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NightWaves @ The Dragonfly Tomorrow!

NightWaves, Kyle and I, have been a two piece for about a year now. We’ve always toyed with the idea of expanding. We’ve played some shows, saw a bit of the country on the way, and came back from SXSW with a firm goal of turning NightWaves into a band. This is something Kyle and I as Binary can fully get behind. We’ve been hard at work for the last couple months, and tomorrow night, NightWaves emerges from its cocoon to become a full 4 piece band. The practices have been sweaty, the nights have been late and drunken, and our ears are now mush. Tomorrow night we get to share everything we’ve been doing.

If you wanna hear some dreamwave straight from the source, come out to The Dragonfly tomorrow night. The Everyday crew are doing some awesome Monday nights there, and we feel way honored to be closing out on Eddies birthday!

To celebrate, here’s NightWaves first ever song. We found a demo of this from June of last year, so its been almost a year since we began jamming. “She’s Electric” turned into one of our favorites, and has even been picked up by UK Label, People in the Sky, for release later this summer. We’re really excited about the release, and we even reworked the song for the record. For now, here’s the demo that started it all.

NightWaves – She’s Electric (Demo)

The song was actually written with a much bigger view in mind, but its hard not to tie in personal stuff. Its for late nights, crowded bars, back alleys, and lightning on the horizon.

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Tesla Boy – Neon Love

Back with more Tesla Boy today! I think it would be pretty hard for Binary to pass up on a song called ‘Neon Love’. We wrote about this fantastic group yesterday, so scroll down for the song we posted there. It, along with this song, are two examples of everything that’s great about dreamwave.

As I said yesterday, head by their myspace, they have a great EP that is definitely worth picking up.

So, here we have today’s song, “Neon Love”. Its a 7 minute journey through a night spent yearning for unrequited love. This song is highlighted by some great singing and a fantastic buildup near the end that will leave you in a puddle on the floor. Dreamwave at its best!

Tesla Boy – Neon Love

After you hear this song, you’ll find yourself singing, “I want your love” all day. Its a slower song, but its quite catchy. Hard to ignore. Seems to me the song is all about someone that you desperate want, but just cant have. Feels like a foggy 4am session of staring at the ceiling… Sometimes you just can’t get someone out of your head, theres nothing you can do.

The great thing about this song is how it takes a few minutes for the chorus to even come in… its like a big buildup where the singer refuses to just come out and say it. Eventually you give in.. You call them, it just happens. At 3:30 the chords come in, and the buildup starts. When it all comes in its just so sweet. Really great reverbed vocals just accentuate the late night desperate feeling of the song.

We’ve all been there.

By the way, the outro with the strings is so good! This is how people need to use strings in electro more! Ive had enough of violin stabs, give me more lows!

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Tesla Boy – Runaway Man

Tesla Boy has been covered by all the major players. We’re ‘late’ I guess as far as writing about them. Whatever. Its all good. The music is just too good not to get the chance to write about. If they were anywhere near LA, Binary would be bringing them in for a show as fast as we could. This is just really good dreamwave. A big part of what makes dreamwave to us is really all about good songwriting, something that gets lost in a lot of the dreamy electro we call dreamwave. Tesla Boy makes real dreamwave. Great pop songs with dreamy electronic backing.

The guys from Tesla Boy have an EP that they’ve put together, and you should really head over to their myspace to find out how to get it for yourself!

Here we have ‘Runaway Man’ an enjoyable romp into a late night full of partying and a girl you can’t seem to find. Tesla Boy has a great mix of faster, slower, and dreamier songs. Runaway Man fits right in the middle, an upbeat pop song that makes you think of nights spent wandering the city with nothing to do.

Tesla Boy – Runaway Man

A driving bassline throughout the song moves the progression and really takes control of the song. Washes and icy chords lay out an umbrella of delish melodies, creating an almost sleeplike, dreamlike feeling.

It’s like walking around Manhattan for the first time. The lights blinding, possibilities seem endless. I cant help but remember when I was in high school. I snuck out of my hotel with a girl I couldn’t stop thinking about and we just walked for seriously 8 hours, until sunrise. I remember walking hand in hand in times square, just completely blown away by how awesome it was. This song makes me think of walking around a new city, no plans, nothing really to do… And yet ANYTHING feels possible.

Enjoy guys… Man, I love the lead melody that comes in during the outro.. Its almost like the sun rising after a crazy night. So good!

OH wait, more Tesla Boy tomorrow!

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We’ve never plugged a blog here at Binary before. But honestly, how could we not when it comes to TNUC. His words above pretty much sum up what he’s all about. Needless to say, he’s got a fair dose of dreamwave up in his brain. You should really, really, head over and check out his blog. It’s a work of art, and TNUC does an amazing job of digging up gems that you and I could never find.

He’s like an american Valerie all on his own. But instead of writing love letters and drinking wine, he’s pounding Bud Heavy and banging chicks in the back of his TransAm.

We DO have a song here to share. TNUC posted this on his blog last week and we really wanted to pass it along. Its a super rare Giorgio Moroder track called Success. It was a dropped track from the Scarface soundtrack, which ended up making it onto the recently produced videogame.

Its a forgotten gem that only TNUC could have come up with.

Giorgio Moroder – Success

The guitar solo… The ridiculous lyrics… its all classic Moroder and its all great.

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We Plants Are Happy Plants

We Plants Are Happy Plants are making some very cool, very interesting tunes these days. The music is cinematic, epic, flowing, complex, and best of all, emotional. I’m really happy we at Binary stumbled onto them. They create some really awesome moods.

Today we’ve got a great song of theirs for you, entitled “Apollo”. Based on a 32nd note arpeggio that never ceases through the song, it blasts you with walls of melody throughout, creating a sense of urgency that really gives the song its legs.

We Plants Are Happy Plants – Apollo

I think the movie audio (what movie is that?) really sets the tone right away, and the music does very well to match the mood. Throughout the song I can’t help but feel like something BIG is happening. The world is ending. The girl I love is getting married. Someone is dying. Something really important is going down and something needs to be done. I LOVE songs that are epic like this. Maybe Im just the kind of person that enjoys walking around, listening to music, and feeling like Im in a movie… but I can’t be alone in that feeling right?

This song is perfect for a night drive when you’re alone in your car. Just driving out to meet some friends at a bar in Hollywood feels like you’re on your way to save the world, or maybe to save a beautiful girl.

You know what its like. You see/meet a girl/guy, and all of a sudden knowing them is the ONLY thing that matters in the world. Thats what music like this is really for.

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Well, after some waiting over here at Binary, here’s the entirety of Remix After All! Thanks again to all of the other blogs that took part. Its very cool that 10 people of different genders, race, nationality, and age could all come together over the internet to make something cool like this happen. A lot of people seem to be paying attention, and that… is very cool. Check the zip link below to get all 10 songs.

1. Human After All :: Chosen by Disco Demons
2. The Prime Time Of Your Life
:: Chosen by Data Sapiens
3. Robot Rock
:: Chosen by The Cold Cut
4. Steam Machine
:: Chosen by CreamTeam
5. Make Love
:: Chosen by Sheena Beaston
6. The Brainwasher
:: Chosen by Danger! Danger!
7. On/Off
:: Chosen by The Lemur Blog
8. Television Rules The Nation
:: Chosen by Noise Porn
9. Technologic :: Chosen by Pretty Much Amazing
10. Emotion
:: Chosen by Binary

Daft Punk – Remix After

Thanks to LEMUR once again for hosting this.

In addition, we get to post our song from the album, “Emotion”, at 320kbps! I wrote about the song a whole bunch yesterday… maybe I summed it up best by saying… “We really can’t say enough about how great this song is. It encapsulates all of the emotions that Daft Punk has come to mean for us, and delivered them wrapped in a package of gorgeous chords and sparkling melodies.” Thank you Werewolf By Night, for a fantastic remix!

Daft Punk – Emotion (Binary’s Werewolf By Night Remix)

Seriously, this song feels like being 12 years old and being “in love” with the girl from math class.

Remix After All (Binary’s Werewolf By Night Remix)

I’m just going to come right out and say it. What I’m posting today is my favorite Daft Punk remix that I have ever heard in my life. By a significant long shot. Maybe this is due to the lack of stems, and the lack of bigtime producers even daring to touch DP? Who knows, but for whatever reason, there really aren’t any fantastic, mindblowing remixes of the legends.

When Binary got the chance to commission someone to remix a song from Human After All, we jumped at the chance. We floated the idea around, and in the end went after an artist that we posted on a few months ago. Werewolf by Night, my friends, has been improving his productions at an absurd rate. We were the first to bust him into the blogosphere, so it seemed fitting that we bring him on this project, especially given that his tracks of late have abandoned some of the heavier sound. Now he’s making straight up, spit the gospel, beautiful, melt your brain dreamwave. We are very much in love.

In any case, he delivered us this remix to “Emotion” (By the way, could we have picked a better song to have Binary represent?). We got the track and probably played it 35 times that day. It’s truly something to behold. Its certainly an example of a track that I wish was actually executed this way on the original album. We really can’t say enough about how great this song is. It encapsulates all of the emotions that Daft Punk has come to mean for us, and delivered them wrapped in a package of gorgeous chords and sparkling melodies.

Daft Punk – Emotion (Binary’s Werewolf By Night Remix) (128 Preview)

Im not even fully sure how to describe the song. It’s so full of youth and beautiful melodies, and colors… and memories… I dont know. Im sure using the “emotion” sample just powers up the song that much more. I mean who doesn’t have “emotions” when it comes to Daft Punk. For many of us, myself included, Daft Punk was the exit where we got off the highway and started driving down the road to the dreamwave beach (haha like that one?).

I think hearing the “emotion” line… it means a lot since its used in such a way that just stirs up a lot of memories and feelings about this kind of music. Werewolf couldn’t have twisted this song any better. Its an absolutely beautiful 6 minutes and I’m very, very proud to have it on our blog.

We’re going to be posting the entire Remix After All album tomorrow. The whole thing should be awesome, and that’s where you’ll be able to get the 320kbps versions of all of the songs, including our “Emotion” remix.

Check back tomorrow!


Cleaning out the closet

1. Human After All —> Chosen by Disco Demons
2. The Prime Time Of Your Life —> Chosen by Data Sapiens
3. Robot Rock —> Chosen by The Cold Cut
4. Steam Machine —> Chosen by Cream Team
5. Make Love —> Chosen by Sheena Beaston
6. The Brainwasher —> Chosen by Danger! Danger!
7. On/Off —> Chosen by The Lemur Blog
8. Television Rules The Nation —> Chosen by Noise Porn
9. Technologic —> Chosen by Pretty Much Amazing
10. Emotion —> Chosen by Binary

You can read about it alllll over the place, so I won’t rehash the details. Lemur is the big man on campus here, so he’s got the scoop over there. Basically, Binary took on “Emotion”. We commissioned one of our favorite, up and coming, artists to hook up a remix. What we got is amazing, and we’ll be releasing it exclusively tomorrow morning. VERY excited about this. Apparently on Wednesday, we’ll be giving you guys a link to the entire album.

In any case, look out.

On another note, Kyle and I are back in the studio today doing some more mastering of LA Lights, Binary’s first compilation album. The stuff sounds great, and we’re super excited about the release as a whole. Wish us some luck!

Ok, a little present. We used it in NightWaves – The Dreamwave Hour mix, and now its back, because its my favorite Daft Punk remix. Its a nice little ditty. The extra talkbox in it is pretty badass.

Daft Punk – Voyager (Revolte Remix)

“Save me from this crazy world”… man, totally just hits the right spot right?! Everyone goes a bit crazy, and this songs a bit of a smile in the midst of it. A little taste of neon craziness fit for a DP remix.

Keenhouse, Live Tonight @ Club 740

Come out tonight to Club 740 (The Globe Theater) to see Keenhouse performing live. Its going to be a great time and if you have never been to artwalk downtown, you should definitely be checking that out before.

Just to tease you guys a bit, here’s one of our favorite Keenhouse remixes, Alfa’s take on “Deep in the Forest”. He takes whats an already fun and playful tune and turns it into a jam for girls to dance around their bedrooms to. Or something like that…

Keenhouse – Deep in the Forest (Alfa Remix)

“This is where we play… The forest”

Just makes me think of being 16, sneaking beers out into the woods near my school and getting 20 kids together… just some good times breaking some rules and doing our best to meet some girls. The life.

By the way… How great is that groove when Alfa brings in the cowbell?? So sick.

See you tonight!

Pegase – I Try To Be You

Back with more of that delicious dreamwave. If you haven’t been through here this week, we’ve been examining the recent formation of a couple psychedelic synth pop groups, Pegase and Neon Indian. Read why here.

Today, we’ve got another Pegase song. This one’s called “I Try To Be You”. Its definitely much less psych than the other tracks, but the its mostly in the vocal performance of the song that they all get tied together. The synths are sparser than most dreamwave, and the vox take on an intimate, vintage feel that we’ve been hearing all week with these songs.

Here’s “I Try To Be You”.

Pegase – I Try To Be You

I wish I could understand any of the lyrics, because I love the melody and vocal delivery of this song. The verse, with the “youuuuu….oh oh” is pretty genius and it’s kept this song in my head for a month or so.

Like much of this music, listening to this song puts me in a hazy place, remembering times that I can’t really remember that well. And I LOVE that feeling.

Go check out Pegase’s myspace, he’s got more good stuff.