In an unprecedented move I am actually puttting the same song up twice….in a way. Both dubs, and different mixes. This one is courtesy of Binary friend Digitalfoxglove and was not yet complete at the time of the last post. When it hit my dropbox I knew it deserved a larger audience so… we are.

Figure Of 8 Feat. Jonny Nutt – Bittersweet (Digitalfoxglove Remix Dub) by digitalfoxglove

Peter brings the bass up front and adds a mellow vibe that has euphoric disco flavor for days. Dreamy, funky, happy. Sweet Tune. This one seems directed for the bedroom, more late night lover than mournful/dark, Digitalfoxglove brings the sundown smolder.Well done. Instantly on repeat. Cruise by his soundcloud and check him out. Quality music from a quality musician. And a free download! Cheers!