Boom, Goldroom. When you have already written quite a bit about an artist, it is a challenge to stay fresh. Especially in the music world, where the idea is to develop a certain sound and style, one of the challenges in writing about them can be accurately promoting an artist without just saying the same old shit over and over again. Luckily for all of us, Goldroom does not present that problem. Angeleno transplant Josh Legg aka Goldroom has found a niche and consistently innovated and progressed within that groove. With each remix and mix, Goldroom has shown a different facet of his well produced, creative style. With his latest and arguably greatest so far,  Josh has created an ode to the city of Angels that transcends the labels of indie or dance and just holds its own as an awesome tune. Check it out:

Goldroom – Angeles by Goldroom

Angeles…They wanna know…they wanna know about it

This song is not just a jam, this song is the jam. Hand drums and a lazy guitar riff set the stage for the perfect bassline and synth-scape that make Goldroom a favorite.Vocally this is Goldroom’s biggest track to date with the vocals and lyrics fitting perfectly with the mix, Josh sings knowingly about L.A, his tone and timbre translating more than words convey.


L.A is a wild place, full of opportunity, dreams and ambition. More than just a physical location, Los Angeles is a symbol, an idea.People come from all over the world, visions of being discovered and the “glamorous life” leading them into the waiting arms of the city.Some times that’s a beautiful thing, sometimes a necessary but painful lesson, sometimes… it’s the end. Drawing from the beauty and freedom that can be found here and also touching on the darker side of expectation and lust, Goldroom have delivered a great track. Insightful, beautifully crafted and easy on the ears. Thank you Goldroom. Binary Approves.