Miami as the EDM world has come to know it brings to one’s mind thoughts of nonstop raves, bikin-clad blondes and well, ecstasy (the ULTRA life). Rewind 30 years. Miami in the 80’s brings to mind thoughts of Tony Montana, leopardskin pants, and well, mountains of white powder (aka the era of Studio 54). In other words, Miami is known as, in a word, INTENSE. A 24/7/365 Party. Walter Sobcek’s new single, titled “Miami” has, well, nothing to do with either of these eras or vibes. It’s a unique track that’s way more Boca Raton than South Beach. The Parisian-duo and synth-pop maestros deliver something much different than gore, glitter, and gold with “Miami.” Instead, Walter Sobcek created something mellow, reflective, and gorgeous. Whatever they did or imagine doing in South Beach, it comes with a tint of regret. And it will take you straight to a tranquil, secluded beach in the Caribbean.

Look at what you’ve done to me. Nothings like it used to be. Now everything is gone. I look into the sun and…

Walter Sobcek – Miami (Radio Edit) by Walter Sobcek

If you haven’t already, light a candle, toast some flowers, close your eyes, and listen to this song again.

The Black Pharao Magic remix of “Miami” is oh so sweet that even Scarface would feel the beat of his heart if he heard this track (as long as it’s the beginning of the night). A sweet drum beat and a bit of a brighter vibe make help turn this track a bit more dancefloor-friendly. Disco approved.

Walter Sobcek – Miami (Pharao Black Magic Remix) by Walter Sobcek

Sobcek’s bio describes them and their sound, as one would hope (after all, it is their sound), to the tee:

“Mellow, ethereal, tender and meticulously produced, their music takes you on a melancholic jaunt through a positive force field. From Fleetwood Mac on MDMA, to Phoenix burnt out by Los Angeles excess, from Donald Fagen doped to the hilt on Human Growth Hormone to Sebastian Teller newly waxed, Walter Sobcek draws on these influences and creates transatlantic melodies and inimitable remixes.”

This delectable choon embodies this ethereal aura that Walter Sobcek provides:

Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance (Walter Sobcek Remix)

Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance (Walter Sobcek Remix) by Walter Sobcek

While the duos identity remains somewhat hidden from the public sphere, it’s quite evident from the producers and artists they’ve remixed and worked with that Walter Sobcek clearly have the deserved attention of the right kind of music community. On the heels of “Je Me Souviens”, they have once again delivered a track that rivals the work of prominent dreamwavish artists Royksopp and Futurecop! Great artists , gorgeous music. Check them out.