The 1980s was a special decade, made possible by oozing neon, fast cars, synth driven dance music, and a booming economy in America. It was a unique time for not only electronic music, but an important era for culture in general. Stockholm’s Mitch Murder and his pals at Rosso Corsa Records must agree with this sentiment 110%. Much of the collective, which includes Lazerhawk, Flash Worx, and many others, rely heavily on the the decade of excess for inspiration. Influenced by the likes of Paul Hardcastle, Vince Dicola (of Rocky montage fame), and Jan Hammer (Miami Vice theme song), Mitch seems to be driven by the memory of the decade. As you can see from this slow building, neon-infused ‘Montage’, it can work out to be a really beautiful thing.

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Mitch Murder – Montage

I really want to be playing a slowed down version of F-Zero when I listen to this. ‘Montage’ itself is wonderful, and fit exactly for the purpose of it’s title. It begins with some mystically scattered synths, joined by dramatic drums, and really takes off around 1:20, leading you down a dark street dabbled in neon red “closed” signs. A little after 2 minutes, things get real epic and there’s no turning back… you’re running down that desolate sidewalk in search of something: a girl, the last bus, or maybe just that cafe on the corner that still has a flicker of light left for your tummy. The synths, light piano, and softly booming drums all come together for something that ought to paint the soundscape of an overly dramatic moment in one of the Rocky movies (which has been done, youtube it.)

You can find yourself entranced with the jams on Murder’s soundcloud page for hours… it’s pure ’80s, dreamwave bliss. Every one of the songs sounds like it could soundtrack an epicly dramatic scene in a ’70s or ’80s movie. Some songs could be set in a dance club scene, while others could be a late night car chase down the PCH, or a dramatic escape from police with coke lines left out all over the kitchen counter. One song titled ‘sports!’ sounds like the backing track to a late ’70s Sportscenter episode. His latest snippet up there is from the elevator music EP, which includes a bunch of stuff from “before the whole ’80s thing”, and gives you a tiny feel for what else Mitch has up his sleeve. You can download that via a mediafire link on his soundcloud, which is pretty retro. His television EP from 2010 is also available on his bandcamp page.

‘Montatge’ comes off of Mitch Murder’s debut album Burning Chrome, which can be purchased over here on iTunes. If you like the little taste that ‘Montage’ provided, you’ll probably dig the rest of Burning Chrome. Check out the promo video for the album below to get a little taste of expectations. Enjoy!