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Final DJS

Final Djs are a production/dj duo from Stuttgart, Germany. The music that they create is inspired by french touch as well as new wave and italo disco. You may remember our previous post on these guys, they have an emotional almost dark/moody approach that we here at Binary are very fond of. Last week this beautiful Kris Menace and Savage edit showed up in my inbox and it not only prompted a new post but re-ignited my passion for the sound and style these guys are throwing down. Check it out.

Kris Menace and Savage – Lets Shower Together (Final DJs Edit) by FINAL DJs

This song comes in thumping, the filtered melody cruises in like the concorde, all jet hiss and crackly muffled. There is a vibe here, sexy, intense. This is not so much the jam that you throw on to get the girl in bed, this is the jam that you throw on as when you and said female/partner are already in bed. Steady, constant,’s simultaneously dirty and entirely clean. Awesome edit.

Final DJs – F.A.R.E.W.E.L.L by FINAL DJS

This song is glorious. Like the soundtrack to an ending fondly remembered.As heavy as a permanent goodbye to a cherished lover or as light as that moment as daybreaks after an epic night and you are just finding your way home. The sun rising as the memories dance in your mind. At 5:05, as the hauntingly melancholy synth solo kicks in, the listener is transported to a beautiful place. Reminiscent of some of Fred Falke’s incredible jams.This is a new favorite. great work.

Visit their facebook (“like” them) and soundcloud (“follow” them), purchase one of their releases. Final Djs make music worth supporting. Please do

SayCet – Opaal (Anoraak Remix)

Anoraak. (These fellas know how to diversify their sound). I struggle to label their music as anything other than extremely chill. And then you see them perform live, and they possess a type of energy and presence that is rock-like. This particular remix possesses more of that chill quality that takes you on a slow-paced space odyssey.

SayCet -Opaal (Anoraak remix) by Anoraak

This song is “Space Age Bachelor Pad Music” at its finest. One of my favorite blogs out there (which has been for quite some time) is Et Musique Pour Tous (EMPT for short). Hec, the man behind that site, coined that term, and ever since, it’s been a mantra I’ve subscribe to when it comes to music.

I love the term so much because it doesn’t categorize or genre-label. It just gives you an awesome image in your mind. And for everyone, that vision for a space age bachelor pad is probably something completely different.

For me, a “space age bachelor bad” is an all white loft overlooking a coast, equipped with only the finest Rose, sexiest women, and scents the world has to offer. Lots of chic-ness all around (think: the penthouse room in Tron that Daft Punk plays at, minus the violence).

While the music may not all have the same vibe or be labelled under the same genre, there’s one common thread. This type of lush music is for a sophisticated pallet. Music does not need to be complex or earth-shattering to be enjoyed. And this remix by Anoraak fits the bill. It’s a lovely, calming track that makes you want to close your eyes and zone out all the ills in life.

Bonus throwback Anoraak Remix:

Pacific! Unspoken (Anoraak Remix) by Vulture Music

Close your eyes and let this one sink in…

So I guess what I’m saying is that Anoraak makes super chill music brah (originals too), and it’s perfect for your space age bachelor pad. Or for whoever you’re trying to wine and dine this evening.

New Addition to the Binary Family: SolarSolar

Waterloo, Canada brings us dynamic duo Dan and Angela Drysdale AKA SolarSolar. Together they create “snowy sunshine music.” Their subtle yet stirring brand of dreamy pop caught our attention and made an impression, so much so that we have signed them and are proud to announce that their debut LP Pilot will be released Feb.21st right here on Binary.Beyond that we just dig their sound and want to share the wealth with you. There is a restraint to their compositions that allows the listener room to draw their own conclusions. Have a listen.

SolarSolar – Walking Like Children by Binary Entertainment

A backdrop of moody synth work sets the stage for Angela’s quiet vocals, the beat pads along, a fuzzy droning background and twinkly highs.This is a pretty song. Accessible but not over the top, the experimental progressions, the harmonics that fall in as the strings emerge.Soothing …thoughtful, heartfelt and substantial. Welcome home SolarSolar.



This track stays in your head. Like the XX, there is a sexy, sincere feeling that comes across as completely real and honest.The gravity of the jam and the creative video speak volumes for SolarSolar as far as who they are and what they can become.I love the emotion in the little boy’s face, searching but still feeling empty and lost. As the searching turns to discovery and then eventually wonder, the meaning behind the song gains clarity of purpose.SolarSolar make intelligent music that sounds good and evokes emotion.

This bands  authenticity and  fully realized style give them a level of character that  makes them stand out, it is also these qualities that make them a fit on our roster of artists. Their complimentary style adds an organic facet to our crew that we are proud to have as part of the family. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Lp on Binary Entertainment this February.

Short Circuit – Afterburner

Following up the fantastic Late Night Drive Ep from earlier this year is Short Circuit’s latest single release: After Burner. I’ve been a great fan of Short Circuits work over the years and always regard this artist in the top echelon of the current generation of 80’s inspired synthpop/wave musicians as his music consistently delivers thrilling pieces that have all the key elements to the genre, but always add a little Short Circuit magic to the proceedings to individualize the songs.

The construction of the After Burner single is musical craftsmanship of the highest calibre. One might think an EP with one song and an intro track could be a frivolous or shallow affair, but these two tracks are of such refined quality that it feels like a much more epic endeavour.

Short Circuit – After Burner (Intro) by shortcircuitLA

The real magic of this is the Intro to After Burner. The art of the ‘introduction’ is lost on many electronic artists. An introduction sets the tone, feel and personality of a track when done properly. It’s like the opening to a movie, after a couple of minutes in you know where you are or where you stand in film. With music it’s a similar idea. The introduction is our initial experience that is our first impression. Some songs are scared of meeting us, and take their time to make us feel comfortable with them before allowing us all their pleasures. Some songs are very up front, greeting us with a firm hand shake and strong eye contact. And some songs tease and draw us into the experence, almost deceiving the listener like a fly trapped in a spider’s web, before it drops on us like a ton of bricks.

The art of the introduction is exemplified in Short Circuit’s After Burner single. The track itself at two and three quarter minutes in length is more developed and constructed than a lot of stand alone singles. The tone is set early on, where one can almost see credits appearing before their eyes as the wonders of what is to come are brought to our aural attention. By the time the main melody arrives it loses it’s focus and we are drawn into the distance, making us anticipate the next direction of After Burner’s journey.
Then… After Burner begins.

Short Circuit – After Burner by shortcircuitLA

The song itself is perfectly weaved into the ending of the introduction and our direction continues along a new interstellar experience with the classic Short Circuit robotic vocals complimenting the brilliant synth melodies. The music is what you always hope for as devotee of this genre: a magical vision of the future circa 1983, where synthesizers and laser beams fill a star filled sky and unrequited love is something only the neon grid filled heavens above seem to offer any consolation over.

The refrain of “Go ahead and set me free” is a haunting lyric that is defiant yet vulnerable, even through the robot vocal effects. The words are never said without megatons of drama and makes for a mechanically melancholic masterpiece. The story of a relationship dying like a star in a distant galaxy that upon it’s final collapse will be a catclysmic event. Air raid sirens fuel the panic in After Burner during the very contemplative breakdown that bring the emergency and panic of emotions to a fever pitch before the track drops back into the deliberately disenfranchised disco that is unrelenting and unapologetic in it’s delivery.

The After Burner single rises above and beyond what is expect of a single release. This is an epic experience that won’t soon be forgotten by the listener. Short Circuit once again proves why he’s a musician par excellence of the synthpop/wave genre and I applaude this single and highly anticipiate his future releases.
Chateaubriand – Le Romantisme


Chateaubriand is 17 year old Paul Perrault of Bordeaux, France. This young dj/producer makes dreamy nu disco or as he describes it “music that is soft music but sometimes sensual…a mixture of glittering disco with big basslines.” Whatever you call it Chateaubriand has caught our ear and earned a spot on our blog. The description that Paul offers is really very accurate, these are songs that capture the glitz of disco while revealing a softer more vulnerable and sexy side as well.Great stuff.

Keadz – Le Désir (Chateaubriand “A La Nage”Remix) by chateaubriand

This song jumps in, a remix/rework of fellow Frenchmen Keadz, this cut has a bouncy optomistic vibe. Still subdued but more energetic. The futuristic synth stabs, the big bass, the percussive hits that fade in and out. There is a full sound to this song.  Chateaubriand has captured that part of the evening when some are falling out but you press on, second wind kicking in…not ready for the night to be over you hold onto that feeling…savoring the moments. The pleasure.The euphoria, the desire.

Le Romantisme (Original Mix) by chateaubriand

Ahhh. Le Romantisme. So nice. The extended synth intro builds to a beautiful break, funky bassline with flanged guitar that creeps from the background to center stage, sultry and funky, driving but groovy. This is my jam. Short and sweet, this track really showcases Chateaubriand’s excellent production and keen sense of appropriate genre bending. When it’s gone you are left wanting more. It is emotional, it is full of life, it is an awesome song.

Paul/Chateaubriand is set to release his first EP entitled “The Sunset” on Parisian label Yeah!/Dish Records. The Ep is in collaboration with Lyon’s Destronics and features remixes by Jean Tonique and Knight One and Sydney’s Ashton Edit. Suffice it to say that we are anxious to hear the full release. Check out these artists and discover some extremely well crafted gems that you may not have been previously up on. It is our pleasure to help you find them. Enjoy

Shook – Hold Tight


Who is SHOOK? If you look to his press for that answer you get an “origin of” type story directly out of the pages of a marvel comic. His Soundcloud has him hailing from “Cybertron, Antarctica.” For our purposes we will refer to him as the dude with the sick remix/production skills as we take a look at a ridiculous Louis La Roche Remix, sooo good… and an equally impressive original track. On to the music.

Shook – Hold Tight by Shook (Official)

Ahhh.Fresh off the recently released “The Rise and Fall” EP, This track has a familiar type, soulful party vibe that is impossible to resist. Part body movin’ groove, part subdued soul sensation. ALL awesome.Shook has a knack for throwing a variety of elements into the mix that don’t neccessarily all seem to go together but always seem to somehow work, and well.The chopped up twinkly keys, the distorted bassline. The old school vocal that shifts in and out of focus.Play it again Shook.Great jam.

Louis La Roche – The Wall (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)

This is one of my personal favorites right now.Mixes right into Les Loups “Side to Side” almost effortlessly, in case you were wondering… A stand out track.I love it when artists that clearly have a great deal of mutual respect for each others styles hook up remixes for one another.It’s like a respectful challenge.When inspiration hits and the stars line up just so, The result is always spectacular. This is one of those special occasions. Stellar remix.

Regardless of your particular twist Sir Shook has managed to create something that pulls you in. With a handful of excellent remixes from artists like Phoenix, Penguin Prison, Jupiter and Ellie Goulding (to name a few) and a rock solid new Ep, Shook is undoubtedly on the move. Check him out. You will be glad that you did.


Visitor’s debut LP (out on Vulture with, I believe, Diamond Cut behind the production?) will soon be upon us, but until then, the electro-pop sensation hailing from London has whet our pallets with an ethereal remix to Monsieur Adi’s “Fire Fire Fire” that is nothing short of brilliant.

Fire Fire Fire (VISITOR Remix) by VISITOR

Begins with a nice filtered sound. This one continues to build, build and build some more behind lovely synth work and a subtle drum beat. Consider the fire ignited. But what else would you expect from a Vulture act at this point?

It’s worth nothing that the Parisian based Monsieur Adi returned the favor to Visitor with his own, equally sensational remix to their single “Los Feeling.” I have zero hesitation whatsoever when I state that Monsieur Adi’s rework to this track is the best I’ve heard. And yes, that is a bold statement when the likes of Alan Braxe and Fear of Tigers are your competition.

Visitor – Los Feeling (Monsieur Adi Remix) by Big Dog Media

“When we kiss, you’re not really there…Have you lost that feeling now?”

That feeling: the Binary wavelength at its finest. The build up, the come downs, the sexy synths–it all works perfectly here. And it all comes together with a simply epic break down during the final minute and a half of the track that will leave you wanting more and more…Or just hitting the repeat button.

Bonus Monsieur Adi Track:

Ellie Goulding, Daft Punk, Monsieur Adi – No Guns And Horses, Just Make Love by Monsieur Adi

We’re generally not ones for mashups…But when Ellie Goulding and Daft Punk are the parties are at large, well, it’s hard to go wrong, especially when a producer like Monsieur Adi is pulling the strings. Makes love, not war. Keep it romantic–keep it Binary.