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Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours

Hey, all producers aspiring to make the delicious genres that we’ve been calling ‘yachtfunk’, ‘cleanfunk’, or ‘synthfunk’… I’m looking squarely at you Hemingway, Shazam, Cassian, UTern, and yeah even The Twelves. Breakbot just reached for the stars and found a couple. Over the course of 2 weeks he just took things to a new level. 2 of my favorite tracks of 2010 already. Emotion filled, bouncey, clean and spot on as all hell. See, I think this is what I keep harping on about the lo-fi thing going on. Listen to these 2 tracks and you’ll understand why there is just so much MORE to crisp, clean production. The emotions are pure, not contrived.

This music feels like the music I imagine in my mind.

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours
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First off…. The fact that this song rips the vocal melody from ‘Ain’t No Fun’ by Snoop Dogg is brilliant. It took me half a day to remember the ‘I had respect, for your lady’ line.

Anyway, I’m all for borrowing stuff like that, and it certainly doesn’t make the song what it is.

What is this song? Its nothing less than a perfect throwback pop funk track thats cheesy, if sincere lyrics paint a perfect picture thats 1 part Motown, 1 part modern yacht funk jam.

“Don’t you understand/That your wish is my command”

Breakbot, as usual makes his clean instruments and drums hit SO hard. You cant help but bounce to this song! This song is 100 times more dancey than anything dubstep or minimal techno.

While those genres just make me feel sleepy, this song feels like a bolt of electricity is running through my spine.

It feels a bit like falling in love for the first time.

“Trust me I’m your man”

Breakbot – Make You Mine
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While not as brilliant of a song as Baby I’m Yours, this song hits just as hard. I’ve played this song out a couple times and it always feels so so good through a nice audio system. A little hint to any DJs out there. Play this into Michael McDonald “I Keep Forgetting,”… Just let it ride out, you won’t be disappointed.

Oh oh… and PS. That Siriusmo remix of Baby Be Mine… It lives up to all the hype. Truly a meeting of two producers pushing the boundaries of modern electronic music production.

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Millionyoung – Mien

The Memoryhouse remix that we brought you from Millionyoung the other day was just a taste of what the talented young Floridian has in store for us. There’s a rawness to his productions and songs that suggest there is room for a lot of improvement. Indeed, when I sent a couple of his songs around to some industry friends, a common response was ‘amateur’. A couple of his originals have definitely struck a chord at the Binary offices here in LA. While they definitely feel and sound like a young producer’s work, they’re also brimming with excellent songwriting, singable melodies, and a knack for creating emotional landscapes.

The first we have today is our favorite of Millionyoung’s originals, Mien. Just to quickly clarify to anyone lumping him in with Washed Out and Toro Y Moi… This guy isnt making any kind of lo-fi music. This is straight dreamwave right here. Crisp synths, punchy drums, and dreamy atmospheres. Here we go.

Millionyoung – Mien
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A touch of Morodor-y pad lay the groundwork for a slow, sleepy song here. Delayed guitar solos highlight as the mood setter. A slow arpeggiated snyth riff dances around the soundscape to give the song some legs. And on top of it all, reverbed out vocals croon out ‘Its all the same… I know’.

The song makes me want to cry. I mean this in a good way, but it reminds me of times when the clock just moves too slow. When the hour between 3am and 4am feels like a lifetime. When it feels like everything is lost. There are times when feeling bad is better than feeling nothing at all, and its these times when songs like this come in handy.

Millionyoung – Hammock
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The thing that I find most promising about Millionyoung is his willingness, and almost forced desire to use live guitar in his productions. His song Hammock has the best of this quality. The ringing acoustic that lays the groundwork for the entire track is in perfect contrast to the drum machine percussion and synth leads. This song is a bit happier, and definitely straying more towards the entire chillwave sound, but none-the-less, there’s clearly a producer here that has a love for pure tones and emotional hooks.

This song feels like a walk in the grass. The tall grass, somewhere in Europe. A girl in one arm, and the warm sun on your back. The dark depression of Mien is wonderfully offset by the playfulness of this song.

Millionyoung shows us both sides of his songwriting here with these two songs. They both will grab you in different ways, but they both accomplish the goal of putting you in a new emotional place. As I said at the beginning, there is a roughness that is both encouraging and endearing. Some have placed him firmly within the lo-fi movement, but to me its clear that placing him in that box is not giving him enough credit.

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Diamond Cut

Today we’ve got a song that has made the rounds on the blogs but we have yet to highlight here at Binary. As you may have seen, it found it’s place at the top of my year end best list. I’m not sure if that means it’s really my number one song of the year in the long run, but it seemed right at the time, and honestly, the song is staying pretty firmly entrenched in my thoughts and my iTunes. It’s so original and well executed that I think it’ll be pretty timeless.

Fear of Tigers – The Adventures of Pippi Longstrump (Diamond Cut Remix)
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Yesterday at Binary headquarters we talked a lot about the connection between a song and visual imagery…the ability of a song to tell a story that’s played out in the mind. The same reason many people prefer reading a good book to seeing a film applies to the power of song. There’s something special about the human mind and imagination and the power we have to create stories shaded with our own personal emotions and really apply the story to the things in our lives that we care about and feel for. And really, I think this trait in music is one of the things that dreamwave does best, and that’s why it connects with people on such a deep level. And that’s why we love it.

We’ve definitely talked about Diamond Cut here before and he’s one of the earliest people we talked to here at the start of Binary. I can definitely say that his remix of this great original from Fear of Tigers stands out in my mind. The story to me is so clear in my head that I imagine the exact same thing everytime I hear the song. The scene is a small wooden train depot in some small town America, surrounded by open fields and a horizon of snow capped mountains. As the bells ring calling everyone to the train, the steam engine’s boilers hiss and the engine starts to come to life. A young kid and his girlfriend stand and enjoy their last moments together before he goes off to school or to war or to somewhere else far away. The air is filled with the hiss of the steam and the clanks of the steel beast next to them and the whistle from the engineer, but above all the chaos are these final moments they share together. Nothing is so real, and nothing means more than their last goodbye. And slowly the train leaves the station, charging away into the mountains, bringing the beginnings of a new life.

The way Diamond Cut uses all the elements of Fear of Tigers’ original and weaves them into this beautiful and spacious web of sounds escalating one part at a time is fantastic. And right when it can’t get anymore emotional, it all takes off, and this is what I really love about the song. It’s always moving forward. So when the kick drum finally drops with that four to the floor rhythm at 2:58 it adds life to the track, but when it finally hits you hard at 3:28, it takes it to a whole new level. I don’t think any producer could take an already heavy house beat and expand it to such a monstrous force of sound as well as Diamond Cut does here. Big sounds are really his specialty. And as the train flies across the open plains, the rhythmic clangs of the wheels against the track lead it into the distance.

Cinnamon Chasers – I Like Watching You (Diamond Cut Remix)
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Another great remix here from DC, this time of another great original track from UK artist Cinnamon Chasers. I love this one for its dark melody. I think I’ve mentioned before how I’m all about the darkness. I guess it just makes for more powerful melodies in my mind. Once again DC makes great use of space and atmosphere by having lots of very whispy pads and hisses floating around the song, supported by some pure bass synths. This song is also another example of Diamond Cut’s huge kick drums. They’re so airy, I want to make kicks like that. Pretty awesome.

I suggest that you guys check out the rest of Diamond Cut’s work on hypem or his myspace and really get to enjoy this great producer. And for those of you that haven’t picked up these records by Fear of Tigers and Cinnamon Chasers, do so and support the artists, because they’re really contributing a lot to this music we love and they’re great records worth having. And here’s a little something extra for you…

LexiconDon – Heart Attack (Diamond Cut Remix)
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Miami Horror – Sometimes (Gloves Remix)

When we booked Miami Horror to play their first LA show at the Echoplex a little over a year ago, we were ecstatic. When Kyle and I first were diving into what we were calling dreamwave music, we were finding it in only two places. Nantes, France, and Australia. Miami Horror was leading the smooth synth charge from down under, and we just knew we had to get him to LA for a show. Just before SXSW last year they showed up and played to a packed Echoplex alongside our good buddies Futurecop!. It was a big moment for us, just as our show with the Valerie guys was, as was our show with The Twelves. I remember Short Circuit debuting his live set that night, and just being blown away by how our own Binary artists could stack up with the guys we were looking up to.

Of course, as time progressed we found loads more artists that were making this great, emotional dance music with big beautiful synth sounds. Today’s song is the meeting of two of the dreamwave pioneers of Australia, Miami Horror and Gloves. This is also a good time to quickly explain how different dreamwave is from a lot of the lo-fi talk that is going around. There is NOTHING lo-fi about dreamwave. Its all about crisp, clean, big sounding synthesizers, stabby guitars, and pop songwriting with big hooks. This lo-fi stuff is great, but theres nothing crisp, clean, or poppy about it. Today’s song is the PERFECT example of a dreamwave song. Crooning lyrics, a funky disco bassline, and synth pads that make you want to cry and melt at the same time.

Miami Horror – Sometimes (Gloves Remix)
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Muted guitar plucks highlight the intro, bursting into completely beautiful, triumphant synth chords. In typical Gloves fashion, they’re unabashedly major and poppy, but its done in such a nice way that you can’t help but fall deep into the song. By the time the drums drop and the bass hits, you’re completely sucked into the song. Sophie Brous lends her airy, gorgeous vocals to the remake. Her voice brings new life to a track that already has a special place in our hearts.

(A quick note, while on tour this December, this song became a staple in our van. We talked many a time about all of our ‘Peter Pan’ complex, and this song plays so perfectly into that.)

“Sometimes, when all thats lost remains/Drink from the fountain of youth and never age again”

Hear how clean everything is? There’s no foggy sounds or filtered out synths, creating the illusion of nostalgia. All we have here is emotional chords, engaging melodies, and lyrics that make you remember your youth. Gloves reinterprets this song perfectly. This is dreamwave at its best.

Seriously, here’s some advice. Put your headphones on. Close your eyes. Let the synths wash over you. You will get warmer. You will see the sun in your eyes. By the time the soaring buildup hits, you’ll be smiling. And by the time the last lyrics are sung, you will be totally at peace. MUSIC: Its meditation at its finest.

And, in case you haven’t seen it, here is the fantastic video for the original track, Sometimes. Talk about dreamwave!

Sometimes from Miami Horror on Vimeo.

Lastly, the entire Sometimes collection is great. If you don’t have the original, which made my year of 2009 best of list, then you need to head over to beatport to get it. Support Miami Horror and all of these artists that make such beautiful music!

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Memoryhouse – To The Light House (Millionyoung Remix)

On a rainy week in LA, it leads me to falling in love with rainy, melancholy songs. Surprise surprise, we’re agreeing with Pitchfork and GvB by posting this song, but actually, I think they have it all wrong. How is this song ‘blissed out chillwave’? Best I can hear is a nostalgic look back at mellow times. Its probably because its raining here, but this is reminding me of lying in bed with a beautiful girl all day during a spring storm, the rain pounding on the roof all day.

Quick note: Apologies if you come here expecting to find something different than you’d find on the big boys sites… but sometimes a song just fits the day.

Memoryhouse – To The Light House (Millionyoung Remix)
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Millionyoung, the newest chillwave producer to hit the scene, takes on Memoryhouse’s track, To The Light Of The House, and paints the song in a beautiful new light. The arpeggiated synths and sidechained pads wash over you while the Memoryhouse vocals float through a cloud of reverb. The song, as a whole just feels drenched in a cloud of rain. A beautiful snapshot, and one that makes me want to listen to it over and over again, trying to figure out how its making me feel. What is this about? Its like a dream that you can barely capture.

Well, it makes me remember rain. Rainy days, playing in the rain, dancing in the rain. And being in bed during the rain. Lost times and lost memories of young love, soft sheets, and soft skin. I love songs that bring up memories, some that never even happened.

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Barretso – Midnight Walk

Well, blogging is a rat race often, but in THAT world Binary is always the loser. We don’t tend to post songs first, and don’t have a problem with that either. Quality, of course, is what we strive to bring more than anything else. However, it definitely irks me when some friends of ours beat us to the punch on a rad new artist that fits with Binary as well as up and comer Barretso. I’ve been holding his song Midnight Walk for a couple weeks now waiting for the time that I felt in the mood to tackle such a beast of a song. Long story short, OF COURSE the guys at Too Many Sebastians posted this track the other day. What is there to learn from this? Music blogs are GREAT. I love that something seemingly so unknown can get snatched up like that. In any case, kudos to you guys.

I’m pretty excited to be bringing this song today. A significant part of the entire dreamwave vibe is the neon coked out Miami speedboat vibe, and well, its probably the most underrepresented part on this blog. Within 30 seconds of hearing this song the first time, I was putting it into a playlist to burn onto a CD for my car… A good driving song just can not be beat. And this song right here is a VERY good driving track… as long as you like going to jail for reckless endangerment.

Barretso – Midnight Walk
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This Chilean youngster created a hell of a track here (yes, it sounds like Chimes, but is that a bad thing?). Its a fast paced dash of choppy synthesizers, crunchy drums, and a pulsing bassline. Put them together and you have a drug that makes you want to drive faster and faster.

It’s Friday, and this song just feels right. Even writing these words while listening to it is filling my veins with adrenaline. I can’t wait to get out tonight, dance, drink, laugh, and make stupid decisions.

And then, as if to top it off, the vocal line comes in. So perfect.


What’s he talking about? Drugs? Girls? Speed? Music? Doesn’t matter, they all work for me.

Barretso, keep working, and keep making music like this!

While on the subject of gettin crazy tonight. Two Binary artists are performing tonight at the Legit Lounge at Avalon for Control. Come by from 12-2am to see Short Circuit and The Kids Are Radioactive tear apart the dancefloor. The Binary family is rolling out in force, so it’ll definitely be a good night to come out. See you all there!

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Le Prix – This Is Fiction (Sferro Remix)

Binary has been following Girlfriend Records for a while now. A labor of love for label founder Eric, they release their music for free and truly have a grasp on whats most important… Putting out art that YOU believe in. In my opinion their latest release, the song ‘This Is Fiction’ by Le Prix, is their best release yet. Pictured above is Le Prix by the way. It does not surprise me that that guy is making sweet, emotional, electronic music. Particularly catching my ear was Sferro (Eric himself)’s own remix of the song, which I will focus on for this post. Don’t sleep on the original though, which is stellar. You can download the whole release here for free.

Now, to the Sferro remix. This is dreamwave at its core. Unabashed, major chord laden synthesizer takeover dreamy house. The emotion oozes from the opening moments of the song, and without any lyrics at all, this song manages to make me feel emotions that most music can not. Here’s a real throwback dreamwave treat for you.

Le Prix – This Is Fiction (Sferro Remix)
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When all is lost, and life weighs down, heavy and dark, I always turn to music. Its a safety blanket and a way to work through the trials of the harder times. I think, like a lot of other people, I find listening to emotional music that makes me FEEL it that much more is just so much better than trying to escape the pain. Just sitting and listening and thinking. Music helps everything.

There’s something about listening to an emotional song when you’re walking down the street that just makes me feel alive. The song might be taking me to places that I’d rather not go, but going there always feels important. Feeling bad is better than not feeling at all.

This song, like a lot of dreamwave, just makes me feel alive, in the purest way possible. It makes me want to cry and smile all at the same time. Like the best kinds of art, this song provides a canvas for a listener to build their own story around. I can imagine listening to this song driving through the desert with the girl you love, when all is right in the world.

I can also imagine listening to this on my headphones, lying alone, at 3am, staring at the ceiling. When its all you can do just to get up and to take a walk.

Of course, the overriding theme that comes up with songs like this is HOPE. The thought that you will catch eyes with THAT girl.

And so thats why its ok to wallow in the sadness and heartbreak of this song. There is hope. You’ll be walking down the street and you will catch eyes with that girl. This HAPPENED. It HAPPENS! As my friend described to me just an hour ago…

“Everything around me fell apart.. how we met on a galaxy of stars on the hollywood boulevard. It was around midnight, neither here nor there, that in the realm of the undefinable of yesterday and tomorrow and everything categorized in between, she pierced through all the constructions the mind and the world and shone light upon now the present”.

It keeps me getting up every morning to hear songs like this, and feel emotions like that. Isn’t it incredible that just a few moments locked eyes with someone else can change how you feel for days at a time? THIS is how this music makes me feel. Am I alone feeling that way about it? I don’t think so.

A big thanks to Sferro for sending this track over to us. It reminded me of hearing this kind of music for the first time a couple years ago, and the excitement it brought.

Best of luck to GFRecords!

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Binary’s Favorites of 2009 (Josh’s)

Hello friends. Below is basically my year end breakdown. I could write essays on a bunch of things that ‘happened’ in 2009, but instead I’ll try to make some clever comments about them instead. This year end wrap-up will take the form of a best of list. My 20 best songs of the year.


Phoenix – 1901
My favorite song from my favorite album of 2009. My favorite active band, hands down. There’s nothing watered down or bubblegum about these guys, they write amazing, emotional songs. Best used cheesy line of the year “and I’ll be anything you ask and more…” Indeed.

Washed Out – Feel It All Around

Perhaps my favorite song of the year, despite it being a karaoke over a Gary Lowe track. Nostalgic and foggy, Washed Out paints a perfect chillwave picture. I fall in love with imaginary girls every time I hear the opening bars.

Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream
Most of us had this in 2008, but it got its US release in 2009. Fred Falke pads, acoustic guitar, mindblowingly catchy chorus. This is what dreamwave is supposed to sound like.

Mirrors – Look At Me

An act to watch out for in 2010. When I first heard Mirrors, I was legitimately angry that NightWaves hadn’t written anything that good yet. Such a good song it ended up on our Dreamwave Hour 2 mix.

Baxter – Proof

Another up and comer to the scene, and one to watch closely in 2010. The best track from Baxter’s debut EP is Proof. If you had told me Anoraak write this song I would have believed you.

Neon Indian – Mind, Drips
My favorite from Physchic Chasms, Mind Drips lingers more on the dreamwave side, with arpeggiating synths leading the way, as opposed to NI’s usual sample based production.

Siriusmo – High Together

A track universally loved by everyone into dance music. DubSteppy kids dig it, the Boys Noize crowd, A-Trak says it was the track of the year, and my crowd of dreamwave lovers dig it too. A great blend of melody, heaviness, and pushing the creative envelope.

Vega – No Reasons

Billed as the ‘jam of the summer of ’09’ before it even came out, Vega’s track No Reasons lived up to its billing. Only aNYway consistently got LA dancefloors more amped.

Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You
My favorite candy pop song of the year. A fantastic vocal performance paired with an amazing video. I probably watched it 15 times on vimeo. Between that video and Washed Out’s video for Feel It All Around, the bar has been raised pretty high for dreamwave content.

Classixx – I’ll Get You
I remember seeing the video for THIS song and getting pissed off because I didn’t even put together that it was Classixx. I thought it was just Kitsune trying to bite some California style. In any case, this song was a slow riser for me, but hearing them spin it live at a super latenight Blow Up LA set sealed the deal on its greatness. This track was just a taste of what they would give us with 4-5 top notch remixes this year. Remixers of the year 2009.

Passion Pit – To Kingdom Come

The band that brought synth pop back to pop music. Sorry MGMT, you don’t count. This is my favorite song from one of my favorite records of the year. For a guy who’s vocals border on awful, this song sure does work. A great example of stellar pop songwriting.

CFCF – Invitation To Love

This is my favorite song from CFCF’s debut full length. Creative arrangements and a knack for creating emotional buildups, CFCF is definitely someone that has the potential for a long career of music production.

The Diogenes Club
– The Ageless
Debut EP BLEW Kyle and I away one day earlier this year. I remember posting this song on the blog and having 2/3rds of Binary call me to tell me how great the song is. Its the perfect example of a song that SOUNDS like a band but is obviously made by a couple of skilled electronic producers.

Grum – Heartbeats
The LARGEST track of the year. Just enough 80’s flavor, just enough big room house pump, and a vocal sample that’ll stick in your head for days. Nobody needs to be told that Grum has a bright future.

Duck Sauce – aNYway
For all of the hype, this song deserves every ounce of praise. As obvious as it seems in retrospect, it took a lot of balls for those two guys to say, “You know what? Screw it, lets make some old school French Filter House.” The perfect sample, the perfect buildups. In 10 years THIS is the only song from 2009 that’ll still be killing dancefloors around the world. Don’t underestimate its importance.

Miami Horror – Sometimes

My favorite lyric of the year. “Sometimes, when all thats lost remains. Drink from the fountain of youth, and never age again.” We have the Peter Pan complex here at Binary, and this song drives the stake right into my heart.

Bit Funk – Love Scientific

The least well known song on the list. Bit Funk is from Chicago and is an incredibly hard working gearhead producer. I know Fabian has told me this is his favorite song that the Binary blog has ever posted. This song has one of the best buildups you will ever hear.

Holy Ghost – I Will Come Back
I have NO idea how so many people are ignoring this track on the year end lists. It was an early entry for song of the year, and it shouldn’t have ever left that list. Pure disco bliss. For an ‘authentic disco’ track, they sure did make it catchy as hell. A great pop song disguised as super brooklyn disco.

Royksopp – Happy Up Here
Best track on one of my favorite records of the year. The production is so clean on this track it hurts. An example of just being wowed at the sonics of a song.

Tesla Boy – Spirit of the Night
These Russian’s exploded out of nowhere to briefly rule the blogs. Pure, scarily good dreamwave tracks. Nobody BUT Valerie could have broken these guys. Its ALMOST laughable, and yet too good to actually make fun of. I played this song 43 times according to my itunes. The numbers dont lie.


And, as Kyle did, I’ll allow myself 1 Binary song. If I actually had my way, I think 2 Binary songs would have actually made my top 20 list. In any case, I’d like to post what I think was the ‘most personally meaningful’ song that we released this year. I remember first hearing ‘SWMG’ (probably in 2008 but whatever) and being furious that our friend Alex just made a dreamwave track better than what Kyle and I were trying to do with NightWaves. LexiconDon was making hip hop at the time, and that song set off a chain of events that lead to Binary being what it is today. I’m so glad they never trashed this song. It lead off LA Lights for a reason and I still get excited when I hear those opening lines.

LexiconDon – SWMG

2010 is looking like a bright year for our blossoming community in LA and around the world. I’d like to thank all our friends and family for support, and I’d like to wish everyone good luck with success in 2010. We love you all (our blogger friends, our international dreamwave comrades, our LA family, all of the people out there that read this blog and read it for the right reasons, and all of the people that are fans of the music that we put so much into. Cheers!

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Binary’s Favorite Songs of 2009 (Kyle’s)

Now that 2009 has drawn to a close and we’re getting into full swing on 2010 Josh and I wanted to put together a list of our favorite tracks from the past year. Here is mine, loosely ordered, with some comments about each track. I won’t call this a “best of” list because frankly I don’t consider myself almighty enough to rank what songs were the “best” from the year…but these are the tracks that resonated with me the most.

(A quick sidenote. We’re only linking to 6 of the songs here, and ones that we know are cool to post. You can find most or all of the rest just by going to and searching, or better yet, going to itunes and supporting our best and brightest.)


Fear of Tigers – The Adventures of Pippi Longstrump (Diamond Cut Remix)

It might be getting more than its due here at the top, but it’s a very recent song, and I’ve found myself listening to it over and over in my car. Maybe it has to do with my current emotional state, but ah well, it’s a great remix of a really cool track on Fear of Tigers well thought out and produced album that came out recently. Lots of driving emotions in this one.

Phoenix – 1901

1901 here kinda by default. Totally great song, but Phoenix’s album on the whole is full of great tracks, namely “1901”, “Lisztomania”, and my favorite sleeper track on the album, “Lasso”. I think I put “1901” more for what it brought to the table in 2009…a breath of fresh air and a new start for this scene we’re all a part of.

Visitor – Los Feeling (Rough Mix)

Really loved this track. Huge pop anthem. This track was also produced by Diamond Cut, so he’s repping big on my list. Solid vocals and I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the new year.

Grum – Heartbeats

It was a big year for Grum. We were stoked to get his remix for Keenhouse’s “Ari-es” and it was great to see all the attention he got throughout the year, but “Heartbeats” is really where it’s at. Sonically, a really great song built with meticulous production skills. I could listen to this song on repeat for a long time.

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices

This Glasgow outfit put together a nice record and this track is my favorite. Apparently I tend to like my songs on the darker side, filled with desperation, and this is a great example of a song that fits that mold.

Miike Snow – Silvia

I dug the Miike Snow album and this is my favorite track off of it. Starts nice and slow with some piano, classy, and then builds to a warped and twisted ballad. I like the creative vocal effects that roll through the end of the song. Refreshing production all over this album.

O’Dahl – Never 2 Much

Probably my favorite track that I posted on the blog. This one stuck with me big time. I’m really glad we came across ODahl and I also really loved the remix he did for NightWaves’ “Fascination”. He’s another guy that I’m excited to hear from in 2010.

The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)

I think this Fred Falke remix is a bit underrated. The Gossip delivers a great track here, and Falke totally takes it to a new level. I think it really shows his veteran production/remix skills as he pretty flawlessly executes a track around the vocals. The build-up is stellar. From now on I’m going to throw Beth Ditto’s vocals yelling “YEAH-oh…YEAH-oh…YEAH-oh…I TRUST YOUUUUU, if it’s already been done, undo it!” onto every song I ever make. Guaranteed build-up booster.

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Classixx Remix)

Awesome remix of a great song. The Classixx guys came through big time in 09 with lots of really great stuff, but this one stands out as sorta being an anthem for dreamwave days in the sun. It just makes me think about Binary parties on The Standard rooftop, poolside on a sunny Sunday, drinking champagne for days.

Washed Out – Feel It All Around

Great track put together by Washed Out. Probably the best “vibe” of all these songs. Really opened up doors for a lot of people and a whole new sound, as well as bringing some great attention to electronic music. Even though our bros in Neon Indian were doing it first I think, this track kills it.

White Lies – From the Stars

White Lies played a big part of my year. The whole album, “To Lose My Life”, is great. White Lies and We Were Promised Jetpacks are pretty similar in my mind…both are UK bands that put out these dark indie records. This track is my favorite on the record and again, its dark. I’m so emo. The strings that come in during the second verse are great, and while I normally don’t latch onto lyrics at all, this song lyrically really strikes a chord with me.

Tesla Boy – Electric Lady

Tesla Boy had a big year. “Spirit of the Radio” is an awesome song, but I think I like this track better. It’s been pretty awesome to see some great music coming out of Russia. It seems like they’ve got a bit of a scene going on over there.

Kurt Vile – Blackberry Song

Kurt Vile put together a bunch of great tracks seemingly all on his own. This track, full of it’s layered guitars and droning melodies really gets me. Check it out, and go find some of his other material.

Duck Sauce – Anyway

Great club song. One of the bigger songs of the year, and well worth it. I’m not sure if someone else said this or I just think it, but it reminds me of “Music Sounds Better With You” in its simplicity. Awesome video too.

Kanye West – Paranoid

Not gonna lie, but Kanye’s “808’s and Heartbreaks” kinda let me down a bit. I suppose I had pretty sky-high expectations from him though, as I always do. This track is sick though. Great synth work, and I wish the rest of the record sounded like this.

O’Spada – Time

Our favorite Swedes blew us away with this track. I love their funky rhythms, I love their huge synthwork, and I love the killer vocals. 2010 should be a big year for them too.

The Diogenes Club – The Ageless

Lots of good stuff from UK band The Diogenes Club this year. “The Ageless” stood out as a great track. I really liked how they incorporated some dreamwave into their sound, and they’re a great example of a hybrid band playing indie rock and dreamwave together. That’s where it’s at.

Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA

Hate all you want, but this song is da bomb. I remember being at some heavy electro night and one of the DJ’s played this song and the room that was full of too-cool hipsters went bonkers for it. It reminded me of being at Coachella seeing Girl Talk when 20,000 fans were going bonkers for Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone”, another fantastic pop track. It was pretty weird and surreal, but you can’t deny a top-notch pop track like this, even if Miley doesn’t know shit about what it means or what it’s even about.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)

Another great club track. I heard this out a lot, and I liked it. I also have good memories (well a video accompanied by hazy memories) of us on the Pacific Lights Tour with Keenhouse and LexiconDon where I walk back into the venue and enter a room where this remix is playing and then I give a drunken rendition of the chorus “Off Off Off with your head”. Good stuff.

Jay-Z – Empire State Of Mind

Solid track from Jay with an even better hook from Alicia Keys. Pretty much the hook makes it for me. I catch myself singing it from time to time.


So that’s 20 tracks, but I wanted to note that I kept Binary stuff off of the list for the sake of being impartial. Some Binary songs that I really think were top-notch…

Fabian – Heatwave

Little Boots – Earthquake (Alfa Remix)

Fare Soldi – Survivor (Keenhouse Remix)

Short Circuit – Back Around Again

Keenhouse – Ari-es

and a slew of LexiconDon tracks that you can look out for in 2010!

It was a great year. Here’s to another one!
Thanks everyone!


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Cavaliers of Fun – Secret Galaxies

We’ve been paying close attention to Cavaliers of Fun for quite a while now. For one reason or another we haven’t gotten around to devoting a post to him until now. In our opinion, he’s a true talent and one to watch very closely in the next couple of years. His ear for melody, desire to push boundaries, and keen knack for songwriting makes us think he’s got a very bright future. We thought enough of him that we commissioned him to do a remix for the NightWaves single, Fascination, from our compilation ‘LA Lights’. A standout remix (look for it at the bottom of this post), it shows his growth as a producer and definitely shows a glimpse of his potential when it comes to writing originals.

Today we bring you our two favorite originals from Cavaliers of Fun. The first, Secret Galaxies, is a true taste of dreamwave songwriting.

Cavaliers of Fun – Secret Galaxies
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The synth chords that open ‘Secret Galaxies’ are the perfect primer for the song. They almost sound dulled by the confines of deep space. Like a more gentle version of Pegase, this song from Cavaliers of Fun puts us on a bed of clouds and transports us to a world with no gravity.

As the vocals enter into the mix, I can’t help but feel like I’m being washed over by a cool breeze on a hot day. The kind of day when it feels ok to be alone, when being alone with your thoughts is just what you need. When the sun feels warm and the air feels cool. When all is pleasant.

Secret Galaxies is a perfect little pop gem, the kind of song that you just want to restart as soon as it ends. Once its over it feels like it might never have existed, and it makes me wonder if maybe I missed hearing it at all.

The synth solo washes over us like waves of hope. Its a triumphant song right? There’s a level of contentment in the production, which is matched by the words that achieves an overall tone that you don’t generally hear with this kind of music. Its a song that leaves me feeling calmer, cleaner, and happier about today. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Cavaliers of Fun – Midnight Resistance
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Next we have a brand new track from Cavaliers Of Fun. Midnight Resistance is a bit more uptempo than the rest of his productions. A solid dose of bouncy dreamwave for a Thursday afternoon. Like most of his songs, sunny melodies and warm feelings drench this track.

The one thing that seems to set CofFun apart from the rest of the up and coming dreamwave guys is that he takes a lot of chances in the arrangement and songwriting aspects of his songs. He likes taking left turns and letting a song go where he just believes its supposed to go. In this case, this turn takes a serious left turn.

The outro to the track devolves into a chaotic mess. Midnight Resistance makes me think of this track as a night out gone wrong. Full of hope and promise at the beginning, by the end everything has seemed to go wrong. The sounds themselves crackle and pop with nervousness. By the end all thats left is an off kilter bass… an all to familiar feeling when everything just falls apart after 1 too many shots.

NightWaves – Fascination (Cavaliers of Fun Remix)
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Last bonus here is his remix for the NightWaves track, Fascination. Its my favorite production he’s done. Pay close attention to his use of Kyle’s vocals in the outro. The entire outro is a true work of beauty. Enjoy guys, and don’t forget to head over to his myspace to check out the rest of his work!

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