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Dreamwaves Across The USA

Binary is a record label. We’ve got seven artists. The blog is just an arm thats here for us to interact with you guys. You wouldn’t think we’d be out promoting other people trying to do the same stuff as us. You’re wrong though. When I heard some good kids with dreamwave in their heart were trying to build a scene in Boston, we were nothing but eager to throw them a shout and try and get the word out.

is short for Good Morning Good Night, a moniker for 3 guys from Boston that do a DJ show with live, customized visuals. They’ve been hard at work putting their show together for quite some time now, and after much patience, they’re releasing the beast they’ve created this Thursday at Harper’s Ferry in Brighton. Are you anywhere within 200 miles of Boston and been dreaming about going to a dreamwave show? Here’s your chance. Pack up and roll out to see these guys throw down the heat.

GMGN is an awesome concept because it represents a lot of what we believe in at Binary. Good Morning is the light, the airy morning breeze. Good night is the sweat, the raunch and the grit. To us this split is where dance music gets interesting, for GMGN its what their music is all about, working both the sunrise and the sunset. Needless to say Im excited for when their productions start seeing the light of day. Fortunately for me, I’ll be in Boston this week while traveling and I’ll be swinging by the show myself to check it out. Here’s to dreamwave sweeping the nation!

If you need more info, head right over to their myspace for all the goodies.

A nice treat today. It turns out the these Boston boys are actually moving in with a good friend of ours, Werewolf By Night, who we’ve posted on a couple times before. We’re like teenage girls when we find out that he’s done a new remix for us to listen to. He MURDERED the Daft Punk remix we commissioned him for, and best of all, it seems like each remix he does gets better and better. Can’t say enough good things about this guy. He’s dreamwave to the bone. When we found out he’d be at the forefront of the dreamwave scene in Boston, it only made sense to give you guys another dose of his music.

Here is his remix for Palm Highway Chase’s song “Invisible Beach”

Palm Highway Chase – Invisible Beach (Werewolf By Night Remix)

Like a lot of his remixes, WBNight layers synths over synths over synths creating atmospheres that swirl and evolve as the song moves. Often his songs feel less like they’re arranged and more like they age as you listen through them. They feel alive, which is a pretty badass concept now that I think about it.

This remix is no different, as the drums and bass drop in over the sound of waves lapping on a secluded beach, there are no less than 5 parts swirling around. This number only goes up as the song rolls along.

If you’re going by GMGN’s analogy, then this song would be the Good Morning half of the spectrum for sure. In fact, given the sounds at the beginning of the song, my first thought was that it sounds like waking up on a beach. See, I’ve done this a time or two, and its really one of lifes best pleasures, especially when you’ve got someone to share it with. The beach, a sunrise… it doesn’t get any better. WBNights shiny synths just serve to accentuate the feeling that SOMETHING is happening…. SOMETHING is changing and rising here.

Please take note of the amazing arpeggiated lead line that rolls in after the breakdown. It makes that buildup so buttery smooth that it gives me shivers every time I hear it. Cheers to that. This song is for fantasy land and morning dreams of better places.

Come out on Thursday, see you all in Boston!

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In the past few months, Classixx has been an artist everyone in Binary has been taking serious note of. I think it was their Phoenix remix that really made everyone stop and listen, but it caused everyone to dig in and dig into their catalog a bit more.

The duo, hailing from RIGHT HERE in Los Angeles is definitely up to big things, since they work with Dim Mak, Kitsune, and have been remixing the biggest of the big guns out there. Today we’ve got one of their older remixes for you, its my 2nd favorite, but it shows you how meticulous they are with their productions. The best is the Phoenix record, where they channel Aeroplane and deliver a genius downtempo sparse disco jam. This ones a bit more housey, but man, these guys know how to make you bounce.

I mentioned it earlier here, but these guys are part of a group of guys (Aeroplane at the forefront) that are slowing tempos wayyy down, but keeping the nice chords and melodies from some of the poppier parts of electro. In my mind its all pretty dreamwave, while I think a lot of people would just call this type of music disco. The tempos are all down between 100-110, and it seems with their latest remix that Classixx is well on their way to marking this as their style.

There’s just something about hearing nice chords, intricate drums, and great melodies over a slower tempo. It gives the track room to breathe and its completely undeniably dancey. Anyway, we don’t usually talk about ‘emerging trends’ here, but I really see people working a lot more at slower tempos as something we’ll be hearing a lot of.

Here’s their remix for Beni’s song “My Love Sees You”.

Beni – My Love Sees You (Classixx Remix)

All that stuff set aside, this remix doesn’t totally fit into what I’m talking about. To catch that, go listen to the much blogged about super remixes that Aeroplane did for the Friendly Fires, and the Liztomania remix that Classix did. This remix on the other hand, has hints of that style and really nails what the vocals deserve for a remix.

Its got a Lifelike quality that you can’t go wrong with. The vocals seem to peek out of the mix, hinting at the emotions lying beneath. I’m always a sucker for songs like this.

The lyrics and the vibe just make me think of that first time you get comfortable with someone (sometimes its like right away, and thats when its scary)… when you can just look someone dead in the eyes for an extended moment and its not weird, its just electric. This song is that moment.


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Live Element

I can’t find Live Element on myspace, although I’m 95% sure that these guys are they. We’ve got a really nice song from them today, called “Something About You”. Very much exactly what Binary looks for in a song. Within 20 seconds you get transported into a new world. Really nice droning synth loops… well, lets just say thats something we don’t shy away from.

First off, I wish I could find out any information on these guys. It looks as if they’ve changed their name to Hott22? If anyone would like me to take this song down for any reason, please let me know. I always hesitate in situations like this, but really, getting more ears on your beautiful track should be the priority, and we do really love this track. From what I can tell, you should head to Gossip Records to find out more about buying music from this group!

Alright, check it out, from what I have labeled, this is the ‘club mix’ for the song.

Live Element – Something About You (Live Element Club Mix)

First off, it kind of feels like this picture looks. Like she’s standing there and this constant stream of stuff is flowing out and over you. It’s quite pleasant.

Ahhh, sidechained sweepy synths. A quick way to our hearts. This track is simple, aims straight at your chest, and does its best to knock you over. When the drums come in (a simple clean pattern that refuses to change through the song), the sidechaining kicks in, and the we’re transported up into the clouds. This is definitely one of those tracks that makes me feel like I’m floating around in the sky.

The words and lyrics in this song bring us back to a time in dance music when things were a bit different. Its pretty damn dreamwave to just come out and say “I dont know what I’d do without you babe, don’t know where I’d be. You’re not just another lover, no you’re everything to me.” No messing around there right?

The thing that really makes this track is just how well the instrumental matches up with the vocals. The mood/vibe of the track is just spot on. Its like the airy, idealistic, glossy version of Lifelike’s “Youre the Soul Of My Love”, which takes on a much more soulful, in your face, look at the same subject. In both cases both the lyrics, vocal delivery, and instrumentals all match up, and we end up with 2 dramatically different feeling songs.

In any case, I like this song a lot. Hope you guys do as well.

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Cleast Eatwood

Don’t get it twisted ever, here at Binary, we pretty much love pop music the most. Nice chords, lullaby melodies, all slapped over shiny production is something that we never shy away from. I’ve been hanging on to this great song for some time now, and it just felt like the right time on this sunny morning to write about some great Swedish dreampop.

Cleast Eatwood is Erik Lindestad and Li Stanley. I love their entire aesthetic. It makes me want to sit in a rocking chair on a porch overlooking some mountain lake. And thats even before I listen to the songs. Definitely swing by their myspace and take a peek around. It’s clean, bright, and soft. And then comes this damn song!

‘Get Related’… Well, its subject matter can quickly be derived from the lyrics. Its a ‘lets jump in bed already!’ kind of song, but I love their take on the subject. This song really is a hazy Sunday morning kind of song. I’m sure its quite obvious that we like songs that conjure up clear images in our mind, and this song just puts me in a very specific place. Alright lets get to it, here’s ‘Get Related’.

Cleast Eatwood – Get Related

It’s dreampop at its best. Immediately you’re floating around in the clouds. There’s not a harsh noise in the entire song. The acoustic guitar lick is pretty much divine, and then the vocals come in and the song gets even softer. The Swedish seem pretty amazing at making this kind of music, and its made that country a crazy place in my head, just full of awesome, chilled out electronic musicians… also it seems like half of them are beautiful women. I’d like to visit.

This song is like what ‘hooking up’ is supposed to be like in an ideal world. No late nights and booze and bad decisions. Its just all about a whole bunch of tension. No talking needed, lets jump ahead and get related. I cant help but picture a cabin by a lake somewhere in Sweden. A Sunday morning, sun pouring everywhere, and well um, getting related.

I love the imagery this song conjures up. Its a great, short, pop gem. To reiterate, I really love the vocals here and I can’t wait to hear more from this duo Definitely go by their myspace and keep up with these guys.

PS. I know I discovered this song from another blog, but it was ages ago and I just cannot remember from where. I apologize for not giving you your due credit on this one. For what its worth its a great song and I’m glad I did find it on your blog!

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NightWaves Presents – The Dreamwave Hour 2

This has been a very long time coming for Binary. Kyle and I have been building playlists for ‘The Dreamwave Hour 2’for months. We, as NightWaves, agonized over the songs for a long time, and after much hardship, finally we have NightWaves Presents – The Dreamwave Hour 2. NightWaves is playing a huge show this week here in LA with Thieves Like Us and Esser at The Echoplex, so this felt like the perfect time to bust out with this.

NightWaves recently expanded to a 4 piece, with drums and guitar and the response has been pretty great, so we’re really excited for the show this friday. Anyone who’s interested in more info can just head on right over here.

We first thought of the genre/lifestyle etc of dreamwave back in August of last year. It was never meant to become a part of alternative music consciousness, it just seemed to fit some of the sounds we were hearing coming from the coasts of LA and France. The more we talked, wrote, and thought about it, the more it made sense to us. We are all a part of a collective of music lovers, people who spend significant chunks of their lives searching for the next album that will make us feel like we do when we listen to any song off of Daft Punk’s Discovery. Dreamwave is just an extension of that search. We all love hitting a club and dancing to bangers as much as the next kid, but realistically, we’re into this kind of music to fall in love with great songs.

In its purest form, thats all we really think dreamwave is. Taking modern dance production techniques and forms, and applying them to classic, great songs. This isnt anything new, in our minds two of the bigger alternative records of the last year or so were dreamwave, Cut Copy and Empire of the Sun. Those guys are making great dreamwave music. It makes people feel young, pure and simple. And that’s what this music is all about. Often times people associate this music with the 80’s, or just being a fad in the endless cycle of past decades’ reemergence in pop culture…but that’s all just a side effect for what it’s really about. Dreamwave is about nostalgia. It’s about hearing something that makes you think of the last day of school, getting off the school bus and running through bright green lawns that’ll be your playground for the rest of summer. It just so happens that we’re all kids of the 80’s. We feel good hearing it. We feel at peace, one with innocence. We remember what it was like when emotions made us feel desperation, like everyday was the most important day of our lives. Before we’ve grown up and moved on to the real world, become jaded by the responsibilites and pressures of a more adult life in the 21st century, we lived in a time of bright skies and big dreams. Dreamwave is music that makes you remember what it was like to fall in love.

Funnily enough, people began to pay attention to the word, and now it seems that everyone’s at least heard of it. ABC news decided to do a segment during SXSW describing how it was a new genre taking Austin by storm (whaaat??), and recently Pitchfork even used it to describe a track by Vega. Gorilla Vs Bear seems to label half of the tracks that he posts dreamwave. Anyway, with dreamwave seemingly becoming something bigger than we ever intended, we figured it was time for another foray into describing the sound we love through a mix of our favorite dreamwave tracks of the moment.

NightWaves Presents – The Dreamwave Hour 2

Binary especially, being based in Los Angeles, hold some of the nostalgic ideals of dreamwave especially close. When people hear this music, we always hear the same keystones… Sun, the beach, palmtrees, young love…

Hopefully as you listen to this you hear the same things. This is meant to be a mix you can listen to anywhere. Driving to the beach to kick off the summer. Kicking back with a cocktail on your back porch. In a dark bar while you’re huddled into a booth with someone late into the night. This really should work anywhere, anytime.

Finishing this seems like a bit of a moment for us. Just 12 months ago, this was nothing. Now people from all around the world have embraced the sounds of dreamwave. Just a glance around the comments on this blog show how much people believe in this music. We feel like we’re a part of a big family in all of this, and hopefully this mix is a good beacon to bring all of us a bit closer together. Check out the tracklisting listed below.

Of note are the amazing unreleased remixes we got from Vega and Anoraak, who remixed Binary artists NightWaves and Keenhouse respectively. The incredible Werewolf By Night remix of Daft Punk is in there, and a personal highlight for me is the brand new track from Fabian, a 4 min epic dreamwave anthem that gives my spine shivers everytime I hear it.

As a bonus here, we’ve got the super remix that Snow Picnic did for NightWaves for our song Invincible. He sped it up, made it dancefloor ready, and actually smoothed it out too. Its dreamwave to the core, we love it.

NightWaves – Invincible (Snow Picnic Remix)

He took our track and laid a beautiful neon sheen over it. How sick is that solo that busts in?

Dreamwave Hour 2 Tracklisting

1. NightWaves – August in G#
2. Fred Falke & Alan Braxe – Automatic
3. Cut Copy – Far Away (Bag Raiders Remix)
4. NightWaves – Invincible (Snow Picnic Remix)
5. The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)
6. Fear Of Tigers – Layers
7. Mirrors – Look At Me
8. Daft Punk – Emotion (Binary’s Werewolf By Night Remix)
9. Shazam – Luckier
10. Phoenix – Lisztomania (Classixx Version)
11. NightWaves – She’s Electric (Vega Italo Dub)
12. Casio Social Club – Count Your Lucky Stars (Diogenes Club Remix)
13. Keenhouse – Civic Transit (Anoraak LAX Remix)
14. Van She – Changes (G.L.O.V.E.S Remix)
15. Debbie Deb – Lookout Weekend
16. Fabian – Heatwave
17. NightWaves – In August Revisited

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Keenhouse Poolside This Sunday

We’ve been dreaming about it here at Binary since day one, and this Sunday, our wishes come true. Dreamwave by the pool! Keenhouse will be performing for BBE Entertainments awesome event, High Top Fade, which is an all day pool party rooftop at the Standard Downtown here in sunny Los Angeles. If it works out the way I imagine it going, there will be hundreds of young Angelino girls falling in love with the sweet sounds coming from the stage. We’ve got faith in you Keenhouse… make it happen.

Something Like That.

The song we have is Keenhouse’s remix of College’s song ‘I Think About It’. This song blew our hair back the first time we heard it. We knew Ken was doing a remix for our brothers from Valerie, but the results exceeded our expectations so much.

It feels like a hopeful time. Good things are happening to us, we’re kicking the summer off right this weekend, and there’s music in the air. Often times here at the blog we write about songs that have to do with love or loneliness or passion… you know, elemental emotions. Songs often convey these kind of basic emotions easily and its one reason why we as people love music so much.

Sometimes music can convey a bit more though, and I think the track we have today is a bit more complex in its sound. This song just feels HOPEFUL. We started the blog and grew to the point where we were even able to bring David from College and Fred from Anoraak over to play a show here in LA. We’re happy to have them as friends, and we are all sharing in these good times. The future seems bright and I really feel like that optimism comes across in this remix.

Its not a triumphant song, there might even be an element of reflection, and a bit of sadness. But more than anything else, it keeps chugging along, hopeful. Take a listen.

College – I Think About It (Keenhouse Remix)

Listen to the time signature. I have a suspicion that the odd timing of the song is actually what gives it this hopeful tone. The chord progression chugs along, feeling like its almost slowly winding up a long road going up a mountain. The song starts slowly and is pretty forthright about where its heading. This song is one nice long buildup, and it chugs along towards some unseen goal, undaunted. Up it goes, and seriously, it just makes me think of feeling hopeful. I have a sneaking suspicion that the song IS about a girl, and a lot of the time thats exactly what hope is about. The hope and belief that good will win out, that you’ll get that girl. That they’ll finally notice you. That they’ll finally talk to you. Thats this song to me. And so we rise towards the top.

Keenhouse.. KEENHOUSE, you bastard, the drop in this song is exactly whats so great about dreamwave music. This is a beautiful song, and yet when it climaxes, it hits as hard as any dancefloor banger. Man, it reaches the top and you can just feel the hope oozing out of this song. This is still perhaps my favorite remix that Keenhouse has ever done. Hope you guys like it as much as we do.


If you guys are in LA (or even within driving distance), then really, come out on Sunday. You really want to miss some dreamwave poolside??? On the top of a highrise in downtown LA??? Yeah, I thought not. Head over here to the facebook event for more info.

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Lifelike – The Soul Of My Love

We’re gunna go back in time here for a post. Many people know about Lifelike and his stellar record of remixes over the last few years. Along with Fred Falke and Braxe, there might not be anyone who really paved the path for the dreamwave Binary is making as much as this guy. In any case, people mostly know him for his remixes, but he actually started gaining notoriety in the early 00’s from his originals.

The song we have for you today “The Soul Of My Love” is one of the first original songs Lifelike ever put out. For those of you that haven’t heard it before, and there must be plenty, you are in for a treat. OK, be ready for a pretty cheesy song, but honestly, I think I like it even more because of the cheese factor.

Lets get to the song.

Lifelike – The Soul Of My Love

Now this is what dreamwave is all about. No bouncing around the issue, this is pure, dripping wet, old fashioned L.O.V.E. The kind everyone wishes for and dreams about. The vocals are pure soul and really compliment Lifelike’s fantastic bassline and funk bass slaps.

OK, I really think this is one of my favorite basslines maybe ever. It doesn’t drive the song, it just gives it that bounce, and it balances out the vocals so perfectly. I think the overall dynamics of the song are what truly makes this song so great. Clearly its early on in Lifelike’s production career, but the groundwork was laid early.

And then, midway through… what do we get? A spoken word breakdownnnnnn!?!? This is something I can’t picture anyone pulling off, but man it works so well! The beat slowly builds back in building the tension, then it shuts off just as he says “Lets Get Back to Love”… then BAM. Now that my friends is that shit right there.

And really, again, its the emotion of the track matching the emotion of the vocals that really make this song a great song. Doesn’t it just make you want to love someone enough to write a total cheeseball song about them? This song just makes me want to give up my life for a girl, just for the sake of doing it. Thats how much soul is in there.

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Short Circuit Tonight @ Control

Control is without a doubt the biggest weekly event in Los Angeles. Held at Avalon in Hollywood, they’ve brought an unprecedented number of killer acts to the city, and have just exploded Friday nights. TONIGHT, we’re stoked that Binary artist Short Circuit will be performing inside the Legit Lounge, which is the 21+, VIP lounge at Control. We love Control, we love the guys that run the Legit Lounge, and Short Circuit is totally gunna kill it so you really should roll out!

RSVP for the Legit Lounge here on facebook

Ok, so to celebrate, we have a brand new, exclusive remix for your faces. Short Circuit delivered a scathing, dark, pulsing remix for The Presets‘ song, ‘Kicking and Screaming’. The song is pretty dark as is, but SC takes things down an emotional road that you wouldn’t expect. SEE, here’s the thing about Binary here. Often times we focus on posting romantic or positive sounds or whatever, but really, what we really care about is emotion, be it positive or negative. In this case, SC really pushed through some dark emotions and it really makes this remix tick. Check it.

The Presets – Kicking and Screaming (Short Circuit)

I LOVE the super harsh string stabs that SC busts in after the first big buildup around the 1:30 mark. Its almost murderous. This just makes me think of vampires, darkly lit clubs and girls who will rip your heart out.

“When I WAS YOUUUUNNG”, the Presets croon, and its not in a nostalgic, positive way… This dude had his heart broken, and the way SC brings out this feeling is perfect. Its dark and disturbing and makes me feel different when I’m listening to it than I was before the song started. Can you ask for any more of a song?

See you guys tonight @ The Avalon!

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Good Luck at the Gunfight – Puma

We’re back with some more unreleased dreamwave action with our boys Good Luck At The Gunfight. We posted ‘Kimberly’ yesterday, but today, here’s my favorite of their two, brand new, unreleased tracks that they hooked Binary up with.

This one’s called ‘Puma’. I like it better because of the vocals. They lend themselves perfectly to the song. Its like they wrote it straight out of the dreamwave handbook. “You’re still shining like you’re sixteen”??? Damn, quick way straight to the heart.

Good Luck At The Gunfight – Puma

The song has again, a fast paced, arpeggiated lead that creates the sonic basis for the atmosphere. As the vocals come in, it takes a backseat and really allows the song to breathe. I cant help but remember back to being 16. Shining like you’re sixteen. There’s something about that age that I feel like a lot of people just can’t shake. Or more importantly, everyone (in the 20s??) is figuring out that we all still have that person inside. Who doesn’t feel like their sixteen… or see someone, and feel like you did when you were 16?

This song stirs up a lot in me, and I love the way they pulled off the vocals in the song. Good for these guys, go hit them up on myspace and let them know what you think!

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Good Luck At The Gunfight – Kimberly

We featured Good Luck At The Gunfight a while back. Their song Malibu went huge on Hypem and they even got featured when we were interviewed on the hype machine. We’ve been keeping in touch, and today I’m pretty stoked to be able to bring you a brand new, unreleased GLATG song, “Kimberly”.

A consistent bassline, a hard, electric guitar like synth lead, and dreamy chords give us a song worthy of a summer lovejam. They bring me right back where we left off with Malibu, straight to the Pacific ocean. The waves, the sun, and the sand.

Good Luck At The Gunfight – Kimberly

Kimberly is the kind of song that drops in slowly, just teasing you with chords, twisting under the surface. I feel like GLATG are developing a signature sound with their machine gun rapid fire lead lines, and this song is really great because the pace is down, its slower, and yet they use the same kind of lead they are becoming known for.

Distorted vocals come rolling in (I’m not really the biggest fan here to be honest) but they do accomplish bringing the intensity up a solid notch. As the verse ends, new chords blast through, leaving a funky rhythm and the feeling of a resolution. A solo creeps in and BOOM, just like that, Im transported back to the land of Malibu.

Its hard not to feel like you’re near the beach, driving down the PCH in a convertible, sun setting out over the ocean. These guys have this feeling down, and I love that they continue pulling it off.

HEY, one more thing. Come back tomorrow because we have another brand new Good Luck At The Gunfight song for you (and its my favorite of the two).

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