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Anoraak – Above Your Head

Anoraak delivered a nice surprise yesterday by sending out the first song that’ll end up on his first full length. It only took one listen to be transported back to 2008, hearing Frederic’s music for the first time. Not much has changed since the first time we heard ‘Nightdrive with You’ and thats fine by us. This is just getting us that much more excited for the release this summer.

Anoraak – Above Your Head

Above Your Head is a smooth journey of heartbreak and love, just as we’d except from Anoraak. Its the kind of song that makes you want to forget anything and everything bad that people have done to you. Its the perfect kind of song to listen to alone, because it brings out such conflicting emotions that you need to pay attention just to filter through whats going on. I imagine that people could turn this song into a great love song, or a heartbreaking tale of love lost.

The one thing we’ve always maintained about this kind of music is that generally its melancholy, heartbreaking, and yet at the same time hopeful and triumphant. Much like with Nightdrive With You, this song reaches those feelings and takes them into the sky.

Its a song for midnight drives and long nights staring at the ceiling. For beautiful girls and losing yourself to someone else. We talk about themes of innocence a lot with this kind of music, but Anoraak and his songs take things to an entirely different level. You cant HELP but feel like youre 12 years old, before any of the real world could get to you and break you down.

All in all, its just great to hear Anoraak back in the fold.

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Making Up on Friday

Friday is here, which means I’m allowed to take a break from the huge/run-on fest/epic posts that we usually do. I always have songs that sit in my ‘bloggin’ playlist that I never get time to write about, that really deserve to be heard. Fridays are my chance to share them. So here are this weeks 3 tracks that needed to be blogged but just didn’t have a home in a normal post.

Delphic – Doubt (Build Remix)

Delphic is the perfect artist to remix. Great emotive lyrics. Great melodies. Voice sounds great dry. Build is a fantastic producer and does this song justice. In the past 2 months I think 75% of NightWaves DJ sets have had this track in it. The remix feels hopeful, but there’s a real element of sadness and regret… This song just draws people in.

Empire of the Sun – We Are The People (NightWaves Remix)

Here’s a track that NightWaves remixed after getting some new toys to play with. Obviously an old track, the remix turned out nicely enough that they decided to give it away so here it is. It debuted on AZLTRON in a post where they did an interview, which you should go read.

The song is recontextualized into something a bit more contemplative. Its for a 4am session of staring at the ceiling.

Penguin Prison – The Worse It Gets (Starsmith Remix)

Of all of the artists that I should have written about more in the last half a year, Penguin Prison is the guy I wish I’d championed more. When his full length comes out, it’ll be a really big deal. He writes music that would have a great home with the Binary family. Embracing modern synth pop and dance production, but with a real focus on great songwriting, he’s the perfect marriage of modern production and great indie songwriting.

This remix……. Of the dozens of PP remixes to come out, this is the one right here. It makes my spine tingle. Its sunny and sweet. Like her.

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NightWaves – Sweet Carrie

In the midst of our transition over to this new site, Binary’s own NightWaves released a new single, ‘Sweet Carrie’. It came out in mid april on dubFrequency, which is a very cool local marketing company and boutique label. The song is a straight up summer love song, and it feels fitting to be blogging about it now, as we’re on the eve of what everyone thinks will be a historic summer.

Disclaimer… I’m in NightWaves, and Sweet Carrie is a song that means a whole lot to me, so I’m biased here. I’m pretty sure if someone sent me the song though, I’d be pretty stoked to blog about it! So rather than tell you how it makes me feel, I’ll tell you a little about it.

The song is about being older… and missing the love you felt when you were young. We’ve all been there. Getting older gets complicated. Nothing’s ever as simple as ‘I love you’, and thats all that matters. We’ve all lost someone, or fell away naturally, like the breeze. All this song is about is just missing that.

“It’s been too long since I’ve seen your face.”

Would seeing them make you feel 16 again? Probably not, but I sure would like to think it would. Its a theme we talk about a lot here on the blog, and in our songs… Its supposed to feel melancholic, and yet hopeful and triumphant at the same time. Life is good, and we CAN still feel that way, even if just for a day.

Enough about the song. I’ll try and let the sounds speak for themselves. Enjoy.

NightWaves – Sweet Carrie from Binary Entertainment on Vimeo.

We discovered Cody Bralts, a 17 year old from Chicago, one day while scouring Vimeo for music video ideas. His remarkable ability to transmit emotion through cinematography was something that jumped out at us immediately. Much to our delight, he agreed to help us put together a video for Sweet Carrie. Directed by Cody, and the masterfully edited by NightWaves’ guitarist David Urbina, the video is a perfect representation of everything Sweet Carrie is about. Dave too Cody’s footage, and twisted it into the world of NightWaves with remarkable success. I can’t say enough about how happy we are with this video.

Anyone wanna hear some remixes?

NightWaves – Sweet Carrie (LexiconDon Remix)

NightWaves – Sweet Carrie (Beaumont Remix)

If you guys like the song, you can buy it by going here.

What do you guys think?

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Paul – Someday… Together!

Paul is a producer we’ve been keeping an eye on for quite some time, and have really taken entirely too long to post. His classic French House sounding songs with a melodic root hit us in the heart strings in a way only the French can. His tracks just somehow make you feel warm and safe… And they make you want to fall in love with the next girl you see on the street. Obviously I’m helplessly in love with practically every girl I meet, but it’s songs like his that make me this way!

He has TONS of great tracks on his myspace, so it was quite hard to chose what to post. These two songs, in the end, are just the best of the best. These deserve headphones and closing your eyes. Make these songs the soundtrack to your life today.

Paul – Someday… Together!

You know how there are days when you can just feel invincible? I often get this way when I’m feeling good, and I put some headphones on and take a walk around downtown here in Los Angeles. Sun shining, some good tunes in my head… its like you just fall in love with being where you are in that moment. And the music is always the catalyst. ‘Someday.. Together!’ is that kind of song. When I hear it, it makes me feel like today is that day. Today I am invincible. Today I something special is going to happen. There’s just no doubt about it.

Paul – Take Me to the Limit

Take Me To The Limit is like a energized, youthful Lifelike track. Much like the track above, it just lifts you up to a place you weren’t sure you could get to. Like a lot of the music we love here at Binary… its a bit melancholy, but never loses the element of hope. Take It To The Limit isn’t necessarily breaking any new ground, but one thing if for sure… He can bring the emotions to the forefront, and do it in a way just as convincing as someone like Lifelike.

(PS… This track BUMPS. His bass sounds are just exquisite).

It just grabs you… Like seeing someone you think you recognize around a corner. Or blinded by the sun. Your brain starts to play tricks on you, and your imagination just runs wild. In some ways thats what I think Take It To The Limit is really all about here. Just pushing your emotions and your mind to a different place, to a different level.

As I mentioned. This is just scratching the surface of the extremely talented Paul. Head to his myspace to get a better taste of all of the great songs he’s got to offer.

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Mecanico – Barcelona

Chile is exploding onto our scene in the same way Russia seemed to in 2009. I remember the first time I heard Tesla Boy last year and thinking, “WHAT IS THIS… WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE MAKING THIS???” It felt like this music couldn’t have just appeared from thin air. We’ve got something today that reminds me a lot of how I felt that day. Imagine a less overtly retro Tesla Boy, add more guitars, and a more western flavor, and you would have Mecanico.

We got an email from the Chilean duo last week, and it took less than one listen before Kyle and I were frantically texting each other lauding the songwriting and style that these youngsters possessed. And so here we are, introducing you guys to Mecanico (kudos to Trashbags for writing faster than us!) For fans of this kind of music, we think they’re an act everyone should be keeping a very close eye on.

So, here is Barcelona, a track that represents pretty much everything we believe in here at Binary.

Mecanico – Barcelona

Like a perfect breath of fresh air, Barcelona feels like some “Bright lights pushing you downtown.” Listening to this song just makes me ready to follow these guys wherever they tell me to go, even if it is, “walking towards the edge”. It’s like one of those perfect dance floor affairs where all you can do is jump on for the ride, try and make as much eye contact as possible, and do your best not to pass out.

I’d like to point everyone towards listening to the interplay between the guitar work and the bell synths that make up much of the sonic landscape. There’s a level of emotion that you can achieve by using electronic and live elements together, that you just cant reach with one or the other.


I do hope this is just the beginning we’ll hear from these guys. With Chile appearing to be the new hotbed for progressive pop leaning electronic music, lets hope these guys aren’t the last new act we’ll find! We’re quite pleased to be introducing you to these guys. Head over to their myspace to get acquainted, and be sure to tell us how you’re liking ‘Barcelona’.

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Binary: Grum/The Twelves/Short Circuit (This Saturday!)

The Twelves and Grum hold a special place in Binary’s heart. This Saturday they arrive in LA for the kind of party that only comes around once in a while. We’re very very happy to be involved with another great event that’s bringing some of the best talent the world has to offer to Los Angeles. Our friends over at Guns in the Sun really came up big, bringing Short Circuit in here. Much like the show we did last weekend with Moullinex and Xinobi, this event is sure to be oozing with the kind of energy that is only present when special artists from far away show up to rock a crowd.

And to top it off, Binary’s own Short Circuit will be opening the show with a special live set, sure to please the hometown crowd! The show is at the V Lounge in Santa Monica. Head over to the facebook event for more details.

We have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT this morning for you. While this show has been advertised as sold out… it is in fact NOT. They were able to finagle the venue into allowing more ticket sales, so there are a select few left. At 2pm PST, more tickets will go on sale, so go and grab em at the link below!

OK, so to get ready for the event, lets kick it off with a song that feels exactly like it’ll be on Saturday. Hot, sweaty, hair flying everywhere…

Fabian – Heatwave (Short Circuit’s Heatstroke Edit)

Pulsing, twisting, and contorting the energy of Fabian’s original into a flaming beast of a remix, Short Circuit delivers the perfect track to drive to the venue with. Roll those windows down, and I promise you, good things will happen.

Keenhouse – Ari-es (Grum Remix)

I still remember the day at the office when Grum sent us his remix for Keenhouse’s Ari-es. I remember the adrenaline coursing through my veins during the extended intro, into the driving first verse… anticipation building and wondering where this musical journey would take me. I’m sure you’ve heard the track before, so you know the key change is coming… and boy does it set off. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll hear this!

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)

I’ve written it many times, and I’ll continue to stand by it. The Twelves are a couple of the most innovative DJ’s on the planet, and they prove it with every show. Binary was the first to bring them to Los Angeles, alllll the way back in December of 2008, so we feel like this is a great homecoming of sorts for them.

I wanted to be sure to share this remix with you, because, as you’ll hear, they’re also a couple of the most talented producers in the world. This is up there with Chimes’ incredible Ellie Goulding Remix and Alex Metric’s demolishing of Stylo at the top of my remixes of the year so far… This song is just so funky its not even fair.

What do you need to know about this party? Just imagine this scenario actually happening. You will have glitter rained down apon you by beautiful southern californian women…

And you’ll wake up in the morning feeling like this.

Don’t miss this show.

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So I’m Jo – Air

It’s been a good amount of time since a song has grabbed me at first listen like So I’m Jo’s new song Air has. From the first bars of the song, straight through an extended breakdown that feels like clouds look, this song put me into a trance. 20 listens later and it’s still putting me into a dream that I’ve never lived but that I imagine every day.

Not surprisingly, So I’m Jo hails from Australia, and like some kind of perfect blend of Cut Copy and Van She, they’re putting themselves firmly onto our radar with this amazing track. Lets get straight to it.

So I’m Jo – Air

They sing “Its a clear day” no less than 20 times in the song, and for me, that’s what really sets the tone for the song. We’re always talking up parties, friends, and fast paced times these days. Binary was pretty much founded on these ideals. There are times when all you need is one person, and all you need is a clear day.

While Aeroplane-like pulsing synth stabs decorate the sonic landscape, So I’m Jo puts into motion a swirling path of fresh emotions that paint a picture of two people, freshly smitten, on a path to the coast.

Sometimes you just need to get away. Leave everything behind and just blast away to the coast. Heading away with someone you just met, or someone you’ve known forever… Warm skin, hair flowing in the wind… When all of life’s troubles can be washed away as easily as the sand from your feet. This is what this song feels like. The kind of day when tomorrow doesn’t even exist.

On top of everything else, the best thing is that this song capitalizes perfectly on the mood it sets within 10 seconds of the note. Harmonies dance through the verse, images of ‘Two Toned Silhouettes’ floating through my head.

Through the breakdown I can’t help but feel like I’m 16 again, my legs in the water splashing around off the dock.

All it takes is one look.

And So I’m Jo delivers bigtime with this one. It’s on repeat, and I suggest that you put some headphones on, close your eyes, and let this one transport you to somewhere nicer.

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