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Binary with Moullinex, Xinobi, Futurecop!, and Keenhouse

Binary is set up to have a hell of a weekend. Our good friends at TILT have set up a show at El Cid, and the lineup is like something out of a Binary dream sequence. Disco Texas stars Moullinex and Xinobi are coming into town to headline, which is beyond exciting for all of us. As if that’s not enough, the supporting cast is just as awesome! Our good friends and Binary veterans Futurecop!, as well as Binary artists Keenhouse and Short Circuit are also on the bill. A seriously stacked nu-disco dream lineup if I’ve ever seen one.

Head to the Facebook Event to RSVP and find out about getting tickets… This is happening TOMORROW night!

(PS…show up and find some Binary people to get some free Binary stickers).

Unfamiliar with the DiscoTexas guys? Allow me to put a smile on your face.

I can’t stress enough how much this picture sums up everything I feel about this song. Enjoy it thoroughly please.

Xinobi – Valsa in NJ

I think that’s the uniting factor between the artists for this show. The music is nothing but grin until your face hurts dance music. Its positive, happy, sunny, and nothing like whats going on down the street in Hollywood. This is the kind of music that makes you want to fall in love… the kind of music that makes you want to wear a Hawaiian shirt rather than a leather jacket.

Basically, its perfect for Binary. It just makes me wanna jump on a bed and giggle. Too perfect.

The song is amazing, and I wish I had blogged it when it first came out. Of course everyone flipped out over it so we never really got the chance to write about it. I have a challenge for you… Try your best not to smile the first time the half step key change happens at 4 min. It’s impossible.

Futurecop! – Class of 1984 (Anoraak Remix)

An oldie but goodie here from Anoraak, remixing Futurecop. There’s something really sexy about the song. It smolders and does the best kind of nice slow burn that Anoraak is so good at.

Futurecop! by the way, brings out one of the most fun crowds I’ve ever seen in LA. It always turns into a massive love fest as they chug along through their set. It’ll be smiles all around seeing them back in the city for the first time in a while.

This song, another secret gem from Anoraak’s NLLR Mixtape, is something that NightWaves DJs often, as it happens to blend quite nicely with Fascination’s vocals.

In any case… This show is going to go late. Its going to get sweaty. Everyone I know thats cool in LA is coming out for it. It’s got the makings of something quite special.

Can’t wait.

ANNNNNNND. I don’t even need to hype it up. Click on this flyer for more info, but don’t be dumb. First pool party of the summer is Saturday. The Break is back!

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The Break: Pool Party Edition

Saturday May 1
The Standard Downtown LA
DANCEiSM x Gotta Dance Dirty x dubFrequency x Binary
Rooftop Party

Ben Oprstu & Spider Werks – Moonlight Diaries vol. 1 Release

DJ Sets by:

Ben Oprstu [DANCEiSM] w/ Spider Werks

Dillon Francis

Dr. Schlongo [Gotta Dance Dirty]

The Kids are RadioActive [Binary]


Live Set by:

Short Circuit [Binary]

Roaming Photography by: YoungandSleek
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Saturday May 1


SayCet – Easy

SayCet is from Paris, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s from the same alien world that Sigur Ros is from. A world full of emotion, heartbreak, and icy mountains surrounding you at all times. Strangely, SayCet has slid under the radar of many of our ‘producer loving’ friends in the blog world. This is most likely due to the fact that you could never dance to a SayCet production, but what they’re missing is some of the most heartbreaking, beautiful electronic music being made at the moment. He’s just released a full length record, which we’ll cover later in the post, but I’d like to explain how we found him and how he’s progressed since.

We first heard SayCet sometime in early 2009 when he remixed Anoraak’s Nightdrive With You, a song that we already we’re holding with some reverence. He took the song and turned it into a journey through the death throws of a tumultuous relationship. Like a bad dream come to life, the spooky melodies and reversed vocals do wonders to extract the melancholic emotions from the original. Wrap yourselves in a blanket and fix yourself some tea before you listen to this one.

Anoraak – Nightdrive With You (SayCet Remix)

“You drive us down to the sunset.”

Just listening to this song brings me back to feelings of intense heartbreak. I don’t have any specific memories tied to the remix, but it just makes me remember walking aimlessly around, not knowing how to handle losing someone. Sometimes things in your life happen that cripple you so totally that your body pretty much shuts down… The sadness swells and swells until you just can’t take it anymore… Listen to the buildup of this song, it sounds exactly like that feels.

It’s not a fun thing to think about or feel, but to be honest, those kind of emotions are what being human is all about. The fact that this song can extract those kind of emotions is exactly what makes it so successful.

SayCet – Easy

Over a year later, and SayCet has come out with a release of his own. Staying true to his style, but adding breathy, gorgeous vocals to the mix, SayCet’s record embraces the icy sadness of the Anoraak remix, but takes it to another entire level.

There’s something about hearing what sounds like an innocent, broken girl singing. I can’t even be sure of what she’s signing about, but to me, its none the less heartbreaking. In some ways, only being able to catch brief glimpses of the lyrics makes it all the more emotive. “I heard ‘say goodbye’ twice,” in particular just calls out to me.

The slow buildups that SayCet delivers in his productions are the kind that can make you forget about what you’re doing and take you to places that you rarely think about. As I’m listening to this song, its making me remember this one particular day in elementary school. I was very much in love (as much as you can be at that age), with a girl named Johanna. She was tall, had long brown hair, and was quiet, which even at that age made me very intrigued. I wrote this girl a note, explaining how I felt about her… obviously had a friend deliver it to her… and then waited. When the end of school came around, her friend came over to me to explain that she just didn’t ‘like me like me’ the way I did. This was devastating. Completely and utterly devastating. So I walked home, the longest way I could think of. I think it took me like 2 hours to walk half a mile. And even though I was only 10 years old, I think that this song could have easily been the soundtrack to that walk. Moral of the story? Whether you’re 10 or 90, you can fall in love, and it can be just as exhilarating and heartbreaking as it can when you’re 15 or 25. Life is wonderful and awful. SayCet, more than most musicians around today seems to understand this fact, and he capitalizes on it beautifully.

If you like this song… Please go buy the record! Its really fantastic.

Lastly… Enjoy SayCet’s video for Easy, which given how beautiful it is, fits quite nicely here.

sayCet – Easy from sayCet on Vimeo.

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Family Fridays

Hello friends and family. So, along with the new changes, I’d like to begin a series of Friday posts called ‘Family Fridays’. Basically, I’m getting tired of not blogging tracks that I love because I just don’t have time to write about all the great music out there. The idea here is that I’ll post the 3 best tracks that I wished I could’ve written about this week. Maybe sometimes it’ll be a track that I just feel the need to make a comment about, or just something that perhaps didn’t merit a big writeup. In any case, I wanted to find a middle-ground between the huge 10 song posts that a lot of blogs do, and the 1 song writeups we do here at Binary. I figure 3 songs is about as far as I wanna go with it. It’ll be easy, and you guys will end up getting more great songs from us! In any case, here’s our first installment.

Priors – What You Need (Hey Champ Remix)

I’m not always, in fact rarely, stoked about vocal chopping in remixes. I want to be able to sing along with the original track that I already like you know? Hey Champ proves me wrong here. The hook of the remix is so so smooth and is just undeniably good. This song feels, for lack of a better word ‘content’. It reminds me of sunday afternoons lying around in the sun, not a care in the world.

Au Revoir Simone – Only You Can Make You Happy (PUNCHES Remix)

I will be playing this out. Hits hard, perfect use of the vox to make a great disco-d out remix by Punches. The strings are bafflingly good. It’s hard not to imagine a stunningly cute girl singing this song.

Justin Faust – Holdin’ On (Moullinex Remix)

Very excited about Moullinex’s upcoming show here in LA with Xinobi, Futurecop!, and Binary guy Keenhouse! The bass tone they got here is incredible. The kind of song I want to listen to at 4am driving home, with like 3 people passed out in the car around me. So smooth and nice. I’m also not sure we’ve ever written about Justin Faust, who in my opinion is one of the best producers in our scene, PERIOD.

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ODahl – Hold Me

No stranger to this blog, ODahl sent us over a free new track a couple weeks ago. I’ve been holding on to it during our hiatus, knowing it would be the first track I’d write about when we got back. I’ve been playing it out at DJ sets, and it really is the perfect springtime track. It’ll warm you up a bit and make you think of warmer times without making you sweat. Its a glimpse into a long, sunny summer ahead. Everyone in the Binary crew has been asking about it when I play it, which is always a good sign that the song is a winner.

Without further ado, here’s ODahl’s ‘Hold Me’.

ODahl – Hold Me

Innocence is a theme that we play around with a lot at Binary. There’s nothing that screams of young love like a line like ‘Baby won’t you come and hold me,’ which this song is built around. Like a mutant Kanye West-like sample twisted into nu-disco bliss, ODahl makes this song sound like the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie if he was born in 1980 and making movies now.

“Baby Won’t You Come and HOLD ME?”

ODahl does such a great job here capturing the energy of being young and in love. The song just jumps out of the speakers in the kind of way that a really fantastic Lifelike track will do sometimes. Its like the days when you’re energized and amped up just because you like someone. Doesn’t even matter if they’re returning the feelings… its just invigorating to feel something that strongly! What we forget is that we can still feel that way. You dont have to be 13 and at summer camp for the first time. We all get twinges of this, when our stomachs come up into our throats and you start breathing a bit faster… this song is THAT.

Cheers to ODahl for another track that works in your car, in the headphones, and on the dancefloor. There aren’t many out there like this guy, so keep your ear close on him!

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You may have noticed that it’s been a minute or two since we’ve updated the blog. Well, I’ll put to rest any fear you have that we stopped blogging.

WE ARE BACK, and we’re going to keep writing as much as ever.

Two things have changed, which I’ll address here.

#1. We’ve been removed from The Hype Machine index. It sort of catalyzed this little break that we took. Basically, we’re breaking their rule of being ‘a label’, and therefore can’t be listed on their site anymore. Its a bummer. I’m sure a lot of you found this site through Hypem, and they’ve done a great job introducing people people to Binary over the last year. I’m not sure we have any more commercial interests than any other music blog that they index, but we are breaking a rule, and these are the consequences.

So, it made us stop and think about what the blog should be. Do we post about Binary too much? Should we only post about Binary? Etc etc…

The conclusion we came to is that the blog is exactly what it should be. It’s our avenue to introduce you guys to the music we love. Its our place to express ourselves and our emotions, both through writing, visually, and through the music. When we post about Binary music, its because we love it just as much as anything else we post. Don’t expect the blog to change. We are here to stay!

#2. The thing that caused us to get noticed by Hypem is that we’re moving the blog to a dedicated Binary website. We’ve been constructing it for some time, and now its live and good to go!

And, here you are! Welcome to the new blog.

And so, as an ode to changes and growing up. Here’s a song called ‘Changes’, that is an all-time favorite of Binary’s.

Van She – Changes (Gloves Remix)

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