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Nightriders Remixes Cassian & Grum

Matt Johnson and Joe Faria are Nightriders.  Coming straight out of Boston, these two are all over the electronic scene (think Daft Punk meets Aeroplane); their sounds are distinct and all about the disco tones and catchy female vocals.  Even if you don’t know who they are, chances are you’ve heard their music before.  Their Through The Night EP was released in 2009 and last year they put out Night Moves, Vol. 1. In the past they’ve remixed songs by Justin Faust, Don Diablo, and Might.  So far this year, the duo has taken on remixing Grum and Cassian and in both cases, came out with astounding final products.


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Cassian – I Like What You’re Doing (Nightriders Remix)

First up is their remix of “I Like What You’re Doing” by Cassian.  The soulful disco percussions laid down by Cassian, who hails from none other than Sydney, Austrailia are replaced by an eerie synthesizer melody and sounds that are all around smooth sailing.  The original is 100% disco, a really cool song that could just as easily fit into the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack with Travolta grooving to it as it could an EP on Soundcloud. Nightriders gives us a cleaner cut of that same disco feel, its still funky as hell but its got that distant, dreamwave feeling.  They also threw in a ton of white noise and long winded, wavy synth beats.  Its safe to say that Nightriders has successfully created a killer disco/ dreamwave track with this one.

Grum – Runaway (Nightriders Remix) by Nightriders

The twosome keeps it coming here in another remix; this time it’s the UK based, Grum.  These two can make some remarkable remixes.  Nightriders already reminds me a little of Grum and vice versa, so it is really interesting to see these guys remixing “Runaway”.  Well, they did remind me a little of Grum, but this sets them apart.  I can definitely tell the difference now.

Nightriders took Grum’s original, a disco-electronic track can be the soundtrack to any night out in Los Angeles or other cities with a young and bustling nightlife and calmed it down with longer, dreamier tones and added some higher pitched chimes here and there.  “Runaway” has officially been transformed into an end of the night song by the Boston duo, the end of a good night at that.  OK, maybe not the end of the night, its still got some of its old pizzazz if you will, so maybe its just one for later in the night. After hearing some of their heavier singles and remixes, I wouldn’t have guessed these guys could turn around and make these two dreamy transformations.  Nightriders clearly have a wide range of music taste, these guys are on a roll and i hope they keep coming out with new tunes like these soon.

Lazy Disco

Fred Oliveira of Rockets fame is Lazydisco. Lazydisco is rad. Lazydisco is on DISCOTEXAS. DISCOTEXAS is rad as well. This label drops some seriously fresh well crafted dancefloor magic in pretty little packages. The whole crew/roster is live. Hot on the heels of the Bucket of Love Vol. 1 compilation (featuring fellow Discotexans, Xinobi, Moullinex and Justin Faust, among others) comes the Lazydisco / More Tigers EP. Inspired grooves. With the Lazydisco project, Oliveira is making some great music that feels right at home here on our humble blog.

More Tigers by Lazydisco
On to the music. “More Tigers” starts with a bouncy, funky synth groove. It’s that optimistic, summery, motivating, thoughtful energy that we are always seeking out and raving about.  Handclaps and synths, a steady groove and old school house keys. Cheerful and full of attention to detail. Great song.

Lazydisco – More Tigers (Coupons Remix) by Coupons

“More Tigers (Coupons Remix)” takes the track into a little more subdued territory; it’s not sleepy, just not as energetic and bright. This is a deep one, perfect for late night missions and dreamy escapes. There is something very sexy about the composition of this track, it gently builds but stays brooding. Less immediately engaging, this rendition pulls you in, sultry and different.  A nice compliment to the original. Check out the EP and keep your eye on DISCOTEXAS. High quality musical art. Well Done.

LexiconDon – Set Sail

Today we wanted to bring you a song that holds a special place in our collective Binary hearts. After nearly a year since the release of their record Pink + Blue we have the third single from LexiconDon, “Set Sail”. Acclaimed by many as their favorite song on the album, it seems fitting that this whimsical R&B ballad marks the end of a long journey with this record as the band continues to make their next album.


I’ve always appreciated the contrast that “Set Sail” brings to Pink + Blue, which is otherwise filled with the pop romps of “Student Body” and “Boy vs. Girl Pt. 1″, and heavy hitting ragers like “Heart Attack” and “Hollywood Sound”. And while the band’s more sensitive side can be heard on tracks like “December Sunset” and “Pink + Blue”, “Set Sail” really sets itself apart with its slower tempo and introspective nature. As the ghostly synth pads slowly build from the beginning and then open into a verse accompanied by frontman Alex Koon’s pained vocals, the song always makes me think of those critical moments we face in life from time to time; the moments that we feel like we’re at a crossroads…the moments that we need time alone to figure something out. To me it sounds like a walk through a park, or a stroll by the beach with only the sound of the waves and the full moonlight to accompany our thoughts. And as the song progresses and continues to build, it sounds like a moment of clarity, dripping with the bittersweet realization of change…leaving behind what we’ve known, accepting what’s to come.

LexiconDon – Set Sail by LexiconDon

My favorite part of the song is at the 4:00 mark, at the peak of the buildup, as the outro hook soars over everything we’ve heard and learned through the rest of the song. I remember the first time I heard this song it made me think of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”. Obviously those are some big shoes to fill, but I think in both of these songs’ nature, it’s about realization, and growth, and I’ve always felt like both songs musically represent these moments through their structure, the way they melodically build on themselves, and in their deeply disguised sadness that soars into a positive glimmer of hope.

Along with the single, we’ve got a great collection of remixes from some of our favorite artists, all of them putting a different and unique spin on the original. Chicago’s Only Children supplant the vocals over a beat that brings me to the dark streets of NYC. It always sounds pretty DFA to me, with it’s disco bounce and clean drums, with the addition of lots of harmonized stabs and lots of air breathing through the track. It’s a very groove based track, until the chorus comes in, flipping the mood of the song onto its head. I also really like the chopped vox and how they interact with the groove as the song continues on to the end.

LexiconDon – Set Sail (Only Children Uppers Downers Remix) by LexiconDon

LexiconDon – Set Sail (Fiero Remix) by LexiconDon

Our good friends Fiero definitely harnessed the emotional spirit of the song…something they’re always great at. I really like how they changed the rhythmic placement of the vocals, something that is immediately catching on the ears. It’s funny how little changes like that can totally reinvent a song. When I listen to this track I can’t help but get flashes of a John Hughes movie soundtrack in my head.
LexiconDon – Set Sail (Flash Mode Remix) by LexiconDon

The Flash Mode remix brings the French house to the table, despite being Australian. The fluid bassline bounces around the song, rhythmically dancing with the vocals. The phased guitar and talkative synth that gets a couple solos in the remix make this one a great DJ track…complete with a big filtered buildup.

LexiconDon – Set Sail (Worship Remix) by LexiconDon

Swiss producer Worship speeds this track up a bit, which is a welcomed adjustment. I really like what was done to the chorus of the song in this remix…it’s a different type of chord progression than the other versions. In a four chord progression, I always think that the third and fourth chords are what really determine the direction and feel of a song, and this remix takes a refreshing chance at those points, and I think it really pulls everything together in a nice way. I also love the harpsichord-esque solo in the middle of the track.
LexiconDon – Set Sail (Jemex Remix) by LexiconDon

And last but certainly not least, our friend Jemex gives us a remix that sounds most in line with LexiconDon’s style, I think. While departing from the ballad nature of the original, and making a remix that’s more fitting for the streets, the drum rhythm that isn’t a standard house four to the floor beat gives this remix a nice bounce and a unique feel. Jemex is the producer side of NYC-based blog BoomBoomChik, who has always been a good friend and supporter of Binary and LexiconDon, and we’re happy to have this remix from him.

Be sure to check out all of these artists soundcloud pages to hear more of their great work, if you haven’t yet done so. We know our Binary readers are on top of things…

And to hear more from Pink + Blue, you can find it on iTunes here…

Alfa Remixes Flashlights and Van Go Lion

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any new sounds from Binary artist, Zak Aldridge, AKA, Alfa.  But don’t worry we can assure you he’s been hard at work on some new tunes and preparing for an upcoming album.  Aldridge was born and raised in LA and his music is a unique taste of electro funk.  His first single was “LA Passion”, released in 2009.  Since then he’s put out several other original tracks and an array of remixes.  Just a few days ago, he put out these two brand new remixes:

FLASHLIGHTS – Holidays (AlfA Remix) by Alfa

The first is “Holidays,” a slow song with tropical vibes from fellow Binary talent, Flashlights.  Aldridge threw some funk into this one with a shiny new synth beat that sounds like it belongs in the brass family right next to the trumpet.  Combine that with a fresh guitar solo and we’ve got one awesome remix, courtesy of Alfa.  One of those remixes that makes you look back and appreciate the original, too.  Congrats to Alfa and Flashlights for this revamp of an already superb jam.

Van Go Lion – Glow (ALFA’s Snow White Remix) by Alfa

Remix number two is “Glow” by Van Go Lion, an 80’s style electropop duo out of Portland.  Sort of a slower, upbeat song, for 80’s electropop at least, Aldridge toned down the vocals a bit and threw in some disco-funk beats in all the right places.  After about a minute the synthesizer kicks in and ties the whole thing together, all over Van Go Lion’s enchanting chorus.  Really digging this one.  Alfa has that ability to change up the whole vibe of a song without tearing out the vocals that the original is centered on, this remix is a big accomplishment.

Alfa is definitely someone to watch out for this summer; there are sure to be more dope tracks where these came from down the road, remixes and originals.  We’re all looking forward to the completion of his album, keep doing what you’re doing, Alfa.


Cosmonaut Grechko

Cosmonaut Grechko is Victor Klyuchnivok a 19 year old electronic disco producer based in Saratov, Russia. This young man has been quietly turning out gorgeous remixes since his first EP and has just completed and released his second EP, Alaska 2100. This entire EP is solid, listening through to pick which songs to write about was a pleasantly different experience. Let’s face it, on any given album or EP the stand out cuts are generally pretty glaring. Not that you don’t grow to love and appreciate some of the more subtle cuts later but on first listen the instantly appealing tracks are usually pretty easy to pick out. With this offering every track is almost instantly noteworthy. We are impressed.

I Wish You Could Keep Me in Your Garden

Singin’ (feat. Joywave) by Cosmonaut Grechko

First up is “Singin’(featuring joywave)” This song kind of floats in, beautiful harmonies and a solid bass line set the foundation for the vocal track as elements are added to compliment but not overtake the balance of the song. This is more than an electro song with a guest vocal, this is a sweet song that feels cohesive and connected. This is definitely going on the ever growing playlist of summer favorites. I don’t know what’s going down in Russia but over her in the U.S, Cosmonaut Grechko is making some serious waves.

Alaska 2100 by Cosmonaut Grechko

“Alaska 2100” has that Binary feel all over it. It fades in and immediately sucks  you into synth crescendo paradise. There is no way to rock this one without smiling, it’s just a happy feel-good track. I love how authentic it feels, just unapologetically perfect and then it’s gone. Isn’t that how so many good things are? Just so natural right and somehow unexpected, ending as mysteriously as they began and leaving you wanting more. Cosmonaut Grechko has made a magnificent EP. A rarity that can be played from beginning to end without even the slightest desire to skip ahead. Keep on doing what you are doing Victor, this is great stuff.

Short Circuit – Late Night Drive

Since we signed Andrew Verner in late 2008, we’ve been eagerly anticipating finishing up and releasing his first album with us. At long last we released Short Circuit, Late Night Drive on May 23rd.  An animated mix of hard-hitting dance numbers and slower, dreamy synth melodies, the Late Night Drive E.P. works on so many levels.  It’s a hybrid of some unique songwriting, advanced production, and a vision for a ‘complete work of art’.  It’s as if each song incorporates a totally different style and focus than the one before it, and yet pulls together to form something more than the sum of its parts. In the end, it all blends together for one awesome release; “Late Night Drive” explores every nook of his robo-pop self, and in the end comes out on top as an all around extraordinary E.P. We are very proud.

It’s How We Speak, It’s How We Talk

How We Speak by shortcircuitLA

“How We Speak” is the third track on the E.P., and its disco charm and catchy hook makes it stand out from the rest.  The light percussion, paired with flowing synthesizer melodies and Verner’s lyrics produce an homage to old school disco in a modern, electronic form.  The repetition of catchy lyrics and the bass line in contrast with the synthesizer makes this track one that is destined to be a hit on the dancefloor.

Late Night Drive by shortcircuitLA

Not only is “Late Night Drive” the namesake of Verner’s EP, it is the final track, and its slow groove and flowing synth beat ties the previous five songs together.  A heartfelt tune, it makes for the perfect ending to an already stunning E.P.  Verner has created an impeccable synth beat that is hard to ignore and sure to keep playing back in your head.

But that’s not all!  On top of the original six amazing tunes on Late Night Drive, we have two fantastic remixes provided by Sam Padrul out of Chicago as well as Binary’s own Fabian.  Padrul slowed it down, and gave the song a wavy sound, the likes of Daft Punk. Padrul is a great up and coming DJ and he is definitely worth checking out, you can find his remix of “How We Speak” here.  Fabian took the track in another direction and showed us that it is fully capable of blowing away full audiences on the dancefloor, in this hard hitting rendition:

Short Circuit – How We Speak (Fabian Remix) by Binary Entertainment

Late Night Drive is available now and consists of six remarkable and dreamy tunes that are great to listen to every day of the week, whether you’re going out or staying in.

Chris Malinchak

Everybody, meet Chris Malinchak. Coming out of the concrete jungle that is NYC, this dude is bringing some serious quality Nu disco, funk, house type flavor. This is one of those artists that I discover and immediately need to hear and own everything that they have done. One of those artists that is so good I am shocked and almost embarrassed that I am not up on them, like it’s a secret that my fellow musically obsessed partners in crime have somehow selfishly been withholding.

Everything is just that on point. The emotional groove, the melancholy yet hopeful synth work. Electronic music that still has a live feel, like an entire band was involved rather than just one man and a rad set of electronic gadgetry, not that I am bashing the solo musical wizardry of said composing/recording, quite the opposite, it is the talent to take that scenario and produce a musical art that feels this natural and authentic that I am acknowledging and praising.  Not everybody who attempts this lofty ambition is successful but when the stars line up and the chemistry is right. Something magic can happen. Chris Malinchak has that gift.

Another Day, Another Night…

Chris Malinchak – Another Day by Chris Malinchak

“Another Day” is a Chris Malinchak original off of his Make your Move EP that is available now on French Express, a great up and coming label out of Dallas.  Do I really need to explain or does this track pretty much explain itself and its rightful position of prestige on our blog as soon as you hear the first few bars. That’s what I thought. Me too. Gorgeous stuff.  So many images and scenarios come to mind.  Are we at Venice Beach? People watching and laughing while the sun warms our skin, laughing and surrounded by friends. Maybe we are driving down the coast line with a gorgeous girl riding shotgun, stereo loud enough to be center stage while we appreciate the day and that rare ability to enjoy company without words. How about just settling in after a long night out, not ready for it to be over…still stretching out what will be tomorrow’s treasured memories?  In any of those situations this song would fit perfectly .Enjoy.

Chris Malinchak – Can’t Stop Loving You by Chris Malinchak

“Can’t Stop Loving You” is another Malinchak original. This one is off of the Renaissance EP. Again, so suitable for all types of vibrant good times. The beats are hard hitting, the bass line is steady and motivates the track. It’s just a very kinetic and welcoming vibe. Music like this enriches my life, helps me stay focused and accomplish things, keeps me happy; the groove is timed beautifully. This is not peak time “banger” hype, this is the soundtrack to your next unforgettable night. Thanks Chris. Keep on doing what you do. Binary approves.

Teen Remixes Stars and Valery Gore

This week we have Canadians remixing Canadians.  French-Canadian Amy Aubrac-Prince, better known as Teen, has been producing dance music since she was 17.  She is somewhat of a mystery to her fans, I have even heard some rumors that Teen is the new solo project of JFK from MSTRKRFT; I don’t buy it.  Amy grew up in France and New York, today she operates out of Toronto and has been shaking up the Canadian club scene for some time now.

Aubrac-Prince hasn’t released a debut album yet, but we’re hoping she will in the near future.  Her most recent release is her second go at remixing the Canadian indie-pop band, Stars, which came out earlier this month (we also love her other Stars remix).

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Stars-Changes (Teen Remix)

Stars put out “Changes” a year ago on their latest album, The Five Ghosts.  A good tune, but its got that kind of “coffeehouse” vibe, made complete with its airy vocals and semi-eccentric music video.  When Teen got around to it last month, she totally reworked it into a down-tempo disco track that kills on the dance floor (or pool parties, etc).  It’s safe to say that most Teen remixes sound completely different than the original version.  She definitely has a knack for remixing these slowed down indie tunes into dance-electronic gold.  Here’s a perfect example:

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Valery Gore – Shoes of Glass (Teen Remix)

Also last year, Teen remixed Valery Gore’s slow melodic jam, “Shoes of Glass”.  Aubrac-Prince took Shoes of Glass in the same direction as Changes.  Teen’s remixes just have a little more of that Binary feel to them.

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Teen – Body Heat (Movin’)

Aside from being a champ at remixing, Teen’s original tracks are full of funky and dreamy down-tempo disco.  Here is another release from last summer, Body Heat.  More disco than dreamwave, but it’s another great track from Teen’s arsenal of sensational tunes.  Can’t wait to keep up with this artist and see what the future will have for Teen.



It is always exciting to come across quality original music in the comfort of your own in-box. No search or “chase”( haha…I know. Weak.) necessary, Just a sweet little gift of tranquil dancefloor gorgeousity, right there to be moved by and savored. It is never less than thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed, the excitement as the song takes shape, recognizing that it is not only a new artist to follow, a new addition to the ever growing playlist of hype new tracks that deserve extra attention but also a “secret weapon” to throw into a set or mix that most people are probably not yet up on, but will soon be. I have to admit I do get off on being somewhat of a pioneer in discovering and “breaking” new artists to my friends, loved ones and of course you guys…our family. Ladies and gentlemen…without further delay or introduction…straight outta NYC…Lovesport.   Lovesport is Ben and Julian of New York City and Binary likes them and what they are throwing down.

Chase by Lovesport

On to the music. “Chase” has that Binary feeling stamped all over it. A mid-tempo Disco/”Dreamwave” groove, dreamy and smooth but energetic enough to keep you moving. This is a song that you can throw on afterhours as the night begins to settle down and people start getting closer or in your iPod as you set out for a walk through the crowded Manhattan streets. Soothing sounds that insulate and restore.

A precious treasure in either setting. Lovesport is on the right track for sure. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases and check them out on their soundcloud. I just have a feeling that these two are going to bring something important to our collective summer. Stay tuned.

Monsieur Adi Remixes Madonna

Adi Balba is a 25-year-old Italian DJ/Producer, and is the sole member of Monsieur Adi.  Signed to the label Technofavrik, out of Paris, Balba has remixed tracks by the Knocks, Chiddy Bang, Fear of Tigers, and Ellie Goulding.  Last year, he released a single, “We are the Romans”; his EP, “Fire Fire Fire” and his debut album, “Empire”, are scheduled to drop later this summer.

This guy must have a soft spot for Madonna because he’s remixed two of her songs this month.  Is it weird that we’re still listening to Madonna?  Oh well, both remixes are genuine tributes to the pop singer, only we like them better.

Madonna – Get Together (Monsieur Adi Remix) by Monsieur Adi

Here, it’s like Balba took the original, slowed the pace, cut out the clubby, late 90’s/early 2000’s feel, and reworked it into a track that is dreamy and current.

Madonna – Music (Monsieur Adi Remix) by Monsieur Adi

This one doesn’t create the same DreamWave ambience (for me at least) as his “Get Together” Remix does. The original came out in 2000, during my brief stint living in New Jersey.  Monsieur Adi’s remix made me feel nostalgic in an odd way, I had heard this song so many times on the radio back then.   I was fascinated by everything but the chorus, Madonna’s voice just brings back the thought of New Jersey accents and missing the bus to school.

I don’t mean to sell it short, Monsieur Adi has rejuvenated this song by adding a fresh synth beat and a truly awesome guitar solo, and he’s done so beautifully.  To get the most out of this one, I think you have to have liked Madonna’s original a little more than I did.

Monsieur Adi has a unique sound that has been described as “Daft Punk meets Vivaldi”.  I wouldn’t really know how to boil this sound down to two artists, I can hear some Daft Punk influences in there somewhere, but there is so much else.  I’m very intrigued by Monsieur Adi.  If you like what you hear, look out for the release of his debut album, “Empire,” later this summer.

Balba just put out a teaser for his new remix of Madonna’s “Frozen” yesterday.  I really like what I hear. Monsieur Adi just might make a Madonna fan of me this summer.