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Kitsch Cat

Kitsch Cat is from Thailand. We stumbled onto them one day and were flat knocked on our ass. We were a bit confused at the beginning, but as we delved deeper, we realized this was a Thai collection of electronic producers, not unlike Binary. Kind of like with p.e.a.c.e FIRE, this music just feels like it could only come from some far off exotic place. A land perhaps trapped in time, waiting in a capsule for the day when synths and sun would mix once again and take over the world.

Perhaps they best describe themselves?

“Kitsch Cat project 2008 proudly presents Cyndi Seui, Yuri’s Nominee, Gramaphone Children, Stargazer, D.J.C.
and Apolo, all of whom attain a similar interest for original, cutting-edge sounds that has ultimately created
an itch among its members to pave new ground within Thailandís electronic scene.”

We LOVE the two songs we’re bringing you today. They both bring smiles to faces, and memories of sunnier days. How amazing is the bassline in “All You Know”? When that song errupts, it takes me to a place where I could totally imagine a 16 year old John Cusack walking in the door. Something about this music just brings us back to a time and place with only positive memories. Thats what music is for right?

Both “Flashback” by Cyndi Seui, and “All You Know” by Yuri’s Nominee. I wouldn’t call it progressive. Its a bit overly cheesy. But. Still, how can you deny it?

Cindy Seui – Flashback

Yuri’s Nominee – All You Know

Fabian Remixes Data

Check it fools. Fabian takes his touch to Data’s blog hit “Rapture”. He does a great job of using the vocals in a whole new way, twisting their original cadence. The song totally explodes in the 2nd half.

Listen and enjoy. To be honest, the slow, swingy part that rolls in is whats really great about this remix. You cant help but move to it. Not in an upbeat dance kind of way, but in a primeval, slowed-down kind of way.

Data – Rapture (Fabian Remix)


Merry Christmas guys! Thought I’d throw some cheer your way with this post. We wish you guys the best this holiday season! It’s been a good year, and 2009 is looking to be a pretty exciting year. Anyway, no song today, but definitely something that should bring a smile to your face.

The song needs no introduction. One of the best remixes of 2008 was certainly The Twelves remix of The Black Kids “Im Not Gunna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You”. The song helped to catapult both group’s popularity as only our current blog-centric, remix friendly community can do. As Joao (Twelves) pointed out, it was it’s appearance on 90210 that really cemented its importance to music in 2008.

Anyway, as you might not have expected, these guys had never met before! While The Twelves were in town, it turned out the Black Kids would be also! We did our best when we found out they would be in town to set something up, and low and behold, we got them all together at The Standard Hollywood on Wednesday night. A good time was had by all until we all got kicked out at closing. Great times and plenty of stories were traded.

Pretty neat. Thought we should share.

The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE – Paris to LA Mixtape

Lil bit of this, lil bit of that.

Jordan does one thing really, really, well. Thats create and play fun music thats perfect for a dance party. Club or living room. This mix is pretty great. He doesn’t pull any punches, straight to the head bobbing groove, weaving between some hip hop, electro, disco, and even tossing some Binary love in there. It gets heavy at all the right places, and it ebbs and flows just the way a live set should.

Too many mixtapes suck. This one doesn’t. Mix yourself a Jack and Coke, toss this on, and in one hour you’ll be ready for pretty much anything.

The Kids Are Radioactive – Paris to LA Mixtape


1. Intro // 2 Many DJs vs. Busy P – To Protect and Entertain (Crookers Remix)
2. Soulwax – Another Excuse (DFA Remix)
3. Daft Punk – Around The World (Villains More Cowbell Edit)
4. Calvin Harris – Merrymaking At My Place (Deadmau5 Remix)
5. Steve Angelo vs. Robin S. vs. Laidback Luke – Show Me Love
6. Benny Benassi – Bring the Noise (Public Enemy vs. Ferry Corsten Remix)
7. Danger – 11h30
8. Shinichi Osawa – Electro 411 (Lies in Disguise Remix)
9. DatA – Rapture (The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE Remix)
10. KIGH – Give Me What I Want (Howard P. Sausage Remix)
11. The Black Ghosts – Any Way You Choose To Give It (Boy-8-Bit Remix)
12. MGMT – Kids (Soulwax Remix)
13. The Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves Remix)
14. Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (Rehearsal vs. MSTRKRFT vs. Blake Miller)
15. Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin’ (Yuksek Remix)
16. Soho Dolls – Trash the Rental (Crystal Castles Remix)
17. Bloc Party – Mercury (Herve Is In Disarray Remix)
18. Hearts Revolution – Switch Blade (Toxic Avenger Remix)
19. The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE – Whiskey & Coke (Extended Mix)
20. Nightwaves – Even Money (Fabian Remix)
21. New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream (Van She Tech Remix)
22. Timbaland – Miscommunication (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Buffet Rewind Project

Buffetlibre is setting up to release the second volume of their massively successful REWIND PROJECT. The first one, released in early 2008, a ton of our favorite artists remake or remix some gems from the 80s. Many of the artists they snagged were artists that really blew up in ’08.

Just wanted to give you all a little bit to look forward to. NightWaves got asked in on Vol. 2, and they chose quite a song to re-do. We’ll be bringing you that song in a couple weeks. For now, hold tight, check out what we DO have for you.

Binarrrrys own Keenhouse was on that very collection. Remaking “Feel The Drive”. Hang on for dear life, its a wild ride. Signature Keenhouse, from the snarly bass to the wispy vocals, its all there.

Keenhouse – Feel The Drive

New NightWaves

I totally forgot to post these up here on Binary. BigStereo posted these two new tracks from NightWaves last week. So we’re bringing them to you guys now.

The first is the NightWaves first all-instrumental track, Super Human. A heavier, more driving song than the rest of NightWaves catalog, it showcases a bit more of the darker side of dreamwave. Revolving around a more twisted bassline, it brings together a heavier beat with some dark and dreamy synths to make a dancy epic. Climaxing with a screaming, pleading synth solo that launches the song to the heavens.

Second, is “Invincible”. A 2am mission-jam. Bringing some guitars to the mix, the song is all about creating an aesthetic. Distorted vocals, almost spoken during the verse catapult into a pleading chorus. It feels like a speedboat to me. The spray in my face and the dark sea ahead. Always looking ahead, never back.

Enjoy everybody.

NightWaves – Super Human

NightWaves – Invincible

A Successssssss. Thank you everybody!

The Binary show with The Twelves was a massive success. We love those guys! Really a killer set, and they’re really rad guys too. We had a blast chillin with them for 2 days.


1. Everyone who came out. Keep coming! We wont let you down on a single show, they’re just gunna get better and better!

2. Everyone working merch and the door, (Jordan, Lindsey, and Adrien) you guys rock. This night really belonged to PHADER, the man behind our new shirts, and the guy who designed the sign. Andrew, thanks for hooking that up!

3. All the promoters who made it happen. Big upps mostly to Mike at TILT. BIGTIME.

4. Barth and the boys with the film crew. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

5. Adrien and Dave for rocking the lights. That place was dreamwave city all night.

Ticket Giveaway!

First person to email me at family (at) asking for 2 free tix to tomorrows show with The Twelves, wins just that!

Good luck people.

See you all tomorrow night!

Keenhouse remix time from Alfa and On Off On

As we really hoped, Binary is starting to turn into a big monster of a family. We’re getting incestuous, pushing each other, with new originals and remixes of each others work.

Today we bring you remixes of Keenhouse, one from Alfa, and the other from On Off On.
Both of these remixes take our guys in a distinctive new direction. Melodies are jumping off the walls!

First off, On Off On’s remix of Mecho Maniac is a startling twist from his previous productions. A laid back, almost Dre-ish, top down, 5mph jam, Mecho Maniac is transformed into a California summer jam. It feels like a hot august day, lemonade, and ribs on a grill. MAN. Love this track.

Alfa’s take on Deep in the Forest absolutely KILLLLED in Vegas when Keenhouse himself played it. There’s a harmonizing lead melody that emerges halfway the song that just brings you down to your knees. It’s danceable, its melodic. Ready for the dancefloor, or just a walk down the street with your headphones on. Alfa is really settling into a distinctive sound that nobody else has. Here’s to anxiously awaiting what else he has in store for us.

Keenhouse – Mecho Maniac (On Off On Remix)

Keenhouse – Deep In The Forest (Alfa Remix)