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We Are Tokyo – Color Blind (Ninetynine’s Love Remix)

We introduced you to NinetyNine way back a few months ago. I wish I could remember exactly how we found him. If memory serves me right, he and Fabian and Alfa somehow all connected on myspace. Alfa fell in love, and soon after 99 became a friend of the family. To recap, NinetyNine is from Calgary, and one of the many amazing producers that have been working really hard from our northern neighbors.

NinetyNine makes music for boys that want to fight. For girls with too much black eyeliner. For kids who love drugs and girls who love shots. Yeah, we post a lot of mellow music here, but we’re electronic music fans. We go out and we like to hear heavy as all hell bangers that make us get sweaty and make bad decisions. 99’s early originals were great, and showed a lot of promise. Somewhere along the way he finished this remix for We Are Tokyo and the promise we all heard was realized. Pour a shot of Jameson, take it, take your shirt off, put the volume on 10, and press play.

We Are Tokyo – Color Blind (Ninetynine’s Love Remix)

Yes, his sound resembles some of our favorite Frenchman. But before you jump to any negative conclusions, listen to whats coming out of your speakers. Fast forward to tonight at 12:01am. Imagine this song coming on…

NinetyNine uses the vocals really well here. Despite the heaviness there’s a level of musicality and melody that you can’t miss. That’s really what this blog goes for, and this song is very very musical at its core.

Its also HEAVY. Its new years tonight, and its a time to go out, get as drunk as possible, and go as hard as you can. Its a night for sweaty dance floor affairs, bangers, bad decisions, and going outside yourself.

Find the girl you wouldn’t ever go for. Get a bit dark. This is how I’m feeling. After a year of work, of pushing towards the future. Trying to make good decision after good decision. It all just makes me want to let loose in ways you can’t everynight.

This song completely changes my outlook on myself. It makes me stand a little taller. It makes me want shit-throw a hotel room. We’ll see what happens tonight.

Here’s some bonus DARKTRONICA.

LexiconDon – Heart Attack (Ninetynine Remix)

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Generation – Solo

Ahhhh, the end of December, what a crazy time. This month has been crazy for everyone I’m sure, and I’m no exception. I moved to a new apartment at the beginning of December but I’ve spent like literally 24 hours there this whole time. The last few days of November I was scrambling to even find a place to live, and within a matter of four days I found the place, signed the lease, and moved seven years worth of LA possessions into my new pad. A day later we left for our Pacific Lights tour with Keenhouse and LexiconDon. When we finished the tour in San Diego, I made the two hour drive back to LA going illegally fast and getting back at about five in the morning. Two hours later I was awake, driving to LAX, flying to Chicago, partying till the sun came up in the cold of one of America’s best cities, then flying to Florida to see the parents, sat by the tree and opened some presents, then I made the loooong and uncomfortable flight from Miami back to LA. And I returned to my apartment full of boxes.

All of that background story is leading somewhere, I promise. In November I was so overwhelmed by what the next month would entail that I switched into day-by-day mode. No plans, no thinking ahead…just taking all of life’s pleasures (and displeasures) one at a time.

Generation – Solo

It was in a motel room in Santa Cruz where we almost got murdered that I first caught these tracks from Vancouver based artist Generation. I think this first track “Solo” is pretty fitting for what I’ve felt through the month of December and the state of life today.

The main lyric in this song is the line “Life’s got really slow” and that’s how I feel. The song starts abstract, as a lot of Generation’s work is, and moves along with a melody in the fantastically produced bass that sounds really haunting and tense. It sounds kinda depressing, always moving and progressing but always somber and nervous. That’s how I felt right before this month came around; worried about how I’d get through it. Like a 9 to 5 job the tension is never ending and the days roll by. But then everything changes.

As the bassline slowly creeps up there is a light on the horizon. And then the snare roll comes in and launches you right into a frantic journey of glimmering electric piano synths and a bassline that shows hope and universal beauty. Listening to this song reminds me that life is a journey. As we deal with the stresses of the real world, it’s easy to forget the places we’re at on that journey and who we’re with. This song comforts me. When I hear it I can’t help but feel like I’m seeing a montage of all the amazing things that have happened in life this year. All the amazing shows we’ve seen, the crazy times out with friends when the night doesn’t seem to stop, my girlfriend and I driving around California, meeting so many great artists from around the world that I’d now call friends, and really just working with a great bunch of people on the Binary team trying to live this ideal that we’re trying to bring to the world together.

It makes me think that maybe living life a day at a time, whether it’s anxiety induced or not, isn’t such a bad thing. We all get jaded as we get older, but part of what dreamwave is all about is recapturing that essence of your youth where everything was beautiful. The way we connect with each other and the places we travel to are the glue that hold everything together in life. And sometimes it’s worth it to reenergize your system, take a step back, and let the cool mist of a buzzing synthesizer wash over you to remind you of how great things can be.

I’m not sure if Generation meant for “Solo” to give off these feelings, but I thank him for it. And for everyone that made 2009 what it was, we thank you so much as well. Now that the holidays are just about past us and soon it’ll be the shocking dull of January, take a step back and appreciate where you’ve been, and more importantly, where you’re going. And just because “Life’s got really slow”, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Generation – Off the Road

Not to take away from my message, here is another Generation track called “Off the Road” which is just about equally great. I’m really liking what he’s doing, and we can all expect to see big things from him soon. The best quality these two tracks share are the very bold bass sounds he uses that have so much strength in the song and really tie everything together. I hope you enjoy this one as well.

Go check out Generation’s other tracks on his myspace!

Here’s to an exciting 2010!

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Neon Indian – Mind, drips (Mirror People Remix)

I remember hearing the first two Neon Indian songs on GvB. From the first lines it was obviously Alan’s work, and somehow more fitting to his songwriting than either Vega or Ghosthustler. I think took a while for him to really find a sound that he could really just float in. The entire Psychic Chasms LP feels like the true place where his voice belongs. Kyle and I have had many a conversation about what makes the best albums so great. How the best are always a time capsule of a moment in time, one creative vision described by 10 songs. Psychic Chasms works beautifully as a record. From front to back there is a unifying theme, a unifying sound. Will Alan write better songs for the upcoming Vega full length? Probably. Will the record stand the test of time as well as this Neon Indian record will? I hope so, but that will be a hard feat to accomplish. This album has done nothing but grow on me, to the point that its one of my favorites of the year. I think I was super critical of it at the beginning because we’ve been closely tied to the NI/Vega family, but in the end, the record is an undeniable collection of songs that describe a specific emotion and moment in time. Anyway, in a time when LP’s are getting more and more disjointed, Psychic Chasms is a throwback record that deserves to be heard as a whole, and for that alone it deserves a huge amount of credit.

There’s a Psychic Chasms remix ep coming (I think), but I’ve been sort of surprised at the lack of good remixes that I’ve heard. The vocals have such a great musical quality to them that you’d think they would be perfect to work with. The entire impetus for this post is that I found a remix that I wouldn’t just call good, I’d call it great. Mirror People has remixed ‘Mind, Drips’, and turned taken it from chillwave to dreamwave. I streamed this remix a full 3 times through before I even bothered downloading it, which is saying something in itself. It feels just perfect for the original vocals. Check it out and ennnnjoy.

Neon Indian – Mind, drips (Mirror People Remix)

I always want to hear a song in a new way when I hear a remix. Ideally you’re taking the original track, and twisting it on its head, so that the listener is hearing the vocals in an entirely new light. The best kind of remixes are the ones that actually make me go back and enjoy the original more because I go back with a new appreciation for the lyrical content and melodies, that I was never able to gain from the original. This remix does that amazingly.

Neon Indian – Mind, Drips just never totally struck me in any kind of an emotional context before. Mirror People grabbed every bit of emotion in the track, and squeezed it out, pouring it over an instrumental full of heartbreak, creating a painfully outreaching song that hits straight to the heart. Alan’s lyrics come out from behind his haze of washy samples to take the front of the stage, and the result is a song about regret and heartbreak. I love that Mirror People took this song as far from that hazy feeling as possible. It illustrates the true difference between chillwave and dreamwave. This has late night neon streets and young love written all over it.

As I said, its the lyrics that strike me here. Nostalgia and youth are subjects that never fail to work for me, and here the production works perfectly alongside the dreamy vocals.

Remember the days when you just couldn’t figure out how to deal with love? When all you wanted to be able to do was tell someone how you felt? When something you wanted was so close to you, but so far away it felt like the universe seperated you from it? Personally, I like to think you don’t get too old to feel that way, but its hard not to associate those intense emotions with being young and in love. This song takes me back to then, and makes me daydream about what it feels like.

This song just reeks of innocence and young love in the best ways possible.

“Dripping thoughts fall on to the sidewalk/I couldn’t tell you, when I’m not sober”

“Locking hands, floating through the park/They always watch me, lose composure”

In the end, I went back and listened to the original, and I now like it 10 times more than I did before. Any remix that can do that deserves the title of ‘great’.

I don’t think that the Mirror People myspace page that I found is this Mirror People. I looked around a bit, but couldnt find an obvious place to point you guys at, so I apologize. If anyone knows where you can find more, let me know!

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Classixx – I’ll Get You (Gigamesh Remix)

OK. The tour is over. A whirlwind of positive memories and firsts for Keenhouse and LexiconDon. A big thanks to everyone we met along the way. I haven’t decided how much to really cover it on this blog, so I think for now we’re going to go back to just posting good tracks and reviews. If you guys would like to see some pictures from the tour, we’ll be posting an album from the Binary facebook page sometime in January. In any case, we are back, and I’ve got a whole bucket of tunes that I can’t wait to share with you guys. The blog should be back in full force, starting right now.

So, a fitting transition here would be to post a song that had some significance while on the Pacific Lights Tour. One of my favorite memories was one of the final ones from the tour.

I think the homecoming is something special for any band, sports team, or anything else. As we wound up our west coast tour last week, we blasted into LA at 5am after a show in Fresno. I woke up the next afternoon still tired and still thawing out from a very cold Pacific Northwest. We had a show in San Diego that night, so I jumped out of bed, quickly burned a disc full of tunes that I’d found the night before, blasting through my inbox that had been so severely neglected during the tour. I walked downstairs and jumped into our van to pick up Keenhouse and LexiconDon for the drive down the 405. I walked outside to discover an 80 degree, clear skied, LA december gem of a day. I rolled the windows down, jumped on the 101, and put my CD in. Track 1 was this new remix right here. It fit the moment so well. Me driving this monster van on the 101 through hollywood, palm trees on either side, windows down, and a cold Pac Northwest far in the rearview mirror.

It was one of those perfect days we get sometimes in the winter here in LA. The kind of day that makes you fall in love with the city all over again. Its a crisp and dry kind of perfection that only a desert city can really deliver. I needed a blast of summer after the tour, and here it was. And this song was certainly the soundtrack.

Classixx – I’ll Get You (Gigamesh Remix)

From the opening sounds of children playing, to the ultra triumphant drum roll that kicks the song off, this song was built for a day just like this. Gigamesh reworks Classixx jam (I’ll Get You) into the kind of song that makes you dream of it being so hot you need a hose and some friends just to cool off.

Let me quickly explain something thats been bothering me about this whole chillwave thing too. See, this song has NONE of the hazy nostalgia that chillwave presents. There’s more neon imagery than there is humid river floating. I dont think Washed Out would ever want to be associated with seedy Miami clubs, full of smoke and mirrors and neon. The trick is though, thats a HUGE PART OF DREAMWAVE! This, right there is the key distinction between the genres. While they go with chill, hazy melodies and vibes, dreamwave offers clear, soaring synths. They both evoke dreamy melodies of childhood, but the contexts are very different. In any case, this remix is the perfect example of a dreamwave song that could never be called chillwave… Sometimes they overlap (see ‘You Feel It All Around’), but this song illustrates the key difference.

First off… Gigamesh you bastard. GENIUS flopping up the vocals, and using the original chorus as the buildup for this version. As the drop explodes at :54, you cant help but burst into a big smile. Its like diving into the ocean for the first time in May. Perfect.

Secondly. Cheers to a great synth solo! We need more of this kind of stuff in our lives. Again, hearing the solo just makes me break out in a big grin. Its all running around drunk at night. Its the kind of solo that you might just air-piano, making cheeseball faces on the bent notes.

Its the kind of song meant for 2am drives with a car full of drunk people… Laughing, dancing in their seats.

So cheers, here’s a little taste of summer from LA, thanks to Gigamesh and Classixx.

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Pacific Lights Tour Journal #3 – Seattle, WA

(NOTE: So, Kyle and I are on tour with
LexiconDon and Keenhouse right now. We’d like to keep the good blog-ship running, so for the next couple weeks we’ll still be posting songs, but with pictures from our adventures around the west coast. We will be back with the solid writeups and pictures you’re accustomed to, but for now, settle for some stellar tunes and brief musings from the road.)

Tour Journal 3. (Seattle, WA)
Written by LexiconDon
Alex, at home in Seattle.

Chowder. Mountains. Birds.

Josh and Matteo Das Booting

LexiconDon in Seattle

Fabian the mad genius

Keenhouse in Seattle

Keenhouse in Seattle

Golden Bug – Last Dance In Tokyo (Gloves ReWrite)

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Pacific Lights Tour Journal #2 – Olympia, WA
LexiconDon in Olympia

(NOTE: So, Kyle and I are on tour with LexiconDon and Keenhouse right now. We’d like to keep the good blog-ship running, so for the next couple weeks we’ll still be posting songs, but with pictures from our adventures around the west coast. We will be back with the solid writeups and pictures you’re accustomed to, but for now, settle for some stellar tunes and brief musings from the road.)

Tour Journal 2. (Olympia, WA)
Written by LexiconDon

It’s dark Fabian is covered In gum
Matteo is too drunk to care Ken and Yumi are out in the back. This trip has turned into a whirlwind of trying to get comfortable but u feel like that goal is not possibly achievable.

I can’t bring myself to write anything this morning. Cold uncomfortable and eyes are being pounded by the cold nails of a winter breeze. Fuck it. 15 minutes til breakfast we all wait in the car for this yelped out diner to open there doors.

Whiskey and French Toast in Portland

The beastly night and morning showed the true difference of weekend warriors and road warriors the night of bloodshot eyes and neck pains all seems worth it with the kissed white evergreens that line i5 in to Olympia the warmth of a Families home is all it takes to bring the color back into all our faces.

Keenhouse in Olympia

First show DONE and what a great experience watching Keenhouse in a low lit room with smoke flooding the whole essence and body of the room makes me think why ppl don’t dance on sidewalks and sing on buses. Love is the air as Mariah Carey and Kyle seranade the car with positivity.

LexiconDon in Olympia

LA brews a certain party and we plan on spreading this disease like the clap. Life is good and all is well. Falcore flys high tonight.

Fenderchet – Passage To Saturn

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Pacific Lights Tour Journal #1 – Interstate 5

(NOTE: So, Kyle and I are on tour with LexiconDon and Keenhouse right now. We’d like to keep the good blog-ship running, so for the next couple weeks we’ll still be posting songs, but with pictures from our adventures around the west coast. We will be back with the solid writeups and pictures you all love, but for now, settle for some stellar tunes and brief updates from the road.)

Tour Journal 1. (Interstate 5)
Written by LexiconDon

Dear journal,
The binary van is locked and loaded spirits are high and the road winds with the Sounds thick basslines pulsating everyone’s smiles. The time is now our breathe won’t be held any longer. 4 hours in the van and we can already hear the cheers of unknown spectators. For now we still pass the same lights and transient street hustlers. LA has never looked so beautiful in this grey blanket of warmth. Hopefully we’ll be on our way by the 6th hour. On the road…Kerouac’s beatniks aint got shit Binary’s dreamwave.

The golden planes full of Jack and the box meat prove beautiful. As Binary’s La Lights drips out the treble heavy speakers the only other noise is an occasional side conversation that quickly fades into the early sunset. Noses are buried in books catching the last of what daylights glory has to offer. Night is approaching and that means shots of Jameson. Someones got to get remind these vaginas were 20 something on a tour for Christ sake.
Stars unseen from the la skyline are out and brighter than ever covering the baron from land of central ca. The car is still quiet but there is a riot brewing and what I fear may come to life…sleep.

The tides have changed and so has the feelings inside the car. Prohibition has ending and the smell of alcohol and euphoric feelings of Sweet Carrie is giving everyone goose bumps. Tonight is a good day to die.
The fire water has polluted at least three of our systems homeostasis is around 12 percent. Moods are scaled by what movie u r watching or whose songs u know. I’m just trying to find a planet and make it mine.

It’s 11:33 and all is quiet on the western front. 2 victims to sleep one captain two prisoners and delusion twins. This expedition proves to be very fruitful. The morning will bring mystery. Mystery that we will solve at night break.

A-Ux – Forgotten Memoir

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Binary: The Pacific Lights Tour

Binary is a great number of things, all of which in one way or another are aimed at bringing great music to people who share a passion for music like we do. The blog, obviously is one of the main avenues to bring new music to a lot of people. We release some records and have a stable of artists that play around LA, again, just trying to bring some great music to people. What we’ve been waiting for, for the last year, is the time when we could take the Binary philosophy on the road. LA is, despite what many will say, a GREAT place for music. What we’ve got going on here is special. I’m not sugar coating it. We have a scene brewing here. Its focused on great, melodic, well written dance tunes. And people love it. More and more people come out with us. The Binary family is growing, and through it all lies the constant presence of the music we all love. Its what ties us all together. So for the last year we’ve just been dying for the day when we’d get to spread our music in person. Today is the day Binary goes on the road for the first time.

We’re proud to announce the Pacific Lights Tour (facebook event).

LexiconDon and Keenhouse are heading out tomorrow morning for 2 weeks of shows up and down the west coast. We’re going everywhere we could have hoped, and we hope to spread some serious love to some old and new friends. Are you in one of these cities? You should really come out. I say it pretty often around here, but I’ll reiterate my pledge. Come find me and I’ll buy you a drink with a smile. Good times to be had.

So yes. Head to the Facebook Event for any updates. Its the best place to check out where we’ll be and when you can come see LexiconDon and Keenhouse do their thing!

TONIGHT: The kickoff to our tour! The Binary crew is taking over the Standard Hollywood (Purple Lounge) for a night of DJ sets from NightWaves, Short Circuit, Keenhouse, and LexiconDon. It’s going to be one large celebration of dreamwave, in one of the most dreamwave environments in all of LA. Don’t miss it.


To celebrate… Binary’s sunniest remix. A song that radiates summer heat and dreamwave vibes. This is what we’re bringing up to Seattle and back. Lets rock.

Phoenix – 1901 (Fabian Remix)

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NightWaves – Fascination (MMMatthias Remix) + (Yuri’s Nominee Remix)

Two stellar remixes of the NightWaves tune Fascination today. One from blog superstar MMMatthias (seems like he’s everywhere!), and another from the cruelly under-appreciated Yuri’s Nominee. These two pair up quite nicely alongside one another given that their takes on the track really take the song to entirely new places.

Lets start with MMMatthias take.

NightWaves – Fascination (MMMatthias Remix)

MMMatthias really takes a risk with this remix. I mean, its a whooole new ballgame here. But thats really what is so great about it. Listen to this song twice through. I bet that before you know it you’ve listened 8 times through. There is something hypnotic about its roving vocal loops and bongo chants.

As we always say, the mark of a great song is its ability to transport you somewhere else. Have you ever heard of belly-dancer-electro? Within 30 seconds of this remix kicking off, I’m transported to a futuristic desert landscape. A land of thieves, hardships, and sin. Nights filled with dark alley drinking holes and beautiful women with their faces covered, dancing to music JUST LIKE THIS.

The song makes me want to smoke opium and ride on magic carpets. The song practically makes me feel like I’m floating IN a cloud of opium smoke. Powerful stuff. Great remix.

NightWaves – Fascination (Yuri’s Nominee Remix)

Yuri’s Nominee, part of the amazing Kitsch Cat crowd in Bangkok is one of the more overlooked members of that group. Head to his myspace and check out the stellar tunes he’s got on his page! The track ‘All You Know’ was seriously the JAM at the Binary offices for a couple months last year.

Anyway, his remix of Fascination reminds me of what NightWaves might sound like if Justin Timberlake executive produced them. I am certainly not saying that thats a bad thing.

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