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Zimmer – Cruisin (Lou Teti Remix)


On April 6, Discotexas released the long-awaited remix package to Zimmer’s “Horizontal Disco,” one of the finer nu-disco EPs from last year. As is the case with all things Discotexas, it’s groovy. The standout track is the slowed down and smoothed out Lou Teti remix of “Cruisin.” Because Zimmer’s sound wasn’t sexy enough already, Lou Teti infused what can only be described as an aural Valium. First heard on the Bag Raiders exotic monthly mix, Teti’s remix is a smooth jam. It’s impossible to press play and listen to this song without immediately being transported to a very happy place. Indulge.


Zimmer – “Cruisin’ (Lou Teti Mix)”   [Discotexas] by Lou Teti



Poolside disco/tropical euphoria/horizontal disco at its finest. This remix is all class. The whole remix package is worth picking up, as the remixes from Broke One, Moon Boots, and of course Xinobi are also stand-out efforts. We’ve covered Zimmer’s brilliance before (which is also on display in his live sets–trust me), so let’s get a little more acquainted with one of Brooklyn’s finest: Lou Teti. If there’s a nu-disco artist that has a chance to be this year’s Goldroom, one candidate is Lou Teti (along with our boy Lancelot and Poindexter). Lou Teti, who’s output over the last year or so is vast, has the touch. He knows how to work his synth in the sexy, dreamy waves of lore we so adore.


Lou Teti – “Free Again (Original)” by Tigers on a Leash

Uplifting, melodic, and catchy. Like Zimmer, Teti makes music fit for a horizontal romp on the beach. Easy melodies dripping in moisture. Lou Teti’s beats are made for the summer, and should immediately be placed on your Tropical playlists.

I’m frankly surprised Teti’s name and label Tigers on a Leash haven’t popped up more frequently across the bloggosphere. His music really fits the mold as the kind of tropical/happy nu-disco/”90s dance” that is shaping up as a force to be reckoned with (French Express, Gigamesh, etc). And when he got Drop Out Orchestra (fast becoming my favorite producers in the game), to rework one of his tracks, the result is infallible.


Lou Teti – “Shake (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)” [Tigers on a Leash] by Lou Teti



Keep an eye out for Lou Teti and his gang of leashed Tigers.   They are kindly ferocious.   Elegant funk.


StereoCool feat. Ace – Simple


Hell yeah. This jam…So good. I know I have no choice but to blog something when it hits me this hard and stays in rotation. The original, the remixes. Feeling this. StereoCool aka Andrea Cipria of Catania, Italy has outdone himself with a nice EP that does exactly what a superbly crafted EP should do,grab your attention, hold your attention and leaving you aching for more. OK, maybe aching is a little much but the EP is rad and we are loving it. See for yourself.

Stereocool – Simple (ft. Ace) – [OUT APRIL 27th] by S T E R E O C O O L

Synthy goodness, optimistic and full of life. The well played vocals, the flanged out funk guitar…check….breaks and drops to get you moving….check. This is just a “simple” song that gets in your head and stays there. well done StereoCool.Well Done.

Stereocool – “Simple” (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)// Hello Shitty Records by Go Go Bizkitt!

U.K. Producer/DJ/Remixer and all around badass Go Go Bizkitt! aka Tom Nelson takes the already dope original and brings a laid back Nu Disco bounce that adds a playful feeling suitable for pimping and or cruising in your ’64 on a sunny california day. Brilliant remix.

StereoCool feat. Ace – Simple (Fare Soldi Remix) by HelloShittyRecords

Where Go Go Bizkitt! chilled it out, Fare Soldi rev it up, faster, funkier and chopped like only Fare Soldi do, this one destroys the dance floor, with class. At 2:35 when the beat drops sick like, bass pumping,tempo throbbing….they own you.

StereoCool feat. Ace – Simple (La Zebra Remix) by HelloShittyRecords

La Zebra split the difference and deliver a straight forward and deliciously synth filled club killer. Ravey and fun. Nice one.


MightyMighty! Lhaus and Frenssu also contribute notable remixes to this well rounded release. Sweet sounds great EP. Check it out.

Lonsdale Boys Club – Light Me Up (Grum Remix)


Grum. Josh and I throw around songs to include on the blog. When he hit me off with this one I was excited and surprised, excited to see new Grum and surprised that I was not yet up on it…Grum has a dreamwave sound that flirts with commercialism but in a cool way, not full-on Calvin Harris / “arena ready banger”- red lipstick and fishnets proposition style- more like – indie librarian sitting at the bar amused and yet extremely approachable and confident style….anyway. His sounds are always bouncy and sunshine twinkly in a retro meets current combination/orgy of energetic groove. Dig.


Lonsdale Boys Club – Light Me Up (Grum Remix) by GRUM

Classic Grum vibe. the big builds, the driving groove, the Russ Chimes-like synth (older Chimes). In a guilty pleasure way I have to admit I kind of miss these cuts, vocals and all that bring me back to a couple of years past where my playlists were loaded with somewhat similar jams. There is something liberating about surrendering to the borderline -mainstream- aspect and just having fun. Let go when this one comes on at the club, sing-a-long in the safety of your own car or apartment getting ready for an eventful night of adventure.


bonus tracks:

TV Rock vs Axwell – In the Air (Grum Remix) by GRUM

Grum – Heartbeats by partyontadpole

Urgent, smoky and sexy 80s with a big room appeal.Leeds based Grum makes high quality dance music that does it’s job. Carry on Grum. Well done.

Shook Feat. Ronika – Distorted Love


What do you get when you combine one of the more unheralded male producers with one of the more unknown female producers/singers in the electropop game? Distorted Love. Shook‘s new track featuring Ronika, which is aptly named so, is a typically funky and smooth Shook work that falls somewhere in between his phenomenal remix to Louis La Roche’s “The Wall” and Kimbra’s “Cameo Lover”. Bouncy synth lines, flowery vocals, and a flawlessly executed rhythm–all Shook staples–are once again eminent.

Shook Feat. Ronika – Distorted Love by Shook (Official)

Shook’s identity remains a mystery, but his music is fast becoming a surefire win. He’s simply one of the best synth-pop/disco producers out there. The genius of Shook is his ability to perfectly accentuate the vocals he’s operating with. Time and time again (whether it be with the aforementioned remixes, Ellie Goulding, or Penguin Prison), he’s shown the uncanny ability to flawlessly build his beats (primarily synth oriented) around his subjects. Shook never overshadows his subjects’ voices. Instead, as is the case with any skilled producer (Gigamesh, Goldroom, etc.), he accentuates them

His remix to The Wall describes this talent better than that paragraph did.

Louis La Roche – The Wall (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)

Shook’s music is a soundtrack for the heavens.

As a bonus, here’s one of the few Ronika tracks I’m familiar with, a remix by Fear of Tigers (who’s second album, if a brief preview is any indication, just might be on the horizon…)

Ronika – Only Only (Fear Of Tigers Remix) by ronika

Stay tuned.

The Ting Tings – Silence (Bag Raiders Remix)

I was supposed to write about this song in November, but for some reason, it sort of slipped beneath my radar. I’m glad I jotted down a note about it and rediscovered it a few weeks ago, because a sweet sweet jam it is. It’s one of those smooth, chilled out tracks that has the ability to almost cure a hangover.

It’s quite interesting that the few (two?) Bag Raiders remixes around are all relatively downtempo. It goes to show just how talented this duo is and how diverse their sound and tastes are. The signature mark in this one has to be the snapping that is just eerily reminiscent of one of the songs that got me into electronic music: Shooting Stars. From there, the song takes on a more tribal feel, as the dudes’ signature percussion touch kicks in. As always, the result is pure bliss.

The Ting Tings – Silence – Bag Raiders Remix by the-ting-tings

The Bag Raiders are funny guys. Their music is practically undefinable. I was speaking with Zimmer last evening in Costa Mesa (he killed it) about what music we were into, and naturally the Bag Raiders came up. I said they’re like “tropical electro-pop infused with disco, bongos, and sex.” I failed. I can’t really describe them as anything other than the word I tend to describe all perfect music with: Lush.

Here’s that second and equally Lush remix:

I Won’t Let Go (Bag Raiders REMIX) by bagraiders

Their live sets are also a site to behold. When they play a DJ set, funny enough, they play really obscure, helter skelter deep house/disco sets with some really random tracks tossed in. And they dance like mad men. Good times,GREAT tunes.Bag Raiders.


Jupiter – One o Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix)

Yes! Andy Faisca of Mustang fame is now a solo artist and is destroying the mf dance floor with synthy goodness. Between his mixtapes and the handful of notable remixes he has knocked out, A.N.D.Y. has been making a name for himself beyond the shadow of Mustang. His latest remix, a transformed Jupiter track entitled One o Six is ace. Instant love. Behold….

Jupiter : One o Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix) by A.N.D.Y. (Official)

Damn….The song builds beautifully to a sexy and elegant bounce that is both dreamy and refreshing.High energy, synth laden and catchy. This song gets you moving. As a dj, the broad appeal and welcoming groove are pure gold, guaranteed to motivate a broad spectrum of listeners or rooftop/backyard party goers not to mention the club….driving in you car….after hours……you get the idea. At 3:30 when the song breaks and the tempo slows its a sexy, syrupy serenade. Just enough of a welcomed break to breath and look around before the bounce returns, energetic and urgent, once again transporting us to altered spaces.

A.N.D.Y. , you have our full attention. Thank you for the creative and beautiful art that you are creating. And a free download as well…too kind. Binary approves.

MAM – Reel Sweet

If one of these nights you feel like gettin’ down, be sure to do it alongside MAM’s fre.E.P., brought to us by Soul Clap.  The UK’s Matt Hughes and Miguel Campbell are two producers who have the ability to time warp their fans back into the 80’s, and inspire us to want to hit funky town harder than ever before. I would classify Miguel’s original productions, such as “Route No. 1” and “Journey” to be more nu-disco, whereas the duo’s fre.E.P. has a distinct, bona fide disco sound.

MAM – Can’t Live Without Music by Soul Clap / EFUNK

“Can’t Live Without Music” is the first of the funky productions from the release, as heard from the Wolf & Lamb Black edits. It reminds me of a Daft Punk production, with its robot-esque vocals and a consistently slow, sexy groove. Appropriate, considering Matt and Miguel met online via their mutual love for Daft. It’s a throwback to authentic funk, which is in harmony with the vocals “They say the music died, but they lied”.

MAM – One Of Them Nights (Alternative Mix) by Soul Clap / EFUNK

“One of them Nights” (Alternative Mix) is a rendition of MAM’s most coveted song from their Wolf & Lamb Black release. MAM riffs Billy Ocean’s “Nights” from the young 80’s, and infuses a thumping beat and bass line to the original. This single from MAM is the embodiment of both authentic and modern disco house.

MAM – Reel Sweet by Soul Clap / EFUNK

Last but not least, “Reel Sweet” is a completely new release from the duo, and my personal favourite on the EP. It’s straight-up catchy from beginning to end, and the constant thumping drums arouse a natural tendency to bounce to the beat. Although the duo introduces a modern disco sound, I believe that this heated tune would still be a club hit in the 80’s.

We’re thrilled that Soul Clap chose MAM as the group to release their third official fre.E.P. So pump up the volume, blast MAM’s seductive trio of tunes, and let the boys guide you to the disco.


Moon Boots – Got Somebody

If you turned on BET nearly ten years ago, there was a 90% chance that Wayne Wonder’s “No Letting Go” came on. It’s one of those songs that would drop at Homecoming dances and everyone would either awkwardly gyrate to or perhaps, even, grind on. If memory serves me right, it’s not that type of ballad many white girls grooved to well.

Cheesy reggaeness aside,”No Letting Go” is a catchy, uplifting track that blends R&B and Dance very nicely. Moon Boots just took that song, turned it on its head, tossed it into the French Express grinder, and came out with a “balmy, romantic, and free” panty dropper.

Moon Boots – Got Somebody by FRENCH EXPRESS
Really and truly…Moon Boots kicks (get it) another one out of the park. The man is wearing Adidas Predators on his hands or something. I’m not entirely sure what that one glitched out twinkle sound is, but whatever it is, I dig it. Some serious synth body work going on along with bongos on bongos.

As an added bonus, here is the remix that Discotexas’ own Zimmer cranked out to Aretha. It’s so damn good it hurts.

Moon Boots – Aretha (Zimmer Remix) by Moon Boots

Sound the alarms. Summer is here. It’s time to get wet.

The Photographic – Secure (Amtrac Remix)

You know there’s something wrong with the world when Skrillex–not to say he isn’t talented–wins Grammys and a guy like Amtrac can’t even get 2,000 listens on most of his SoundCloud tracks. Lets change that.

Amtrac is, in a way, in the world of dance music,synonymous with modern day “blues.” His productions penetrate the surface, evoking deep, often intertwining feelings. The diverse sound he curates changes from song to song. He’s experimental. His productions range from disco-based to dub-infused. But all of these works have a very similar quality: they’re exotic and they own. Amtrac’s productions do what all good music does: deport you to an alternative reality where nothing else really exists.

When I hear the following song by Amtrac, all the bullshit and stress fade to the back burner as the first bell jingles.


A rollercoaster of pure bliss.

The next notable track by Amtrac–and my personal favorite–is a more upbeat tune featuring some sultry vocals from Jenna O’Gara. I’ve got no idea who she is and even less idea why she hasn’t been featured on any other tracks I can find. She kills this one.


With two EPs and an LP to his name already, I expect it’s only a matter of time until Amtrac explodes into the mainstream. With a headlining performance (alongside legend Louis La Roche) at his Super Music Group’s showcase in Ultra last week, that time could be coming sooner rather than later. Or he could just shave half his head, grow a mullet, and start chain-smoking cigarettes.

p.s. I’ve yet to see the Miami-based maestro perform live yet, but based on this live podcast he put on, he puts on quite the show.


Come to LA already, man. You are loved.