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Lancelot – Spoken Word

Everyone, Lancelot. Lancelot, everyone. Binary records is stoked to announce and present our latest artist: Lancelot. This terrifically talented young man’s debut Ep “We Can Dance” will be available on Beatport 2/20. I got the opportunity to hear a sneak peek, Josh actually has the original master in a booby trapped stainless-steel briefcase that is handcuffed to  his wrist, and I gotta say….it is incredible. Three dope originals plus remixes by  (LA’s own/Binary fam)  Goldroom and Fabian plus australian masters Moonchild and Frames, yes please. Really Nice EP.

Now I know I gush over pretty much everything that I write about so, I understand that it might be in the realm of possibility that at this point you guys have taken a kind of “yeah right” stance when I proclaim that something is awesome or incredible but, honestly, with our track record of non-stop dopeness and next level dreamy-type disco-rific sickness, just accept that we got this and jump on board. <—-Real Talk…….Although, I am sincerely feeling this entire EP, today we will be examining the original track “Spoken Word.” Without further ado. Binary Presents….

Lancelot – Spoken Word by LANCELOT

Just as soon as it starts, it’s dope. Every element is great. I can hardly start describing it appropriately, the soulful keys, the moody synth work, funky bass, children playing, sci-fi space/ray-gun noises. Yes! This song has rocketed to the top of recent favorites. Not too busy and not too simple, the tide comes in as the children’s cheering comes to the forefront, those keys, that steady beat, old school drum fills, handclaps, reverb-o-rama, and the tide goes back out, keys and clapping in the spotlight, gentle swell…funky reprise…stand out song.

This is a very exciting time for music, with so many talented producers and composers generating beautiful compositions.While genres mix, blend, dissolve and mutate, it feels like something magical is taking place.Lancelot is part of this, capturing something thoughtful, optimistic, funky and free. This is the soundtrack to your vibrant life. This is the future. Enjoy. Also (insert shameless plug) pick up the release when it is available. (by that I mean officially and legally) Binary loves you and Binary also has bills to pay…Please support the cause. Cheers – Binary

Dominic Pierce – Rockwitcha

Man, what a find.This kid is hitting! Dominic Pierce of Calgary, Canada is bringing some groovy-syrupy-bouncy flavor and I am loving it.Seriously, I found this dude and just dove in to his sound. Maybe its the hip-hop head in me, enjoying the familiarity after my tastes have taken me further from the daily beats, but there is something about that head-nod tempo that always brings a smile. Not quite “screwed”, not hip hop or trip hop, Dominic has that opiate style I associate with other genre favorites She Said Disco and Cezaire. Months later and I am still gravitating back to this dudes beats which, considering how glutinous my musical appetite is, says a lot. Anyway, Check this kid out. And yeah…you’re welcome.

Rockwitcha by dominicpierce

A re-work of one of my favorite soul joints, Dominic takes this one and flips it on some codeine laced other-shit shit. Unlike a lot of slowed down efforts, the vocals stay musical and the plodding tempo just starts to feel right. Dominic lets the song develop slowly, kind of toying with the familiarity. At 2:02 as the chorus drops, you are grinning, moving and completely on board. This is one of those songs that makes me want to just roll the windows down and cruise. Sweet jam.


[Re]United w/ L’After by dominicpierce

Another familiar re-imagining, this cut has a similar vibe. Bouncy, smacked-out soul. A little more distorted, Dominic filters the vocals in and out, looping and fading, all the while that mellow groove crawls along. This one just got in my head and stayed there, another jam to roll to. I like the work that goes into these tracks, subtle changes, fluid but engaging. Thanks bro. I love you. As the beat fades off, leaving a distorted refrain over handclaps and synths, you aren’t yet ready for the ride to end. Romantic and smooth. Bravo.


You and Me (Dancefloor) by dominicpierce

ahh yeah, this is one of those fun, party type jams that has a lot of appeal in a lot of situations. As a dj, a jam like this can save the day at a house party or after hours that needs re-directing.Bouncy, non-distinct enough to be worked into a variety of genres, there is an air of carefree abandon. Great track.

Thinkin About U by dominicpierce

Partire by dominicpierce

Lets Re-Cap. Dominic Pierce, smacked-out soul and down tempo delicious. Support this dude’s remixes/mixes and shows, do a stage dive, buy a t-shirt and then burn it. Check out his sound cloud and support good music. you will be glad you did. Cheers

On Repeat: Cosmic Kids, Matamatics, Star Slinger, and More



I’ve been on hiatus for a bit. But Los Angeles has been cold and rainy for a while. There was a nut burning cars in Hollywood. The Clippers became the best basketball team in the city. Everything was flipped upside down. But today the sun came out. Starting out last night at sunset approximately 23498239487 people tweeted photos of one of the better sunsets in recent memory. Today we all woke up to an 80 degree masterpiece of an LA winter’s day. This evening, we were treated to another sunset fit for a postcard or a Night Rider montage.

Seeing the sunset made it all feel alright again. I could taste summer in the air. We all had a spring in our step, and most of us weren’t wearing much clothing. The city had an energy that it doesn’t usually have in January. And I knew this was a sign. A sign to BLOG.

Here’s whats been on repeat for me.

Holy Ghost! – Hold My Breath (Cosmic Kids Remix) by CosmicKids

Locals the Cosmic Kids are really showing their maturity with this one. Complex and subtle, this remix is full of melodic touches that remind me of some of those 2009 Classixx remixes that basically started the entire trend back towards deep tropical house. I heard the Classixx fellas may have helped with this remix, so I suppose that makes sense. On top of everything else, hearing one of my favorite Holy Ghost! songs re-invented in such a new way just makes me happy. This sounds like the Standard Rooftop at 6:30pm as the afternoon pool party is dying down and the sun is setting. Only the diehards are left the only part of the roof thats occupied is the dancefloor. This is the soundtrack.

Star Slinger – Moet & Reese by Star Slinger

Contrary to what you might think, this song is not out of place on the Binary blog. We love emotional, cinematic, melody driven music. Star Slinger deserved all the praise he gets, but its not because he’s leading a post Dilla charge back towards New York sample funk hip hop sounds, its because he has an incredible ear for melody and tension. This song in particular just brings out feelings in me that I haven’t felt in a long time. Its melancholy and lonely, and yet it wraps you up in a blanket of warmth and makes everything feel just fine.

Xtrafunk – We Love Disco by Xtrafunk

Xtrafunk is pretty much unknown. I hate doing this, cause he’s my own little find and I love him. We Love Disco is just one of the gems that lies within his soundcloud. I won’t go into a ton of detail except to say that you would be foolish not to go listen to his catalog.

Stars On 33 – Keep On Dancing by eskimorecordings

Those close to me know I’m a giant sucker for classic french touch. Alan Braxe’s dramatic resurgence in 2011 has helped lead the charge, but Stars On 33, a project helped along by Kris Menace, has been one of its newer champions. Keep On Dancing doesnt make me dance at all. It makes me sit at a stoplight and miss when the light turns green. I get so lost in this song that its hard to find my way out after a while.

Simple Girl (matamatics Remix) by matamaticsmusic

Lastly, we have Matamatic’s take on Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr’s song ‘Simple Girl’, which they’ve turned into a yacht rocky smooth jam worthy of white wine and some beautiful company. This song is the soundtrack to my daydreams of cruising the Mediterranean on a large white catamaran, crammed with 7 friends that want nothing more than to soak up the sun and see where the wind takes them.
Until next time…
-Josh (Binary)
Goldroom – Angeles


Boom, Goldroom. When you have already written quite a bit about an artist, it is a challenge to stay fresh. Especially in the music world, where the idea is to develop a certain sound and style, one of the challenges in writing about them can be accurately promoting an artist without just saying the same old shit over and over again. Luckily for all of us, Goldroom does not present that problem. Angeleno transplant Josh Legg aka Goldroom has found a niche and consistently innovated and progressed within that groove. With each remix and mix, Goldroom has shown a different facet of his well produced, creative style. With his latest and arguably greatest so far,  Josh has created an ode to the city of Angels that transcends the labels of indie or dance and just holds its own as an awesome tune. Check it out:

Goldroom – Angeles by Goldroom

Angeles…They wanna know…they wanna know about it

This song is not just a jam, this song is the jam. Hand drums and a lazy guitar riff set the stage for the perfect bassline and synth-scape that make Goldroom a favorite.Vocally this is Goldroom’s biggest track to date with the vocals and lyrics fitting perfectly with the mix, Josh sings knowingly about L.A, his tone and timbre translating more than words convey.


L.A is a wild place, full of opportunity, dreams and ambition. More than just a physical location, Los Angeles is a symbol, an idea.People come from all over the world, visions of being discovered and the “glamorous life” leading them into the waiting arms of the city.Some times that’s a beautiful thing, sometimes a necessary but painful lesson, sometimes… it’s the end. Drawing from the beauty and freedom that can be found here and also touching on the darker side of expectation and lust, Goldroom have delivered a great track. Insightful, beautifully crafted and easy on the ears. Thank you Goldroom. Binary Approves.

Oliver – Footsteps


Picture yourself on an ocean, with a beautiful girl (or guy) by your side. There’s a nice breeze, but nothing too serious. It chills your bones, maybe gives you a little goosebumps. The tide rushes towards you, and your feet are instantly moistened and met with a cold shock. That’s about when you lean in for the kiss.

No, that’s yet to happen to me. But when I close my song and play this song by Oliver, I’m instantly transported to that surreal setting.

Footsteps by weareoliver

I hear footsteps…baby…

Oliver (the production duo that consists of U-Tern and Oligee), took 2011 by storm, cementing their place amongst the elite disco–and really, all genres–producers. Any time the name Oliver is attached to a remix, you know that the oncoming sound will be nothing but euphoric.

Oliver was responsible for two of the best remixes in 2011, ones that I haven’t been able to get out of heavy rotation since I first heard them. Another unique aspect about these productions is that they are kind of ambidextrous–they translate well to a DJ set or just a lazy afternoon by the beach.

Sneaky Sound System – Big (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver



Housse De Racket – Roman (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver


Bonus Track:

Black Van put the touches on Oliver’s “Dirty Talk,” and well, it’s a sensual romp of whispers, synths, and silkiness.


Oliver – Dirty Talk – (Black Van Remix) by Black Van

Madi Diaz – Trust Fall (Down We Go Remix by Jensen Sportag)

The last six months has seen a lot of awesome material from Jensen Sportag.  Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Craig hail from Nashville and together make this impressive duo known only as Jensen Sportag.  For Binary fans, their soundcloud page is just hit after hit.  Namely, their remix of Memory Tapes’ “Wait in the Dark” as well as their EP, “Pure Wet” were released in succession this summer and earned them some well deserved fame in the blogosphere.  Their remix of Teeel’s “Ojai Valley” caught my eye as well.  Always good to see your hometown repped somwhere no matter how small it is; just a bit of personal bias.

Their laidback style of relaxed and eclectic sounds makes these guys stand on their own.  Is it just me, or has it been a while since we’ve seen any music like this come out of Nashville? I think yes.  Regardless, its good to see these guys back around with their remix of Madi Diaz’s “Down We Go” last month.  Check it out:

Madi Diaz – Trust Fall (Down We Go Remix by Jensen Sportag) by Jensen Sportag

If you’re familiar with their other work, you’re as glad as I am to see that these guys have still got it. Since this is my first time writing for the blog in a long time, it’s exciting to return with such a superb remix on my to-do list.   “Trust Fall” is the Nashville duo’s take on Madi Diaz’s melodic ballad “Down We Go.”  This is a huge remix, and its stunning to see “Down We Go” transformed across very different genres and fit so well into the style Jensen Sportag have carved out for themselves; like another trophy on the shelf.



The first 30 seconds of “Trust Fall” brings us in slowly and sets the mood, like an artist statement explaining “this is a tribute to the original”–despite some radical changes in this rework, by just listening to Madi Diaz you can see where this is coming from.  On the other hand, it’s inspiring to hear the vocals transplanted into this whole new setting, by shifting the verses around and mastering where to throw them in, the lyrics of the original play into this remix so intimately it makes “Trust Fall” sound like a whole new track of its own.  Once the funkier elements of the song loop in, the disco feel confirms the wavy, good vibes Jensen Sportag have stamped on this one.


Trust fall is a brilliant hybrid of the folksy and and the funky, and has our seal of approval.  In the same brand of unique styles and disco genius, Jensen Sportag’s Pure Wet EP was a superb summer EP that keeps working year round with no better way to describe it then “underwater disco.”  I hope these guys stick around and keep producing music like this.

Ennui – Walk

Ennui is a two man band out of Pittsburgh. Jim Doutrich and Sam McUmber make blissful, indie/ synth-filled/pop/rock type niceness. Their latest full length release -Formation of Tides-is full of washed out emotion driven gems that fit right in with the changing weather.Sitting down to write this I am faced with an interesting challenge. Which songs should I feature as the entire release has an accessible, solid feel. A little different from our usual but groovy and awesome nonetheless, check these guys out.


Coconino, saunters in. Jim’s gentle crooning (Casablancas like?) fits perfectly inside of and on top of the well orchestrated beat and groove. The comparisons to great and established bands come fairly easily without the sound feeling derivative.Pretty song…and it’s free. Ennui has a sound that you feel like you should have already been up on as it is just so good.Spread the word.


Another dreamy jam. This song has a nostalgic, thoughtful feeling.The production feels rich and musically executed.Not too spacey that the groove gets lost, not so groovy that that melancholy, emo energy gets polished over.Well done.


A cadence like beat and softly droning keys set the stage as the warm vocals play the back, keys, guitars, organ, this song takes control and sets a vibe. Artistic. Pretty. Damn good.

Ennui are on to something. Grab the release, support some talented artists. This is well made music that bears up over repeated listening. I wish that I could say that more often. Nice release.

Dragonette – Pick Up The Phone (Beaumont remix)

There are certain songs that will forever touch a nerve with you, for one reason or another. For me, Dragonette’s “Pick Up the Phone” is just one of those goose-bump tracks. It’s one of those choons that I associate with a specific time and place in my life. I remember a close friend who introduced it to me via the Van She Remix a couple years back–and I remember skipping it the first time I heard it because I found the vocals abrasive.

dragonette – pick up the phone (beaumont remix) by beaumont_music

And then I heard it again–and it immediately went on all my playlists and has remained there ever since. Beaumont‘s remix to Pick Up the Phone–which is really daytime/sunfall appropriate–stands out for a couple reasons.  The first being that the introduction is simply ethereal and heart-stopping. I also love the way he builds the beats up and then eases you into the vocals. And then vocals are highlighted in such a starry, sexy way that will make you weak in the knees.

And those lyrics. Is there anything more annoying or worse feeling than when you really, really need to talk to someone and they are either asleep, have their phone on mute, or are just flat-out ignoring you.

And that’s kind of Beaumont’s specialty. Ethereal music that will launch you into some kind of outer space Delorean-esque cruise control.

beaumont – wings like the sun by beaumont_music

I dare you to find a chiller song than this.

And for good measure, the Van She Remix:

Pick Up The Phone (Michael Van She Remix) by wolfeclayton

Louis La Roche – Los Angeles

Louis La Roche might as well be called Treasure Fingers Junior. La Roche, like TF (Ashley Jones), pumps out nu-disco jams at an unparalleled rate.

Ever since I heard Louis La Roche’s remix to Basement Jaxx’s Raindrops, I’ve been infatuated. That classic catapulted the young London-based producer into the bloggosphere and he’s only kept soaring. Given his latest productions, you can safely bet La Roche (aka Brett Ewels) is here to stay.

Louis La Roche – Los Angeles by louislaroche

Uplifting, classic nu-disco at his finest. La Roche specializes in making feel-good dance music, a la TF, Justin Faust, and our own Fabian. This type of track is his bread and butter. La Roche also throws some dirt into the mix. As we anxiously await the release of his debut album, “Hello You,” he’s given us plenty of jams to shake it across the dance floor to.

I personally prefer this Daft Punk inclusive edit. Not only does it include a sample from one of the finest DP songs, but it’s blended in such a fine manner that the track is singularly a LaRoche track with a sprinkling of DP in it. It’s not a “mash-up” or a “bootleg.” It’s just a really well-produced jam.

Louis La Roche – Los Angeles (Louis DP Edit) by louislaroche

With three EP’s already to his name (along with countless singles and a side project EWE accounted for), this recently turned 21 year old is finally legal to drink in the states. And I have a sneaking suspicion he will have the chance to do just that in Los Angeles–and many other US cities–in the near future.

It’d take me too long to list all the wizards La Roche has remixed–and transformed into his own (and in most cases, something better). Treasure Fingers, Fred Falke, Lifelike, Daft Punk, DJ Shadow, etc… While I definitely think LaRoche is human and some of his productions are stronger than others, he’s light years ahead of most producers his age (yes, even Madeon).

This mix he sculpted for GDD kind of sums up his brilliance.

Scenery Mixtape #3:

Louis La Roche – Scenery Mixtape Part 3 by louislaroche

Bonus Track-we discovered this mixtape’s secret weapon:

Jones Girls – Dance Turned Into A Romance by FEEBLEMINDS81

Jonas Rathsman – Tobago

If you’re a nu disco fanatic, you’ve probably heard fresh tunes from Stockholm’s Jonas Rathsman featured in The Magician’s recent Magic Tapes. On December 12th, French Express, a music label known for its tropical disco artists, released Jonas’ “Tobago” EP. “Tobago” is Jonas’ newest EP based on the name of his single that was featured in Magic Tape 15. His other gem from the EP, “Feeling You” was a definite highlight from Magic Tape 17.


Jonas Rathsman – Tobago (Preview) by Jonas Rathsman

“Tobago” prompts an urge to get up and groove. It’s infused with a tropical setting visual, a reminder of the summer heat, as represented in the soulful music video. It’s sultry and smooth, ideal for blasting during a car ride along the Californian coast. The sounds are isolated and profound, with a bongo sequence to add the tribal house feel. It’s pure bliss.

Jonas Rathsman – Feeling You (Preview) by Jonas Rathsman

“Feeling You” is a 90’s deep-house creation with soulful vocals, similar to the arrangement of Rathsman’s earlier “Love Is My Middle Name”. Like Tobago, this jazz-funk tune also embodies a sexy feel. The brief build-up at 2:32 has you begging for the catchy retro loop to return to your ears immediately.  Jonas maintains the classic discotheque sound, yet brings a modern twist with the dissonant, deep synthesizers.

Jonas digresses from his pop disco sound as heard in his duo Uniforms, and establishes an independent sound through deeper and more retro-vibe synths in his EP. I’m personally thankful that a nu disco-groove icon like The Magician has spread the sound of Rathsman’s edgy, harmonious productions. And Jonas, you know that I wanna thank you too.