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Pat Lok – No Shame

Pat Lok is a young dj/producer out of Vancouver. Over the last 11 years Pat has worked alongside big name dj’s like Fred Falke, Breakbot and The Twelves (among others) and has just recently released his first EP-“No Shame” on french label On The Fruit Records. It is an epic release with ridiculous originals and incredible remixes. Is it just me or is the EP replacing the LP as a viable length to absorb in an ADD world? Whatever the reason, there are alot of stellar Ep’s emerging lately and Pat Lok -No Shame is at the top of that list. Enjoy.

Pat Lok – No Shame by Pat Lok

Yes.From the very start this song has you moving, the accents and grooving bassline, the whispering computerized vocals (which manage to avoid seeming played out or overdone), the 80’s drum fills that we love…It’s all so good. It’s dreamy, it is funky,  and most of all it is sexy and it’s fun to dance to. At 3:30 when the song is fully formed, the Airy, inviting refrain has overtaken you and you are lost. Sweet Jam.


Pat Lok – No Shame (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

L.A’s own Goldroom take this jam off into a darker more moody soundscape while keeping it groovy. There is a very thoughtful feeling to this track. Mature and sexy.This is one of those tracks that just takes you away on the dancefloor. With Winter looming and thoughts turning to more introspective place, this song captures that emotional space.Beautiful remix.

Pat Lok – Yes Game by Pat Lok

The sick fade-in.This is a decidedly good-times cut.Here’s the set up, it is the middle of the night, the party is packed with beautiful girls,your closest friends are all around, I don’t know about “lucky” but you are definitely getting laid tonight. It’s that feeling, like you can’t lose, like everything is just exactly as it is supposed to be. A huge smile on your face, collecting memories from a night that you will never forget, yeah…Yes Game.Great track.

Pat Lok – Yes Game (Bit Funk remix) by Pat Lok

This is one of those jams that you soul clap along with.Bit Funk takes his time to establish a rock solid groove. Enter:  mellow vibes, disco love, cut up 3:20 when it drops… it’s delicious. A funky, understated “thriller” type guitar riff, a hovering synth backdrop…this track has a classic type old school feel.If you aren’t feeling this one you are probably on the wrong blog.Another bomb Bit Funk production. Brilliant.

Like I said before, “life moves pretty fast”….I mean, The Pat lok No Shame Ep is awesome. Check it out and Spend a couple bucks to support good tunes. With remixes by OHYEAH! and Volta Bureau plus all three joints included herein,this is a release worth grabbing. Support good music.

Gigamesh – Gigamesh EP

For the past year or so we’ve had the gift of bringing you some unreal remixes by a great musical talent, Gigamesh, whose relatively new and budding career is now in full effect.  Out of Minneapolis, Matt Masurka is the face behind Gigamesh, a solo project he spearheaded about two years ago.  His remixes of artists like Animal Collective, Lykke Li, and Win Win have earned Masurka attention from various music blogs.  This isn’t our first post to feature Gigamesh’s work either, and it might not be our last. Gigamesh’s debut EP is just that great; innovative and full of nu disco at every turn, its a damn good EP.

His popularity has risen in part because of his superb Foster the People “Pumped up Kicks” remix last spring. Until now, several scattered remixes is all we’ve had to go on coming from Gigamesh.  After much anticipation, The Gigamesh EP is here!  4 tracks of reassured high hopes and funky electronic talent from all over the board, the EP is bound to be a serious breakout release for Gigamesh.

(Note: Track removed at artist’s request)

Strong start here with his single “When You’re Dancing,” a funky song that comes in smoothly with glowing vocals and synthesizers only to throw us off with some solid percussions, bass lines, and a melodic tune that is true to Gigamesh form.  This is just one of those songs that can be taken apart piece by piece, and realized that each individual component stands up on its own-together its flawless.  Its like a tribute to some brilliant old school electronic sounds, executed perfectly.

Gigamesh – Red Light Ft. Amanda Love (Original Mix) by Oleg ILI

No.2 on the EP goes straight for a washy dreamwave sound.  Gigamesh has a knack for bringing the slow style of chill electronic music together with all the right vocals and throwing in several upbeat dancey elements.  This ambidextrious style makes this short track pop out as something really special. Pick up the EP, the only way to keep good music in business is to support these artists and contribute. Great music deserves our support.This is great music.

Catcall – Satellites

You’ve most likely heard Catcall’s euphoric single “Satellites” by now. Since it’s debut as the opening track on (to the best of my knowledge) Fear of Tiger’s magical The Guestlist #26, Catcall has taken the blogosphere by storm. Upon first listen to this track, I was immediately struck by emotions. What is this? Who is this? And where can I find more of this?

The answer came a week later, when the single was officially released. This burgeoning Sydney (Aussie) based pop-star–and exotic bombshell–is primed to make some serious moves. Catcall, who’s debut album will be out in February on Ivy League Records, looks like an Amazon princess and has the pure sound of a nymph. Hey there Pocahontas.

Satellites by CATCALL

“…everybody wants some more…”

Upon 50th listen, this track still delivers. It’s really electro-pop at its finest. Beautiful, uplifting, and simple. It’s also no surprise this track was produced by the mysterious and enigmatic Diamond Cut, a Sydney-based producer that also splits his time between Los Angeles and New York. In this signature DIamond Cut work, there are not too many twists and turns (Note: this is decidedly about as un-Skrillexy as it gets). All of Diamond Cut’s work and remixes preach simplicity and this one is no different. Silky smooth vocals and catchy come together to produce: Satellites.

Catcall’s debut single, Swimming Pool, is a also lovely, mellow jaunt through waves. A lovely 80’s pop (think Stevie Nicks x Blondie) vibe emits from this warm track filled with that synthy goodness we love.

Swimming Pool by CATCALL

With Diamond Cut–who’s also currently working on projects with Visitor, RadioInk, and Sister2Sister, and will be releasing his own originals in Decemer–at the helm of her production, Catcall is primed for stardom. She joins Ellie Goulding, Lykke Li and Florrie (among many others) as an electro-pop-princess. Australia has been home to many an electro-sensation the past few years (see: Bag Raiders, Miami Horror, Flight Facilities, GLOVES, etc.). Be prepared to add Catcall to that list as the next crossover, electro-pop star to come from the land down under. Because …who wouldn’t want some more?



Goldroom. Yeah Goldroom is family, yes Mr.Legg is responsible for quite a bit of what makes Binary well…Binary.Beyond that Goldroom as an artist is a rising force to be reckoned with and the quality of the jams, not just the inside edge, have earned him a write up and spot on our humble blog.With a handful of noteworthy remixes and a few extraordinary originals Goldroom has truly made a name for himself. His remixes have found their way into mix tapes by The Magician, Aeroplane and Edwin Van Cleef and each release has enjoyed popularity on the blog revered Hype Machine charts.Besides all of that, Goldroom just has a style and ear for the dreamwave,nu disco sounds that we are constantly seeking. His music is emotional and carefully crafted, real songs as opposed to three or four loops that take turns dropping in and out of the main mix.Today we will check out a few of his remixes as well as an original and a mix. Do what you gotta do to get into a blissed out space and come along for the ride.

Niki & The Dove – Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

This remix takes a slightly different direction than some previous Goldroom work. Classic feeling and subtle, the keys progress beautifully and create the perfect backdrop for the heartfelt vocals. I love the beat on this track, it hits perfectly. At 6:46 this song has time to move along at a different pace, the builds, the minor adjustments that keep you engaged, the awesome little drum fills, gorgeous. The overall appeal of this song is evident and I expect it to be in many a djs heavy rotation but Goldroom takes it on with a delicate touch, giving it room to blow up without removing the smolder that keeps him dreamwave. Nice work.

Gigamesh – Red Light (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

A kind of new-wave tropical vibe, syrupy but not lazy. The beat and groovy bassline provide perfectly timed motivation to the sexy, ghostly vocals. “Music, Magic.” So good.Everything here just gels.At 3:34, when the beat drops out, you are on the edge of your seat. This is one of those joints that I am immediately into, from the very beginning.  Sitting back to take this in with the perfect companion or on a sundown drive through the palm tree lined avenues of Los Angeles, Ca, this song brings past pleasures to mind. Sexy and hopeful with  a pleasant reminiscing type vibe, everything about this is delicious. Another winner.

Small Pyramids – I Want Blood (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

This song comes right in, Goldroom has graciously provided a segue ready bridge for easy mixing and the elements accumulate bar by bar until its a full on funk, disco explosion, Goldroom style. This song pulls you in, gentle and steady, solid but airy and open.This one continues to grow on me, the more I play it the more I fall in love, pretty track.

Goldroom – Nights In Nantes by Goldroom

Nights in Nantes, a Goldroom original. Goldroom, like the Magician, Yuksek and fellow Angelenos Poolside,  makes fully formed songs, stand out vocals and all.  As the synth and bassline carry you away, the refrain of “See the world…see the world through each others eyes…see the world…see the world on another night”transforms this dreamwave classic into more than background make out music, this is a full blown disco love song. Love it.

Goldroom – Otoño Mix 2011 by Goldroom

Great mix…Goldroom maintains that breezy groove throughout, creating an environment that’s part ocean front Mai-Tai and part roof top pool party soundtrack. Either way its a setting appropriate for intimate good times and the transitions seamlessly give way from one great song to the next.I threw this on during a recent road trip down the PCH and the songs and vibe seemed to somehow be in perfect synch with the ocean breeze and crashing waves, sunkissed bodies in summer dress, laughter and that feeling that all is somehow well. Overall, Goldroom is an artist and dj to look out for. With bookings across the U.S and beyond and several more remixes and originals in the works/set to drop, he shouldn’t be hard to catch. Cruise by his Facebook and Soundcloud pages and show some love. Goldroom for 2011 and beyond.Binary approves.

Le Youth – End Of Summer

Wes James is getting a reputation as a prolific remixer and DJ under the name Le Youth and his single “End Of Summer” will cement his status and spread his name further without a doubt.

LE YOUTH – End Of Summer by Le Youth

There are special tracks we all have that take us back to certain places, times and moods and “End Of Summer” will become one of those memories that can take you back to summer 2011 in a second. Being in the southern hemisphere myself, this will become a precursor to the warmer months nearly upon me, but for the nothern hemisphere the release date of this track will definitely bring back sunny memories of the end of summer as the summer sunset dips for the last time.

I can hear anthems from many past summers in this great track. Theres a splash of Jason Nevins “I’m In Heaven With You”, a dash of Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You”, a touch of Phoenix’s “Too Young” and a mixture of enticingly familiar sounds that soar into a pure blue sky and take you into a golden orange sunset.

The pace is kept grooving without becoming too hot and bothered and the laid back synth work scintillates the glorious scene created by the disco funked guitar tracks. I can close my eyes and almost hear the waves crashing on the shoreline as “End of Summer” fades out and the chill left behind is both refreshing, and invigorating. This is one magical piece of funky french touch house that will bring you back to those summer memories and warmer times, just lay back and let these sun fueled sounds wash over you one more time.

Gold Fields – Treehouse (Gloves Remix)

GLOVES (aka the “Synth Shaman”) has once again used his silky (or perhaps leathery) touch to transform the Treehouse song “Gold Fields” into something that immaculately calculates the Binary equation: it’s LUSH. Released exclusively by GDD a couple weeks ago, Treehouse is a typical GLOVES re-work, in that it’s a groovy ass, dreamwavey track with an uplifting vibe and synths for days.

Gold Fields – Treehouse (Gloves Remix) by GLOVES

It’s fitting that it’s about to be summertime in Australia. If you have the fortune of living somewhere where there’s always blue skies, bikinis, and sunlight, pop this one on, sit back, sip a Planter’s Punch, and nod your head.

GLOVES is truly one of the finer remixers in the nu-disco game, and this track just confirms the power of his magical touch. When it comes to the art of the disco-remix, GLOVES takes this cherry flavored ear candy to the next level. While there is a time and place for a pounding bass and a ruckus beat, there are times in life when I’d rather float in a tamer ocean and let the calmer waves carry me rather then get clobbered by 10-foot monsters. GLOVES takes you on a slow groovy climb into the clouds and then hits the speed boosts like in Mario Kart, slowing down for the curves and then picking up the pace for the straight shots.

Exhibit B:

REMIX: Van She – Changes (GLOVES Remix) by GLOVES

Who is this mysterious Melbourne based funky DJ? A quick glance at his bio makes it pretty clear that, if you’re unfamiliar with him, the Yama Indra is all sorts of awesome:

“Gloves, The Synth Shaman’, bike slut and occasional tennis enthusiast better known to some of us as Yama Indra, holds a list of dance-til-you-drop-dead accolades that would make any “been-there-done-that” globe-trotting journey with a chip on their shoulder envious.”

REMIX: Matt Van Schie – Saturday Night (GLOVES Remix) by GLOVES

This was the first GLOVES remix that beckoned my ears, and it still vibes. GLOVES takes a poppy, decent track and turns it into a blizzard of discoey beats that rise and fall, transforming it into a certified party jam, if your party has any class. At the 1:30 mark, something ethereal happens, as GLOVES implements his patented calm before the storm. The rest of his remixes continue to display this knack for turning the ordinary into something magical. Like a Fred Falke, the only criticism I can see anyone having for GLOVES is that all his remixes have a similar vibe to them…But if it feel so right, who gives a shit?

Kimbra – Cameo Lover (GLOVES Remix) by GLOVES

P.S. Not only is GLOVES a talented musician, but he’s also the man, as I had the fortune of meeting him at Pacific OC and watching his splendid set.Sorry about the lighter bro, I still have it if you want it back.

The Diogenes Club

The Diogenes Club album has finally arrived, after numerous EPs and remixes that first started being released in 2003 I definitely think The Diogenes Club sound works best in the full-length long play format. The duo of Dob and Paul create a sound that captures all the right 80’s pop sensibilities with excellent synth and guitar melodies while remaining very honest and true. The characteristic vocals and thoughtfully poetic lyrics give this release an identity all its own.

The production is precisley balanced with drama cued perfectly, the echoing and haunting sounds surround you in a haze of guitar and bass melodies. Clean and crisp engineering brings out the passion of the vocals while keeping the overall sound very intimate. Its these signature vocals that are a key feature of the Diogenes Club sound. The words are sung in a longing and desperate way that makes every lines importance radiate. The choruses soar to the heavens on wings of tender vocalsations that threaten to fall apart at the most crucial moment; but instead soar higher and higher. Take a ride through some smoothly surreal synthscapes.

I believe it’s hard for modern bands that are heavily influenced by 80’s music to get the vocals to blend with the instrumental sounds without coming off trite or jarring. Paul’s vocals are able to walk a line that keeps the sounds all together and accents and enhances the soundscape without detracting in the slightest.The music is definitely vocal driven, which is a welcome change and makes a massive difference as to how the whole experience works as an album.

Songs like Connected wind things down to a serenely slow pace that leaves you hanging on every lyric, this occurs often throughout the many delightfully intimate songs. Even on the more upbeat tracks theres a tender dimension added through the vocals. Theres nothing overtly complex in the sound of any of the Diogenes Club tracks, and it’s the simplicity of how all the sounds work together that makes for such an exciting album. Every flourish and detail is apparent, carefully and deliberately composed and performed with each part relying on all the others to create the verdantly coloured aural vistas.

They Will Stop At The News is a brilliant example of this, Melancholic synths create the atmosphere that the vocals then bring to life, while the barely recognisable guitars add the final ethereal layer of sound to complete this entirely ghostly track. You can see through it, you can’t touch it, but you can always feel it.

The absolute highlight of this aural adventure for myself is The Dream Touch. This song to me is the culmination of all the Diogenes Club sounds, it’s a beautiful track with a stand-out vocal preformance, the powerfully arousing synth melody transcends and creates a mood of pure serenity. An utterly wondrous track the marks the climax of this incredible album.

The video for the Green Eyes takes the viewer through coal black night cityscapes in an ascending journey from streetlevel to the skies. The story is punctuated by surreal colours and shapes that elevate the senses to new heights while the close up of Green Eyes herself provides a beautifully entrancing intimacy. The whole experience is solemn and isolated, but rejoices in this. A true reflection of the Green Eyes herself. Check out the Diogenes Club on Bandcamp and support a great up and coming band that deserves to be heard. You wont be sorry.We Love them.

Oxford – The Last Indian

Oxford. The name immediately brings many things to mind, mostly images of  really impressive, ivy covered, Gothic buildings and aristocratic poise, cardigans, rowing crew, “proper” english…ok I’m done. In this case it is not the aforementioned institution of higher learning that we will be taking a look at but instead the glorious french house sounds of Antoine Rigail aka Oxford. This talented dj/producer hails from Toulouse France and his music has a maturity and beauty that we find captivating.

Oxford – Unicorn at night by Oxfordsounds

What a welcoming intro. This song just starts out inviting and full of sunshine and gets more funky and more groovy as each element is added. The keys, the cool bassline and understated synth work, perfection. As the beat progresses and builds to a warbling synth lead we have left our earthly constraints and slipped off into disco paradise. Thoughtful but also playful and optimistic …nicely done.

Oxford – The last indian by Oxfordsounds

Great beat, this song jumps in and grabs you, synths fade in and wash over the soundscape, an understated solo, twinkling highs that add an element of happiness and ease, its just all so well done. There is an early Phoenix sound here (that’s a compliment). Oxford has a musicians sense for pacing and transitions as the beat subtly changes and shifts in a manner that feels organic and right while staying close to his disco, funk, house roots.

Oxford has taken time to create some great jams. Check out his soundcloud and get familiar. You will be glad that you did.

Cadillac – Dreams

Today we’ve got a couple tracks from Aussie group Cadillac, who you may remember we featured way back. Since then the band has done nothing but continue to rise towards the top of a growing list of artists from down under that are making major moves and putting out great music. Recently they’ve released their new single “Dreams”, and you can check out the official video for the track below.

Dreams is a great dose of some certified Australian nu-disco, with it’s signature driving basslines and beautiful harmonious synth pads painting sunshine all over this track. It’s even got a healthy dollop of rising and falling “ahhhhh”s which never disappoint in creating the bright and dreamlike nature of a lot of the great Australian music we hear these days. I was really pleased to hear this track as it shows a lot of progress from Cadillac as they come into their own as a band. When I first wrote about them, I loved the tracks that I heard, specifically “Give It Up” and “Manhattan”, but “Dreams” is the embodiment of their progression from sample based productions and clean late-night smokey club tracks sans vocals into a full-fledged pop band. And I’ll always pick a great pop band that’s put the time in to craft a full and original sound over that.

The video itself is a great piece of work, beautifully shot and put together to really represent the mood of the song. We’ve seen many other videos like this one from the likes of Anoraak and Miami Horror, among others, where it really is just a visual accompaniment to the vibe of the song. Some HD video of scenic beauty and some character that gives off a unique quality of human innocence. I think it works really well. I like how the little kid is walking around sort of in wonderment of what’s around him, and I think it really punctuates the hook of the song…”These dreams won’t last forever, so hold it to the sky”…I think it really validates the idea of treasuring the moment, take it in and don’t let it go before it’s gone.

Miami Horror – Summersun (Cadillac Remix) by Cadillac™

And to toss on something extra here is Cadillac’s remix of Miami Horror’s “Summersun”. I really like this remix, perhaps more than the original. And I love the original, along with all of the Miami Horror EP from which it comes, Illumination. But this remix is a lot chiller than the original, and I like my music dark and smokey. This remix has some great usage of the original vocals as melodic elements, and has a nice bounce to it. There are also plenty of reverbed out snare hits that hiss through the haze, and plenty of heavy breathing and moaning that just amp up the sexiness. Awwww yeahhhh.

On another note, we’re very happy to have the Miami Horror guys joining us here in LA. It’s a great place to be. And if you haven’t checked out Miami Horror’s record from which “Summersun” comes (where have you been???), you should get on that.

And of course, check out Cadillac‘s soundcloud page for some more goodies.


Silenx also known as Joel Azevedo is a young Portuguese producer to watch. Silenx is all about the beautiful, melody driven, synth heavy dance music that we just can’t get enough of. His compositions range from what he calls “space disco” to more “dreamy/new wave stuff” and they are all damn good. The intricate changes and very musical approach that Silenx takes really helps to set him apart. This is not elementary production where one loop just falls onto another and we call it a day, there is a caring touch.  Intentionally emotional and heartfelt, each song tells a story.

Silenx – Long Lost Love by Silenx

Straight forward intro, nice easy-to-mix beat that gives a dj some room for a smooth transition,subtle changes to the composition, synths slowly swell. As the track takes form you are pulled in. The emotional quality, that part that electronic music can sometimes  feel sadly devoid of, is just very natural and undeniable. Melodic, urgent and nicely timed, this is music for late night pleasure and daytime fantasy.


Silenx – Far Far Away by Silenx

I like the way this song just immediately has you, like somehow it’s actually continuing as opposed to just beginning. Familiar and great. The cowbell, the synth work, the bassline that develops and pushes the track along…all parts of a whole that delivers on so many levels. By 3:20, when all of the elements unite to deliver an anthem-worthy “space disco” classic, any skepticism is dismissed and dreamwave has another icon. Be sure to check out his soundcloud and “like” him on his facebook page, yes, that matters to the artists… Thank you for the wonderful music Silenx.                Binary approves.