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LexiconDon – City Lies

Our boys LexiconDon are really on a roll. This new track brings a melancholy journey through the back streets of your favorite city directly to your iPod and or jam packed after hours house party. Complete with haunting vocals effects and fuzzy guitar this newer, more diverse sound is getting a lot of attention and well deserved accolade. Nice one guys.

City Lies by LexiconDon


Cruise over to their soundcloud and check out their vast array of killer tunes, hit up hype machine and give them a “heart”. Support the music you love. Binary approves

The Limit – She’s So Divine (Estate Rework)

Make way for some groove driven, funk/soul vibes from Estate. This one drifts from the synth/dreamwave steeze you are accustomed to us bringing but bounces and incites that familiar optimistic groove you have come to expect. When searching for something worthy of posting this one  caught my attention via none other than Señor Goldroom himself, so it has gotta be fresh. Check it out.

The Limit – She’s So Divine (Estate Rework) by Estate


This track just captures that playful side of infatuation. No heavy emo attachment, just attraction and fun.This is the jam that pops into your head as you leave her place, sun rising, mind full of last nights good times. Slipping behind the wheel you start your engine, turn on your stereo and turn it up. Cruising down the palm treelined streets of Cali… Smiling. Cheers

Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place (Viceroy Edit)

The king of tropical infusion, California’s own Viceroy delights us with a funky new edit of the Talking Heads’ 1983  jam “This Must Be The Place”.  If you’re a consistent fan of Austen Afridis’s edits, you’ll unquestionably love this catchy production.

Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place (Viceroy Edit) by VICEROY

By reworking some of the percussion features and adding in a couple of instrument lines, Viceroy has transformed the song into something more fun, loveable and spunky, while still maintaining the best of its original qualities. Thank you for the summer extension, Viceroy. This Must Be The Place

Moon Boots – Sugar

The groove-master “Moon Boots” welcomes me back to Binary with the sound I’ve been missing for months. This Chi-town producer has given Janet Jackson’s vocals from her 1993 hit “If” an eclectic twist, by lacing its R&B genre with trop-house disco in his summer hit, “Sugar”.

Moon Boots – Sugar by Moon Boots

The sweetness of this song starts off immediately in its smooth intro, initiating the explosion of the sexy bass synths to come. And then all of a sudden, the Janet Jackson we all know sounds like a smooth, silky goddess. The chime leads introduced a couple minutes in is redolent of the beginning of Goldroom’s Hands remix – additional synthesizers that perfect its beamish vibes.

This song is perfect as you’re milking the last bit of summer. Oh and best part is, you can download it for free, thanks to French Express.

Bonus tune:

Alison Valentine – Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix) by Moon Boots

Bonus Mix:
Moon Boots x Hard Candy: Liftoff Mixtape by Moon Boots

Moon Boots nails it every time, and you can’t help but fall in love with every single one of his glitzy tracks. Try and tell me that you don’t still blast “Got Somebody” on a regular basis. It’s always refreshing to have a nu-disco artist who creates modern cosmic boogie, yet tributes 90’s and early twenty-first century hits like it ain’t no thang.

Figure of 8 – Bittersweet (Digitalfoxglove Remix Dub)

In an unprecedented move I am actually puttting the same song up twice….in a way. Both dubs, and different mixes. This one is courtesy of Binary friend Digitalfoxglove and was not yet complete at the time of the last post. When it hit my dropbox I knew it deserved a larger audience so… we are.

Figure Of 8 Feat. Jonny Nutt – Bittersweet (Digitalfoxglove Remix Dub) by digitalfoxglove

Peter brings the bass up front and adds a mellow vibe that has euphoric disco flavor for days. Dreamy, funky, happy. Sweet Tune. This one seems directed for the bedroom, more late night lover than mournful/dark, Digitalfoxglove brings the sundown smolder.Well done. Instantly on repeat. Cruise by his soundcloud and check him out. Quality music from a quality musician. And a free download! Cheers!

Chordashian – Illusion

Binary is proud to have a new artist on board. The collaborative project of Brooklyn native Felix Feygin and Jersey boy Michael Banks, Chordashian brings a full sound with elements from many genres coming together to create one gorgeous sound. This one is a gift to you/Free download so grab it while it’s hot.

Illusion by Chordashian

On first listen this one had me. It is just one of those songs that immediately wins you over. From the full synth sound to the sexy vocals and dope beat / poly-rhythmic arrangements Chordashian appeals to the east coast head in me whilst satisfying my current Nu Disco synth obsession. Beautiful and banging. Nice.This one is sure to get heavy rotation. Binary Approves

Figure of 8 – Bittersweet (Figure of 8 Dub)

Live and direct from Belfast, Britain Figure of 8 have captured something groovy, dreamy and fresh. As I sift through what to promote and feature there are so many choices and flavors, this song just felt right. A little dark but still smooth, a little angsty but still emo………..bittersweet.

Figure of 8 feat. Jonny Nutt-Bittersweet (Figure of 8 Dub) by Figure Of 8

Instantly bouncy, steady beat with a synth serenade. Strings, ghostly echoing background vocals….Although I do dig the original and remixes, this dub version really suits me best. Throw this in to your playlist/set, drive home selection and feel both motivated and energized. When the crunchy guitars emerge at 2:24 it is on. Two thumbs up for a talented producer/musician. Thank you Figure of 8. Keep on doing what you do.

Final Djs – No More Youth


TUNE! This song hit me pretty hard. When you are acquainted with artists like we at Binary are fortunate enough to be, you have an opportunity to watch them grow and change.This song threatens to take Final Djs further than before as far as appeal and accessibility. Right from the beginning we are sold on this one. Call me formulaic, point out the common elements in everything that I choose to promote and wax excited about but……this one just feels right.

Final DJs – No More Youth by FINAL DJs

Binary Approves.

Lueur Verte – Malibu Sunrise


Malibu coastline and sun drenched california vibes direct from Nice,France. Although Lueur Verte hail from the other side of the world their romantic conjuring of the sexy California dream is spot on. Totally Binary and absolutely sublime this track brings that optimistic, youthful and emotional energy that we love so much. Beautiful synth and melody, heartfelt and authentic, this song grabs ahold of the afterglow of summer and doesn’t let go.

Malibu Sunrise by Lueur Verte

As the season begins to shift and we find ourselves looking back over the events of our carefree summer, it is a time of reflection. Lueur Verte capture the energy of summer days but also bring a hopeful undertone that carries us into cooler climates. It’s  the smile that spreads across your face as you think of what was and what will soon be and if that sounds like overly poetic or analytical bullshit then its just a sweet song to cruise to. Throw this in and ride.

Duke Dumont – The Giver


YES!!! So damn good. as the song enters, all snare and whispering noise you are drawn in, when the vocals and beat drop its a dance floor inferno. This is one of those tracks that removes any last hesitation to completely getting free. Bliss

Duke Dumont – The Giver by Turbo Recordings

With this track Duke Dumont has secured a place in our heavy rotation. A Goldroom selection that is getting an amazing response in his sets, Duke Dumont is a rising musician/producer to be checking for.Have a great weekend and work this into your lifestyle soundtrack Binary approves.