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The Diogenes Club – The Ageless

The Diogenes Club
…according to our good friends at Wikipedia is a fictional gentleman’s club orginated by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who some of you may know as the author of the classic Sherlock Holmes novels. No, it’s not the wildest strip club on earth in the late 19th century, but a gentleman’s club in the classic sense…a place that called for absolute quiet so gentlemen of the day could go and read in peace. The myth has continued through the years and rumors have swirled that it is a club where the most secret and odd branches of the British Secret Service went to discuss matters outside the normal scope of national intelligence…secrets of the paranormal and the occult.

No word on whether or not this Brighton, UK outfit was inspired by this same club in naming their band, but my guess is a resounding yes!

The Diogenes Club – The Ageless

The Ageless is a track that instantly stands out with a chunky phased guitar riff propelling the rhythm section that soon breaks into the song with a funky airiness. The song lumbers along through the verse, with some very pure and clean vocals dashed up with a nice touch of delay. So we heard this song and we were like, alright, this is pretty chill, but it really hits home in the chorus. At 1:01 through the song, the whole feel of the song changes into a sunrise coming up over the horizon on the beach. A wall of Fred Falke-esque pads rides on top of the beat with a descending bassline driving the feel of the whole chorus, giving it that dreamy and finite vibe. It’s like, the sun is coming, it is inevitable, we can’t stop it, embrace it.

My favorite part is the beautiful delay patterns that are playing with the vocals in the chorus. Especially the chorus that happens in the late third minute mark, and then at 4:05 where the drums come back in. It’s pure dreamy shoegaze bliss.

You’ve probably seen this track posted about in a handful of other places around the blogosphere, and the band has done a great job of getting the word out about their new EP, Do You Know How To Feel It?, out on UrbanTorque Records. We wish all the best to these guys.

Josh and I have actually been following these guys for awhile now. If you recall, we put a Diogenes Club remix of Casio Social Club on our Dreamwave Hour 2 by NightWaves. And there have been a few other remixes that really caught our attention early on. This is my favorite.

Kimouts – Sometimes (The Diogenes Club Remix)

This song is way dreamwave. A nice filtered drum beat kicks the song off with some ghostly breezy pads wash over it, leading into a bouncy laid-back synth bass line that will get you bouncing along with it. Enter some vocoded vox singing a sad lovesick melody. Continue for 30 seconds. And then boom…a descending harpsichordy synth line that leads into a super chill dreamwave chorus. Back to the verse. Then back into the chorus, this time with some Van Halen Jupiter-8 synths accenting the track in the most perfect way. Its beautiful.

I wish I could write more about it…but I think this one is best left enjoyed in solidarity.

Don’t forget to pick up the Diogenes Club EP on iTunes. It’s a great record with a fantastic blend of yacht rock and dreamy shoegaze. Check it out!

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Baxter – Proof

So, the original song is something that we here at Binary pride ourselves on championing. We post remixes a lot, but thats because we really view them as original compositions as well. What cannot stand is overlooking the original track of a great remix though. Chances are if you love the vocals, songwriting, etc of a remix, you’ll probably like the original. A month ago we posted the Lifelike remix of Baxter‘s track, Proof. I hadn’t heard of Baxter, and for whatever reason I never searched out the original for the track. In fact, I kind of expected it to be a shitty indie rock track. BOY WAS I WRONG.

Danger Danger posted the original for Proof, which immediately dropped my jaw and left me feeling stupid. Big thanks to them for introducing us to their originals. Anyway, I don’t know where the lack of press for these guys starts, but they could certainly use some more.

So after that, I finally got around to checking out Baxter’s EP. It is a straight up dreamwave slam dunk. As far as I’m concerned, this joins the pantheon of recently released synthpop EPs pushing our genre forward with Anoraak’s Nightdrive EP, Keenhouse’s record, and the Tesla Boy EP. The mp3 we have today is just a taste. You should really go buy the higher quality files.

Buy on Beatport

Let’s start here on Binary, with the track that I never posted. Here’s the original for Baxter – Proof. This is definitely the best track of the EP. Its not the “Nightdrive With You” of 2009, but it’s not necessarily far from it.

Baxter – Proof

The romance just flows through this song. Unlike the Lifelike remix, which oozes with more heartbreak, this song has a huge dose of hope. Dreamwave music is usually heartbreaking, but unyieldingly hopeful. This song really represents all of that. Its melancholic without being sad. Its full of promise and nostalgia for better days.

I can’t help but think of pretty girls. The innocent ones that make your heart melt and body ache. The girls with the pretty eyes and soft hair.

Some can stop you in your tracks just with a look. Ever noticed somebody across the room through a crowd of hundreds? Thats this track right here.

Love at first sight? Nawwwwww. Its something else, but we all know it. The butterflies, the weak knees, all of it. Just takes one look.

Baxter’s record is really good. Go get it, or at least go listen to his myspace.

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NightWaves – She’s Electric (Vega Italo Dub)

This track speaks for itself. NightWaves release on People In The Sky, She’s Electric, is the band’s first single and is supported by 3 remixes. The original track is our baby obviously, but this Vega Dub is the our favorite remix of the bunch. Hearing him perform it live here in LA was a real treat.

Hopefully you guys dig this remix here. If you want it in full quality, please go support the music and pick up the full ep at these spots.

Buy She’s Electric on ITUNES
Buy She’s Electric on Amazon
Buy She’s Electric on Beatport

Ok, to check out this killer remix.

NightWaves – She’s Electric (Vega Italo Dub)

We’re a sucker for anything with a great melody and a nostalgic feeling. Alan transforms She’s Electric and goes full out with his Italo dreams.

Once his warbly synths roll in, the song takes on a hazy dreamlike state that makes me imagine driving in a vintage Mercedes convertible. The rolling bassline almost sounds like the rolling tires along the PCH.

Songs from all genre’s can definitely fall into the ‘driving song’ category, but this one is a bit unique. I don’t wanna jump into a Ferrari like Kavinski’s songs make me want to. It doesnt make me want to blast across the country in a van like “Runnin Down A Dream” does. What it does make me think of is being super classy.

Imagine sauntering up to a country club valet. Tuxedo on, just finishing your 4th afternoon martini. Of course you open the door for the 3 mysterious ladies that accompany you, and blast away onto the open road, top down. This song sounds like the soundtrack to a Bond movie and I love it.

Hope you guys liked the Vega remix. Go grab the whole EP for a taste of NightWaves and Binary life!

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Sebastien Tellier at Ooh La LA Festival in Los Angeles

Today I wanted to talk about Sebastien Tellier. We know that our readers are pretty much on the forefront of music, and that most of you may own “Sexuality”, the 2008 Guy-Manuel (of Daft Punk) produced gem of French mastery, or you at least know who I’m talking about. But in any case, I wanted to put up a couple remixes that might have slipped through the cracks, and also tell you about seeing some Tellier sexuality live.

If you’re an active reader of Binary, you know that there are a few musical trends/emerging genres that we follow and comment on as they progress. At first there was dreamwave (which obviously was our first focus), but there has been a lot of branching out from there, and you may have noticed that we’ve posted a lot of tracks that are yacht funk, as well as a bunch of balearic disco tracks. This one is the former.

Sebastien Tellier – Roche (Breakbot Remix)

I like to think that all of this stuff falls under the umbrella of “dreamwave”…simply because there are sooo many different musical elements that can make a song unique enough to classify it in a new way, and that’s why we have sooo many different genre names in music in general, but especially in dance music. Dreamwave was created to classify stuff that was more fitting as the embodiment of an idea rather than a style of music. It’s more about the approach taken towards the music. It’s about the spirit that is captured in that song. It’s about embracing melody and song and it’s about experimentation in electronic sonic beautification. So yeah, it’s nice to see everything evolve. And it’s nice to see these ideals spread to music that is drawing its influence from other places. Somedays I dream about the dreamwave movement continuing to grow and eventually touching the minds of all people and leading to a renewed sense of humanity and a New Dreamwave Order. I’m only kind of kidding here.

So this Breakbot remix is yacht funk, just what he does best. Awesome track from Tellier, and really taken to a new level by Breakbot. I think the best remixes are ones that take the original song and find a really exciting new chord structure that works in a symbiotic relationship with what’s left of the original. Sometimes you get remixes that are just modifications on the drums or rhythm, which works for the club i guess, and is probably necessary to some extent, and there are also remixes that just take the vocals from the original and lay them over an entirely new track, which is cool and sounds different, but a lot of times that just doesn’t sound right. There is so much more in music than just the notes on the page, so when a remix can’t coincide with the intangible elements of a song, it’s just not going to work. Off the top of my head, Lifelike and Fear of Tigers are both artists that do this really well. They find interesting new perspectives on songs. Anyway, Breakbot does that here. Totally complementing the original with an interesting new perspective.

Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer (Aeroplane Italo ’84 Remix)

So now some more Aeroplane love. They’re so sick, right? Everyone really seemed to enjoy the Au Revoir Simone track we recently posted, and here’s another gem. This has always been at the top of my list for Tellier remixes, though Breakbot is steadily climbing to that point. Josh and I saw a DJ set from Aeroplane here in LA for the Anthem pre-Coachella party (or was it post-Coachella?? What a blur). The room was packed with a lot of really cool looking, positive people, the lights were super sick, and the energy from everyone being packed in the room was a creating the perfect level of steam and fog to really get things going. Aeroplane’s set was great front to back, and people were going nuts. I think my favorite moment was when they played this remix. And the sickest part in this remix is the buildup. Of course buildups are usually inherently the coolest part of a song, but I especially like this one. At about 3:44 when it reaches its peak and then comes out with that very French baroque sounding arpeggiated whistle. It’s a great addition to the customary Aeroplane balearic disco rhythms of the chord stabs and the italo bassline rolling through the whole thing.

So if you haven’t seen Sebastien Tellier live, and you are here in LA, tonight is your chance! Josh and I saw him play with a couple friends liiiiike a year ago? It was at the Henry Fonda (the very same place you can catch him tonight), and the show was really fantastic and memorable. As the curtain lifted on stage, a sea of dense fog poured out to the crowd and those huge rich chords at the start of Kilometer blasted majestically to our ears. The rest of the show was filled with some white grand piano playing, some guitar shredding, more fog, great drumming, and overall entertainment from this veteran French performer. It is really worth checking out.

Tellier is playing as part of the Ooh La LA Festival, a collection of current French artists, all here in LA for our entertainment. It starts tonight and goes through Friday, all nights at the Henry Fonda. Pick up your tickets for tonight here. KCRW is working on these shows so maybe you’ve heard of it. I wish there were more dreamwave artists. I wish it were ALL dreamwave artists. Ahh well, those Frenchies know what’s up sometimes. In any case, don’t miss your chance to see Sebastien Tellier. It’s an experience, and it’ll leave you feeling refreshed. See you there!

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Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)

Continuing our exploration into clean electro dance sounds, we’ve got Aeroplane’s new remix for Au Revoir Simone. Much like Classixx, these guys don’t seem to care about making anything conventional, nor anything that would HAVE to work on the dancefloor. This remix is full of live instrumentation, full of funk, and has a ton of human element in it.

I LOVE this development in electronic music. Live instrumentation, a willingness to not assume that since you’re making electronic music that it should be ‘as big as possible’. Basically, these guys and others are taking all of the tremendous advantages that go along with digital production/synthesizers, sampled drums, compression techniques etc that go along with dance music, and applying it to just make great songs.

Cheers to that. Binary guys, take note, lets go this way.

Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix)

Now, this remix is a little but too ‘childish sounding?’ for me. The casio piano sound that forms the base of the song is just a bit too hard to find a groove in for me. However, as the song goes along, it really finds its way, and by the end, its blended into a dreamwave jam that whirls around an improvised lead line thats just great.

Its a trip back to being a kid. Bright colors, toys, and singing kids’ songs. I love the vibe as soon as the vocals drop in.

The great think that Aeroplane does with their remixes is that it seems as if they think long and hard about how their production should fit with the vocals. The famous Friendly Fires cover takes the epicness of the song and just blows it up. Here, the Au Revoir Simone vocals are quite playful and childish, and they choose to bust out that kind of style. That takes a lot of guts and they certainly pulled it off. Its a great track.

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Yacht – Psychic City (Classixx Remix)

I wrote about Classixx‘ production evolution a month or so ago, but was behind the other blogs on actually posting their Phoenix and Holy Ghost remixes, so I didnt. I did talk about them however. Isn’t it interesting that somehow they’ve become the remixers to go to in 2009 despite the fact that you can’t even really dance to the songs???? I think that really speaks to two really awesome things about the electronic music community right now.

#1. These are real music fans that care more about the music than the ‘sound’.
#2. Classixx have turned into really good producers.

Now I wouldn’t place Classixx into the whole ‘clean electro funk’ thing going on with Breakbot, The Twelves, DCUP, Shazam and others. Their sound isn’t upbeat nor really all that funky. Aeroplane are their closest brothers in sound. Its clean, its dream filled airy goodness that just makes people think about the summer.

Anyway, their latest remix, for Yacht hasn’t really gotten much love online, so I’d like to take this chance to let ya’ll hear it.

Oh oh wait. 1 more reason I know this music is good. Last weekend at this pool party we threw at the Standard on Sunday (The Blog Voltron Party), this guy comes up to me to tell me how bad the music is that I’m playing. I believe it was within 5 minutes of me actually playing this remix by the way. He turns around to smile to his cronies just long enough for me to notice the tribal tattoo that was plastered across his lower back.

Low Back Tat Bro: “What do you even call this shit?”
Me: “Um Dreamwave Music”
LBTatBro: “Can we get some heavy ass house?”
Me: “Um, I think you could go anywhere else but here and you’d get your fill.”
LowerBackTatBro: “Its kinda cool, but I feel gay listening to it.”
Me: “Um.”

And he walked away, bald head, lower back tat, armani exchange sunglasses on, and felt like the big man on campus. Meanwhile I transitioned into the new Grum remix of Keenhouse and a group of 10 girls rolled up to the stage to dance…

Dreamwave may be gay, and I’m way cool with that.

Here’s a taste of the gay music in question.

“this song got removed by blogger, so you gotta go find it somewhere else.”

The production here. SO SPARSE! Just the right amount of guitars. Classixx is all about accents, and this song is a great example of that. Its not a ‘dancefloor’ track so to speak, but looking around on Sunday, everyone was moving. Listen to the percussion here and you’ll understand why.

Anyway, I love this particular song because of the main synth pattern. They stuck the synth inside some reverb that sounds like we’re inside a 20 sq/ft tin room. Its got such character that it almost sounds like its a steel drum.

I suppose when I listen to recent Classixx remixes, it just makes me feel like I’m 1000 miles to the south. Somewhere on a beach where I don’t know the language, but I have a drink that tastes familiar. The soft breeze on my face.

It sort of reminds me of staring into someones eyes. Ever done that? Where it kind of makes the whole world seem drenched in reverb? Everything gets a dose of molasses. Time doesn’t stop but it sure slows down to a crawl.

The song is so happy, but there’s a bit of romantic epicn-ess inside it that just reminds me of falling into someone else’s eyes. Its a cool feeling.

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Binary Presents: LA Lights

We’ve been hinting and teasing about Binary Presents: LA Lights for months. Binary started over a year ago as a collective of music producers in LA with some like minded ideals and goals. With that the Binary Family was born. In fact, we didn’t even all meet each other until October of last year, when we threw our kickoff show. A year later and a lot has happened. We threw some shows and brought some of our favorite artists to LA for their first ever shows in the city (The Twelves, Anoraak, College, Miami Horror, Bag Raiders). We saw the release of Keenhouse’s debut EP, Civic Transit, which remains one of my favorite records from 2008. Both Alfa and NightWaves saw their first singles released officially, Alfa’s ‘LA Passion’ with System Recordings, and NightWaves’ ‘She’s Electric’ with People In The Sky.

Now, finally, a year in the making, comes Binary Record’s first release. We’ve taken the best songs our guys’ have to offer, and had them give us a taste of whats to come in the future. Binary Presents: LA Lights, featuring 2 tracks from all 7 Binary artists, is the perfect encapsulation of what we are all about. To your right is our mission statement, and this record aim (and hopefully succeeds) in representing all we hope to be.

“Binary artists strive to bring the song back to the dance floor. We believe in the sun, vintage synths, killer hooks, killer cocktails, and killer girls with killer looks. We want everyone to know what LA is, from South Central to Malibu. From the grit of the city to the sun kissed waves of the Pacific.”

In four weeks we finally get to celebrate all of the hard work we’ve put into this record. HERE AT AMAZON, is just one of the places you can go to pick up a copy (not available till Oct 13th though!).

For the next month, occasionally, we’ll be doing a few posts to get everyone nice and excited for the record. What goodies do we have to share?

Well, maybe it’d interest you to know that remixes are on the way from….

Junkie XL, Grum, Russ Chimes, Diamond Cut, Hemingway, Fear of Tigers, Werewolf By Night, NinetyNine, Bit Funk, Flashmen, LVC, ODahl, We Plants Are Happy Plants, MMMattias, Digeraatii… and more! ANNNND remixes from all of the Binary artists as well!

Pretty insane right? The remixes are sounding amazing, and by the end of October, LA Lights + Remixes is going to be the most amazing collection of dreamwave tracks ever assembled.

Now. How can we celebrate this? Welllllll, we can throw a mean party, so lets do that!

We’re taking over The Echoplex on the actual release date, October 13th for a night of dreamwave goodness. We’ve got live performances from Keenhouse, LexiconDon, and Short Circuit, as well as DJ sets by Alfa and The Kids Are Radioactive. Its free, its 18+, and its going involve a lot of drinking and a lot of hugs. If you’re a fan of good music and you’re within 200 miles of Los Angeles on October 13th, you should be there. The dreamwave love will be flowing.

All you need to do is RSVP to to get in free and off we go. Its going to be a great night and we’d love to see all of you out!

Again, keep checking back over the next month for more goodies about the record.

Now, we can’t leave you empty handed for today, so here’s a track to get your blood pumping.

The Kids Are Radioactive – Higher (ft LexiconDon)

The epic collaboration between Binary artists’ T.K.A.R. and LexiconDon. This song has been the killer track for all of our DJs here in LA for over a year. It really represents the best elements of Binary. Its heavy, its LA, but its a great song with a great singable melody.

Its a speedboat ride through a wild night of girls booze and illicit substances. 2008 in the world of Binary in Los Angeles.

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O’Spada – Time

Like an absolute blast of fresh air comes the O’Spada track ‘Time’. I remember the first time we were sitting in the Binary offices and we heard The Similou, and All This Love. It was like “OHHHHHH, pop music can sound like THIS????’. Big smiles across our faces, high fives exchanged. The Binary guys, LexiconDon in particular, often make fun of me because I call everything dreamwave, and I guess we do call a lot of different kinds of music dreamwave. What I DO know is that at its core, dreamwave is this… ‘Dreamy pop music thats influenced and produced with an electronic producers background’. Great, synth heavy, pop music! What we found in O’Spada is just that and this track is on absolute repeat right now.

‘Time’ is one part 80’s freestyle hit, one part Jackson Five, and one part dreamy Sweedish Pop. If your curiosity levels aren’t raising yet, there’s something wrong with you. Let’s get to the song. Check it out.

O’Spada – Time

Sparse, groovy. Full of guitars, live bass, and THIIIICK synths, this track just makes me smile. Add in some falsetto quickfire lyrics and you have a recipe for a feel good, late summer jam.

Go to the beach. Or, if you can’t, close your eyes and imagine this scene.

Manhattan Beach, CA. Cooler full of Tecate. The sound of waves crashing mixed in with laughs and beach volleyballs cracking off as friends bounce it around. The sun slowly descending towards the Pacific. Labor Day weekend. Nothing to do today. Nothing to do tomorrow.

Jumping in the water with a pair of girls. Waves crashing, spray flying. Body surfing the waves to shore. Diving under waves and grabbing legs. Just the perfect Southern California afternoon. Carne asada on the grill while someone turns on the stereo.

What song comes on? Well yes, its this one.

O’Spada nails it. Pretty much like only the Swedish can.

I apologize to whichever blog I found this track on. I seriously found this track, like a miracle, in my itunes the other day with no trace of where it came from. If I knew where it came from I’d be giving you huge props!

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NightWaves – She’s Electric

NightWaves is Kyle Petersen and Josh Legg (along with live members Dave LEGEND Urbina on guitar and Jake Faber on drums). Kyle and Josh are also Binary, so yeah, its us. We started Binary 2 years ago, and Kyle and I started making music because that’s what we love to do. As we dove deeper into electronic music, our own productions twisted together, and before we knew it, our jams turned into songs. All of a sudden, NightWaves was born. We’ve always tried to bring our own spin to dreamwave, and most importantly just write good songs.

Today we celebrate the release of NightWaves’ first release. The song She’s Electric has a special place in our hearts because it was one of the first jams that Kyle and I had after moving into Binary headquarters. We tested the blog waters in August of last year and bless him Travis over at BigStereo saw some promise and posted the demo. The track caught the attention of Jerry Dickens at People In The Sky, who agreed to release the song. Seeing as he was the force behind breaking the Friendly Fires, we were happy to fall into his hands.

6 months later and here we are! The song is out, and we think the release is really great. Our mix is a brand new rerub of the song. It sounds bigger, badder and even better than the demo thats been floating around the net. There are three amazing remixes to go along with the original. The Vega remix is our favorite, although all three are worth snagging.

Rolllllll on over here to ITUNES to pick it up!

Or head to Rough Trade to preorder the 12inch.

Today we’ve got the House Of Nada remix from the record to give you guys. The production is flawless, and its definitely the mix to play out if you’re a DJ. We really like the remix, and it definitely does our song justice.

NightWaves – She’s Electric (House of Nada Remix)

The original is a bit of a brooding, introspective look at the future. Its dark, but with a message of hope and promise. Clearly its slow paced and contemplative… House of Nada takes the track on and pushes it on its ass, flips it around, and makes it start running in the other direction.

As the chorus croons “One! Feelin it coming?” “TWO! She’s coming around”, the song goes from asking a question to screaming out to the heavens. The track is driving, like a train blasting across the countryside.

Like presidents of yesteryear, riding across the country on freight trains, preaching for change at every stop. Thats what this remix sounds like. The sound of change. But instead its NightWaves, speaking the dreamwave gospel.

“I See… Something on the horizon… Can it be?…. Shes Electric”…

You see? Its about this music… “Do what it takes, to protect her.”

Hopefully you guys like the remix, and hopefully you’ve bought the whole EP and love the original even more!

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When you listen to London-based Slaughterbrains you can’t help but feel a slight sting of creepiness. I guess that could be the name and the pictures of eyeless girls that accompany his myspace page, but I think it’s mainly the inherent slick of grime and fogginess that graces his music. The crazy part is, it’s not heavy or dirty music at all. In fact, most of it is cowbell-ridden disco over Thriller-era basslines, all pumped full of air and haze and the occassional sampled scream. Speaking of Thriller, I want to see someone make an extended video/musical to Slaughterbrain’s first track here, “Love Eyes”. Take a listen and picture it…a disco dancing Jack the Ripper emerging from the fog on a back alley London street. He could have a bunch of dead zombie prostitutes as his backup dancers. Let’s make this happen!

Slaughterbrains – Love Eyes

“Love Eyes” starts out with some dark chords that remind me of a combination of Transylvania and Top Gun at different times and then it breaks into a disco-y beat and funky bassline. Through the whole song you can hear these arpeggiated stabbing synths that really drive the whole song. I love songs that have parts like that, that just push through the whole song and draw everything together. One of my favorite parts of this song are the vocals…ok, they’re not really vocals, but there is plenty of deep breathing and whispering overlaying this track, and that’s what makes Slaughterbrains special for what he does. The sound of a girl breathing deep and whispering can really add a special touch to a lot of things.

Here’s another track called “Peeping Tom” that is a good example of Slaughterbrains’ versatility as a producer.

Slaughterbrains – Peeping Tom

This track really reminds me of Daft Punk. Of course everyone loves Daft Punk, and there’s no taking away from any of their work, and I don’t know about you guys, but Josh and my favorite DP songs are songs like this…slow, melodic, sensual. Very Pure sounding pads over reverbed drums. Tracks like this have a big influence on dreamwave.

Slaughterbrains makes a really rich sounding track with this one…one that I think could sound very cool leading into another track in a nice downtempo mix. As is his style, this one continues to sound creepy…probably because it’s called “Peeping Tom”…but the music really follows that vibe. It starts out melancholy and isolated. Like a rainy day. Drizzling gray clouds. And then as the weeping melody comes in, it starts to turn the song, and there are brighter chords of sunlight climbing higher and higher…maybe the peeping tom has seen the object of his infatuation by her window, and as she slowly slides off her dress, her bare shoulders and back are the sunlight that breaks up the gray clouds in the open spaces of his dusty blinds.

Creepy thought, but great song nonetheless.

And here’s one more Slaughterbrains track for you to enjoy. It’s a super hazy trek though the jungle, surrounded by danger and the overwhelming sense of oncoming doom.

Slaughterbrains – Maniac Cop

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