Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Outrunners – Diamonds

Everyone knows that we at Binary have a soft spot for all things ’80s and ’90s flavored, so today we’re bringing you something from 2 groups who really bring the retro heat. The Outrunners are our old comrades from the Valerie Collective, and today their single ‘Diamonds’ gets videofied by our good buddy TNUC, the king of memories.

Something is amiss on the streets of New York. The Outrunners creepy synth intro lays the scene as The Foot Clan escalates their crimewave, sucking in the vulnerable youth on the streets. Oh Danny, why do you have to be such a punk, in your SID t-shirt? On top of that, there is pink slime oozing up through the cracks of sidewalk from the underworld, and a lady with glowing eyes that clearly has evil intentions. Dr. Claw hashes his maniacal plan as all hell is about to break loose…

Check out the video for fast cars, fast women, super intelligent computers, and plenty of pizza hut! Man, did you see that giant pile of shredded cheese?? We’ll let the video speak for itself…as with all of the TNUC experiences, you’re sure to catch a few moments you remember, some you don’t, and a whole heap of nostalgia in between.

Be sure to check out more from The Outrunners and their 2010 EP Running For Love and Money, which you can purchase here and stay up to date with all things TNUC here.