Happy Valentines day kiddos!  Today we get up close with Chateaubriand aka Paul Perrault of Bordeaux.France. “The Sunset” is a sexy jam and really illustrates how much this young producer has grown. A few months ago I waxed complimentary about an older jam of his and mentioned that he would be releasing an Ep on Yeah!/Dish Records, what I did not mention, because I had not yet heard it in its entirety, was that the entire Ep is awesome. Although it has been out for a little while I am excited to blog about this as it really deserves attention. Yeah!/Dish Records are on a roll, releasing great music, free of charge (thats right,Gratis) and this release along with another recent release by Luminaire mark the beginning of a long and mutually rewarding relationship. They keep putting out sweet free jams, I keep absorbing them and help spread the word. Sounds fair to me.

The Sunset ft Destronics (Original Mix) by Chateaubriand

Nice track, I actually had the privilege of hearing this one in various stages of completion and the final result is truly something to be proud of. The Robert Smith-esqe, sneer-laced vocals, the funky bass and flanged guitar, spacey synths , handclaps!!, all of my favorite elements. This song has a quality that we here at Binary really appreciate in that it is a full fledged song. Where the instrumental and the vocals can often feel disconnected in EDM this song feels cohesive and whole. More of a band feeling than just a thrown together track. Chateaubriand and Destronics = Good combo.

The Sunset ft Destronics (Pleasurelove Remix) by Chateaubriand

Pleasurelove takes the original down syrupy serene pathways to blissed-out type dopeness…I know you know I am a sucker for this tempo and groove but it really suits this song. A little darker and more melancholy without losing its melodic edge, nice one Pleasurelove. At 3:53 when the song emerges from filtered out euphoria with an almost pained cry, Life is good. I know I get emo. Deal with it.

The Sunset ft Destronics (Ashton Edit Remix) by Chateaubriand

Ashton Edit takes things in a more amped/chopped direction, ala LBCK or Phantom’s Revenge. This Sidney native delivers something with a new millennium Flashdance feel that is cut / chopped and bumped to floor destroying capacity. If the original was a stroll down the beach and Pleasurelove threw down the lovers embrace soundtrack for deeper intimacy and action, Ashton Edit takes this track to the floor with dramatically successful results. That’s part of what I love about this Ep and remix packed releases in general. Hearing so many talented hands take something in so many cool and functioning directions.


Every remix is notable here and they all twist the idea enough to be relevant but similar enough to hold onto the feeling behind the song. Jean Tonique, Knight One, Moustache Machine and Le Crayon touch the track and leave it reinvented and, as I mentioned earlier, the entire release is FREE (Gratis, again). Check it out. You will be happy that you did.