Make way for some groove driven, funk/soul vibes from Estate. This one drifts from the synth/dreamwave steeze you are accustomed to us bringing but bounces and incites that familiar optimistic groove you have come to expect. When searching for something worthy of posting this one  caught my attention via none other than Señor Goldroom himself, so it has gotta be fresh. Check it out.

The Limit – She’s So Divine (Estate Rework) by Estate


This track just captures that playful side of infatuation. No heavy emo attachment, just attraction and fun.This is the jam that pops into your head as you leave her place, sun rising, mind full of last nights good times. Slipping behind the wheel you start your engine, turn on your stereo and turn it up. Cruising down the palm treelined streets of Cali… Smiling. Cheers