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A moment over a year in the making. Our night was really important to us and thank you for everyone who came out and got wild. The dreamwave was flowing and LA got a serious taste of things to come.

More pictures/videos to come!

Special thanks to Anoraak and College for traveling so far to play music for us, and also for being such great people!

Hearing my favorite song of 2008 (Nightdrive With You) performed live was a fantastic thrill and totally lived up to my own super high expectations.

LexiconDon floorrrrred me. Im biased, yes, but I can imagine thousands singing along to these songs.

Keenhouse’s set was taken to a new level. Ebb and flow. Textured. Moments of beauty, and peaks of the danciest stuff I’ve ever heard.

College’s set kinda felt like this picture. Hazy, emotional, and disturbingly human.

Thank you all! See you again soon.

The Lipsyncs Mixtape 1

Well. First time I’ve posted on the same guy (non-Binary) twice. Bring on round two of The Lipsyncs. We just got hooked up with homeboy’s first mixtape. Its really a pleasure to listen through. Definitely a mix for the car.

Feels sun drenched, from moment 1. How can you go wrong with starting with a little Braxe and Falke? Its actually pretty saturated with Braxe, Falke, and the other French Guys. Maybe a bit more variety next time? Honestly, this sounds pretty unique for a mixtape these days though.

For what its worth, this mix should be called the 8am mix. Its cloudy and hazy like 8am is after staying up all night. Driving home, windows down, sun shining, tired, and somehow invigorated.

Enjoy it guys!

The Lipsyncs – Mixtape 1

1) Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Horizon (The Lipsyncs Remix)
2) Daft Punk – Technologic (Acapella)
3) The Human League – Don’t You Want Me (The Lipsyncs Remix)
4) Fred Falke – Wait For Love (The Lipsyncs Remix)
5) Montanas & DJ Roland Clark – Music Talking (Fred Falke / The Lipsyncs Remix)
6) Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (The Lipsyncs’ Love Remix)
7) Bel Amour – Bel Amour (The Lipsyncs Remix)
8) Laidback Luke – Rockin’ With The Best (Acapella)
9) The Lipsyncs – Lips & Love

Snow Picnic

One part Ghosthustler. Some solid Twelves style funky production. A bit of classic disco…. What do you get???? Some delish dreamwave served up by Snow Picnic.

Gordon, from Canada is Snow Picnic. He’s been in the game for a bit now, and we really hope to see him get stateside for some shows. Looks like a show of his could end up pretty epic. He’s got a free EP available here. Go grab that, its definitely rad, although the music on his myspace is blowing me away in a whole new way.

His music has a great sparseness that does remind me a LOT of The Twelves productions. Snow Picnic takes the songs in a different direction with the arrangements and vocals though. These have a bit more of a retro, 1980’s inspired tone to them. I can’t say the vocals are blowing me away here, but they definitely don’t take away from the songs. Go check out his myspace to get the full taste.

Today, we’re bringing you his song “Let’s Get Through It”. This might be the most Ghosthustlery of all his songs. GREAT GROOVE! I seriously just put this song on repeat for the last 15 minutes so that it could really get stuck in my head, and I don’t remember the song finishing or starting once. Perfect vibe for an afternoon groove sesh. This is pretty 80s sounding, so definitely hit his myspace to get the full taste of what he’s got to offer.

Im really enjoying posting photos that visually represent how songs make me feel. You’ve probably picked up on that, but I’m going to keep doing it.

“Lets Get Through It”… Its yearning. A bit tortured. Fragile. Smokey. Like you’re trying to make it work, but she’s just not having any of it. Doesn’t look like she’s having any of it.

Snow Picnic – Lets Get Through It

El Ten Eleven

El Ten Eleven
are from Los Angeles, which is cool and all. They play at east side bars and clubs, and seem to open for a lot of the generic, reverb-filled desert americana groups that are at all of the east side venues every night. Even though Binary operates mostly in electronic music, we make a serious effort to listen to all of the bands coming out of and through the city.

Its mostly depressing to listen to all these bands.

I guess its only natural that when these guys caught my ears, it would be because of dancier songs and interesting soundscapes reminiscent of of some DFA acts, or more specifically like Ratatat. Anyway, I swear what I like about these guys has nothing to do with how dancey the music is.

Their ear for melody is fantastic. It blows my mind that these guys don’t have a singer. Their songs are even structured for one already. It’s almost as if the songs are just instrumental demos, waiting for a singer to lay down the final touch.

Singer or not, I really like their music. I’m personally surprised I’ve never heard of them before, according to their myspace they’ve been praised and reviewed everywhere under the sun.

When I listen to their music I like to think of this guy writing/playing it. Kinda feels like dirty street genius music.

Here’s a taste. “Jumping Frenchman of Maine” was the first song that made my ears perk up. Its the most electronic flavored, so don’t judge it based on that. Definitely go back to their myspace and check out more. Specifically “I like Van Halen because my sister says they’re cool”. The thing that catches me with their songs are how they creep little buildups into the song without you knowing it. The changes are never abrupt, everything is within a nice framework that melts and reforms.

Enjoy. Yay LA.

El Ten Eleven – Jumping Frenchman of Maine

TILT + BINARY + IHEARTCOMIX = Futurecop!, Franki Chan, Fabian, Short Circuit @ The Echoplex

Watch out now! Binary and Tilt, with some help from the boys over at IHEARTCOMIX bring you Futurecop!, Franki Chan, along with Binary artists Fabian and Short Circuit. Should be a crazy show at The Echoplex. We’re so stoked to get rocked all night long.

Doors are at 9. Watch out for the Binary crew. We’ll be packing in full force!

The headliner, Futurecop! needs no introduction. He’s already on everyone’s radar, so there isnt much point in rehashing what everyone else has said a hundred times. Their music is 80’s inspired, dreamwave tinged, melodic electro. Lots of synths, sometimes bit crushed, sometimes big and sonic. Most of the time its really beautiful stuff.

Here’s a nice little selection, “Eyes Like The Ocean”. Title suits the song. I love it. Emotion filled electronic music.

Futurecop! – Eyes Like The Ocean


Things are good in LA. Sun. Beach. Music. Can’t ask for much more. As we wind into 2009, we reflect a little on the year that was.

Binary was born. We grew into a family. We started showing Los Angeles what we’re all about. People came out, we drank, we danced. We rejoiced in the name of synths and sun. For whatever reason, this video definitely sums up 90% of everything we believe in at Binary.

We believe in.

1. Original composition.
2. Live instrumentation.
3. Improvisation.
4. A great show.
5. A great song.

If you haven’t been out to one of our shows. This is a decent look into our world. Hopefully you can make it out sometime, or perhaps we might even make it to your city.

For now, enjoy this video, made thanks to our friend, the amazing Barth. Dr Impostor strikes again.


Keenhouse – Deep in the Forest (Live @ The Dragonfly) from Binary Entertainment on Vimeo.

Cinnamon Chasers

Cinnamon Chasers, from London, dropped on our doorstep via the incredible Diamond Cut. I could probably just quote him about the song we’re bringing you, but you might have a heart attack. He gets intense.

This song feels like “The Never Ending Story” in audio form. It has that unique quality that only a few producers can replicate, where the song feels like a freight train, rumbling along at a slow speed. Within 30 seconds the song feels like it could have started hours ago and is months from slowing down.

It’s a song for a late night drive, when you’re contemplating what to do with your entire life. It feels important, without sounding to big. Anyway, parts seep in without you realizing it, it builds and falls without stopping the momentum. All in all its a fantastic song. The bass, the overreaching bass that just won’t let the song slip away. Its the key. The key to it all.

Their entire EP, which I totally recommend, is available on all major digital carriers. Pick it upppp.

She’s waiting. Youre driving, this song is on. Seems about right. Thanks.

Cinnamon Chasers – Luv Deluxe

Valerie in Los Angeles


Something of an important show is upon us here at Binary. A stroke of luck plus some hectic wheeling and dealing has resulted in our next show.

January 29th we will be changing venues and invading The Echoplex for our first show there. Joining us will be none other than College and Anoraak from the amazing Valerie collective.

This is a bit of a meeting of the two west coasts of electronic music, coming together for a dreamwave summit of sorts. The show will showcase LexiconDon and Keenhouse, welcoming the Valerie guys to our sunny city.

Head to the FACEBOOK event page and rsvp, and even if you cant go, go invite all your LA homies to roll out. This feels like an event people will remember 10 years from now.

Here comes a night of smooth electronic tunes, injected with sun, romance, and the curious ability to fly on command.

January the 29th! 9pm. $10 at the door. Binary + Valerie.

By the way. Phader. Incredible flyer. Murdered it.

Check it out. A collaboration between Valerie and Binary. Keenhouse’s remix of College’s “I Think About It”. It’s one of my favorite pieces of work Keenhouse has even done. We got it a couple months ago and I’ve been waiting for College to finall release it. Then boom, last week out it came. Couldn’t be better timing.

Anyway, enjoy the smooth tones and rich buildup. All of College’s tracks are made for remixes like this. The apex of the buildup is really phenomenal, and even has a trademark Keenhouse zoom just as the bass rolls. Enjoy it.

College – I Think About It (Keenhouse Remix)