold Dust Girl”. Its in the guitars, they remind me a bit of some solid early 2000’s indie rock. Sounds like a summer song to me. Either that or I was just listening to it driving down Melrose and it’s hot as hell out.

Here’s the song, and check out the video below. Take a listen and hit them up on myspace. Tell them to come out and play a show with the Binary kids, we’d love to get them out here to LA.

Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl

Everything in the world looks better in slow motion. It’s a well known fact. Add in attractive girls in slow motion and you’re a winner in my book.

Blue Dress. A song by NightWaves

Here’s the latest from Binary artist NightWaves. Before you listen we’ll set the scene. You’re 17, you’re at prom. It’s smokey, hazy, and full of lights. It all feels like the most important moment of your life. Things however, just as they always seem to, don’t go according to plan. You’ve lost her or him, and you find yourself at the party alone, wondering just what else could go wrong.

Let the NightWaves wash over you. We can’t wait for next Monday. There’s a lot of great stuff planned, and you certainly won’t regret coming. You wont want to miss the debut of many Binary artists. NightWaves is one of them.


NightWaves – Blue Dress

Chill with the Binary kids this weekend!

Update time: The family is really growing. The dreamwave gospel is spreading around the world. We’ve got our kickoff show coming up on October 6th, and all of the acts are starting to play around town more and more.

Looking for something to do this weekend? The whole crew is gunna be out and about, getting drunk and looking for some new friends.

Cruise out on Friday night to Cinespace to see KeenHouse performing live! You wont be disappointed. Plenty of live synths, dance rocking buildups, and crazy trips through the forests are promised. Cruise out and we’ll buy you a beer or 5!

Saturday we’re all rollin to support On Off On at Killer Shades, taking place at the Hollywood Canteen. Good times there, we’re definitely trying to roll early so we can get one of the free 100 pairs of 3D glasses they’re giving out! It’s gunna be rad.

ALFA remixed by Future Flashs

Future Flashs, straight from Hamburg, Germany, serve up a tasty remix of ALFA’s LA Passion. Great example of a re-mixer taking the best elements of a song, keeping those, and then adding their own element. Anyway, this remix makes me feel like I’m trapped on skid row late at night. Just kinda feels scary, and I like it. Great buildups, especially the last one, which culminates in bringing back that great synth riff of ALFA’s.

Check out Future Flashs on myspace, and head on over to ALFA’s as well. He’s DJing the Binary Party on Oct 6th, so come and check him and the rest of the Binary crew out!

By the way, nice graphic work here by Binary’s Phader.

ALFA – LA Passion

ALFA – LA Passion (Future Flashs remix)

p e a c e FIRE

p e a c e FIRE
. Japan. Wow. This is straight from left field. I can’t hear a single influence in the music. All I can hear are beautiful chords, unexpected melodies, and rhythms that seem to emerge from the ether. This is really truly heartbreaking, intelligent electronic music. It all somehow feels like a rainy day. I’m sure the artwork all over his myspace helps to cultivate this dreamy feeling. This kind of stuff isn’t driving or partying music, but its fascinating and wonderful, and I can’t stop listening to it. It’s mad scientist music for the depressed, and I mean that in the absolute best way. We usually like to comment on individual songs, but these are way past any kind of “The buildup at 3:26 is so sick!” kind of comments. These songs need to be taken in as a whole.

The synth work is nothing short of phenomenal. In short, this is some great dreamwave.

Congrats to p e a c e FIRE for being our first non-Binary related posting. The plan is to bring more and more great music into the blog, while still not missing a beat with any Binary related news. In any case, we’re really loving p e a c e FIRE at the moment, so go give him a shout!

p e a c e FIRE – Baghdad Rainbow


That’s right, its time for a Binary party. We’re ready to unveil ourselves and we picked a great place to do it. Come one, come all, on October 6th to the Dragonfly in Hollywood. Its at 6510 Santa Monica Blvd. Doors will be at 9, and it’ll be free entry all night! We’re tired of the same heavy covers everywhere else in Hollywood. Save the money and use it to buy some drinks! We’ll have drink specials all night and plenty of good times.

Most importantly, you get the chance to see all seven Binary artists perform. KeenHouse, On Off On, NightWaves, Fabian, The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE, LexiconDon, and ALFA will all be playing sets. You’ll be hearing a ton of great original work, so make sure not to miss out. Reply to the flyer right here on the blog, and check out our Facebook invite as well. Hope to see you there, its going to be a crazy night!

NightWaves Presents: The Dreamwave Hour

NightWaves Remixes Fabian

Binary artist Fabian has been on fire, getting posts recently on BigStereo, MyKunk, and Resonator among others. The world is really digging the apocalyptic, dangerous riffs he shoots from his keyboards. Everyone seems to be asking “banger” or not? Well, all we know is that its a killer. NightWaves decided to add their own spin on Fabian’s J4W. It takes the sparse anger from the original and twists into a confusing epic problem. Its the soundtrack to a doomed mission.

Fabian – J4W

Fabian – J4W (NightWaves Remix)

Binary Kickoff Party! October 6th!

We’ll be hosting our first live event, October 6th at the Dragonfly in Hollywood. The skies will open up and rain musical flavor all over LA. All 7 Binary artists will be performing.

More info to come soon, but mark it down. Dreamwave hits LA on October the 6th.

NightWaves Interview on IndieKrush!

Sick. You can see the whole thing here at IndieKrush

Nightwaves, are the California sounds of Italo, rocking that 80s graphics, and running a new blog and collective called Binary. Check out these fresh tracks and interview below. Hopefully we will see them in Vegas soon.

How many bands and DJs are part of the Binary family?

We have 7 artists on the roster as of now. We just expanded recently, adding ALFA and KeenHouse, which we’re way stoked about. We really focused on finding artists creating great original content. There’s a lot of DJs out there, but it’s much more difficult to find great producers, which we believe we’ve done here with Binary. Although we only have producers at this point, we’re on a constant lookout for talented bands that could fit in with the family.

Who does your fresh graphic design?

Phader, run by Adrien Ordorica, did the NightWaves and Binary designs, as well as Fabian’s and The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE. He’s super talented and is already working on projects for most of the Binary acts. He’s just a youngster, but he’s really got an eye for cutting edge designs. The banner he did for NightWaves is sick.

Who throws the best parties in LA?

LA has a huge dance scene. On any night you can hit up a few different great venues and see some fantastic DJ’s. To tell you the truth though, we tend to stay away from a lot of the nights that just play banger after banger. You’re a lot more likely to find NightWaves at a dark bar, surrounded by beautiful women, listening to New Order. We love go drink at the beach, which we think is the ideal party. Hopefully we’ll host the best parties. We’ve got a vision of a dance night filled with original content, something that people can get behind and fall in love with.

What current bands and artists inspire you?

We’re loving a ton of bands coming from Australia, Elke being a current favorite. We can’t wait to see where they go in the future. Obviously, we’re loving the emotional, nostalgic electro being made overseas. Everything from the french touch stuff from Falke and Braxe, to the amazing synth work of Russ Chimes. Obviously the Valerie guys, especially Anoraak. Bands like the Friendly Fires, M83, and Cut Copy are really changing the game as far as what bands can do live.

We draw a lot from the past too. There are way too many artists to list, but we’ve been pretty obsessed with early Prince recently. Chaka Kahn, Talking Heads, Earth Wind and Fire, The Cure. A day doesn’t go by when we don’t rock out to some Laser Dance.

Where did the name NightWaves come from?

We were actually discussing this new scene, and the as yet unnamed genre accompanying it. Dreamwave just seemed to fit so perfectly to describe the epic, emotional music we were hearing, and we fell in love with the name for the genre. NightWaves kind of seemed like a natural offshoot of that. We’re both obsessed with the sea, boats, and waves. We always imagined making music that people could listen to late at night driving down the PCH, looking out to the Pacific Ocean. Our goal with our music is really to bring out raw emotions, the kind you felt when you were 17 and nothing else mattered. It’s less about feeling nostalgic about the 80’s and much more about feeling nostalgic about youth.

Sweet. As a little bonus, here’s the NightWaves edit of Maethelvin’s track “Dragster” they did for their Dreamwave Hour.

Maethelvin – Dragster (NightWaves edit)

KeenHouse joins the Binary Fam!

We love a big happy family. Ours gets a little bigger today as we add our seventh member, KeenHouse. KeenHouse is Ken, bringing some more fantastic dreamwave to the mix. Last night we all met up at The Airliner in downtown LA for his release party for his EP, “Civic Transit”. ON OFF ON played a set as well, and the Binary guys really brought the house down.

We couldn’t be more stoked about bringing KeenHouse on board. We can’t get enough of his great synth work and dreamy melodies. Head on over here to buy the EP. We couldn’t recommend it more. It’s great front to back, with hooks galore and a great taste of that 80’s nostalgia we love so much. Hit him up on myspace and keep an eye out for some Binary collaborations!

First off, check out “Deep in the Forest”. Just try to not keep humming along once you finish listening. Great bouncing synths and vocoded vocals that take you straight into the forest and don’t let you escape.

After that, take in “The Rendezvous”, some epic dreamwave that floats you out into the sky. Its a night drive through the hills out to the ocean. Its one giant crashing wave, blasting straight through the shore to reveal a spacey melody, leaving you lost in its unfamiliar warmth. Seriously, we love this song.

KeenHouse! Welcome to Binary! Everyone go show him some love on myspace and go get his album!