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Final DJS – Neon

Basti and Thomas, the two talented gentlemen that make up Final DJs have released a brilliant new track in NEON and an excellent remix of the Bee Gee’s
 ESP, both are available for free download and both tracks are superb 
examples of the duo’s work.

Final DJs – NEON *Free Download* by FINAL DJs

First off, NEON is a languid disco ride into sweeping synthesized
 melodies that are drenched with electrifed waves of percussive
 flourishes. The opening sets a scene of deliberation and fantasy with 
an ever expanding horizon of possibilities opening up before us. As 
the bass carresses our wings and the soaring melodies begin to rise
 into the air it is very apparent that our technicolour night flight is
 going to be a memorable one.

The near six minute experience of NEON is a constant state of 80’s 
fueled disco discovery that makes this free-ticket ride one of the 
best reasons to take to the skies.

In true Final DJs tradition there 
are some massive hooks that swing the mood even higher and when the
 delectably muted guitar track kicks in you’ll break all earthly bounds 
and be catapulted through the stratosphere.

As we come in for landing the lit up runway beacons guide us to safety
, the ice on our wings is luminescent and coloured a thousand shades of neon.
As it melts we can finally fully take in all the excitement and beauty 
the last six minutes have provided.So Good.

Be a Gee – ESP (Final DJs Higher and Higher Rework) *Free Download* by FINAL DJs

Our second adventure with Final DJs is the Higher and Higher Rework of
 the Bee Gee’s classic ESP song. It’s a shame the Bee Gee’s mid-80’s 
releases are largely laying in the shadows of their late 70’s disco
 classics.  Thankfully Basti and Thomas have brought our attention to
 their rock and synth sound of the classic decade that sounded great 
the first time around and now sounds even better in 2012.

The Final DJs magic works it’s way through the original’s instrumentation
 with all new synthesizer melodies and layers that create an 
invigorating and exciting soundscape, making all the brightest
 parts of the original shine even brighter. Special note must go to the 
work done on the drum track, which seems to do the impossible in 
making it even punchier and more dramatic.

These two tracks are FInal DJs at their best, on one hand creating new
 and breathtaking disco vistas and on the other adding wonderfully lush 
new dimensions to a classic vintage track. Both are FREE on
Soundcloud, so make them a part of your listening experience as soon
 as you can.


Poindexter – Gray Matter

Well this may be a first for Binary: Dubstep! Ha. James Blake isn’t exactly a master of the wobble, but they don’t call him the “Prince of Dubstep” without reason.

Anyway, onto the tune, which is a massive one. Poindexter, a Portland based producer, tried his hand at remixing The Wilhelm Scream a couple months ago, and the result is a dreamy stroll down the boardwalk, lined with palm trees and light emanating discoballs.

James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (Poindexter Remix) by POINDEXTER

Poindexter takes the original tune and funks it up, tossing in a lush synth line and slightly amping up the vibe and pace of this chill tune, making it dance floor approved. No, this is not a slight edit or re-work–this is more of a transformation.

This lovely ear porn led me to more of Poindexter’s work, and the returns were: surreal. Poindexter’s debut EP, “Forever” is a splendid work of laid back electro “funk pop chillwave” with a smooth “French touch.”

Or, as Poindexter tells it:”Forever is “the soundtrack to a horror love story set in outer space”. It effortlessly meanders through multiple genres, namely pop, funk and chillwave

One song in particular that caught my ear was “Gray Matter,” a gentle piece of electric relaxation.


I also fancy “Light Years,” which mixes in a little bit of a Phoenix vibe.


I don’t know much about Portland. But the music produced by Portlandites and personal favorite RAC has certainly found some dexterous company.



Fabian – Do It


This is how Fabian does it. And I am absolutely obsessed. This beat is simultaneously sexy, tropical and ravey – making Los Angeles and the Binary family proud.

Fabian – Do It by iamFabian

The vocals ripped from Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It” gives this jam a 90’s nostalgic feel. It’s less dreamy than Fabian’s recent productions and a hell of a lot more heavy.  Fabian features a true house sound in this new creation; experimenting with a club feel in comparison to the dreamwave masterpiece “Say Goodbye”, released last year. This stunner is a reminder of Fabian’s “Puzzle” and “Alpha” roots, with its heavier handclaps and electro vibe.

Versatility is a wonderful thing, and this guy has mastered it. We’re excited to hear more variations and potential hip-hop integrations from LA’s young disco genius. This guy has ranked first in many of the hype machine charts, and has mastered remixes by the masters himself…The Magician and Shinichi Osawa to name a few.


So add this one to your pre-drink playlist, and rip the dance floor like it’s 1995. Do it.


Chateaubriand – The Sunset


Happy Valentines day kiddos!  Today we get up close with Chateaubriand aka Paul Perrault of Bordeaux.France. “The Sunset” is a sexy jam and really illustrates how much this young producer has grown. A few months ago I waxed complimentary about an older jam of his and mentioned that he would be releasing an Ep on Yeah!/Dish Records, what I did not mention, because I had not yet heard it in its entirety, was that the entire Ep is awesome. Although it has been out for a little while I am excited to blog about this as it really deserves attention. Yeah!/Dish Records are on a roll, releasing great music, free of charge (thats right,Gratis) and this release along with another recent release by Luminaire mark the beginning of a long and mutually rewarding relationship. They keep putting out sweet free jams, I keep absorbing them and help spread the word. Sounds fair to me.

The Sunset ft Destronics (Original Mix) by Chateaubriand

Nice track, I actually had the privilege of hearing this one in various stages of completion and the final result is truly something to be proud of. The Robert Smith-esqe, sneer-laced vocals, the funky bass and flanged guitar, spacey synths , handclaps!!, all of my favorite elements. This song has a quality that we here at Binary really appreciate in that it is a full fledged song. Where the instrumental and the vocals can often feel disconnected in EDM this song feels cohesive and whole. More of a band feeling than just a thrown together track. Chateaubriand and Destronics = Good combo.

The Sunset ft Destronics (Pleasurelove Remix) by Chateaubriand

Pleasurelove takes the original down syrupy serene pathways to blissed-out type dopeness…I know you know I am a sucker for this tempo and groove but it really suits this song. A little darker and more melancholy without losing its melodic edge, nice one Pleasurelove. At 3:53 when the song emerges from filtered out euphoria with an almost pained cry, Life is good. I know I get emo. Deal with it.

The Sunset ft Destronics (Ashton Edit Remix) by Chateaubriand

Ashton Edit takes things in a more amped/chopped direction, ala LBCK or Phantom’s Revenge. This Sidney native delivers something with a new millennium Flashdance feel that is cut / chopped and bumped to floor destroying capacity. If the original was a stroll down the beach and Pleasurelove threw down the lovers embrace soundtrack for deeper intimacy and action, Ashton Edit takes this track to the floor with dramatically successful results. That’s part of what I love about this Ep and remix packed releases in general. Hearing so many talented hands take something in so many cool and functioning directions.


Every remix is notable here and they all twist the idea enough to be relevant but similar enough to hold onto the feeling behind the song. Jean Tonique, Knight One, Moustache Machine and Le Crayon touch the track and leave it reinvented and, as I mentioned earlier, the entire release is FREE (Gratis, again). Check it out. You will be happy that you did.

Ben Browning – I Can’t Stay

Cut Copy’s bassist Ben Browning branched off and released his single “I Can’t Stay” from his forthcoming EP “Love Motion”. The Australian zealous, funky  and summery sound that Cut Copy is notorious for still remains in Ben’s solo piece.

BEN BROWNING – I CANT STAY by Cutters Records

The original “I Can’t Stay” is a combination of a calypso feel, discotheque synths, and a damn catchy bass. It’s a hybrid between the sultry voice of Peter, Bjorn & John, and vivacious theme from Split Enz, one of Ben’s biggest influences from the 80’s. Soulful, and energetic; Ben impresses us all with his ability to create his own sound, a solid retro-funk tune. Keep it coming, Ben.


Also originating from Cutters Records, Knightlife, also known as producer Mike Gamwell had his own take on the single. What’s more perfect than beginning a song with the sound of ocean waves? A picture of “this town” of Melbourne is painted through this tune. Knightlife infuses his notorious visceral disco sound and integrates selected vocals from the original. A feeling of tranquility sets in at four minutes, instigated by the euphoric and dreamy build-up. This jam. This jam. So fresh, and so incredibly clean.

Another remix from America’s electro-house DJ Juan Maclean is ideal for the dance floor, which we heard in Magic Tape 18. Not surprising at all that the nu-disco kingpin “The Magician” was digging this song’s vibe. It’s a groovier version of the original, with a sexy beat and a recurring chopped vocal. Pump it.

The Cut Copy family is a talented one. So sit back, relax as if you’re on an Australian beach, and enjoy. Warning: songs are subject to be on repeat for days.




Citizens! – Reptile (Goldroom Remix)


It’s a dreary day in Los Angeles today, and our man Goldroom has supplied the perfect bluesy remix to mirror this enigma of a day in the typically sunny SoCal. Goldroom‘s remix to Citizens! Reptile is what we hope you’ve come expect from a Goldroom joint and what I believe is the vibe expressed in all of his productions: euphoric, tranquil, and deft.


Citizens! – Reptile (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom


Don’t let your blood run cold.

The echo of a subtle Cowbell? Check. The clicking sound of Tribal Bongos? Check. A sexy track that will set the perfect vibe for a cocktail hour or a late night tango? Check. Uplifting and chilling at the same time? Check.

Simply put, Goldroom makes feel good music that eclipses genres–calling it “Daytime Disco” doesn’t do it justice–it’s just flat out fucking brilliant. Goldroom has come to represent a new sound that goes beyond our beloved “Dreamwave.”

I’d call this sound somewhere in the midst of tropical/tribal electro-phoria. There is a method to the madness behind producing such gems, and it’s one that I assure you is a lot more time consuming and difficult than pressing a few buttons in Ableton and adding in a synth or bass line.

Yes, I know the man behind Goldroom, Josh Legg, and I wouldn’t say a bad word about his work even if I didn’t enjoy it…BUT. When I met Josh didn’t have any idea he actually was Goldroom. No, I didn’t find that out till about a month later, when I read this fact on GDD when Goldroom’s “Red Light” remix was released.

I had listened to Morgan’s Bay and City Girls ad nauseum. But Goldroom, even after meeting him, was still a complete myth to me, along the likes of Flight Facilities, Monarchy, and all the lush producers cloaked in anonymity.

When you meet a previously faceless artist or someone you admire or have adored form afar–musician, athlete, porn star, whatever–the outcome can leave a sour taste in your mouth. I’ve met various DJs and producers who’s bland, stale or flat out lame personalities turn me off of their music.

While it would be brash to call Josh more than an acquaintance, the simple fact that I’ve been able to help out someone who produces such beautiful music and believes whole heartedly in the integrity of his sound, has been an honor. So I guess what I’m saying is that even though I’ve met Josh a few times and he’s no longer a mythical magician of tropicalia, his music still resonates with me.

In summation: it’s no secret that the last six months have been kind to Goldroom. Many blogs have written kind and words about him and for that we are truly thankful. Many of his songs have shot up the Hypem chart. Incredible remix opportunities are surfacing. Gotta Dance Dirty just conducted a SUPERB interview with him. And you’ll be able to catch his live performance in the near future–as soon as this week, if you’re located in either Orange County or San Francisco.

Now excuse me while I turn the volume to 11 on my speakers and rip a shot of whiskey…Just to warm the blood up a bit.


Perseus – Russian Girlfriends


A French Express production represents an erotic cocktail of all that is lush, tropical, and pure. And Perseus, the boutique label’s head, creates music that fits this mold to the tee. Perseus’ music has a chilling yet sensual affect–it has the type of sound that gives you chills and makes you sweat at the same time.

French Express, is known largely for the recent breakouts of Jonas Rathsman (Tobago) and Chris Malinchak (No Secrets). But “Perseus” takes the cake. Perseus (Leo, the head of the label) classifies his music as “tropical euphoria” and himself as a “baby making record maker.” We couldn’t agree more.

Perseus’ utter genius with his EP “Russian Girlfriends” penetrates genres and levels of mastery that quite frankly most people will overlook after a cursory listen. The song simply VIBES. It took me over about 20 plays of this EP and a bit of research to unveil the sheer mind bender of a link between the EP’s title track and historic songs.

Russian Girlfriends by PERSEUS

And I discovered that this gem also features many lush samples, as the fine folks at Tracasseur pointed towards the realization that Russian Girlfriends is a pretty historic piece of art. That PM Dawn sample then led me on to a couple different directions, playing four degrees of separation. I soon discovered that Perseus’ song was in a weird way spawned out of a Spandau Ballet ballad song that is one of the more infamous movie soundtrack samples of all time, a subtle yet haunting cluck of the strings and coo that is as part-of the 80’s as The Breakfast Club. The song also has historic roots based in  “Ashley’s Roachclip” and “Bonita Applebom.” Bottom line: no mere mortal could create a track this hot.

“Cool Runnings”, the next track on this wonder of an EP, is a syntherotic wave of ebbs and flows that never quits.

Cool Runnings by PERSEUS


To quote Hot Tub Time Machine, this song just kind of sounds like “The Great White Buffalo.” Cool Runnings is quite frankly one of the classiest tracks you’ll hear. Sultry chants laced over tropical beats that rush in and out like the ocean tide pulsate through. Cool Runnings is just one of those tracks you can FEEL–hell, all of Perseus’ songs are. Nodding your head to this song isn’t an option, it’s a requirement.

And the third and final track is also a sexy tune to boot.

Perseus – Running Back To You by FRENCH EXPRESS

If you recognize “Running Back to You,” it’s for good reason. Perseus goes where, quite frankly, I doubt any electronic producer has ever gone before, at least not in this smooth and deft a way. He samples Ashanti’s “Foolish,” extracting the vocals, the base beat, and absolutely drenches it with sun rays, moisture, and straight up sex.

Bonus Classic Jam by Perseus (with a free download)

Jeremy Glenn – New Life (Perseus ‘Summer of 83′ Remix) by future classic

Fortunately for our ears, the legend of Perseus didn’t end with the slaying of Medusa. From the sounds of these songs, the tale has only begun.

You can buy Russian Girlfriends off Beatport and like French Express’ Facebook Page.


Tesla Boy – Waste My Body

Let me preface this by saying I can’t even begin to put into words how much I love Tesla Boy. Their Modern Thrills album is still one of my favourite, all time, most played, guaranteed to make me happy, records ever. For me this was the album I’d wanted to have and hear since music changed in the late 80’s. This was the ultimate in traditional 80’s synthpop and every track, vocal, sound and nuance were utterly perfect for what I needed to fill that aural void in my life.
So to say Tesla Boy hold a special place in my musical heart is a massive understatement. I can count one hand modern artists who I love equally, and often when you devote so much love and passion to an artist the whole relationship hangs on tenterhooks strung with gossamer when a new release is announced. Will they continue to make music you love? Or will you be disappointed and heartbroken by their new work?

I’ve found the longer the time between releases usually means the greater differential in musical styles and sounds from previous work. And a scant two years from the delectable Modern Thrills there have been two new singles released by Tesla Boy. The first being the delightfully dark In Your Eyes, a downtempo and spatial piece of heaven that still sounded like Tesla Boy albeit with some newly explored darker dimensions of smouldering synthpop. But it’s laid back structure and waning pace did little to reaffirm my faith that Tesla Boy were still on a 100% 80’s bent.

Which brings us to Waste My Body. Literally within the first 20 seconds of this track you know you’re in for a good time and feel utterly stupid for thinking that new Tesla Boy wouldn’t deliver the synth-laden 80’s goods. A triumphant return to their original modern thrills, with an extra layer of depth to their glossy, neon lit sound.

Tesla Boy – Waste My Body by Tesla Boy (Official) 

As an ode to self abusive nightclub life, Waste My Body is an anthemic call-to-arms that is a lace gloved fist pounding the smoke filled air in time with synthesized
handclaps. All hallmarks of Tesla Boy’s sound are present, complete with Anton’s unmistakable golden voice. The regenerated energy in the melodies and pace make for a thoroughly exciting song that has a shooting star chorus that is both uplifting and exhilarating.

The songs true completion lies in the end parts that have that classic Tesla Boy breakdown with Anton’s vocals before diving headfirst back into the chorus one last time. This feels so right, almost like time has stood still since Modern Thrills’s release.

And therein lies the magic of Tesla Boy. When creating a sound that so perfectly replicates the early 80’s synthpop. I can close my eyes and it’s 2010 again. listening to Modern Thrills for the first time. And I can close my eyes even tighter it’s still 1984 in a perfect time capsule of all the things that make this music such a joyous and wonderful experience.