It’s a dreary day in Los Angeles today, and our man Goldroom has supplied the perfect bluesy remix to mirror this enigma of a day in the typically sunny SoCal. Goldroom‘s remix to Citizens! Reptile is what we hope you’ve come expect from a Goldroom joint and what I believe is the vibe expressed in all of his productions: euphoric, tranquil, and deft.


Citizens! – Reptile (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom


Don’t let your blood run cold.

The echo of a subtle Cowbell? Check. The clicking sound of Tribal Bongos? Check. A sexy track that will set the perfect vibe for a cocktail hour or a late night tango? Check. Uplifting and chilling at the same time? Check.

Simply put, Goldroom makes feel good music that eclipses genres–calling it “Daytime Disco” doesn’t do it justice–it’s just flat out fucking brilliant. Goldroom has come to represent a new sound that goes beyond our beloved “Dreamwave.”

I’d call this sound somewhere in the midst of tropical/tribal electro-phoria. There is a method to the madness behind producing such gems, and it’s one that I assure you is a lot more time consuming and difficult than pressing a few buttons in Ableton and adding in a synth or bass line.

Yes, I know the man behind Goldroom, Josh Legg, and I wouldn’t say a bad word about his work even if I didn’t enjoy it…BUT. When I met Josh didn’t have any idea he actually was Goldroom. No, I didn’t find that out till about a month later, when I read this fact on GDD when Goldroom’s “Red Light” remix was released.

I had listened to Morgan’s Bay and City Girls ad nauseum. But Goldroom, even after meeting him, was still a complete myth to me, along the likes of Flight Facilities, Monarchy, and all the lush producers cloaked in anonymity.

When you meet a previously faceless artist or someone you admire or have adored form afar–musician, athlete, porn star, whatever–the outcome can leave a sour taste in your mouth. I’ve met various DJs and producers who’s bland, stale or flat out lame personalities turn me off of their music.

While it would be brash to call Josh more than an acquaintance, the simple fact that I’ve been able to help out someone who produces such beautiful music and believes whole heartedly in the integrity of his sound, has been an honor. So I guess what I’m saying is that even though I’ve met Josh a few times and he’s no longer a mythical magician of tropicalia, his music still resonates with me.

In summation: it’s no secret that the last six months have been kind to Goldroom. Many blogs have written kind and words about him and for that we are truly thankful. Many of his songs have shot up the Hypem chart. Incredible remix opportunities are surfacing. Gotta Dance Dirty just conducted a SUPERB interview with him. And you’ll be able to catch his live performance in the near future–as soon as this week, if you’re located in either Orange County or San Francisco.

Now excuse me while I turn the volume to 11 on my speakers and rip a shot of whiskey…Just to warm the blood up a bit.