Green Label Sound continues their remarkable run of releases with Classixx’s second single, “Into The Valley”. Like Los Angeles’ counter to Brooklyn’s Holy Ghost, Classixx too has gone soulful disco, and yet they do it with a coolness that can only come from SoCal residents. You can head over to the GLS website for more info and a download should you choose to.

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Classixx – Into The Valley

I’m not sure what the song is really about, but some of the lyrics immediately make me think of the kind of the gypsy-like young females that tend to populate the valleys around LA. A touch of hippie style, a lot of weed smoke in the air, and an eye for laid back fashion that feels like they could only truly be comfortable in the city of angels. Of course, Brooklyn’s Karl Dixon is singing, so I’m most likely wildly wrong about the subject.

I do know that I get ‘mystified’ from time to time, and at first listen this song sent me into the valley where these kind of people exist.

For Classixx, this seems like an important statement. Their last single, 2009’s wildly popular “I’ll Get You” spawned a litany of copycats trying to re-create the magic of the “do you like bass?” hook. This song is the first taste of the Classixx that produced their Phoenix and Yacht Remixes. The yacht rock influences emerge a bit, but not at the expense of the Classixx style. This song seems to have bridged the gap perfectly, much like Holy Ghost has done with their full length. I have to say I prefer California laid back disco to Brooklyn beatnik disco, but regardless of your preference, this song should give you taste of what sweaty summer days are like in LA when you can’t make it to the beach.

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Written by Josh (Binary). Follow him on Twitter.