It’s starting to cool down. The cardigan makes it’s return. Socks become neccessary. The smell of coffee, the cool air as you walk to the car. Half way into day planning list mode, half way in waking up auto pilot mode.You slide behind the wheel. start the engine, scroll through playlists, looking for something to capture the mood, french touch,dreamwave,indie,americana…oh yeah. This list, new stuff that hasn’t been placed yet. just tunes that deserved a closer listen. you hit play as you pull away from the curb and the song begins.

Chad Valley – I Owe You This (Feat. Twin Shadow) by CASCINE

Chad Valley and Twin Shadow. I have given Chad Valley a cursory listen and he kind of has a Com Truise type place on my ipod. I like his stuff, it just doesn’t really grab me. Twin Shadow on the other hand had me with that first album. I kept him on my radar and then “5 seconds” came out and I fell in love. With this collabo Valley brings a mellow, dreamy, thoughtful backdrop for George Lewis Jr.’s emotional vocal that hits the spot. The less complex arrangement highlighting the inflection and delivery to an effective end.Pretty song.

The autopilot part has taken control, you are en route but also reflecting. Slightly melancholy, slightly hopeful. Not Good, not bad. Just real.Complex and rich, like life, like experience, like love. As the vocals fade out you hit repeat.Suddenly it seems like it’s going to be a great day.Music is magic