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LexiconDon – Where Did We Go


YES! The official return of Binary’s own LexiconDon. This is the first single off of the forthcoming album slated to be released July 25th here on Binary.Dreamy. Musical.Rad.With so much going on at Binary and a shifting and constantly changing musical soundscape it is a pleasure to hear the updated sounds of LexiconDon. A bit more thoughtful and mature this year, the syrupy pace moves with a sultry serenade of codeine laced euphoria. Less summer-time party anthem and more emotional indie flav. Simple orchestration, nicely timed vocals and just enough twinkly highs to avoid overdose=sublime seduction.Check it out.

Where Did We Go by LexiconDon

Both encouraging and somehow melancholy, sexy and introspective. Where Did We Go is a snapshot of real life experiences told over a synthed-out, head-nod groove. This is one of those jams that we can all somehow relate to,complex and authentic, poetic enough to allow room for individual interpretation but urgent enough to be moving. Well done.

Expect big things this year. Welcome back guys. You have been missed.

Rebeka – Stars

Binary favorite Discotexas brings Rebeka’s soul, funk and charisma with its new production called “Stars”.

Rebeka – Stars (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Discotexas

The original has the catchiest disco bass and elated synths that give this song such appeal. The twosome comprised of vocalist Iwona Skwarek and producer Bartosz Szczesny, stated their music “wont be disco, rather resounding brass and diamonds”, and I cannot think of a better way to describe it. The detail and emotion of this song glistens with lights, stars and diamonds.



Rebeka – Stars (Mirror People Club Mix) by Discotexas

My favorite of the remixes is the Mirror People Club Mix, with its progressive intro and dance-worthy take. Portugese-born Rui Maia of Mirror People adds spunk while staying true to the original, which I personally always appreciate.

Rebeka – Stars (Punks Jump Up Dub Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Discotexas

Punks Jump Up created a Dub remix of Rebeka’s Stars, adding a percussion-filled melody throughout, which delineates the version as more of a psychedelic dance floor club mix. Less vocal, and more melodic, I dig the uniqueness of the genuine Punks Jump Up sound in this remix (but these guys always appeal to me no matter what they’re mixing).



Rebeka – Stars (Discotexas Version) by Discotexas

Be sure to check out the Discotexas Version as well, as it is far more softcore, but definitely a jovial summer tune. It embodies a 50’s “classier” and less poppy feel, with its pleasant sounding piano and percussion focus.

Binary approves of Rebeka’s sparkling nu disco-pop production and all of its counterparts.


Bobby McFerrin – Thinkin’ About Your Body (Falcon Punch Remix)

Inspired by the greatest video game of all time (Super Smash Brothers circa Nintendo 64), Our boy Avery Henderson aka Falcon Punch is one of the smoother generators of funk around. Oh yeah, he represents Los Angeles…with class. Avery’s sound is a little less predictable and a little more downbeat compared to the typical nu-disco sound that has become somewhat played out. It’s a darker form of laid back grooves, that I’ll dub – dark Island funk.

Recently, Falcon Punch took a Bobby McFerrin (he of “Don’t Worry Be Happy Fame) track and gave it a phunky rebirth. The body being thought about in this song is no doubt as curvaceous and chic as the song itself.

Bobby McFerrin – Thinkin’ About Your Body (Falcon Punch Remix) by Falcon Punch

If music doesn’t have soul–whether that soul be in the form of Deadmau5’s “Strobe” or Jonas Rathman’s “Tobago”–then it won’t illicit much of a response. It won’t outlast time. And Falcon Punch’s music definitely has a soulful, almost Mo-town inspired feel to it that transposes me to a very happy time and place. A time when good music–and not Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram–spoke for itself.

Falcon Punch’s love of music and passion to express through sound is evident if you listen to the following mix he also just provided. Yes, mixes from producers are really en vogue these days. Some of these are really excellent, because they feature unreleased promos, and all sorts of assorted lushness. This effort is quite honestly one of the best I’ve heard this year–topping The Magician and Aeroplane, at least in terms of time and thought put into the mixing. It’s a must listen, eloquently blended into a blissful hour of smooth vibes.

Falcon Punch – 003 by Falcon Punch

Falcon Punch, Avery Henderson, Summer 2012. Binary Approves

Cosmonaut Grechko – Headphone Girl

If Jon Snow and the Ginger ever conjugate the verb, this is the song that should be playing during said act. In other words, for those unfamiliar with Game of Thrones (who are you people?), this is the soundtrack to an arctic, tribal-yet-celestial, hedonesque horizontal boogie–if the pair can ever find a way to lose those darn 7-layered outfits.

Headphone Girl by Cosmonaut Grechko

The yazz flute work in there is so sweet that it would make Ron Burgundy weep. In the land of the chill music, Cosmonaut Grechko is the chillest of them all.


Grechko’s other recent single “…and her demons,” is even more demonstrative of his ability to melt the hardest of hearts. This is the kind of elevator music they will listen to on Mars.

… and her demons by Cosmonaut Grechko

This next one is the type of music they’ll swim to on Mars.

Kido Yoji – Call A Romance (Cosmonaut Grechko Version) by Cosmonaut Grechko



Indeed, at a mere 20 years old, Cosmonaut Grechko is Russian’s chilled out answer to Madeon, Lenno, and all these young dudes who can’t buy drinks in America but crank out jam after jam. This next work shows his diversity and ability to not only make knees weak, but heads bounce. It’s one of the only mashups I’ve liked since I turned 21, the legal age to stop listening to mashups on the reg.

Robotic Love (Lenno Remix) vs Harder Better Faster Stronger (Cosmonaut Grechko Mash-Up) by Harlock5555

Quite frankly, aside from the obvious–that he’s from Russia and makes VERY good music–it’s an Amtrac-ian like mystery that so few people have caught onto Cosmo’s act–one that’s been around for a couple years now. Because he’s pumping out some of the funkiest and sexiest tunes in more than just all of Eastern Europe.

Maybe if he changed his name to Cosmonaut Kramer, more Americans would catch on?


Regardless, with an album en route, it’d behoove you to keep an ear and an eye out for his imminent space invasion.

Acid Washed – For Your Eyes Only


Parisian producers Acid Washed have released a synth washed dreamscape in Single/EP form. 3 tracks deep (one is a remix) this short release reminds us of the depth and emotion this style of music is capable of harboring. When this one first “dropped” I have to admit I slept on it a little. With so many shiny songs immediately grabbing my attention, sometimes a few great ones slip by. Months later I rediscovered it and fell in love. Give it a spin.Thoughtful and groovy at the same time. Sexy and intelligent.



For Your Eyes Only by RecordMakers

There is an urgent vibe here, a little darker and more subtle than our usual fare but promising and full of romantic, intimate appeal. This is the after hours or late night jam, an erotic interlude, an adventure full of promise. Summer is indeed upon us but that brings more than daytime disco, our summer has room for next level depth and sophisticated mystery. Check out Acid Washed. Binary approves.

Goldroom – Fifteen (Oxford Remix)

Kanye West once waxed poetic that “The requirement…is inspirement.” Yeezy’s disregard for Merriam-Webster standards aside, the man/swag mentor, as always, has a point. If you claim to be an artist of sorts, a flicker must be ignited within you that propels your creative juices to flow. Without inspiration–whether that form be ignited by a song, a fleeting moment, or a good joint–art would, obviously, cease to exist.


Without music, life would be a helluva lot bleaker–just ask Don Draper, who can’t even take solace in The Beatles. And in this modern, socially entangled society we live in, producers interact with each other in the oddest of ways–through twitter debates, Instagram, and, of course, SoundCloud. SoundCloud, magical URL that it is, has the proven ability to turn bedroom producers into a worldwide phenom (see: Madeon). But, as is more often the case, it enables lovers of music and aspiring producers to satisfy their creative whims. By releasing stems and allowing anyone from the novice schmohawk to the seasoned producer to take a stab at a remix, artists have selflessly altered the way we inhale (yes, we can smoke the best kinds of music) sound. Once a song is released, it no longer dies. It’s “remixed” or “edited”, thus transformed, hopefully keeping the song’s initial feel intact but emitting a new vibe or emotion.


This is exactly what’s happened since Binary chieftain Goldroom (Josh Legg) released the stems for the sensual summertime anthem, “Fifteen.” Quite a few great  remixes have been put out since he released the stems, just a mere four days ago. These are a few of those remixes, they are all quite good but these 3 have hit me the hardest so far.


Oxford’s remix, IMOP, takes top honors, keeping the tranquil vibe alive, but sexing it up with a chic cocktail party vibe, with mojito in hand and sunset in sight.

Goldroom feat Chela – Fifteen (Oxford remix) by Oxfordsounds

Xtrafunk’s version infused well, a truckload of funk into the song.

Goldroom – Fifteen (ft Chela) (Xtrafunk Rmx) by XTRAFUNK

Freak you got, uh, freaky with his take, turning it into an immediate sex playlist gem. The slip stream got even slippier.

Goldroom feat. Chela – Fifteen (Freak You remix) by FREAK YOU

Chela’s buttery voice and the song’s simply ethereal vibe literally plays in my dreams (and make me wish I was once again 15)–I guess that’s why we call it Dreamwave?


Now excuse me while I let this inspirement take me to a higher ground…Because Tomorrow Never Knows.