Moonlight Matters is the solo moniker of former Villa composer/producer Sebastian Vandevoorde. His solo work retains a Villa feel, but also takes a different approach — songs build, swell and gently subside. Hauntingly almost….captivating? We love it.

Ellie Goulding – Lights (Moonlight Matters Remix) by Moonlight Matters

While there is no denying the songbird beauty of Ellie Goulding’s angel voice (is it obvious I’m a FAN? ) the steady stream of remixes can almost become too much for one song to bare. This song comes in with a steady hypnotic groove, elements shift slightly, but the anticipation builds subtly, the feeling that something is coming is palpable and it never slips off into the box you expect it too. By the time the synths take over and the song assumes it’s full form at 3:42 , Moonlight Matters has taken the track to a new level. The arrangement has a vague soundtrack type feeling,like the score to a beautiful evening. Magically capturing that pre-night out energy, full of promise, still early, but anxious for the adventures soon to unfold.

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The Drums – Me & The Moon (Moonlight Matters Remix)

Another superb remix from Vandevoorde: The Drums’ ‘Me and the Moon.’ It’s dark and beautiful with low tones and ominous drums that pull the vocals into different directions. Harmonies stand out that hadn’t been there before or just weren’t given the platform to have this new gravity, the whole tone of the song is different and unique. It’s a seductive melody that pulls you in, late night and full of focus.

This is what’s playing on the way home that night or early morning, when things get more intimate. Thoughtful and straight forward, yet undeniably sexy. Everything is moving in slow motion by now, if only these moment would never end. If this is the direction and quality that we can expect from Moonlight Matters then his forthcoming EP will be in heavy rotation. Beautifully done and refreshingly warm, well played Seba.