Monthly Archives: August 2012

Jowie Schulner – 2 Hearts (Final DJs Remix)


DREAMWAVE…….End of transmission…….no, not really. I mean yes really on the dreamwave part but as far as end of transmission, not so much. We have to take a moment and appreciate a sweet jam from two solid producers after our own heart. Jowie Schulner and Final DJs have joined forces to unleash a sublime walk through neon corridors of pleasure. Check it out.

Jowie Schulner – 2 Hearts (Final DJs Remix) by FINAL DJs

By now you guys recognize how much we appreciate a synth serenade, add a pulsing track and a hopeful fantasy type vibe and you have a blueprint for Binary bliss. With this track all of those elements are represented beautifully along with a thoughtful longing that carries this track beyond the ordinary and into higher realms. Let this song start your week off right, wether that includes the urban jungle or a tropical locale 2 Hearts provides the remedy.

Matt Van Schie – Two Love (She said disco remix)


We love us some Matt Van Schie, we also love us some She said disco. What a miraculous turn of events that these two would grace us us with one song wherein we have a chance to dig on both of them, simultaneously. Good shit.


Matt Van Schie – Two love (She said disco remix) by She said disco

Ahhh. right out the gate there is a feeling like good vibes are about to be thrown down. A little less syrupy than most She said disco tracks but still blissfully subdued.There is a bounce here, one of those tracks that just fits in so many scenarios. Throw this on at your next poolside happening and watch the attitude transform.It is freeing, it is free (as in push download and throw this immediately into your current playlist) and the ride is smooth. With the weekend coming into view and the pressures and stresses of life finally winding down, crank this one up and set sail for better days. You will be happy that you did. Binary Approves.

The Establishment – Love Like This

Never one to lay back and bask in the nearly unanimous praise and accolade, the irrepressible Chris Malinchak flips it up with a new alias and a dope new sound. Check it out:

The Establishment – Love Like This by FRENCH EXPRESS

Birds and Caribbean vibes with a slightly salsa flair. The shakers come in and a laid back bass line adds a thoughtful but kinetic energy to this track. Malinchak has mastered the art of layering sounds and with this new moniker he continues to incorporate sounds and effects in a brillant way. Maybe its that east coast state of mind but Chris Malinchak brings a somewhat somber and intelligent feeling to his tracks, upbeat but conscious. Happy to have a new track and with French Express offering up a free download as well that happiness quickly shifts to Joy. Have a great weekend and share this one with someone you love.