Coming off probably his most explosive show ever, a sweaty set at San Diego’s Beauty Bar, Binary artist Short Circuit has dropped just a killer of a remix for The King’s ‘Beat It’. From the moment Andrew threw this song down in his set, everyone in attendance was brought together, swaying and moving along with Short Circuit’s every move. It was a great moment for Binary to see his set received so well.

It only makes sense to show you guys just how good the new remix is. Very excited to present it here on the blog today.

Michael Jackson – Beat It (Short Circuit Remix)
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Hearing MJ’s howls to open this track is the perfect way to start to get your blood boiling. Its like the kind of night when you have a full week’s worth of pent up energy and you’re just ready to let it out in one massive sweat filled night.

Short Circuit’s trademark swirling synths dance through the chorus, flying around the vocal lines that we all grew up with. The song takes the song we all know and love and places it in an entire new context. The song feels pleading, almost melancholy in this new place. Andrew reworked it into a song that somehow feels more dire than the original.

“The FIRE in your eyes”
Do you care where you’ll end up? Or who you’ll end up with?

Great work from Binary’s own Shorty C.

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