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NightWaves, Keenhouse @ Beauty Bar in Las Vegas Tonight!

Anyone in the Las Vegas area tonight, or even if you’re in LA. Stop what you’re doing and roll out to Beauty Bar in downtown Vegas. Keenhouse and NightWaves will be performing LIVE! Both Binary acts will be playing their full live sets. Think tons of synths, live vocoder and vocals. Plenty of bounce and heavy dose of dreamwave.

NightWaves has been in the lab, if you’re curious. It’s been a minute since theres been any new tunes to share. They exist, but they’re in oven cooking and waiting to bake into the first NightWaves album.

If you’re on a long drive this weekend, and haven’t heard it before, enjoy NightWaves first mix, The Dreamwave Hour. It was made for just those kind of drives through the desert when some aerospace disco is pretty much the only thing you need.

NightWaves Presents The Dreamwave Hour

Jensen Sportag

Jensen Sportag are from Nashville. This music does not sound like it comes from Nashville.

Power Sergio is just cracking the surface of what JS has to offer on their myspace. Seems as if they have been at the snyth pop game for a while, and Power Sergio comes from their Sergio EP, which you should go grab from their myspace. These guys are making the kind of airy disco that everyone is flipping over these days, but they’ve been making it for quite some time.

There’s a nice amount of live instrumentation in here. The song has nice progression that piece by piece amps up the energy, releasing it into a uber-funky bridge.

I gotta say, I’m particularly digging the vocals on this track. There’s some fantastic falsetto going on, which I’m totally a sucker for. This band is, for lack of a better word, weird. Definitely in a good way, but theres something acid soaked and retro about them that makes the weirdness work really well. This picture looks exactly like the song feels.

The outro groove is pretty sexy. I made a mix once that was called the “sunrise mix”… This track is peeerrrfect for it.

This song feels like a late night drive through the empty streets of Los Angeles, in the dead heat of summer, in a car with no AC. Its a little sweaty, a little windy, pretty loose, and not quite ready to go home.

Jensen Sportag – Power Sergio

Like a Phoenix From The Ashes

It’s Never Been Like That is still one my favorite albums from the last five years. Its been a long wait, but one of our favorite acts, Phoenix, is back with a teaser track from their upcoming album. 1901 shows the band at their best. It has the best of both worlds, its loose and free like the best indie rock, but maintains all the bounce of the best snyth-pop. The hook is completely infectious, and they deliver it all in under 4 minutes.

Its a summer track for beautiful girls.

Its been posted everywhere, but it definitely deserves a spot here as well. Phoenix is really everything thats good about pop music.

NOTE: So for some reason I had this song deleted from my server due to a copyright issue. This makes no sense since the band is giving this song away on purpose for free, pretty much in an effort to get people like me to get it to people like you. Anyway, its bullshit, and its not just BLOGGER that are abusing the Digital Copyright Act… Boo.


DCUP is Duncan MacLennan, just emerging from Sydney. I heard 30 seconds of “epic” and immediately emailed Kyle telling him to check it out. Dreamwave music doesn’t usually take an aggressive tone, but there is definitely a faster, laser filled, late night, car chase side to dreamwave that tends to come in the form of Russ Chimes. Now, I hate to so quickly pigeon-hole DCUP because in all reality, this guy has a totally different and unique approach to this sound. Listen about 2 minutes into “Epic” and you’ll find a funky breakdown that turns the song right around and starts it in a new direction. By the time the huge buildup happens at the end of the song, its made all that more sweet by that odd breakdown that we’re treated to.

What thoughts come to mind when I hear this song?

Its a dark motel room. Its youthful and urgent. I dont know why but it just sounds like somethings pretty wrong. The whole thing has this deep red tone that feels passionate and important. A pretty hard feeling to achieve with a song.

The breakdown hits. Its like a memory of better, lighter times. What a fantastic little funky riff right?

And then it comes back. Like reality or something. The buildup rips through and does its job. Am I wrong or does the whole song sound what the color red sounds like? The whole song is just drenched in heavy red tones.

DCUP – Epic

Look, definitely go check him out at his myspace. He’s got plenty more to offer, and by the looks of things, he’ll have more out in the near future. The Aussies keep coming through, and finding a new talent, no matter where it comes from is always a treat.


Its been a while since we’ve brought some good old fashioned pop to the blog. Today’s definitely a day to smile and a day to chill and laugh.

writes unadulterated, ridiculous synth pop. I fall in love with songs that bring out a lot of emotion, but I gotta say, the songs that end up with the most plays in my iTunes are the ones that are the best cheese dance/pre-game/windows down/laughing/over the top, pop tunes.

Their songs are songs middle school girls would love. The lyrics are well, lets just say, not Dylan-esque. But its all made that way, and it aims straight for your feet and gets them dancing and gets a room smiling.

Look, I love this stuff. The more acts like this I find the more I wonder if there will be a full on sweep into mainstream. The entire alternative world seems to just get more and more comfortable with melody and pop in its electronic music. More and more bands are using this kind of sound. Is this bubble going to burst? Look, I love MGMT as much as the next guy, but to be honest, that album is just scratching the surface of a world of electronic pop music thats a lot better. Will a bunch of acts end up making the leap in 2009? Time will tell.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to turn this post into anything other than a way to post two over the top awesome pop jams. Enjoy this kiddos.

First, Tuff n’ Stuff sounds like Flight of the Conchords, plus 3 snyths and a shot of adrenaline.

Giantess – Tuff n’ Stuff

You Were Young is a bit faster, a bit more unabashed 80’s. They’re a nice amalgamation of The Similou and Chromeo, except more youthful.

Giantess – You Were Young

These guys are from Boston. Fantastic. Hit them on myspace and show em some love!

Futurecop!, Miami Horror (DJ’s), and Shout out out out out @ The Echoplex, March 14th!

We’re a bit sad to announce that Danger has canceled his West Coast tour in March and will not be joining us on March 14th. Luckily, where we lose one we gain another awesome act.

Shout out out out out
is from Edmonton, Canada, and we’re stoked to be getting a full live performance from them!

The lineup is great and you should all jump on it and grab some tickets!

Here’s the link for pre-sale tickets!

Shout out out out is great. Check out “Bad Choices”, and expedition that builds from a nice little groove into a driving pop song that is made great with some creative vocoded melodies. Truthfully, their productions remind me a bit of Short Circuit’s, so I think it only makes sense they’ll be on the same bill.

There are definitely elements of disco going on, and from what I hear about their live show, there’s a whole lot to be excited for on March 14th. These guys kind of ooze confidence in their music. There isnt a lot of noise to mask their playing. Its forward, brazen, electro. There’s something sexy about it thats hard to put a finger on. Needless to say, I dig this song, and I cant wait for March 14th.

This picture just reeks of bad choices in the best possible way. It fits.

Shout out out out out – Bad Choices

Futurecop!, Miami Horror, Shout out out out, Short Circuit, and TKAR. Hmmmmm. Hit up those presale tix!

From Flyers

Binary… back with some dreamwave!

The couple years have taken us all over the place, discovering new music and finding inspirational artists. The move towards melodic, emotional electronic music has seemed to be dramatic and important. At first, it seemed as if every new friend on myspace was an amazing new find. Time after time we were just blown away by the music we were hearing, coming from all corners of the globe. Well, the last months have not been so friendly. I suppose this is the result of us finding a lot of the good talent in our searches, and second, a lot of loving the sound and trying to replicate it without much success. Every once in a while, I hear a song that reminds me of the way I felt the first time I heard this kind of music.

Illapa comes to us from France, and is the real thing. Basically, we just have a beautiful song to share. Zenith TV is a concentrated journey meant to drill into your heart. Like a lot of songs like this, it doesn’t sway from its aim. Its simple, and it doesn’t wow you with any creative arrangement. Its great because of how it stays true to its own emotion. It starts with a whisper and builds up to a scream without you even knowing it. There’s some really creative orchestration that Illapa has written in this strong, and his playing is quite inspired.

Illapa – Zenith TV

The thing I love about this song, and ones like it, is that they have such a concentrated emotion/feeling. They dont stray from an overall vibe, which makes them VERY cinematic and quite visual. This song makes me feel young.

Its melancholy, like the last day of summer. I can almost feel the sun on my head listening to this, riding home, ready to start another year of school. Man, great tune. Like I said its visual. Here are some pictures that fit perfectly with this song.

Go friend this guy on myspace and encourage him to keep at the producing. I want to hear what comes next!

Prophet Panther

“…from los angeles comes a pair of tru bl00d phantom musical heroes. Prophet Panther produces fun little electro tracks from scratch…”

If you come out and say right away that you make original electro, and that it’s your primary aim, you’ve already earned a solid listen.

Yeeeeaah yeah, we post a lot of melodic, disco-y, snythed out tracks here. Don’t mislabel us though. We love good, hard, dirty noise. Its just that there are plenty of other blogs that generally have that stuff covered. Today I’m pretty pleased to bring some glitchy, sega inspired tunes from our new homeboy from LA, Prophet Panther.

PP, is right here in LA. I love that whenever I find a GOOD producer from LA, I can always hear the city within the recordings. Its true of each of the Binary artists, and it is certainly true of Prophet Panther. These recordings… well, they remind me of mid-wilshire, the remnants of the Miracle Mile all lit up. I hate using obvious touchstones to describe music, but these songs really do sound like I’m inside of an old videogame, but somewhere in the middle of an all night coke binge.

These songs have an extra tension inside them. Its something within the song structures that actually contribute to the overall vibe of the songs. These sound what Hollywood Blvd looks like at 230am as drunk people scramble for cabs, stumble home with a girl, or start a fights with other dudes who couldnt find girls to stumble home with.

This girl…

The first track is Kimono Passion. This one is the darker of the pair. There’s something almost sinister in the buildup, and once it gets into the song, it pretty much refuses to let you settle into a groove. Its almost uncomfortable to listen to, but in a completely good way. I love this track because of the exquisite production. The attention to detail within each bar is pretty impressive.

Prophet Panther – Kimono Kisses

Second, we have P1O9W8E7R. This song is the more complete of the two and the one I like better. This one starts off with, well… some slap bass thats a bit too reminiscent of a couple French dudes, but the song quickly turns on its head and settles into a demonic 8bit jam. Come to think of it, maybe the intro is actually a little bit of “yeah anyone can do Justice, now see what I’ve got”. If he did do that on purpose that’s way badass.

P1O9W8E7R could be great music to escape some crazy captors from, horror movie style. Imagine jumping fences, stealing a car, ditching that car, and mad dashes through a dirty apartment building.

Maybe she’s chasing you? Hectic enough… about right.

Prophet Panther – P1O9W8E7R

Keep at it! Loving finding talent in the great city of Angels.
Binary Presents: Miami Horror (DJ’s), Danger, and Futurecop! March 14th @ The Echoplex
From Flyers

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our next big show, this time featuring Miami Horror, Futurecop!, Shout Out Out Out Out, and Theophilus London! Binary artists Short Circuit and The Kids Are Radioactive will be opening in support, so this show should really be a non-stop crazy night of music. We can’t wait.

The show is March 14th at the amazing Echoplex. You can pick up presale tickets here for $10. This show could seriously sell out, so you should go and grab tickets early!

Miami Horror’s music, if you dont already know, is crazy good. They’re a huge inspiration and we’re really excited to meet and find out more about him.

Today, we’re bringing you the collaboration between Miami Horror and Vega that’ll definitely stay on repeat for a while. It’s been out for a minute now, but honestly we can’t get enough of this track. The song manages to sound larger than life while remaining quite sparse and just about the danciest thing ever. In any case, enjoy “Make You Mine”.

Make You Mine kind of feels like a full night of sweaty dancing at some humid spot in South Beach… but all trapped into 4 short minutes.

Miami Horror – Make You Mine