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Boss in Drama – Favorite Song (The Kids Are Radioactive Remix)

Binary superstar Jordan, aka The Kids Are Radioactive dropped this little gem on us a couple weeks ago, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. We were talking about the clean-funk direction some of our favorite producers are leaning towards right now. Artists like Hemingway, Shazam, Breakbot, and The Twelves are all pushing towards a kind of electro funk that we’ve never really heard before. Right here with this remix T.K.A.R. stopped me in my tracks with a funked out, string filled remix for Boss in Drama. It’s a weekend jam if I’ve ever heard one.

Throw some sunglasses on, sit back, and enjoy.

Bo$$ in Drama – Favorite Song (The Kids Are Radioactive Remix)

A quick preface to everything I’m about to say. I am really not a big fan of these vocals. No offense to the original, but the auto-tuned vocals just clash with Jordan’s production here. That being said, I DO love how they turn this jam into even more of a happy go lucky summer jam.

This is the song for the girls right here. Its a pregaming jam for a trip out to Malibu for a house party. It’s a song for the hour before you take off. Time for a few drinks, a few songs, and a little dance party. A few late afternoon cocktails, some good music, some cute girls, and some nice weather. These are the best things in life.

There is something great about LA. We have to drive everywhere, which sucks, but it leads to certain moments that are unparalleled in the world. This song just makes me imagine some of my favorite moments from my time spent here. Getting together with a group of friends, and just letting loose before heading out to a house party near the beach. Everyone piles into a car and off we go, heading West. The sun setting in our eyes as palm trees float by us. LA can be just as annoying as everybody says it is, but its those moments… blasting down the 10 freeway, windows down, a car full of girls, and blasting a cheesy song like this one right here. You can’t help but smile.

Alright, gotta just say. I’ve listened to this song 6 times on repeat right now. This groove is just intoxicating. The strings are KILLER, and his use of the Clav is genius. Its that clean funkiness that is pretty undeniable, and just makes this song feel even more summery. A great track all around. Take my advice seriously here, play this song when you’re pregaming and you’ll be guaranteed a solid night.

The Kids Are Radioactive
have been on a roll of late, and you can check him out TONIGHT at the Avalon in Hollywood, inside the famous Legit Lounge. Keenhouse will also be doing a set, so its Binary night at the Avalon! Watch out for the heat. Come ready to dance and get swept away by the dreamwave goodness!

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DCUP – To Be In Love

Super early in this blogs life we first talked about DCUP, an up and coming Aussie producer finding his chops. Some time has passed, and he’s definitely come into his own. Sweat It Out found him, and as he’s grown his style has changed too. He’s seemed to twist into this burgeoning genre of chill-funk that artists like Shazam, Breakbot, and The Twelves have a firm hold on. I actually like Chris @ Tuftsmania‘s description as ‘yacht-funk’ the best. It doesn’t sound like ‘yacht’ music, but somehow it fits perfect.

Yacht-Funk gets anyone moving.

This genre is my new obsession. Lets find someone in LA to get on Binary that’s doing stuff like this. It’s built for beachside hotel bars in Santa Monica. Anyway, check out this track, To Be In Love. A sparse, ultra funky track covered in an icing of 90s R&B vocals. This is a pregaming track that should get anyone, anytime moving.

DCUP – To Be In Love

I’m definitely in love with the way a lot of these artists are moving these days. Super sparse and rhythmic production accented by pop melodies. Its music that’ll get any crowd moving, and it sounds more like the music we were raised on than does most other dance music genres.

This song sounds like what I wish summer was more like. Watermelon on the beach, a group of 50 friends getting down. People diving into the ocean while a bonfire grows as the sun sets. Realistically, this would be a great song to toss on in your car on the way to the bar… By the end of the track all your friends will already know all the words and everyone will be clapping away with the track. Its just great, happy, summertime pop music.

Couple quick notes:
1. Backing vocals are killer
2. Those high lead synths in the chorus… So perfect.

DCUP has released a record, called the Style EP. Its got some great material on there, and if you’re digging this style of music, you should definitely pick it up. Head over to his myspace to find out where to get it!

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Butterfly Bones – xoxo

More delicious synthpop today. This time via fellow Californian’s Butterfly Bones. It’s light summer music for poolside parties where everyone ends up in the pool. Are you noticing a trend yet? Thanks to bigstereo for the heads up on this one. The tune we have today is great, and you should definitely check out the rest of their stuff, its all quality.

Butterfly Bones – xoxo

‘xoxo’ is like a that first beer on a hot, sticky summer’s day. Its a blast of cool energy urging you to get your ass outside and do something fun. The song sounds like those older CocaCola commercials looked. Hundreds of overly good looking kids with huge smiles on their faces, just running around in the streets, not a care in the world. I think this song wouldn’t do it for me in a lot of situations, but right now its damn hot out, and all I really want is a beer, some friends, and a slip n slide.

Nostalgia is out in full force here. How can this song not make you think about 1994, running around the streets with absolutely nothing to do and not a care in the world.

I love the use of the guitar here. People shy away from mimicking vocal lines with instruments too much. Remember how pretty much all of Nirvana’s guitar solos were just the vocal melodies from the verse? Its because it works. Anyway, I like how they use the it here. It really helps to bring out the fun in the melody.

The closest touchstone for me with this group is Passion Pit, but without the screeching vocals and kiddie choirs. This is fast becoming THE pop sound of the moment (or maybe of 2010, as everybody mimicks more and more). I’m not sure I like that or not. Couldn’t you see Disney wising up and making a bubble-synth pop group (ha THERES a genre name) made up of 4 teen girls? Im not sure what to think about that either. No matter, I really like Butterfly Bones and their songs. I’d love to hear what a full length would sound like. Hopefully a little bit less sugar and more great songwriting.

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Gypsy and the Cat – Jona Vark

We’re locked up in the Binary Lair here on Melrose in LA. A summer heatwave is in full effect. Even Melrose, usually busy with eager shoppers is left only to scantily clad diehards willing to brave the heat. I always find myself listening to music that helps to combat the heat, since our office requires MAX AC just to stay at a bearable temperature. The song we have today, Jona Vark, by Aussies Gypsy and the Cat, fit the bill perfectly.

Here we go, with another Empire of the Sun-like band thats coming from an electronic production background, but they’re writing pop songs that incorporate real instruments and sound like a band wrote them. Its the crux of dreamwave, and this song is a great example of all thats well in the electronic music scene. Loving this song and everything else Gypsy and the Cat are doing.

Its dreamy, hazy, with an element of fantasy thats perfect for dogday afternoons spent dreaming of different places and times.

Gypsy and the Cat – Jona Vark

First off, these guys are cool with playing off a little humor and fantasy. After all, the song is called ‘Jona Vark’. They’re not taking themselves too seriously. And yet the song is anything but cheesy. Its a reverbed out vocal pop song backed by acoustic guitars and dreamed out synths.

It makes me think of far off islands in the Mediterranean. Cool breeze in my hair, girl on my arm. An escapist song if I ever heard one. It puts me halfway around the world, looking out over the ocean.

Im pretty excited to see what happens with these guys, so keep an eye on their myspace. The EP from which this song is taken is available if you head over there. Let them know it if you like them, and keep listening for more great tunes!

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LexiconDon – Hollywood Sound

A few months have passed since Binary artist LexiconDon has given the world a new song to enjoy. That’s not to say he hasn’t been in the lab, hard at work. His debut EP is on the way, and if you liked his first batch of tunes at all, you’re going to absolutely love the EP. I couldn’t be happier today to be the first to give the internet world their first taste of his new track ‘Hollywood Sound’. This song won’t end up on the EP, and its just one example of his growing collection of great songs that are just waiting to be unleashed on all of you.

Hollywood Sound is an exuberant take on how alluring Hollywood can be. Its full of treasure and pitfalls, glory and shame. Anyone want to know what its REALLY like here in Hollywood? Listen carefully.

LexiconDon – Hollywood Sound

Fabians production slaps this track and jacks it up on steroids. After the brief intro it starts moving forward like a freight train and never slows down. Like the second night into a coke binge, this song refuses to slow down and is the perfect mirror to the subject matter of the song. Its a love/hate song for the city we live in here, Los Angeles.

Close your eyes. Your ears will swim inside the song. Let the visions of neon lights, LAPD blue lights flashing, and camera flashes dance behind your eyelids. This song can transport you onto Hollywood Blvd on a Friday night. Long lines behind velvet ropes, stunning girls glancing around for anyone who appears ‘important’. Cars slowly patrolling the street, bass rumbling from their trunks and catcalls emanating from the windows. Crowds of underage girls heading out to the new hotspot, hoping the paparazzi snap their photo and also hoping their new fake ID works.

Its a beautiful thing and an ugly thing all at once. Bottle service, loud LA electro mashups and strobe lights fill the clubs. Stars out on the street and in the spots, lighting up the room and drawing in girls that just look like theyre famous. Every night looks like a movie premiere, and everyone is the star. Its both a beautiful and an ugly thing. This song takes me right there. Down to the same ‘beautiful’ girls at 3am, heels off, stumbling back towards the closest 24 diner.

hits it all on the head here. This song will get you sweaty and put you right on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, where anything seems possible.


On another note! Come out this saturday! We’re throwing a big show with TILT at The Echoplex featuring MEN, Dances With White Girls, and our own big guns, Short Circuit and LexiconDon. Its going to be crazy. Check out the facebook invite here and the flier below.

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The Mae Shi – Lamb and the Lion (LVC Remix)

Bay Area producer LVC is pretty unknown to us here at Binary, but his remix of The Mae Shi’s ‘Lamb and the Lion’ certainly caught our attention. His dreamy, swirling, smokey take on the song is one either for nights when you have too much to think about, or absolutely nothing. Its the kind of song that should envelop you into a fog of melodies. Its the dreamier side of dreamwave, somehow forcing your brain to think about the more important things in life, without a single discernible lyric helping the cause along the way.

Let’s get straight to the song.

The Mae Shi – Lamb and the Lion (LVC Remix)

I think most normal people can only handle a certain amount of songs like this at a time. The droning nature of bass, vocal samples, and well almost everything (I think theres one sample of them singing ‘ahhh’ that goes on for the entire track) pretty much set the tone for the mood of the track. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing it, I love this remix. Its just that songs like this don’t work in a lot of places in life. The dreamy part of dreamwave has a special place though, and this song fits perfectly there. As I usually say, we love songs that can immediately place you into a specific emotional state, and this song is absolutely one of them.

By making the song so droning it spins the Mae Shi’s track into a swirling cloud of drugged out fog. I’m always one to jump in my car and just drive around if I have a problem I have to work out. This is the kind of song that would be the perfect soundtrack to that drive.

Sometimes between 2-5am here in LA, the marine layer of clouds that gathers over the city actually decends, leaving the city in a ghostly, scary fog. Whenever I am out and this happens, I can’t help but feel like songs like this should be playing all the time, wherever I go. As I said, I can only hand so much of this style at a time, but it sure does fit a specific mood and I’m glad that I’ve found this remix to add to some of my chiller playlists.

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Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl (Only Children Remix)

Hey Champ has been on our radar since last August, when we posted on Cold Dust Girl and its accompanying video. We loved the song then, and even at that point saw them as kind of a kindred dreamwave band from Chicago. I’m not sure how we didn’t hear about this, but apparently Lupe Fiasco decided he liked the video too, and what started with a good song ended with Hey Champ touring the US with Lupe and getting a deal with his FnF label as well. Well, congrats fellas, thats killer. No better time than now to check up on the guys and see where they’re at.

Oh and before I forget, they’re playing a little slew of dates on the West Coast, including a few LA shows this week. I’ll be checking them out for sure, so check their myspace for the full run of shows. OK so today we’ve got two songs, a New York dreamwave remix, and an LA one (although none of the artists are from these places haha, they’re just perfect touchstones.) One’s a 4am NY bar song, ones a 4pm Malibu Beach romance jam.

OK, lets start this off with a newcomer to the scene, ‘Only Children‘, remixing CDGirl. Thanks to TooManySebastians for pointing me towards this track, which I hadn’t heard before. I’ve read that it gets taken in a DFA sounding direction, which is a good start, but the track is rich and full. These guys clearly used an electric bass and guitar to bust this out, and there’s bits of Fred Falke in there just as much as James Murphy. Anyway, I love the groove they bust out with this song. Its way dreamwave, but in a ‘I could throw this into a downtempo DJ set easily’ kind of way, where a lot of dreamwave just plain won’t work on a dancefloor.

I think that puts this remix into the category of guys (Aeroplane, Classixx etc) that are taking the tempos down to disco levels, spacing things out, but unlike the DFA guys, layering in pads and synth leads to make some serious dreamwave. Anyway, I really like this remix. Check it out.

Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl (Only Children Remix)

The track is just funky as all hell right? I haven’t really ever been out in New York enough to really know what ‘the scene’ is all about, but I often picture small basement bars in Brooklyn with DJs spinning vinyl with a lot of music like that. (note: you cant smoke in clubs here in LA, so I often picture these places as smokey havens where you catch glimpses of beautiful girls only to have them disappear into the haze)

Anyway, I expect good things in the future from Only Children. Maybe they could remix a Binary artist at some point? That would make me happy. Any time a producer has the patience and attention to detail to flip the lyrics as well as they did is worth taking a close listen to. Moving the “Light her up and let it go” up half a bar is really a genius move and it makes this track groove a lot harder.

As the remix moves forward, these big chords creep in and its the perfect melodic tension build. This is what dreamwave is all about. Im talking about at 3:08 in the song. It breaks down and builds up into a frenzy just like you’d hope it would. Dig it dig it. Its a song for dark nights in grimy alleys, in smokey clubs. I hope New York is as cool as I imagine it being. I like the sun and the beach a lot, but sometimes when I hear a song like this, I cant help but want to stay up till 6am in a dark bar watching girls dressed in black dresses saunter by me all night.

Alright, next up is a track I’ve had in my ‘BAM’ playlist for a while (like my favorite 8-10 tracks of the moment, kind of like an ever evolving mixtape). It got posted around a bunch so I didnt really want to post it up on here, but screw it. Since it’s Hey Champ day on Binary, it only makes sense to throw this one up to. Its their suuuper solid remix of French Horn Rebellion‘s song, Beaches and Friends.

French Horn Rebellion – Beaches and Friends (Hey Champ Remix)

Kyle and I had been wondering about whether or not Hey Champ could repeat what they did with CDGirl since we first posted about them. This remix, to me, is the first real indicator of just how good these guys could be as producers. Very nice work here, and they reveal that they’re just as into the idea of dreamwave as we are. This remix is a song, not for New York at night, but for a Tuesday afternoon, skipping work and going to the beach.

The entire idea of kicking the remix off with a tape sound and filter is pretty corny and pretty genius at the same time. The bass rocks in and off we go. When I hear this remix my head bobs and I can’t help it. Its got everything I love about music like this. Great lead lines, a nice funky bass. Im not a huge fan of the vocals in the song, but Hey Champ does a great job building a nice song around the original.

I can almost picture the sun setting, wind against my face. A hot day, jumping in the ocean with a bunch of people. We all dream about it sometimes, songs like this help build the picture a little too well right? This song feels like the beach at dusk. Its not dark yet, but its on the way. You can feel the night coming, but the sun’s warmth is still on your skin. The wind on your face, people smiling. Its hard not to get these direct visuals from this song. Kudos Hey Champ.

Again, check their myspace to find out when they’ll be playing near you, and if you’re in LA, hit a couple of their shows and you’ll probably see me there! Dreamwave from around the US!

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LexiconDon – Nothings On The TV This Weekend

A month ago we kicked off the summer with Keenhouse performing here in LA at the Standard rooftop pool. Champagne was popped, and Binary rejoiced at the beginning of summer in the City Of Angels. Ahhh, sunday afternoons poolside. You can’t beat the people, the view, the drinks. Its summer in LA to a T. Keenhouse knocked it out of the park and now were back in July to do it all again. Its getting hotter, the sun burns a little stronger, and the beat drops a little heavier.

Binary’s very very stoked to invite ya’ll to roll out on Sunday for LexiconDon performing live at The Standard rooftop here in downtown LA. The LA premier of LexiconDon’s full live band with drums, this is definitely a show that you won’t want to miss. They’ve got a grip of new material thats ready to be unleashed live. It’s NightWaves‘ drummer Dave’s birthday, and so we’re rolling deep and throwing down hard for this one. Good times to be had and we’d love to see everybody come up and have a few cocktails with umbrellas in them with us.

Hey hey, for more information, head over to facebook for the details. Here’s a little taste of whats up.

You can’t beat the spot. Its dreamwave city.

And when it goes off, it goes off. See you all Sunday.

To celebrate the weekend, here’s the Don’s breeziest track. Nothings on the TV (Turn The Radio On) takes you back to summer’s spent inside your parents sweaty living room. Nothing to do. Nothing on TV. Get in the car, get on the street, and blast that radio. A little music and some friends. Pretty sure thats all you need in life. Is it hot and sticky where you’re at? Put it on. Put a fan in your face. Feel this song flow over you.

LexiconDon – Nothings on the TV – Turn The Radio On (Produced by Short Circuit)

This song just makes me think of being alone on a rainy day. Cooped up and bored. Almost like one of those montages in the Fresh Prince intro, when they speed up the camera and Will Smith spins around in frustration. Nothings on the TV! What to do.

The dog days of summer right? This track doesn’t stop there though. The song takes you on a trip, and before you know it, you’re on the road, or on the street. Music blasting, wind through your hair. Sometimes all you need is music to take you there. You’re there without even leaving your place.

Great speakers are great but when I really want to be enveloped by a song, I put headphones on and turn them way up. Especially if you have good headphones at all, the music can really occupy your whole being. Its a feeling I will never get tired of, and I think thats a part of what this song is getting it. Nothings on. Nothing to do. Well, music can take you anywhere. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laid in bed, closed my eyes, and let the music just put me in a different world.

So thats what Im suggesting here. Take some headphones. Turn off the lights. Put this song on loud, and let it take straight to the sunny streets of LA. Breeze through your hair, drink in hand, not a care in the world.

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Delorean – Deli

Spaniards Delorean are the kind of band that I wish there were a lot more of. They come from an electronic production background, and they write great pop songs. Your average bro in college wouldn’t be turned off by its electroness, but those of us who love electronic music can stay just as stimulated. I think I may have just stated the mission statement for all of the Binary artists.

Delorean just released their new EP, which you should certainly pick up if you enjoy the song I have for you today. They fall perfectly into the ‘happy electro pop’ genre that PNAU, The Similou, and Passion Pit fit into. These guys use a lot of layers, just like Passion Pit, but they succumb to the desire to turn the sounds into dreamy washes. In this song, ‘Deli’, theres a bit of drugged out haze that coats the entire song, mostly in the uber reverbed out choral ‘oooohhh’s that fill the background.

Anyway, these guys are definitely a great dreamwave band. I love the EP, there are a bunch of great songs on it. They do everything I would hope for in a record that sounds like this. They make me feel young, they make me want to go fall in love, and leave me singing the songs when I wake up the next morning. OK, here we go with ‘Deli’.

Delorean – Deli

The song begins with a delayed guitar stab and the aforementioned chorus filling up the space. The drums are almost tropical sounding. Putting them together immediately creates the overall vibe of the song. Its foggy and sunny at the same time. Figure that out but I swear thats how it sounds. I kind of wish that this vibe extended through the whole song. The chorus ties everything together and brings in a great hook, but you lose some of that initial great vibe.

This is definitely one of those ‘soundtrack’ songs that I love so much. A summer driving song if I’ve ever heard one. A song for one of those days when absolutely nothing can go wrong. Thats probably why so many of us seem to pine for the days when we were young. There were a lot more days like that weren’t there?

The days when you go driving just because there’s nothing better to do. But you’re doing it with somebody, and being with them is really all that matters. Sun on your shoulders, windows down. Hopefully a song like this playing.

‘I like the time I spent with you’

A song for reminiscing about simpler times when things weren’t so complicated. All that mattered was saying, ‘I like spending time with you’.

If you like this song by Delorean, then you will like the EP. I found it on iTunes (audiophiles chew me out pleeeaase), but you can get it pretty much everywhere I think.

Looking forward to this weekend! We’ve got a big weekend, highlighted by a LexiconDon set during the afternoon at the Standard rooftop pool in downtown. If you missed Keenhouse’s set last time, you won’t want to miss this one. We only get so many badass summer shows like this a year.

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Holy Ghost – I Will Come Back (Classixx Acapulco Nights Version)
(Took this on the 4th at sunset… this song coming here was the soundtrack for the whole weekend NO DOUBT)

Well, I wrote a post on Classixx a week or so ago, which reading back I dont really like. I didn’t fully explain what I meant about their sound being frustrating. The comments really hammered out that we all agree that their Phoenix remix was a huge step towards developing their sound. Along with a few other acts like Aeroplane these guys are really taking downtempo, DFA sounding disco, and adding levels of melody and dreaminess like we havent heard before. In all honestly, what Im hearing is downtempo, minimal dreamwave and Im absolutely in love with it.

So, I wrote in the other post that I wished I had a better song to post than the one I did. What happens today? I stumble on a Classixx remix of Holy Ghost’s great new song ‘I Will Come Back’. The original is fire, but this remix takes the song from 3am in Brooklyn, and transplants it into the South Pacific. 3 listens deep and I think its as good as their Phoenix remix.

I couldnt really find it much of anywhere, even though I suspect everyone will be posting it. I figure going along with everyone else once in a while is ok. Besides, this remix should have been the soundtrack to my 4th of July. Binary approves.

Holy Ghost – I Will Come Back (Classixx Acapulco Nights Version)

It really feels like a sweaty night on a small island. Just a dub band banging away on steel drums with a huge dude busting out on bass. The reverb, man, is there any doubt reverbed sounds are the sound of 2009??? The remix has so much SPACE in it, its just great. The chords are sparse and do their job. To be honest I wish the song actually did get a little more filling, but then it would have lost some of the vibe.

In any case, I always though these guys were cold sounding. Not any more.

Imagine a table full of empty red stripes. A beachside bar pretty much empty. Just 20 good people chillin. The band banging away. Warm breeze blowing. The sun sets and everyone lets the tequila do its job and you dance around in the sand until sunrise. This song just feels like that moment. I’ve now listened to it like 7 times and it’s making me want to go buy some rum and make pina coladas.

Cheers. (PS I love the guitar in this song. Take note fools)

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