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There is nothing I love more than falling in love with a song on first listen. It’s one of life’s purest pleasures and I swear that it can make my entire day brighter. I heard a song this morning that jolted me. When I heard Elke’s songs last year one day, it only took one listen. Same with the first time I heard Anoraak’s originals. One listen. This song took one listen.

It’s kind of against the general idea of this blog to re-post what other blogs throw up, especially when blogs as big and cool as Hyperbole are the posters. I can’t help it here. I hope that given what we usually post here, everyone knows what to expect stylistically. All that taken into account, I have to post this song. It’s too fucking good. Plus, these guys are small and deserve the attention I hope they get because of this song.

Within the first 10 seconds of hearing “Look At Me”, I was praying it would be as good as it sounded like it would be. And then it did. And then it gets better.
are from the UK and, thank you, they sound like it. Thats a compliment. This is perfect dreamwave right here, with an emphasis on the New Wave part. The touchstones are all the same, and its not worth hashing out who are clearly some of their influences. This song magically sounds like its from 2010. Im a sucker for great songwriting, and this song could sound great sung by a dude with an acoustic guitar.

In any case, listen and let “Look At Me” take you somewhere new.

Mirrors – Look At Me

The first thing that’s great about the track is the general production. As the vocals come in for the first verse, there’s plenty of room for the lyrics to come through and hit you. The overall mood of the production matches the melancholy feeling of the song. “Look at Me” is a perfect chorus and it just makes me think of a helpless fight against something you just can’t have.

Its a song about helplessness. Love is great and all, but it sure can mess things up. A relationship, a time, or a person maybe. It’s clearly a love song in the best possible way. I love songs that talk about how much love messes a person up and this one just NAILS that feeling on the head.

It drives you crazy, makes you fuck up, and pretty much has the ability to ruin your life.

Look At Me.

Hope you guys are feeling this as much as I am.

Keenhouse Remixes Muddyloop


I’ve been listening to this remix on repeat for a few weeks now. The main groove of the verse just blows me away. It reminds me of everything great about early 90s R&B. I feel like someone like Chaka Khan or Shannon could have really done something special with this song.

Its the instrumental to a remix he did for Muddyloop’s song, 80’s love. You should absolutely go to their myspace or iTunes and buy the EP. It includes 2 Keenhouse remixes, and the originals rock as well!

Check it ouuuut.

Muddyloop – 80s Love (Keenhouse Instrumental Remix)

I feel like it could be the playing during the final scene of some awesome 80’s action movie. The stars have overcome evil and they drive into the sunset with a girl on each arm.

Its for the badass chicks. No doubt.

There’s something super triumphant about the entire song. Its definitely a track to jump around to.

The bass is perfectly heavy and driving, something that Keenhouse always comes through with. ENJOY.

Good Luck at the Gunfight

Good Luck At The Gunfight is from San Francisco, which gets me excited. I figured it was some dude in the South Pacific before I actually looked at their myspace. Their music has a touch of Kavinski, or Danger perhaps. There’s a lot of melody under the videogame exterior of their songs, especially in “Malibu” which we have for you here today.

Good Luck At The Gunfight – Malibu

The song is really based around a repeating slow filtered synth guitar riff. Its a bit of a neon explosion that you might think of a song entitled “Malibu”.

The song quickly settles into a nice groove, but doesn’t really become a cool song until about halfway through when a second, appegiated bass part rolls in and just makes the whole song start to tumble forward. It totally feels like a snowball rolling down a hill. You’re on for the ride and happy to flow along with it.

It sort of makes me feel like I’m going insane… but in a good way. The riff is ever present and definitely drives through your skull by the time the song is up.

I love hearing music like this coming from the US. Great textures and general vibes. Hopefully we can find a way to get with these guys either up in San Fran or down here in LA.

Check out this song and let it whisk you away for a short three minutes.

Hit them up on myspace and tell them how sick this song is!

Binary + Tilt + Radioclit = MADNESS

Saturday night @ The Echoplex TILT returns to explode. TILT is lucky enough to be bringing in a true talent with Radioclit. Coming off the staggering hype of their collaboration with Esau Mwamwaya entitled The Very Best, they roll into town to throw down with TILT! Short Circuit and Alfa will be performing as well. Its a night not to be missed!

The Very Best mixtape is an amazing melting pot of genres and sounds. One to really lay into with headphones and explore. It takes a few listens, but the textures and new feelings that are jarring at first will win you over. Its an intelligent piece of music that is the kind of thing that only happens when talented people coming from very different places create together. Head over to Radioclit’s myspace to grab the free mixtape.

Check out this snippet from the mixtape. Hide & Seek transforms like some kind of acid tripped out lullaby. Its both jarring and calming at the same time. Esau’s harmonies unfolding and smoothing out the 8bit beat anchoring the back end. Its hard not to be entranced by the song. The melody is flawless and SUPER memorable. Its the perfect showcase of how the conflicting styles work so well together.

The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit) – Hide & Seek

Midway through the song deconstructs into a nightmare. Its a good thing. Distorted noises crash and evolve, while a yearning scream pushes through the background. Slowly the voice wins over and calm is restored. I really imagine this whole song as a child’s dream, ending with a calming melody that protects us through the night.

Lie Back and enjoy this song with your eyes closed.

Come out on Saturday!!!!! Binary will open it up, soften the pack, and let Radioclit take it all to the heavens!

Galactik Knights

We have a soft spot here at Binary for some solid filter house. We’ve featured guys like The Lipsyncs. Something about the early Daft Punk sound thats undeniably great. I mean, lets face it… we’re talking about taking samples of great music and applying a pretty tried an true theory to them in order to make them dance floor gold. Thats not to take away from it. There are plenty of ways to go astray and make shitty music. I guess I’m just saying that its not a genre busting new wave of electronic music.

In any case, hearing a great French Touch style house jam always hits me in just the right spot.

Galactik Knights knows what he’s doing. His productions are well thought out and executed filter house jams. He picks great samples and lays just the right amount of drums over them. Like I was saying, hearing this kind of throwback music just scratches an itch for me. Its impossible not to move to his music, and the samples are great examples of how electronic music can be just as emotional as any kind of music.

I’ve got a song of theirs, called “With All Of My Love” to share today. Its pretty simple, and pretty great.

Galactik Knights – With All Of My Love

Step one. Lie down, close eyes.

Step two (if you want, you dont need to though.. This song feels right for lying in bed with headphones): But really, what this really makes me want to do is get up and dance.

Step Three?? Find a friend.

Like I said, its not anything revolutionary, but its better than 95% of the music that comes our way. I’ve listened to this everyday for the last month.

Enjoy kiddos.

Keenhouse @ Cinespace Tonight!

Keenhouse is playing tooooonight, as part of the one year anniversary for Camerata at Cinespace. You guys should definitely roll out! Its going to be a great night full of live art and great music.

You know we won’t be leaving you empty handed, and Keenhouse has provided us an entire stable full of great new remixes that we’re just dying to share.

Hmmmm. Today how about his remix of local LA band, West Indian Girl. This track is vintage Keenhouse and he really takes this one in an entirely new direction. Get pumped, and roll out to Cinespace!

This is like, ambient, dreamy LA folk, turned into a pumping dance anthem. We love it!

West Indian Girl – To Die In LA (Keenhouse/Fresh Produce Remix)

This song makes me feel likeeeeee….

Binary Presents: Bag Raiders! April 10th @ Jimmy’s Lounge

We are so excited to announce that the next Binary Presents event will be with the Bag Raiders. We’re continuing our run of bringing in great acts for their first ever LA performance. These guys are absolutely huge and we feel pretty honored to be hosting them.

The show is April 10th @ Jimmy’s Lounge. We’ll be getting you guys more info on the show soon, but mark it down on your calendars! Its going to be a sweaty, danceathon, mess of a night. Its time for a Binary sweatfest.

Fabian, Alfa, and Short Circuit will be opening and will completely tear the place apart. Alfa will be debuting an all new live set, and the first non-vinyl set he’s ever done. We are so stoked.

To get you excited, here’s our favorite BRaider song, Shooting Stars.

This will get your blood pumping.

Sounds like this.

I don’t have much to say about Shooting Stars. We posted it when it came out. It’s one of my favorite songs of 2008, and if its any sign of where the Bag Raiders are headed, we’ll be in good hands with them.

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars

Its one of those, fantasy, “anything is possible”, kind of songs.

Phoenix – 1901 (NightWaves Remix)

Are you in Austin, Texas? Do you want to go to an incredible party? We’ve been down here in ATX for a couple of days now and things are crazy.

NightWaves is playing a set today from 3:30-4pm today. Come by and say hi!


In celebration, we’re giving out NightWaves remix of Phoenix’s 1901. We hooked you up with the Fabian remix yesterday. Light and poppy and to the point.

The NightWaves remix is a bit darker, more emotional, and about twice as long. It’s definitely meant to fill your brain with synthy goodness and take you on a train ride to the sky.

Enjoy it.

Phoenix – 1901 (NightWaves Remix)

Phoenix – 1901 (Fabian Remix)

Binary’s own, Fabian, is back. Get ready though, its a different side. The guy is gritty, but he likes a good time as much as the next.

Maybe we’re rubbing off a bit on him? In any case, his remix for 1901 here is, dare i say it?? pretty dreamwave. It sounds like Fabian, but with an lightness and spunk that we haven’t heard before. A couple thoughts.

1. I can picture 12 year old girls skipping around to this song.
2. I can picture 30 year old french guys in leather jackets dancing to this song.
3. I can picture myself on the beach, wayfarers on, eyes closed, sun shining, arm around a beautiful breezy listening to this.

Phoenix – 1901 (Fabian Remix)

Lets say it spans genres.

Make sure you listen through the breakdown though. The chords are nothing short of genius.

Tomorrow… NightWaves takes on Phoenix, and performs in Austin!


GMPD is short for Gil Mantera’s Party Dream. I was first introduced to them via a music video that I saw a while back that took me aback, made me laugh, and rocked my socks off. I’ll get to that video later.

GMPD is from Pittsburgh, and was on the 80’s, synthy pop bandwagon wayyyy before it started getting cool again. These guys really fit in perfectly next to Miami Horror, Vega, The Twelves, and other similar acts (it might be reticent not to mention NightWaves, Keenhouse, or LexiconDon in the same breath).

I’m a bit surprised that I haven’t read a bunch more about them, because frankly, they write great pop songs. According to their bio, they’ve toured with The Rapture, and sold out shows in LA in 2006. I just want to know how it took until 2008ish for me to hear about them? I guess gems slip by all the time.

Ok, so we’ve got “Get Sirius” for you, from their most recent album, Dreamscape, which you must go out and buy. Its available at most major online outlets, and you can find links to purchase the album on their myspace.

GMPD – Get Sirius

This song bridges that gap between super synthy, almost corny pop, with great indie rock. The chorus is a massive wall of sound, pushed forward by a screaming, reverbed out guitar. These are the kind of guys that don’t shy away from digital handclaps, but this song does a fantastic job of meeting in the middle between great rock and great electro.

As the song winds its way into the bridge and final chorus, its easy to see where these guys are coming from. Its a great, tension filled, bass buildup. The vocoded vocals just touching towards the climax of the buildup. Guitars creep in, and a haunting synth lead hints at whats to come. Once it busts through, we’re treated a whirling chorus which finally matches the emotion of the main hook of the song… “Dont Say Goodbye”.

Always the sucker for breakup songs, this one sucked me in and I can’t stop listening to it. It also might not be a breakup song at all, but those lyrics are the kind that anyone can use to mean anything.

Now for the aforementioned video, entitles Elmo’s Wish. It was my first intro to this band. It took me 30 seconds to stop thinking that the song and the video were a joke. I love it.