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Binary Presents: LA Lights

We are very, VERY, proud to announce that Binary (Records), will be releasing our very first international release. This is our chance to show everyone who we are and make our first lasting imprint into music. This has been a bit of time in the making, and we’re so excited for it to finally be coming together.

Binary Presents: LA Lights is a compilation record that will feature all 7 Binary artists. Alfa, Fabian, LexiconDon, Keenhouse, NightWaves, Short Circuit, and The Kids Are RADIOACTIVE will all be on there and we’re super amazed at how great this record sounds. We made a point to make most of the content on the record brand new, so there is mostly completely brand new material on it for you guys. The record is ready to go and we just have some basic housecleaning to take care of before we can get a release date on it.

We’re super proud of it and once we get a release date set we’ll be sure to let you know. Needless to say, this is a pretty big deal for Binary and all of the Binary artists.

And here, to celebrate, enjoy the first song we ever posted on Binary. Fabian’s first track as Fabian, “J4W”.

Fabian – J4W

In the coming weeks we’ll be doing running posts of Binary artists tracks in anticipation for the album dropping.


Ghosthustler really started a lot of what we believe in as far as dreamwave music and all that goes. I can vividly remember hearing “Someone Else’s Ride” for the first time and flipping out. Seeing their incredible graphics and listing to their tracks made me imagine a whole new kind of pop music. A lot of what Binary was born on is rooted in ideas we got when we heard Ghosthustler for the first time. From the name, to the vision, to the sound, the guys from Denton just we’re pure badass.

Since then, they’ve gone their separate ways, and the leader of the pack, Alan, has gone on to form Vega, a band that we’ve covered and love. I felt like though, for those that maybe don’t know Ghosthustler that it was worth posting. These songs are just too damn good.

We like to pay homage to the guys that inspire us sometimes, even if everyone already knows about them. We still really love these songs, so why not share them. After all, they’re only like a year old or so.

First off, here’s our three favorite GH songs. I think the overriding thing that I love about these songs so much is that there is a unifying vibe that just puts me in a great mood. I can’t help but feel young.

Ghosthustler – Only Me To Trust

This song. Young lust. Nothing but a girl you cant get off your mind. The kind that runs through your dreams and refuses to leave. Alan’s delivery is the what rocks the song, and it makes me think of dates to the arcade and mini golf.

GhostHustler – Someone Else’s Ride

Here’s our favorite. This one still blows my mind. Its heavy as all hell. It can sit next to Justice in a DJ set, and you can play it in your car for a girl and it might just get her to kiss you. Something about a jam that makes you want to drive fast… man, you just cant ignore it. When the bassline finally comes crashing back in I feel like my own brain is smoking. We used to just jam on this song for hours in our band practice space, it brings back fond memories, and theres something about a girl smoking that just makes me think of this song.

Badass songs for badass girls.

Ghosthustler – Busy Busy Busy

Busy Busy Busy is a song thats continually grown on me since I’ve heard it. Its so heavy and distorted that you would think you could never call it distorted. Its so emotional and well writen that to me, in my own twisted way it fits perfectly. I feel like this song is made for an electro goddess… its for a world full of neon, fast cars, and endless highways. I’ve definitely pumped this jam many a time while driving around LA at 4am. Good times.

That brings us to the latest development, which is that Ghosthustler seems to have made a bit of a return, remixing Futurecop!’s “Transformers”. This is exciting, and surprisingly enough, they deliver an entertaining dreamwave romp through Futurecop!’s fantasy world. The jury is out on the how good this remix really is, but in my opinion it actually shows a ton of promise for what these guys can do without Alan on board.

Futurecop! – Transformers (Ghosthustler Remix)

Its wayyy dreamier than the rest of GH’s work, and in this case it definitely works. The added talkbox vocals add a level of emotion to the original that was definitely lacking.

Here’s to the fellas keeping up on the game and pushing Ghosthustler forward. I mean… its the single best bandname of the last 10 years.


Now, how could we pass up on a song that’s called “The Dream Machine”? Gunstar hails from Ireland. They sound a bit like Futurecop!, but heavier and a bit more complex. They’re totally under the radar right now and they totally deserve some recognition.

Lets get to the song here. Its called “The Dream Machine”, and its definitely just that.

Gunstar – The Dream Machine

From the opening notes, fantasy springs from the speakers. Its over the top and makes me think of nothing but excess and frenzy. This is a coked out jam ready to assault your senses. It’s got that dreamwave pop element to it, with a level of energy that just makes it jump out at you. Its hard not to love!

It definitely just feels like a fantasy world, one where you can fly, and everything is bright and right. I suppose maybe it takes a rainy place to create people who can make such bright and positive sounds. The thing that really gets me about the track is how heavy it gets when the distorted synths jump in at the end of the first buildup. I feel like if I heard it live, I probably would jump 8 feet off the floor.

You feeling this too? Let em know!


We got the privilege of hanging out a good amount with Vega while we were in Austin for SXSW. There was a lot of dreamwave talk, and plenty of discussion about where this kind of music is going. We’ve loved Alan’s work since his Ghosthustler days, and so as we’ve seen Vega’s catalog slowly grow its made us pretty excited.

We took some great live footage of Vega live at SXSW, which is the main point of this post. He performs with a 3 piece band, and its truly the perfect evolution for a dreamwavey producer to take. The drums really made the songs pop, and the guitar work totally gave the songs the looseness that this kind of music really needs. First up, here’s our favorite Vega track, “All Too Vivid”.

Vega – All Too Vivid

Late nights and dirty girls. Back alleys and bad decisions. Its just our kind of song.

Here’s the video we shot at the Noise Problem showcase. There’s a level of liveness that just makes it 1000 times better than seeing a 1 man electro group perform. This is where the future is for stuff like this. Small groups with backing, that sound as great as the production work, but use an dose of live instrumentation that really take the show over the top.

Vega also did a pretty sweet interview with ABC news about his rising stature and the elevating status of dreamwave within music. Check it out!

The Kids Are Radioactive – Sorry

Its been a minute since Binary artist The Kids Are Radioactive have busted out with new tracks. Jordan is hard at work cranking out ideas, but has been pretty silent so far in 2009. Till today friends. The youngin still has plenty in store for us, and the track we got today reminds us of all the reasons we wanted him to be a part of Binary from the beginning.

This isn’t what you’d expect from him, and frankly, when we heard this track, it was a huge breath of fresh air for us. There’s something about TKAR’s tracks that just seem fresh and different, and this song, “Sorry” is no different. Its clean, musical, and a concise thought, three items that are always on our checklist.

Here is “Sorry”.

The Kids Are Radioactive – I’m Sorry

First off, given the title, I can’t help but feel a bit melancholy listening to the song. This might be the most dreamwave thing that KIDS have ever done. There’s a level of dreaminess to it thats undeniable and just draws me in. It creates an unmistakable mood to me and makes me think of decisions made, good and bad, and what they’ve done.

To me, this song really does match the title. There’s an overriding sense of urgency and regret. The tempo is up but the overall vibe is just depressed and sleepy. It makes me think of 3am’s and an inability to sleep. The changing bassline over the dreamy bells just builds the tension so well. It just makes me want to stay up all night listening to it.

These pictures all just reek of regret and guilt. They just fit perfectly.

We’ve all done things we regret, and for whatever reason, it sure seems like this song encapsulates that feeling when you just want to call someone and tell them you’re sorry, but for whatever reason you just cant.


The Kids Are Radioactive have big things on the horizon, go check them out on myspace and say hi!


is around the corner! Since we’re here in LA we’re yearly visitors of the desert oasis and this year is no exception. We’re rolling out on Thursday for 4 nights of glorious weather, music, and fun. I wanted to throw out a couple of tracks from one of the artists we’re most excited about seeing this Coachella, the Friendly Fires. We’ve got 2 amazing remixes of “Skeleton Boy” for you guys today.

First up we’ve got the Air France remix. To tell you the truth, at first I wasn’t the biggest fan of this remix, but theres a bass drop 3 minutes in that made me grin ear to ear. The Caribbean sounds push through, Air France conquers another remix. We’ve covered it before. These guys just take you to a place on the beach, with less worries, and little bit more of a buzz. I still love the vibe, and they use the female backing from the FF’s track perfectly here, to create an island vibe thats pretty irresistible.

Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy (Air France Remix)

Ok, next we’ve got the Grum remix. This song makes me move. I can’t help it. Grum has done some fantastic remixes in the past, the Anoraak remix being the standout, but this one I think is the best thing he’s ever done. The bass is so powerful and just drives the entire production.

Again, the biggest thing we always look for in a great remix is using a brand new chord pattern/bass line to change the way you hear the original vocals. Grum understands this very very very well. This track is an incredibly well thought out song. Its super dancey and would just kill on a friday night at midnight. You can sing along with the song, and it has all of the buildups you’d ever want.

It has really dreamwavey elements, and a hint of Lifelike in it that makes it pretty irresistible. Cheers to Grum for this one!

Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy (Grum Remix)

This one is built for a dancefloor affair, and it makes me think about girls that know how to shoot the look from across the room. Feels like a dark room and furtive glances.

Two great remixes to get us all the more excited for the weekend.

Metric – Help I’m Alive (The Twelves Remix)

Got a little tip on Facebook from one of our boys in The Twelves yesterday. Sometimes nice little remixes actually slip under the radar and aren’t specially leaked exclusively to the top dog blogs. I have no idea how this thing wasn’t. However, from 4 bars into this Metric remix, I knew it was completely worth writing about.

I have a little crush on Metric with obvious reasons, so when I saw that The Twelves busted out a remix, it made me get a little overly excited. Metric writes great songs, her voice is pretty damn sexy. The new album, well, it doesn’t disappoint. I’m falling in love with it on the first listen. Really great stuff. Go to their myspace and follow links to amazon to buy this great album.

We’ll get to the remix below.


Kyle and I have been discussing the current state of electro blogs, and electro as a whole. It sure feels as if the 2006-early2009 era is coming to a close. The days of being super excited over the next hot remix just seem to be over. We were talking to the guys in the Bag Raiders the other day, and they were saying how vividly they remember running home to download the latest Justice remix when they heard something new was released. There’s a level of apathy that seems to be around. I suppose every genre reaches an apex over time, but its been quite some time since I’ve heard a heavier electro track that made me want to call somebody to tell them how sick it was.

Many have proclaimed the death of bangers, but the entire landscape seems to be on the brink right now. More and more tastemakers are talking about rock bands, and the songs getting passed around the web are taking on more and more of an ambient, song structured format. Obviously, we’re loving this, but its interesting and worth noting that a significant change seems to be going on right before our eyes.

The Twelves came up in the conversation because they are one of THE most desired remixers on the planet right now, and with good reason. Listening to this remix shows off all of the best qualities that they possess. The song sounds very little like the original Metric, and these guys make it dancy, but in the least banger way imaginable. There are hardly any distorted sounds, and it almost sounds as if a live band could have recorded this. These guys are truly on the forefront and my mini love affair with them continues. Their ability to combine melody with sparse instrumentation is something to really aspire to.

In any case, this remix is something you never would have heard 2 years ago, but now I’m hearing it left and right. Its a great thing and I’m really excited for the next two years. There will always be a place for fantastic agressive dance music, but the more Air France remixes I see on blogs that used to post heavy-ass electro remixes, the more I’ll be convinced that times are-a-changin.

Listen and enjoy.

Metric – Help I’m Alive (The Twelves Remix)

The Twelves take the track and give it EXACTLY what it needs. The vocals just make me imagine innocence and pretty girls and being a teenager. There really isn’t anything more appealing to me, and hearing her sing about her heart “beating like a hammer” is pretty much just sealing the deal that I will love this song.

“And I tremble.” This line is just delivered perfectly.

As for the song, how sick is the bass drop after the buildup when “beating like a hammer” rolls through. Jesus. Great stuff here.

It makes me think of nice girls, and late nights and first tries. The Twelves pulled this off, and please go listen to Metric.

Not Cool Yet

N.C.Y (Not Cool Yet) is another example of the shear amount of quality music arriving from Australia these days. They’re under the radar and making clean, inspired, music that puts me in a happy place. Their myspace, much like this blog, is quite inspired by good photography and dreamy images. Seems to me, more than anything else, that in Australia, a whole lot of great songwriters are just choosing to operate in this electronic genre. There are plenty of producers that can do great things in the states, but the one unifying trend that I keep hearing coming from Australia is a level of knowledge of melody and song structure thats just absent from a lot of electro producers. In any case, the song we have today is a dreamwave jam worthy of a lazy sunday evening on the beach. (They even have ocean crashing waves rolling in at the end!)

Big thanks go to BigStereo for the introduction to these guys. Their songs have a running theme of floating down a lazy river, with the arrangements flowing from place to place. I’m most impressed with their ability to evolve one soundscape in an interesting way to create a song.

Not Cool Yet – Savannah

Many artists operating in the more dreamwave artists tend to forget that they are writing songs, and what you end up with is a brief idea that masquerades as a song. “Savannah” however is a great example of how you can craft a song which is based around an atmosphere. The song DOES evolve and slowly takes you through a journey.

When I’m listening to it, I cant help but feel like I’m on a long drive. As I said, there is a laziness about this track that I love. It feels like a sun drenched car ride. The song even opens with the sounds of a soft breeze, and concludes with the sounds of the ocean. For the most part, the whole song kind of feels like a hazy dream. Something washed out and amber. Golden highways and fields, all leading to the ocean. To the conclusion.

Stops by the side of the road. Nothing to do. Just exploring. The exploration is there within the synth. Im really loving this analogy if you can’t tell. A day with nothing to do but enjoy the road, slowly making your way to the coast.

And then, as the buildup evolves and grows, something is coming. And then, boom, you’re there. Tossed into the cold ocean.

Great track that reminds me of times when I had the time to go on a drive to the ocean for no other reason than to do just that.

Its worth checking out their myspace, since each of their songs has different twists on this angle. This song just kind of stuck with me recently because of the overall vibe it presents.

Reminder: Binary Presents the Bag Raiders, THIS FRIDAY

Do not miss out. This show should be epic. Jimmys is a small spot, so be sure to roll out early. Its gunna get sweaty and fun. We can’t wait!

To get ready, here are a couple Bag Raiders tracks. First, my favorite Cut Copy remix at the moment. BRs use the original vocals perfectly, twisting a new chord structure around them. The song is still memorable, but just made a bit more fun. In typical Bag Raiders form, the song is punchy as all hell.

Cut Copy – Far Away (Bag Raiders Remix)

Next up here’s Knightlife’s remix for “Nil By Mouth”. It’s a pretty straightforward Knightlife remix, which means its badass. Knightlife totally brightens this song up and pushes it into the clouds.

Bag Raiders – Nil By Mouth (Knightlife Remix)

Once the chords drop in after the buildup of the first minute. Its pure bliss. It feels like first love, a summer day and a beautiful girl.



Distel is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I hope they hit you in the head like a ton of bricks. Two self proclaimed “bedroom producers”, Distel make a unique brand of dreamwavey electro. It has shoegaze elements that give it an almost live band feel at moments. Today we dive straight into two fantastic songs you’ve never heard before.

First up is their original, Dirty. A noisy intro that sounds like something Dntel would create quickly gets wiped away by some cutting, Danger-like drums. The thing that immediately sets this song apart from most other electro is the great synth playing thats going on. The lead chords are smart and act as almost a solo. The arrangement is interesting and spot on. This one is certainly a gem.

Distel – Dirty

Dirty is a futuristic theme-song for a inner city love story. There’s an element of danger to the song, but there’s also a bit of playfulness. The lead part rambles along, searching its own way through the song. The whole song feels kind of like a future fantasy of an urban landscape….

That might be just me, but these pictures sum that up for me.

Next up is a remix that they did for Cassius. They’ve reworked Cassius’ RKN1. The overall vibe is very similar to Dirty’s. It reminds me a bit of p.e.a.c.e FIRE’s productions but with a bit more focus on the dancefloor, which is just what Im always hoping PF will do.

Cassius – RKN1 (Distel Remix)

Distel takes a disco bassline and turns it into a futuredisco jam. It kind of sounds like a walk around Tokyo at 4am, or at least what I imagine that being like. The girls vocals are a great compliment to the song, and it makes it feel like a heartbreak story.

Makes me think of a story of love lost. Someone on a search for it.

Keep your eye on these guys. They have an EP coming out soon, so be sure to go visit their myspace and give them some love!