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80s Stallone – Beach

80s STALLONE. Londoner Chris Stallone really deserves some recognition. With some excellent remixes and terrific originals I had been aware of him but hadn’t really been this moved prior to the beach ep. This release is so dope it had me diving back in and rediscovering/really paying attention to his past work.With immediate access to so much great music and then all the swag and advance exclusives that being part of Binary includes, I can sometimes sleep on a notable release. So many factors start coming into play, what else came out that week? What mood was I in that week….Songs that I really meant to get back to are buried amidst the mp3 barrage and a golden track goes unacknowledged. Months old is not OLD….lets stop being musical gluttons and take time to absorb all that these talented artists are producing.Today we will rectify an oversight by returning to our Dreamwave roots and introducing…. 80s STALLONE.

Beach by 80s Stallone

Right from the beginning I am hooked. Synth paradise. The moody and musical quality of sound have a Silenx quality (that’s a compliment) and the energy and sexy pulsing groove build as the song progresses.Heartfelt and authentic.Instantly on repeat.


80s Stallone – Cliffhanger by 80s Stallone

It’s just so…Binary. What a jam, sunshine and summery. Perfect for a california afternoon, windows open and ocean breeze reminding us to have fun and let go.This is a track that you throw on and immediately smile, still thoughtful, nostalgically delicious, playful….. loving this one.Turn it up.


Cruise by his soundcloud and discover. Watch out for his upcoming releases and heart his tracks on The Hype Machine.Quality music that should be heard and appreciated. Binary Approves.

Alpine – Hands (Goldroom Remix)


We remember Alpine, the group from Melbourne with their production “Hands” in 2011 amid their unique, sexual music video. I watched the short film about twenty times consecutively to really grasp what’s happening, and, akin to the song, it’s full of art, love and innuendo. Animals, female interaction and food – although combined in a mystifying manner, what more can we ask for? The song itself is seductive and uninhibited, ideal for an ongoing jam session. Alpine’s single is simple yet captivating, and sends out a positive message – that it’s okay to feel that way. It’s the tune that catalyzed their Australian national tour with Hey Rosetta! and The Jezebels earlier this year – so hats off to them. We anticipate a North American tour soon…

Alpine – Hands (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

Hands touching hands – without a doubt. Yet again, Goldroom brings us together to enjoy another one of his tropical-infused masterpieces. Josh’s catchy chords and positive outbursts of string segments grace us with their presence to make for another memorable remix. It’s permeated with the innate dreamy sound of Binary, and timeless bongo fragments of Goldroom. If anything, Josh’s take on “Hands” makes me feel like it’s more okay to “feel that way”.

As a music fanatic, I know that it’s difficult for current artists to please just about everyone with each and every song they produce. They say that music releases the dopamine in our brains, and Goldroom is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Listen to Josh’s music, and let it be your therapy… Also, if you are fortunate enough to be in the vicinity of any of these awesome venues,catch Goldroom on tour……..dates below.Binary approves.

See the world….See the world through each others eyes.


Todd Terje – It’s The Arps

With nu-disco being a well established genre now it’s been subjected to many sideways influences with lots of different styles getting mixed in and working the genre in inspiring new directions. Ironically what makes listening to Todd Terje‘s Is The Arps EP so wonderfully exotic and exciting is that it’s very traditional nu-disco that as a concept breathes new and vibrant life into the genre.

TODD TERJE – Inspector Norse by toddterje

The opening piece is the playfully titled “Inspector Norse” a luxuriously languid escapade into a disco dreamland. The groove is mined deep, with tasty accents and delicate nuances to work the hooks deep. Upon the midpoint of this adventure the melody blossoms into a supernova of absolute brilliance. This is a spectacular track in every respect and every second of it is a joy to behold. As an opener this is exceptional, as a first stop on this journey of new discoveries, it merely opens a door.


TODD TERJE – Myggsommer by toddterje

Myggsommer, track 2, takes us deep into a disco jungle, steaming with possibilities and mystery. Only a birdsong to guide us on our perilous expedition through a flowing melody that streams through the lushness. We’re unsure of our direction, lost, disoriented and in need of some guidance. The jungle begins to close in and the music senses our panic, guiding us deeper into the unknown. Before total exhaustion hits, we look searchingly to the heavens for some kind of help and find a guiding light just peeking through the canopy. It’s a star, a Swing Star. With a star to guide us, the pace picks up and we can feel the sense of excitement and anticipation of what’s next begin to take over in an almost uncontrollable way.


TODD TERJE – Swing Star (pt1 + pt2) by toddterje

Swing Star continues our adventure in two parts. Our first episode drives along at a frenetic pace that seems to pinwheel into itself in a hypnotizing way that’s impossible to resist. The melodies quicken and we’re now flying through disco haze of exasperating layers that rise and fall with precision and balance while our view become clearer as the melodies escalate to fever pitch. Through the clouds, into clear skies the Swing Star takes us higher into the atmosphere, flying like chrome birds of prey. Diving, soaring and circling untill the descent begins.

Swing Star Part 2 bounces us deiberately back onto solid ground as sparks of disco flourishes dance like sprites around us. Settling down to groove hard along a funk laden melody the Swing Star augments our reality in layers of palpable disco emotions. Each corner presents a new twist as the adventure gets even deeper into itself. Melodies caressing us with warmth and promise, winding in and out of surreal rhythms before taking us back home in a most gentle manner as the music fades out.

As a concept, It’s The Arps is a definitive nu-disco classic. An experience who’s parts make a whole far beyond the limits of track breakdowns. It would be criminal to listen to this EP in any other manner than from absolute start to absolute end. Next time you’re needing a musical holiday, an exciting adventure to parts unknown, take a sabbatical with Todd Terje’s nu-disco discoveries. You won’t be disappointed and will come back refreshed, reinvigourated and restored by the power of pure nu-disco power.



She Said Disco – Seduction Lesson (Hemingway’s Wet Dream mix)


Seduction Lesson (Hemingway’s Wet Dream Mix) – She Said Disco by hmgwy

We tend to describe music as sensual, emotive, and erotic on a pretty regular basis. But the music that Hemingway creates fits those descriptions such to a tee that I almost expect his productions to pop up as the first Google Search for “Sexual Seduction.”

His rework of of the aptly named She Said Disco’s “Seduction Lesson”, is described as “Brooding Erotica”–and for good reason. So close your eyes, picture Scarlett Johansson topless on a beach on the French Riviera, and let the moist dreaming commence.

“I desire you”

The combination of the luscious, deep voice and the whacky, galactic synth feels its sort of like the musical love child of Boogie Nights, Drive, and Baywatch.

Hemingway has proven time and time again he is more than capable of producing sensual beach anthems that were made for sunsets, tequila sunrises, and of course, wet dreams.

Here’s another one of those songs, that is well worth the sparse 30 second intro:

Be My Lady (Hemingway’s Beach Bossa Mix) by hmgwy

Ilo de Pancrate – Make a Hind of You

Ilo de pancrate, sick Parisian DJ…”Discovered” by the Fader magazine…has done remixes…has played/spun with some amazing A-list DJs… has a residency at a well respected Paris spot and has created some super-catchy well made originals.I think that covers the high points of his official bio.What is not included in the press is the depth, vibe and lovey-dovey, happy feeling that his compositions incite.I found this cat on soundcloud and immediately fell in love. His stuff just has something special. See for yourself.

Ilo de Pancrate – Make a Hind of You by ilodepancrate

The song jumps right in, immediately alive and full. WTF is she saying? Who cares. It sounds damn good.The song is pulsing, it is energetic, it is melodic, it is complex and not busy, it is different, it is awesome.By the time she is slur, scat, mumbling I am all-in. well done.


Ilo de Pancrate – First Love by ilodepancrate

Another dreamy winner, hot-tub bubbling, babbling brook? Again, who cares. Just let go and float away.There is a very musical, beautiful thing going on here and it is time to enjoy not question.The progressions are sublime, the elements different and nice. I like that this sound feels unique. Of course there are influences and subtle similarities apparent but Ilo de Pancrate has crafted tunes of another type.Enjoyable, pretty,distinct.

bonus Tune:

Ilo de Pancrate – Make a Hind of You (Francophilippe remix) by ilodepancrate

Francophilippe of Yeah!/Dish Records takes the original and transforms it into an electro monster, in a good way.The dreamy comfort of the original track is engulfed in high-energy dance floor insanity.The vocals blare over the pulsing track with a new urgency while space-age warfare and chopped electro goodness push you into the early waking hours. Funky-ass bass, booming beat, twisted, flipped, re-synthed and re-energized. Between these three tracks you have an appropriate soundtrack for a variety of highly enjoyable pass times. Just part of the service we here @the Binary blog provide. Enjoy and stay tuned.

Ride The Universe – A Little Better (feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley)


I was perusing through the bloggozphere the other day when I spotted a collaboration that immediately caught my eye: Ride the Universe and Jane Elizabeth Hanley. Featured on Electronic Rumors’ stellar compilation, which you should buy, the song is a fun, sultry, and carefree, and electro-pop jam born for an oceanside happy hour. And Jane Elizabeth Hanley has the voice of a nymph.


Ride The Universe – A Little Better (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) by Ride The Universe

While the production work from Ride the Universe is on point and galactcal sounding as always, the star of this show is by all means Ms. Hanley. Her voice’s warmth could cut through a stick of frozen butter. also worth mentioning is her project Kids at Midnight who just released a stellar Ep on Paris based Vulture records. great stuff.

Maybe it was a meaningful coincidence that this song came into my radar, because it reminded me of another one of Jane Elizabeth Hanley’s works that is, for lack of better words, fucking gorgeous. Her pipes combined with Edwin Van Cleef’s touch produced an absolutely spellbinding cover.

Edwin van Cleef – Lisztomania (feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) by Edwin van Cleef


Not easily offended…

Just…WOW. Show me someone who can’t smile during that song, and I’ll show you someone who’s idea of good music is LMFAO.

Bonus Jam:

Digitalfoxglove, one part of the collaborative genius that is Ride The Universe and a man who is quickly becoming a favorite producer of mine, recently released an under-the-radar dreamy remix that is also quite the doozy.

Thrill Kill – Formula (Digitalfoxglove Remix) (Thrill Kill Music) by Thrill Kill

Lancelot – We Can Dance (Goldroom Remix)

Goldroom, at it again. Mr. Legg has been referred to as “The new Magician” by fans after hearing this tune and his huge year so far. He lightens up “We Can Dance” for his talented friend Lancelot, from Sydney, Australia.

Lancelot – We Can Dance (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

After vacaying on a beach last week, I can confidently say that this gem is the epitome of tropical disco. It was embraced by myself and many others over tequila sunrises on the beach every single day (the genre is called mezcal infused disco for a damn good reason). Within the first second of this remix, Goldroom manages to induce a euphoric feeling to the listener, as he so often does. Like Goldroom’s Poolside and Niki & The Dove remixes, Josh is a master at integrating his own sound that is completely chill, laid-back and smooth.

We all know every single nu disco fan bonds over Josh – he’s our glue to our love for the groove; every one of his productions is incredibly captivating and addictive.  I hope to hear more collaborations from Josh and Binary’s new Australian talent in the upcoming months.

Also, we’re all pumped about Lancelot’s EP, which was freshly released on February 20th, with love and support from all angles of the nu disco family. Let’s keep on groovin’ kids.


On Repeat: Disclosure, U-Tern, Figure of 8, and more

This week’s on repeat is leaving me looking towards the future. Upcoming talent, changes in trends, and of course, the changing of the seasons. Spring is on the way.

Figure Of 8 Feat. Sophie Galpin – No One Cries For Me (Radio version) [free DL] by On The Fruit Records

Our friends at On The Fruit Records have delivered an absolutely beautiful song in ‘No One Cries For Me’. Its fairly easy to take some mellow dreamwavey synths, layer some drums on top, and add a girl singer and call it a day, but in the end you need a great song behind it all. I have a feeling if I heard Sophie Galpin singing this song over an acoustic guitar I’d still love it. The songwriting is reminiscent of Phil Collins’, and as the song builds in energy, it feels like its somehow pulling out a loneliness from deep within.


Starcadian is a young producer definitely worth watching. Binary guy Short Circuit said that this is “some of the best vocoding I’ve ever heard”, and I have to agree. There’s a level of songwriting going on here thats easy to ignore given the funky, frenetic production… but again, I think this song really stands up for itself.

Flow by Disclosure.

This song fits into the true idea of ‘on repeat’. I cant stop myself from playing this song a few times a day. Disclosure is a rapidly rising star from the UK and this song is the duo’s crown jewel to date. The production is nothing short of shockingly crisp and refreshing. This is heavy and emotional and groovy all at once. If this is where club music is headed, I’ll be a happy guy.

You Don’t Know Me by U-Tern

U-Tern is 50% of the LA production duo Oliver. Apparently he got inspired one night and banged out “You Don’t Know Me” on a whim. Its a big room sound that feels right at home in my headphones too. Its a bit agressive in a way that gives the song a bit of a sexual twinge that really sets the whole thing off. Great stuff.

Goldroom – Kissed Minimix (Feb 2012) by Goldroom

Lastly we have a minimix that I did as Goldroom for KissFM in Australia. If we’re talking about tracks that I have ‘on repeat’, this mix pretty much has em all.