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Fabian-Last Flight Remixes, Part 1

Ever since Fabian‘s “Last Flight” has circulated around the music community, its amounted some dope remixes.  7 of which appear on the single, but instead of just listing the remixes, we thought they sounded so good we’d devote two posts to coverage of “Last Flight” remixes.  Without further ado, here is Part 1, get ready for some funky, dreamy, and poppy remixes from NightWaves, French Horn Rebellion, and RESET!

Fabian – Last Flight (French Horn Rebellion Remix) by iamFabian

First, French Horn Rebellion takes the single in a funk/disco direction, adding their own funky beats and some new vocals that fill the bulk of the song, putting traces of Fabian’s original in a brand new context.  The intro lets us now that this isn’t just an echo of Fabian’s single with a few new chords, its its own funky rendition that takes us on a whole separate journey.  Following the introduction, French Horn Rebellion throws in some disco sounds that are nothing short of a throwback to the golden age of disco.  Loving this one, I can see it now, the French Horn Rebellion remix is perfect for a little party by the pool to finish summer the right way.


Fabian – Last Flight (NightWaves Remix) by iamFabian

Next, Binary legends and kings of dreamwave, NightWaves take on “Last Flight” in true Binary form.  I only wish I could see this live, because seriously, this remix could make any set exponentially cooler and leaves the listener with the perfect slow grooves of dreamwave and Fabian’s same catchy vocals, only slowed down.  The slow synth beat just makes the whole song sound deeper.  Sometimes these real dreamy remixes are best late at night, but I find this one keeps up 24/7 and if you liked “Last Flight” then you won’t be getting tired of the NightWaves remix anytime soon. NightWaves time and again just hits this balance of dancability and mellow chilled rhythms, this one is no different.  Great remix.

Fabian – Last Flight (RESET! Remix) by iamFabian

Finally I’ll end the first part of our Last Flight Remixes with the harder hitting remix by Italy’s RESET!.  I like this one because you don’t really know what kind of remix it will be for a while.  It kind of straddles between the original Fabian cut and then boom, everything that reminds you of Last Flight disappears and the song becomes an intense electro remix, to the point where its almost dubstep, and then you’re back to the original we all know and love.  Here RESET! makes Last Flight into a 5 minute track that kills on the dancefloor with some really intense clashing of soft and hard, intense and laid back beats this is clearly one of the seven awesome and inventive remixes featured on the single.

Check back for part 2 with remixes by Lancelot, Robots with Rayguns, and Douze.  Or check out the full single on Soundcloud.  And if you haven’t already checked out Fabian’s debut album, “Say Goodbye” it’s now available and full of more funky dreamwave bliss like Last Flight, a full audio fulfillment and accomplishment.

Keenhouse – Summer Society EP

One thing you can always bet on with new music from Keenhouse is that it’ll smash your preconceived ideas of what you think it’s going to be. On the cusp of the release of his second album comes the Summer Society EP, which takes the Civic Transit style of Keenhouse on a summer vacation to the beach and chills and distills the groove into something new, yet something still very Keenhouse in sound and spirit.

A word is not spoken or sung over the four tracks which lets the sun dappled rhythms and melodies set the mood. The current evolution of Ken Rangkuty’s musical adventure slims the Keenhouse sound down to an almost minimalist nu-disco house sound. Gone are many of the 80s trappings of his previous works, while still retaining catchy synth grooves they are now coloured by the summer sunshine in a more laidback tropical atmosphere.

1. The Summer Society by keenhouse

One can’t deny Rangutky’s gift for melody, and like every good house music artist he knows hot to make the melody work for the attention of the listener. The slow building, but ultimately rewarding, tracks on Summer Society allow one to be transported to serenely tropical climes but still feel the driving hooks that deliver real satisfaction. The EP’s name bearing opener takes you away on a summer vacation with a fantasticly catchy melody that lights up the beachside sunset in a candy coloured crescendo when it hits.

Much of the EP’s four tracks walk a line that dips into a sun warmed swimming pool of synthesized salsa rhythms laced with an additonal house flavour. It’s an escape to the beach via civic transit that drops you on a refreshing shoreline samba of grooves and chilled out summer time loving. The Keenhouse summer vacation via Summer Society will be a mainstay of your summer memories of 2011 and as the season changes to cooler temperatures I can’t help but imagine where Keenhouse will take us on our next musical adventure.

Poolside – Harvest Moon

Two great acts, one thrilling post, let’s talk about Goldroom and Poolside. Shall we? Yes we shall. Diving in. First up, Goldroom. Goldroom has a special place in my heart, clearly there is some bias as Mr. Legg aka Goldroom is responsible for so much that is Binary and also happens to be the reason that I have a platform to expound about music as I do. (Love you for that bro) But way beyond that is my appreciation of music that moves. Music that makes me excited to write about it so that others can feel what I feel when I hear it.

From the first release to the remixes that followed and the songs that have yet to be presented fully on their own, Goldroom stands out. The emotion and subtle urgency shine through. You can feel the love and attention that goes into every song, a passion project, a personal touch. Goldroom feels to me, more complete than a lot of efforts, theses are songs that hold their own, songs that could almost be remixes of a great indie band as opposed to just electronic music with vocals thrown on as an afterthought. Goldroom rocks.

On to Poolside. Los Angeles dj/musician/producer/friends Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise are Poolside. Their “daytime disco” sound has been instantly embraced and their song “Do You Believe” has gotten well deserved rotation by everyone and their momma. Seriously since Lisztomania I don’t know that I have heard one song in so many different settings and had it always sound great. These guys just have what it takes to get people moving (check out their use your illusion-esque simultaneously dropped bomb mixtapes if you have a hint of doubt) and have consistently delivered the goods.  Today we will look at three jams, “Harvest Moon,” an ambitious Neil Young cover by Poolside, “Do You Believe” by Poolside (Goldroom remix) and “City Girls,” a Goldroom original.

Poolside – Harvest Moon by Poolside Music

I love this jam. I love the idea of this jam. Like seriously, Poolside sitting around discussing the next project. “yeah, we are covering an old Neil Young jam.” “No really man, what are you guys doing next?” “Neil Young Harvest Moon.” …awkward silence… ”Classic.” And it is. The intro has that familiar groove feeling that, even if the sample did jump to my mind as opposed to hovering just beyond my recollection, it would be cruel to shatter the mystique and disclose the source. Suffice it to say it’s a nice grove. A mixture of genres and sounds over a steady biggie type beat with Dr.Who synths and smoothed out progressions. The vocals are sweet, just close enough to Neil’s original arrangement that the choice isn’t distracting yet distinct enough that it doesn’t feel recycled. Once again the dynamic duo has set us up with an instantly enjoyable and perfectly timed summer groove. It is thoughtful and wistful but still danceable. As the song builds and evolves the Neil Young aspect dissolves and the meaning shines through, a longing for a love removed. The pained profession of affection to a departed mate. Sweet song. Emotional song. Great cover.

Poolside – Do You Believe by Poolside Music

Like I said earlier in this post “Do You Believe” has become something of an anthem so to remix it in a way that compliments, builds and actually takes this song to a whole other level would be a feat. There are a few remixes out there and there are some really decent takes and twists on this jam but the Goldroom remix just steps one step beyond and not only re-energizes a well played cut but honestly delivers a go-to floor destroyer in the process. The vibe is straight dreamwave, the levels and effects sublime. Goldroom takes the sampled keys and contorts them slowly fading to a stuttering break that has everything removed other than the keys. At 3:39 when the beat hits again and the percussion accents fill the space it is just one of those sick moments that’s impossible to stay still for. A grin spreads over your face, it’s on. This is the point where you start looking up at the dj , hoping to catch his eye so the look on your face can share it all. Respect, that was Dope! When he takes the beat away and drops it back again less than a minute later, he owns the track. When I first heard this I was stoked to share it, some things are just that good that you want to put everybody on to them. Brilliant remix.

Goldroom – City Girls by Goldroom

Again with that haunting intro feeling, where have I heard that piece before?  This is one of my favorite songs right now. It builds, its moody, it’s got so much feeling. Every aspect just seems to fall right where it needs to be placed, the synth work, the straight forward vocal delivery. The cowbell. The handclaps. The keys. It’s like a stirring trip through a busy late night episode, tail lights lost in a blur of tracers, that cool city air and burst of energy as you step out of a crowded club and take a breath. Everything seems right at that moment, the company, the possibility, the attraction. I find myself thinking of girls that I have known and smiling, letting the memories flood my mind. City Girls indeed. There is something about the life, music, girls, clubs, the art of it, the characters that move in and out of our lives. Somehow Goldroom expresses all of that, a hope, an appreciation and acknowledgment and a knowing, all of that within the confines of a smooth song that stays engaging and soothing. As the song slowly fades into a straight beat Mr.Goldroom sets you up for the perfect blend, thinking of the dj as he ties the next song in and continues the mood. Thank you for this song Goldroom, it is amazing. Please check out the artists on Soundcloud and as always support the music that you love. Binary Approves.

Cherokee – Take Care Of You

Cherokee is the duo of Terence N’Guyen and Dorian Miche. These two gents bonded over a shared passion for the production and sound of electronic music that was coming out of France in the late nineties and have, since their first collaboration in 2010, been carefully releasing beautifully made songs that stand out from the crowd. There is something precise yet still organic feeling going on here and French label/family Shiny Disco Club is a fitting and perfect home for their well crafted sound.

Mambo Jet by Cherokee (Official)

“Mambo Jet” comes in with some static and popping, that old vinyl feel that nicely balances the initial juggling and updated dj feeling of the musical manipulation. The beat drops and the elements keep on shifting; there is a classic feeling to the sounds that really compliments the more new school approach to breaks and drops. It is rare for a song to be this kinetic and still not feel overly busy, it is paced masterfully and each change feels right in synch with the groove. As it fades back into white noise you find yourself wanting more, not because it isn’t satisfying, just because it’s that good.

Cherokee – Take Care Of You by Shiny Disco Club

I Love this track, “Take Care of you,” the elegant fade in, elements of the percussive track develop with clarity and the song slowly becomes more clear, more defined. At 1:15 as the bass line drops and the song hits its stride, the feeling is divine. This is just one of those tracks, as soon as I heard it I knew I wanted to write this post. It has a special feel, the samples are great, the breaks, the guitar line that slides in and out, vibes and strings, reverb and urgent but gentle changes to the focuses of the mix…it has a romantic vibe. Yes it’s sexy, but it has a classy feeling of thoughtful intimacy. A loving vibe, it’s pretty. If you aren’t familiar with Cherokee I have a feeling that you will be. Check out their website and follow Shiny Disco Club as well. Great stuff