Introducing Joypopp — a smooth and sweet electronic duo from France. We here at Binary are pleased to announce the release of their Ecstatic EP on May 9th. With Alix on vocals and David producing this twosome encompasses all that is dream pop. And (appropriately named) bring nothing but feel good smiles and swaying hips. The first single is ‘Volupte,’ but enough of this talk… let’s get to it.

Joypopp – Volupté by Binary Entertainment

Love at first listen? Because it was definitely that way for me, which is pretty rare (I’m a three listen lady). This track is ominously gorgeous. David creates an alluring track that personifies the longing lyrics. ‘Volupte’ starts with echoing synths and chiming soprano keys that sound straight out of ‘Lucky Star,’ aka the best characteristics of all dreamy 80s pop hits. When Alix’s vocals come in they bring a wave of emotion, and even before the main beat drops in at :48 the track is perfectly balanced.

The whispering hook at 2:45 that lasts the rest of the song, so I guess it’s really a switch-up, lifts and lightens bringing the song full circle because the lyrics are pretty weighty. The electric guitar synths at 3:23 are probably my favorite part of the whole track — because when mixed with angel-like ‘ooohhhs’ — it’s magic.

why do I fight for everyday, if you’re not by my side each day, I’ll find another way, I’ll find a better way, to end this, I will end this, no matter what comes next if your choice really is to give up

I spend my time feeling a ghost, I’m loosing things I love the most, I’ve reached the point I can’t go on if you decide to leave me alone, without you… I can’t live

Damn. The lyrics. Man. What is it about tragic relationships that they speak to everyone? I don’t know which came first, the heartbreaking vocals or the ominous assembly of synths, but they stew together and soak deep beneath the skin. We have all been there and it’s nice to be able to connect to a song and remember how we made it through – we learned, we grew, we survived.

Joypopp – Desire by Binary Entertainment

On the lighter side we’re debuting another track off Joypopp’s EP! It’s fun, groovy and haunting at the same time and I can’t wait to blast it while lying out on the beach. ‘Desire’ is on the opposite spectrum from the last track… it’s new love and that tingly feeling you get every time you think about them. Is it May 9th yet?