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Fresh Lovers

I’m pretty confused by Fresh Lovers.

1. Their myspace says they’re from France, but also from Chicago, and London.. and Mars. 2. They don’t have any live dates scheduled.
3. They’ve got an EP coming out on So French (yeah they are in Paris) Records, which you can find through their myspace.
4. I think they were originally called French Lovers, which is what their myspace addy is… Does this mean they’re not French?

Anyway, past that I’m pretty confused. Some of their music has a very Kavinski feel. The top song on their myspace is called Beverly Hills Chase, which by the way is KILLLLLER. I wish I could find that MP3, which I would definitely have included in this post. Its not as aggressive as their other material, which is a bit off the wall for me.

I did get my hands on a couple songs and mix though, and I had decided not to post about them, since to me it sounded like a bit more played out French stuff. However I listened to their 14 minute mix, called the “24 Minutes Cream Mix” oddly enough. Anyway, this thing just blew my mind this morning.

Yeah, as I was saying, its got a familiar sound. But wow. I have no idea how old these guys are, but the way this mix was done, and the way its arranged, it sounds like two way too talented 15 year old boys. This thing just oozes testosterone. Its really just a fucking sick, hectic, adrenaline packed 14 minutes. Definitely get this. If I had had this in high school to get me pumped up for sports, it never would have left my discman (hahahaha discman).

Truth is after hearing Beverly Hills Chase I totally thought that was the direction these guys should be moving, but this mix made me think twice. I don’t even know. You tell me.

Anyway, listen to this mix.
Tell me what the song is at the very end… I’m in love with it. What an awesome ending.
Enjoy the AWESOME artwork above.
Go to their myspace and listen to what they have to offer.

Fresh Lovers – 24 Minutes Cream Mix

Friendly Reminder (Dont miss The Twelves!)

Theres one especially good reason to come on December 9th to The Dragonfly besides seeing The Twelves first LA performance. Yes, they’re Brazilian heros. Yes, they remix ALL of the songs they play.

Well this night is special because you’re gunna be seeing three acts performing original material, with live synths. Not many acts DJ material and include live instrumentation as well. Fred Falke and his bass, lets not even touch on that, he’s the master. But this will be a unique night of music. You’ll hear a lot of original material, and you’ll hear live synth improvisation, something that just isn’t done very much in DJ culture.

Anyway, NightWaves, Keenhouse, and The Twelves will all be playing in a way that you just don’t see all that often. It should a pretty special night.



Don’t get it yet? Don’t believe it? Check the video. I’ve watched this a few times. It’s so badass.

And don’t think I won’t be reminding you again. HA. Two weeks. December 9th.

Fabian…. oh Fabian

Alright. The world kinda knows Fabian for 2 tracks so far. We’ve got a few more hidden away right now that are really gunna blow minds. Binary’s got some serious business ready for Fabian to tackle. World domination is right there.

Get ready for your next taste of the man himself right here. Yes, more of everything that made J4W so good when we first heard it. Its apocalyptic, its heavy, its dark… It makes you move. Man. The more you hear of Fabian the more you know he’s a producers producer. Its definitely important to sound good on first listen, but you can definitely pick apart Fabian’s productions on the 15th listen.

That bass. Jesus. But more importantly, this song start to singing at the end. The chords he drops over the beat, man. Its really a glimpse into what this music could really be. Enjoy all.

Anyway, lets let the newest Fabian track speak for itself. Here’s GALOURNi, along with our old favorite, ALPHA.

Fabian – GALOURNi

Fabian – ALPHA

Galactic Boys

I found these guys during my own galactic travels. Late night, not exactly sober. Meandering through the myspace universe. And boom, here come the Galactic Boys. Couple of youngins from Germany from the looks of it. Their sound is a bit all over the place, but there are so moments of real beauty in the stuff they’ve done so far.

Enjoy these two highlights from their catalog. Both Planet 72, and Men Must Explore are pretty great. Sounds like College might be an influence here, but the way their synth work evolves entices me a bit more. Sounds like there’s some classical training behind that nice wall of sound.

Check em out, and give them a shout on myspace!

Galactic Boys – Planet 72

Galactic Boys – Men Must Explore

Miami Horror

Ok, here’s the first time I’m gunna blog about something that all of the other copycat blogs out there are all posting on. It’s only because here’s a new song that nobody else is posting, but is the latest song, and also just because Miami Horror does rock that much and you SHOULD be loving them.

Miami Horror, a pair of Aussies are definitely on a short list of acts that we at Binary are doing everything we can to get to the states and play a show with. (In fact, don’t tell, but its gunna go down in March! shhhhh).

They’ve got their own unique take on dreamwave, and we really love every moment of it. They’ve just released their first EP, and so everyone should absolutely head to beatport or itunes and pick it up. GREAT STUFF. Don’t Be On With Her is the first single, and the video below definitely showcases all that we love about these guys.

We love the hooks… Ohhh the hooks. Finally people are using all of this great electroness and twisting it into songs that I’d wanna listen to all times of day, and all the time. I love these songs, so definitely head to myspace and make them your friends. As a little treat, here’s a newer song from the EP that I’ve seen on a couple blogs so I’m assuming its legit to post. Listen and appreciate… Hello bongos, genius choice.

Miami Horror – Make You Mine

And as I said, this has been posted all over, but its too good not to share. Their video for “Don’t be on with her”

Miami Horror – Don’t Be On With Her (Directed by Warran & Rhett) from Moop Jaw on Vimeo.

I promise I won’t recycle any other popular blog stuff here. You can find all the hot stuff at any number of other places. We’re gunna keep bringing you our coolest finds on myspace. No worries.

On Off On, TKAR, Fabian, Teen Wolf, Dan Sena! ROLL OUT!

Come out to the Airliner tonight to see Binary team up with TILT and IndieKrush. Binary artists On Off On, The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE, and Fabian are teaming up with Teen Wolf and Dan Sena who are out repping for Indie Krush. This show should be a blast.

Roll out early, find a kid named Josh, thats me. Ask me for a beer and I’ll buy you one.

The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE – Murder by Disco

Fabian – J4W


‘s own. The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE blasts through with a new track, Cult Classic, to rip through your brain.

This is definitely building on his older sound, showcased on his first EP Murder on the Dancefloor. Like our favorite of his (also below) Time Warp, Cult Classic is hard driving, hooky as hell, and bound to get the girls on the floor.

We’ve got big things planned for KIDS in the upcoming year. Expect a debut EP to drop before June.

Let the bass roll through you on this one. Its a late night, can’t sleep banger for everyone. Here’s the myspace, go make friends.

The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE – Cult Classic

The Kids Are Radioactive – Time Warp


Pop sensibilities aren’t something that have really come to the forefront of this blog, but to be honest, we’re pretty big suckers for a good pop song. How can we not? I still drive around with The Chronic on, windows down, driving slow as I can. Something about being in LA when its hot as shit out just makes me want to drive around with a good summer jam on.

This, my friends, is a ridiculous summer jam. Its so over the top Miami that there’s no way anyone in Miami could have made it. Well, this is true. Blänk is a duo from Sweeden. Naturally.

The song, which you will probably hate, and then subsequently love, will be stuck in your head for 4 days… minimum. I really dig the production behind it, and the verses Young Ivy lends to the track are surprisingly good. Go check them out on myspace for some more songs.

Oh, and below is the video. Its epic. I reallllly dig it. It’s good to see the Ultimate Warrior getting back into entertainment.

Blank – Shirt Off

Blänk ft. Young Ivy “Shirt Off” OFFICIAL VIDEO from Klas Granström on Vimeo.

Fabian remixes NightWaves

We’ve got a ton of stuff going on over here at Binary, so expect to be hearing some good things in the near future. Lots going on, but still finding the time to hit you guys with new stuff! Here we go.

We heard this at the Binary kickoff party and it pretty much sent shivers up my spine. We knew Fabian was working on a NightWaves edit, but this kid threw this in the set and everything just took off. It was heeeeeaaavy live. We finally got our hands on the song the other day and it’s been on repeat ever since. Great take on the chords in the verse, and he really sticks to that signature Fabian style throughout. He totally flips the song on its ass and spins it around for a while. By the end you’re dizzy, but totally ready to jump on again.

Take a listen and give Fabian some myspace love!

NightWaves – Even Money (Fabian Remix)