What is it about hometown bands? I’m not originally from LA, but it’s home now and I hold a special place in my heart for those killer bands that know all the craziness that comes with life in this city — it somehow always comes through in their songs. Blake, Hayden, Ron, TJ and Walker are Airlines… a particularly fascinating group that has been playing round town without the props they deserve. They call their style ‘island disco’ and I would like to add a little touch of ‘organic indie rock’ to that.

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Airlines – Neon Moon

‘Neon Moon’ is hands down my favorite song off their Visions EP that was released back in February. I love how it starts with this throbbing drum beneath muddled vocals, it catches me right away. The guitars, bass, keys and symbols set up for the prefect sing-a-long chorus to which everyone (and I mean everyone) can sway to as the memory becomes fresh again. At 2:25 the hook softens and slows at first, only to use this incredibly powerful drum to hammer the beat into your soul, but it’s not forced, it simply grows.

you’re the one, the one, you’re my neon moon, you’re the one, the one and I’ll be there soon

it burns and it burns and it’s burning for you

I saw Airlines a couple weeks ago at Silverlake Lounge and their entire set was pure enjoyment. Although I wish they had a bigger stage, the space didn’t stop them from giving it all they got—the energy just spread straight into the crowd. I couldn’t get enough of the massive drum they had onstage and the use of all these magical noisemakers. Their sound really is organic and the little bits of rain and thunder they use blend effortlessly. Check out the song ‘Colors’ too… the whole EP is great and you should get it here.