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Champagne Records – Parrot Bay Vol 1

Italian label Champagne Records just decided to hook us all up this summer. Parrot Bay Vol. 1. Its breezy, blissful, bouncy and free!  32 tracks deep this compilation is packed with nice jams. How do I describe this collection? Dreamy, Bright, Sunny, Relaxing and Energizing all at once.  I am just feeling the presentation. Its more than a sampler, there is thought to the selection, like a playlist. You can seriously throw this collection on and rock it straight through. Having said that, you know how we snobs of music can tend to be, I had a few favorites, Josh aka Goldroom had a couple favorites as well, after I gave his favorites a few spins I wanted to go back in time and have picked those joints over my initial suggestions.  Do over?… That dude has an EAR.  Anyway, I am now, generously, in turn, putting y’all onto these choice numbers like he, and of course the fabulous Champagne Records Crew were kind enough to do with me.  Check it out:

DJ Las K – Tiramisu by Champagne Records

“Tiramisu:”  Nice groovy fade in, got some soulful elements happening and then the beat drops and the DJ starts earning his title, this cut has that “dj deep in his groove” type feeling that always makes me look good while people get all stoked on what’s going on in the song and I front it off like I am making mad shit happen.  Yeah you’re welcome, I know “tearing it up.”  The groove and vibes have a very welcoming, open feel and this cut could also serve as a great segue between a variety of different genres. Whatever the setting DJ Las K has successfully captured a dope moment, bringing that good-times type feel and steady groove. Nice track.

GonZo – Waves High by Champagne Records

This cut drifts in, airy vocals, filters, disco bassline and effects; there’s a feeling of expectation here, subtle drops and gentle builds. I like the mellow synth work, understated and moody. It’s a beautiful track really, capturing that carefree thematic party vibe associated with Disco while adding another more restrained soul element. Nice cut. So there you have it, really you can’t go wrong with anything off of this compilation, it’s that choice. Cruise over to their Soundcloud and get up on this package. Also make sure to support future releases from the label and artists. Thanks guys, Good looking out.

Justin Faust – Girl Talk EP

Justin Faust is back again with his new Girl Talk EP and a funky original take on Fabian‘s “Last Flight”.  Consisting of three new nu disco tracks and three awesome remixes, Faust even threw “Do it Again” onto Girl Talk as a free bonus track, what a guy.  But seriously, DiscoTexas is lucky to have him because this is a pretty astounding summer release, meeting all the standards and expectations of his previous Revenge EP.

Before we get into the music, check this out:

Justin Faust is spending some time in the US this summer and for all of you in Los Angeles, he will be playing at the Echoplex this Friday along with our man Fabian, Human Life, LBCK, and Bixel Boys.  Faust isn’t the only one promoting a new EP, Fabian is back and lighting up LA after his Last Flight single was released yesterday on Binary Records.  The full album, Say Goodbye is out on September 5th and Last Flight is now available for purchase.

No doubt we’ll be hearing some music off of Girl Talk and Last Flight at the echoplex on Friday, so be sure give those a listen and you’ll be ahead of the game come Friday.

Justin Faust – Girl Talk by Justin Faust

The EP Starts off with “Girl Talk”, a bouncy and melodic tune with a high spirited vibe thats sure to keep you on your feet. The full positivity of song comes in as a surprise after the first couple seconds that are exclusively bass and percussion, but the track starts to find its groove about 40 seconds in and halfway through its reached its happy medium; extremely danceable from start to finish.

Get Up, Get Busy Do It, Get Up and Move that Body

Justin Faust – Get Down by Justin Faust

The second song by Faust is where the EP starts to take a delightful and full of disco turn towards something a little heavier.  Along with a catchy and harder-hitting beat, Faust plays around with the vocals throughout, cutting them up here and there and then for 30 seconds in the middle there’s a buildup, then he just goes to town.  Lots of deep cuts in this one, but the rhythm remains totally intact.

Justin Faust – High Hopes by Justin Faust

“High Hopes” is slower and definitely the dreamiest track on here.  It’s got a really relaxed feeling, and makes for a perfect sendoff as the final track.  Perfect jam for a nights drive in LA, after the traffic has died down and you can actually cruise.  With some very cool synths laid down, this is nothing short of amazing; there’s not much else to say.

The Girl Talk EP, which can be purchased now, includes three remixes by Gloves, Bit Funk, and Herr Styler.  All three take on remixing “Girl Talk” and what we get in the end is a tight EP with three solid remixes and a bonus track.

And who would’ve thought we could ever hear the words girl and talk in the same sentence and not be talking about mashing up Biggie with Hall & Oates?  Justin Faust has been up to some serious good stuff this summer. Including a remix of Fabian’s single, “Last Flight” which came out just yesterday.

Fabian – Last Flight (Justin Faust Remix) by iamFabian

This remix hits all the right notes, its got all the good energies of a harder dance song but has a soothing peaceful component in there also.  Very dreamy remix.  Thank you Mr. Faust for the rad EP, see you Friday.

LBCK – Instant Party

Long Beach City Kids is the dj collaboration/production team of local California lads Alex Noble and Luigi III. These two have been on our radar for a while as they have a knack for crafting some hyper, destroy the dancefloor type flavor with a finesse and style that puts many would be producers to shame. The duo is signed to Italian label La Valigetta alongside fellow heavy hitters The Phantom’s Revenge and Broke One.

Today we have two selections from their 2nd and latest EP. The EP is called Instant Party and it certainly lives up to the title.

Instant Party by LBCK

On to the music already? Right.  “Instant Party” drops right in; no slow, drawn out build here as the elements are layered bar after bar up to a sublime break and sick bassline.  At 1:15, when you hear “Bass” and the beat breaks again over a filtered bassline and background crowd mania, they have you. I love the way these guys play with the song, it really captures the energy and spontaneity of a crowd-hyping show without feeling too “epic” or forced. Instant party indeed.

Instant Party (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix) by LBCK

“Instant Party (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix)” comes in with a swell of keys and dives into beautifully spastic/shattered vocals over a busy and banging beat. The repetitive keys have an almost ominous feeling as the song charges on, then the two synth solo/breaks…and bam. It’s mayhem. These dudes just don’t hold back. A tapped in bass drum that doubles up the beat, a panning electro wail, that electronic Dracula synth work.This track just straight up goes off. The list of prominent dj’s spinning and cosigning LBCK speaks volumes for the stand out quality and appeal of the tunes created by these two.

The Instant Party ep is on point. Four originals and the sweet trio of remixers The Phantom’s Revenge, Strip Steve, and Hijack round out the package and make it something that can be listened to and enjoyed as a personal soundtrack or ammunition for the next party. Support good music. Thank you LBCK.

Fabian – Last Flight


As electronic music continues its meteoric rise to popularity Los Angeles and around the world, our own homegrown angelino, Fabian, arrives with his first single from his debut album, “Last Flight”. Set to become the anthem for a new wave of dance music fans, Fabian’s sunny and addictive single features pumping drums and an a bouncing bass-line to match its infectious chorus that declares “Every morning gotta say goodbye, I wanna thank you for last night. I don’t remember what we said or did but, I will remember on my flight.” With a West Coast take on French Filter House, “Last Flight” has become our summer anthem, and we couldn’t be prouder to share it with you guys today.  

I Don’t Remember What We Said or Did But, I Will Remember on My Flight

Fabian – Last Flight by iamFabian

The single is due out on right here on Binary Records on August 22nd, featuring remixes by Reset!, Justin Faust, French Horn Rebellion, Lancelot, Robots With Rayguns, and our own NightWaves.  We’re super stoked on the remix package, so get excited to be treated to some truly great music.

September 5th is the next big date to mark on your calendars, which will see the release of Fabian’s debut album, Say Goodbye.  Fabian’s new single and upcoming album are already receiving a lot of kind words and rave reviews from all over the music board, and we are nothing but proud and excited to share this music with you guys!

Starsmith-Lesson One EP

British 23-year-old Fin Dow-Smith is signed Vulture Music and is the man behind Starsmith.  He has produced tracks for Ellie Goulding, Marina and the Diamonds, and his own Give Me a Break/Knuckle Duster EP all while releasing some next level remixes, including Passion Pit and Lady Gaga.  Gearing up for the full release on August 22nd, last month he put out his second EP, Lesson One. It’s short and sweet, consisting of two tracks.  Don-Smith doesn’t mess around he just gets right to the good part, and there aren’t really any bad parts.

Starsmith – Lesson One by Vulture Music

Like I said: Straight to the good stuff.  “Lesson One” is just everything gone right, it’s been stuck in my head for days and I don’t mind it.  The culmination of jumbled vocals, the funkier sounds that come and go throughout, the heartfelt lyrics, and overall positive feel.  Somehow it sounds like a tribute to those wonderful TV sitcoms we grew up with.  Not that I would compare “Lesson One” with that corny old school theme song but for some reason it keeps reminding me of Saved by the Bell; just taking me back to simpler times I guess.

Starsmith – Champion by Vulture Music

How deep can a two song EP get?  It’s like we’ve got day and night on this one, and by that I mean if “Lesson One” is a daytime track then “Champion” is for sure a night jam.  But even for a more intense and danceable track, “Champion” has that same depth and soft spoken feeling to it, and the vocals are amazing when they come in and out.  At 1:23, the initial intensity cools off and Starsmith takes a whole new direction for a couple seconds.  After that little intermission the song has a whole new vibe.  This happens more than once; every time the music fades and returns its like a different song, and they’re all pretty perfect.  Well I’m sold, loving this EP.  Check out the full release, Lesson One in its entirety on the 22nd.

Final DJs – Moonlight Serenade

From it’s opening bars, Moonlight Serenade establishes a mysterious and almost sinister tone. Is this the soundtrack to a dangerous sci-fi movie cyborg pursuit sequence (circa 1984), or perhaps something grander and even more cosmic? It’s both, really… and something more as well. Emotive and undeniably compelling, the track really takes off when it’s urgent piston-like percussion roars in. Just as the listener thinks he/she knows where the sonic path is headed, something changes.

Final DJs- Moonlight Serenade by FINAL DJs

An ethereal horn echoes a melancholy refrain that presumably inspired the song’s title. This added dimension of emotional yearning flows back into the hypnotic beat and washes over the listener in an incredibly purposeful fashion. This, my friends, is music for reflective late-night drives and deep, focused thoughts. Need the energy to work through a problem that’s been plaguing you? This is just the sort of song to give you that kind of boost. It’s more of a cathartic/solemn vibe than a “party-time” vibe and this distinction generates a huge impact- you’ll probably find yourself listening to it repeatedly in response to its unique presentation. There’s nothing wrong with a solid serving of gravitas every now and then, and Final DJs truly deliver on this front. Cheers to them!

Daktal – Crave You (Flight Facilities Cover)

Daktal.  You may remember my other post on these aussie brothers around their O’Spada remix. This one is a twist as they have added their own vocals to Flight Facilities‘ “Crave You” creating a brilliant cover? Remix? Rework? Sweet jam! That’s right up my/your/our alley. I love songs with a banging start, something tight enough that you can drop it in and it just automatically works, songs like this are solid gold when djing and I treasure them as I discover them. This cut is a great example of said phenomenon. Old school beat-box flavor, lounged out bass line and mellow keys.
Crave You (Cover) – Daktal (Flight Facilities) by Daktal

They Stare at Me While I Stare at You

The original “Crave You” was a thoroughly played favorite (along with all of the great remixes) which makes the twist of hearing the song told from a male perspective all the more fresh. The vocals are refreshing and well done, maybe it’s just the fun of having the gender switched or maybe it’s the playful Chromeo type attitude that they add but this track just has a fun vibe. More player than ignored would be lover. There’s so much to grab a hold of, the sing-along, call and response aspect, the funky keys and bass, the breaks.  Another stand out good-times cut from Daktal, creative and bumping, guaranteed positive crowd reaction. We like it guys, thanks for sharing.