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Lovelorn Graduate

Lovelorn Graduate was a complete by chance find one day during some aimless myspacing. You know, when you’re just bouncing from page to page, getting lost in the ether. You hear a lot of crap, laugh at a lot of ridiculous comments, and learn about some scenes you might not have known about. And then all of a sudden you’re opening someones’ page and your ears perk up and your spine starts to tingle.

LG did this to me. The first track that comes up on his myspace, “Secret Liaisons”, is just a perfect slow jam. It almost has an early 90s, Blackstreet kinda vibe. Its danceable, but has like a uniquely American take on the slow jam. Its R&B rather than Fred Falke slow jam style. Anyway, I was hooked, and spent the next 30 min listening through his songs twice. I couldn’t have been more stoked that he hails from Pennsylvania, and east coast kid just like me. So I wrote him and begged for the tracks.

The rest of his songs take on a much more decidedly dreamwave style. As I listened more I couldn’t help but get excited that we had found a bit of a kindred soul, making our kind of music here in America. If only he was in LA. He can be an honorary Binary member as far as I’m concerned. His stuff is too rad. He says he’s focused on the craft of songwriting, which is definitely something we at Binary couldn’t be more focused on. Anyway, solid stuff. Good mellow jams for a Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles. I’m gunna get these songs into my car and go hit the beach.

Here’s the aforementioned “Secret Liaisons”, and the over the top awesome driving song “Last Man Standing”. Hit up Lovelorn Graduate on myspace and give him some encouragement to keep making music!

Lovelorn Graduate – Secret Liaisons

Lovelorn Graduate – Last Man Standing

NightWaves remixed by The Resurrection

The Resurrection hit us up out of the blue with an sweet remake of NightWaves “She’s Electric”. Completely re-done in his own unique style, it was really a pleasant surprise. Vocal tracks got traded and the remix was complete. And She’s Electric was resurrected.

We weren’t sure how this would sound as a finished product, but the way Resurrection twisted the melody and churned out an entirely new chorus. Its been stuck in my head all night. Its ready for a sweaty smokey dancefloor. It’s a nice international collaboration you should all check out. Go check out his myspace, and same with NightWaves!

NightWaves – She’s Electric (The Resurrection Remix)

NightWaves – She’s Electric

Sexy Synthesizers

Sexy Synthesizers
beams across the Pacific to us from Japan. What a find they were. First of all, the name. Seriously??? Genius. Oh and then there’s the music.

Ok, clearly they’ve got the 8bit thing going on. Their entire album is even a concept album, essentially being one long video game. We’re not huge fans of that scene as far as musical value, but its all rad no doubt. Whether or not they mean to, they stray far from that mold with a few of their songs, and bring us an incredible amalgam of dreamwave and 8bit juiciness.

All I know is that I’d love to see these guys live. There’s no way you could be sober, and I think you’d definitely end up on a magical journey. Anyway, the fact is these songs are beautiful songs. I’ve never heard harmonies like this with vocoded vocals. Listen and enjoy, oh and go tell them they’re cool on myspace.

Sexy Synthesizers – Fly

Sexy Synthesizer – Space Music

Binary Kickoff Show Pictures!

Killer synths. Killer hooks. Killer cocktails and girls with killer looks. Its the creed, and we got all em on Monday. Hope it looks as cool as it was. See you at the next one (already in the works!)

Go here pixnation to see all of the great pix from the night!

New KeenHouse remixes!

Binary artist KeenHouse is back on the grind. All of us here at Binary recently fell in love with p e a c e FIRE, and KeenHouse took it on and decided to remix PF’s “Baghdad Rainbow”, which we posted here. As much as we love PF’s stuff, what it lacks is concise and structured arrangement to really grab people at first listen. Its sweeping and romantic and huge, but you have to be ready for something like it to really get it. KeenHouse gives this song the treatment it really deserves. He dreamwaves up the remix, and makes it dancefloor ready. He played it for the crowd on Monday at our Binary party and just killed it. Anyway, without further ado, presenting his remix of p e a c e FIRE’s Baghdad Rainbow.

We’re also bringing you another KeenHouse remix straight from the source. Oh and just in case you’re just getting introduced to him, we’re throwing in Deep In The Forest. Its the first track on his debut EP, available here. Amazing stuff that’ll be stuck in your head for weeks. I’ve always thought his music was made for dreams and mushroom attacks in the forest. Seems right. I always feel 8 years old and wandering through a forest when I listen to his music.

p e a c e FIRE – Baghdad Rainbow (KeenHouse remix)

Division Kent – L’Heure Bleue (Keenhouse Remix)

KeenHouse – Deep In The Forest

The train has left the station

Thanks to all who came out last night to the Dragonfly! To say it was a success is a huge understatement. What a turnout! Everyone killed it from start to finish. We heard some killer new Binary music… we’ll get some of that to you guys soon I promise. But lets just say there’s gold locked away, caged, and ready to be unleashed.

Have to say thanks to Adrien (Phader), for all the design work for the show, and to David, our film/lighting expert who absolutely tore up the lighting for the show. The place looked like prom. We met some really rad kids, and we all got drunk. Good times on the whole. Plenty of tequilla went down, then we all got sweaty dancing around till closing.

We’ll have more pictures and stuff from the event later in the week, but for now I figured I’d post one that I got on my phone. This one is from KeenHouse‘s badass set.

No songs to post, but we’ve got a bunch of stuff for you guys coming up in the next few days, so check back. Actually screw it, you guys can listen to this again.

Kool and The Gang – Celebration (Live)


Party time Angelinos. 9pm. Dragonfly. Free (oh also free well drinks for the first hour!). You’ve heard the pitch, all 7 Binary acts are performing. Not to miss. Its like a Quinceañera, Bar Mitzvah, and Spirit Quest all wrapped into one. Binary’s becoming a man. We’ll have some recap for you, hopefully some videos and pictures within a week.

Hope to see you all there!

New On Off On!

Binary’s resident remix-ologist (actually come to think of it ALFA and TKAR would probably have something to say about that… I guess I’m judging on pure output here.) comes back and hits hard with his latest offerings. This Paula Abdul remix… Man! Keeps every bit of the original that was great, but just puts the song on steroids. You can still sing it and dance around like its 1996, but kids will be loving this at 1:45 in front of a huge speaker too.

Paula Abdul – Straight Up (On Off On edit)

His Faint remix does everything it should. It just makes you want to get sweaty and jump around. The perfect kind of heavy.

The Faint – Glase Danse (On Off On’s Glass Dancefloor Edit)

If you CANT come enjoy him and the rest of the Binary guys on Monday night, then listen to these two new remixes of his. Oh, and enjoy this oldie but goodie of his that has popped up on setlists, podcasts, and mixtapes all over the world.

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (On Off On Remix)

For what its worth also, we saw On Off On perform last night at TANK Tuesdays and the kid absolutely blew us away. Don’t miss next Monday.