A couple weeks back, I was cruising down Hollywood Boulevard with a friend with the windows down and the volume turned up, en route to an improv show featuring Broken Lizard (twas magical). We saw something strange. We saw a guy around our age (23/24ish) dressed casually and clean shaven. He was a bro. But this bro was sitting down against a wall with one of the wittier signs you’ll ever see a (perhaps) homeless person holding: “Need money for crack.”

If you’re a fan of Chris Rock, you’re undoubtedly familiar with one of his more astute observations on the “No Sex In the Champagne Room”: Rock eloquently states that “If a homeless person has a funny sign…he hasn’t been homeless that long. A real homeless person is too hungry to be funny.”

I imagine like many 20somethings before him and many 20somethings after him, the bro with that sign came out to LA on a whim, with dreams of grandeur in his heart. It’s a fair thought to think that if Freddie Prinz Jr. can get a star on the Walk of Fame, why can’t you? But many instead face a cruel reality that faces many a nomad: sometimes, life can be a box of shit.

Regardless, this sight, and the following song made me think. The “real” Hollywood can mean a lonely night stooped against a wall with a witty sign rather than a glamorous party in the Hollywood Hills. (Not to sound bleak or anything), but the vibe and the lyrics in this song are so heartfelt, that it tells the story of a much truer, and much less glamorous Hollywood, than most people believe is out there. And the sounds are ethereal. Deep, lush, honest, and, as always, groovy, this is the jam (courtesy of Aeroplane’s May Mix) that just keeps on cruising/crushing.

Satin Jackets feat. Eric Cozier – Hollywood (Original mix) by Glam Jam Artists

So hard we tried…To realize…The only peace……Is a state of mind

Satin Jackets produce music that’d work well as the soundtrack to a futuristic, nudist colony where everyone is in a constant state of a Valium-like-induced bliss–my chilled out Utopia.

In Hollywood, and in life, people get fucked up. We ingest substances we will undoubtedly regret the next morning. We find a state of mind that is usually transient. But when it’s all said and one, we strive for this inner peace that, more often than not, is found by finding a sound that gets you in tune.


Satin Jackets know how to properly light this journey towards a proper, peaceful state of mind.

Could You Be (Slomo Bedroom Edition) feat. Linda Mathews [DOWNLOAD] by Satin Jackets

Go stalk their SoundCloud–it’s worth it