On this wintery day out here in LA, (Well 55 degrees and sunny… I guess not all that bad) we bring you some new material from Binary’s Keenhouse. He felt the urge, got the inspiration, and delivers us a fantastic icy dreamwave mix.

It’s called the Arctic Beach Mix. Somehow he really did capture a feeling of barrenness. Its almost tundralike for large stretches. Not for a sweaty dancefloor. Keenhouse, as he always seems to do, digs deeeeeep into his crate for a lot of the material on this mix. Its a great blend of icy synths, slowly moving between sparse melodies and lush, huge soundscapes. The whole thing is really an opus worthy of multiple listens. Great stuff. Grab it here.

Keenhouse – Arctic Beach Mix

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Dreamwave. Completely.

1. Intro – Keenhouse
2. Super Human – Nightwaves
3. Sapphire – p e a c e FIRE
4. Hyperborea – Tangerine Dream
5. The Scarlett Empress – College ( Stephen Falken Remix)
6. Lights ( The Dome Part III) – WORSHIP
7. Druck – Richard Wahnfried
8. Hypnotic – DaroC
9. RNA – CiM
10. Dolo Boys – Fare Soldi
11. Milky Way – Weather Report
12. The Rendezvous – Keenhouse
13. Endless Summer – Anoraak
14. Forever – Pelifics
15. Utopia – Quiet Village
16. Outro – Keenhouse