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Atlas Genius – Back Seat (Goldroom Remix)


And another one…Goldroom continues to come through with dreamy, bouncy, emotional tracks that do not disappoint. To wax specifically complimentary would be mad repetitive, see the last years worth of Goldroom appreciation right here on this site penned sincerely by yours truly. We already know Josh is Co-Owner of Binary, we know Josh is Goldroom and as Goldroom that he has had a meteoric rise within the DJ/Producer Dance music scene. His remixes, originals and sets across the globe, literally blowing up the spot and generating more and more props and buzz. What a lot of people may or may not be aware of is the humble, authentic, kind vibe that Josh embodies that is the secret ingredient in his stellar tunes. There is no ego or pretense, a matter of fact musician who has the lofty ambition and desire to infuse every project with that same care and thought that he shares with his friends, family and fans. Goldroom is a cool motherfucker. Moving on…

Atlas Genius – Back Seat (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

Atlas Genius hails from Adelaide,  South Australia. Their song Trojans had a little buzz going and now with this one I think we will be hearing a little more about these dudes. They seem decent but to me the stand out is – shocker – Goldroom. Once again Goldroom has hit it out of the park. At 2:59…you are entirely overcome with euphoric bounce. So Damn Good. Check out both artists on their soundcloud and facebook pages and support this one on Hype Machine. Share it if you dig it. Thanks



Bonus Track:

Atlas Genius – Trojans (Lenno Remix) by Atlas Genius

Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You (Dominic Pierce Quik Edit)

Frank Ocean, Dominic Pierce…two artists that I appreciate but would not think to combine. When I saw this I immediately downloaded it. (It’s FREE!) When it started playing I instantly loved it. When I start driving I am immediately looking for it as my first selection…when I…you get the picture. Sweet tune.

Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You (Dominic Pierce Quik Edit) by dominicpierce

Not too much meddling here. Why would anyone want that? the original is beautiful as well. Dominic has delivered a proper “edit”. The beat is steady and hitting, making it infinitely easier to mix into a set and the consistent tempo adds a bounce to the song that gets your head nodding.Did I mention it is Free?? Get up on this and check out both the Frank Ocean and Dominic Pierce Soundclouds. You will be happy that you did….Keep bouncing.

LexiconDon – Pretending

The guessing game is officially over regarding the future sound of LexiconDon. These guys are getting better and better and their future looks great.As each release has progressed, musically and emotionally, this song really takes it to another level. Dreamy and moody and groovy and more thoughtful than your usual blogworthy fare, LexiconDon have evolved.

Pretending by LexiconDon

As a label, we are proud to have these talented young men as ambassadors of quality music that defies specific genre pigeonholing and holds its own in a variety of classifications.Part dance music, part indie rock, part… I said, they defy classification. The emotional sincerity and otherworldly yet cohesive instrumentation and arrangement speak for themselves.


The hypnotic energy of the track, the haunting vocals and synth for days…instant repeat mode. Throw this in your weekend playlist and watch for more. LexiconDon is on the rise. great stuff

Hollywood Feat. Penguin Prison (Cassian Remix) – RAC


The dance floor went wild the other night at Wrongbar in Toronto, when Goldroom threw this track on as the night came to a close. Hands were up and smiles were certainly widespread. Sydney’s Cassian managed to convert the classic RAC André Allen Anjos – in collaboration with Chris Glover of Penguin Prison – cheerful, light pop piece into a club banger.

Hollywood feat. Penguin Prison (Cassian Remix) – RAC by cassian

Despite the sass toward Hollywood in the lyrics, the song is still bright, jovial and electronically filled. Cassian adds his own melodic hooks comparable to the head bangin’ sounds produced in his singles “Reach for Love” and “I Love it” from a few months ago. Pure quality, Mr. Cassian. We’re glad to have you back.


You can download Cassian’s remix FOR FREE via Green Label Sound. Other disco-house remixes of Hollywood worthy of being discovered include versions by Escort, The Magician, and Treasure Fingers.

Chad Valley – I Owe You This (Feat. Twin Shadow)

It’s starting to cool down. The cardigan makes it’s return. Socks become neccessary. The smell of coffee, the cool air as you walk to the car. Half way into day planning list mode, half way in waking up auto pilot mode.You slide behind the wheel. start the engine, scroll through playlists, looking for something to capture the mood, french touch,dreamwave,indie,americana…oh yeah. This list, new stuff that hasn’t been placed yet. just tunes that deserved a closer listen. you hit play as you pull away from the curb and the song begins.

Chad Valley – I Owe You This (Feat. Twin Shadow) by CASCINE

Chad Valley and Twin Shadow. I have given Chad Valley a cursory listen and he kind of has a Com Truise type place on my ipod. I like his stuff, it just doesn’t really grab me. Twin Shadow on the other hand had me with that first album. I kept him on my radar and then “5 seconds” came out and I fell in love. With this collabo Valley brings a mellow, dreamy, thoughtful backdrop for George Lewis Jr.’s emotional vocal that hits the spot. The less complex arrangement highlighting the inflection and delivery to an effective end.Pretty song.

The autopilot part has taken control, you are en route but also reflecting. Slightly melancholy, slightly hopeful. Not Good, not bad. Just real.Complex and rich, like life, like experience, like love. As the vocals fade out you hit repeat.Suddenly it seems like it’s going to be a great day.Music is magic

Oxford – Combo

Pow. Oxford strikes again. Bass…synth, attitude, glorious and musical drops…Oxford knows how to show us a good time. There are a lot of really good musicians these days, in all genres, it feels like an exciting time in music. Not to say that there aren’t a million more shite artists to every handful of quality ones but if you know how to sift through the garbage the ratio is still impressive enough to put in the effort. One of the great things that is happening is that there really feels like a return to a more musical approach to dance music. No more straight loop with minimal variation, the artists I am speaking of shift the elements thoughtfully, unexpected changes. Attention to detail that comes across to an expectant listener.

Oxford – Combo by Oxfordsounds

My only problem with this song is that it ends too soon. Not that it is not complete or too short necessarily it just feels so good I don’t want it to end. Transported away for the running time of the song and then deposited back into reality, longing for more.I wish I felt that way about more music.Keep up the good work Oxford. Free Download as well!!! Grab it while it’s hot. Binary Approves

Bonus Track –

Goldroom feat Chela – Fifteen (Oxford remix) by Oxfordsounds

CosmicKids – Freight to My Soul

Maybe I’m just a ridiculously huge fan of this song, but I’ll let you eat my passionate words for the next few moments. A freight to your soul, deep in your soul, music for your soul…however you may perceive it, it’s certainly one that allows you to feel a rapturous sense of emotion, in the best possible way. Ron Poznansky and Daniel Terndrup are professionals in the art of rapturous, soul-fulfilling, music-making department.

Freight to My Soul (Original) by CosmicKids

Literally – an art.

If this song were to be translated to an impossible reality, you’d be riding a rainbow-colored train through space. Dreamy, ambient, cosmic (how fitting)…right from the intro, the velvety synths, delicate percussion, and utopian vocals are straight-up sublime. The outro is atypical yet lovely, as its volume winds in and out. You never really know when it’s time to press replay.

“Freight to my soul” will be released as a sequel to Cosmic Kids’ remix of “Never Going Back Again” in November via Chit Chat Records. Prepare yourselves.

Touch Tone – Make Believe

Touch Tone. This tune features Alex Koons of LexiconDon and has been on repeat around the Binary mansion…Ok….we dont really have a mansion per se but….how rad would that be? All neon and Erte originals, Ferraris in the circular drive way, marble,stainless steel, pool stretching out to a sick skyline view of LA….alright enough about the imaginary mansion.Touch Tone has stepped up his game and the inclusion of Koons makes for a really nice tune. check it out.

Touch Tone – “Make Believe” by TouchTone

Dreamy…steady groove that threatens to bounce, this is that classic Binary vibe. The haunting, anthemic vocal style..the well done crisp and fluid production. With the darker side closing in on music and vocals becoming samples, becoming syllables, becoming non existent, this is a breath of fresh air.Thanks Touch Tone. I for one Believe

Gossip – Move In The Right Direction (Classixx Remix)

The LA duo Tyler Blake and Michael David, better known as ‘Classixx’ graces us with a remix of Gossip’s “Move in the right direction” that is poles apart from the original, but boy do we love it. These guys have just signed on with Innovative Design Records, and to put it simply, have a fine talent of developing remixes that sound a hell of a lot better than the originals.

Gossip: “Move In The Right Direction” Classixx Remix by PRO MOTION/LIFT

Within seconds of hearing this remix, you know instantly you’ll be adding it to your Autumn playlist. The boys add gentle, texturous tones and dreamy vibes to create their own rendition. It’s upbeat enough to enjoy its beat and the groove it brings, but I love the smoothness and subtle percussion pieces. Sit back and enjoy this one, because Classixx transforms this radio pop hit into pure bliss. Feel it.

Chris Malinchak – Leaving Tomorrow

I Love this dude.Pretty original I know, as his every release is immediately embraced and praised by bloggers and djs alike as soon as it is up on soundcloud. Never the less….there is just something about the way that Malinchak puts his stuff together. Maybe (as I have mentioned before) it is the east coast blood, maybe it is the classic, almost old school quality to his jams….honestly the reason need not be defined. Chris Malinchak consistently makes music that makes us happy. In this crazy mixed up world, isn’t that more than enough?

Chris Malinchak – Leaving Tomorrow by FRENCH EXPRESS