Maybe I’m just a ridiculously huge fan of this song, but I’ll let you eat my passionate words for the next few moments. A freight to your soul, deep in your soul, music for your soul…however you may perceive it, it’s certainly one that allows you to feel a rapturous sense of emotion, in the best possible way. Ron Poznansky and Daniel Terndrup are professionals in the art of rapturous, soul-fulfilling, music-making department.

Freight to My Soul (Original) by CosmicKids

Literally – an art.

If this song were to be translated to an impossible reality, you’d be riding a rainbow-colored train through space. Dreamy, ambient, cosmic (how fitting)…right from the intro, the velvety synths, delicate percussion, and utopian vocals are straight-up sublime. The outro is atypical yet lovely, as its volume winds in and out. You never really know when it’s time to press replay.

“Freight to my soul” will be released as a sequel to Cosmic Kids’ remix of “Never Going Back Again” in November via Chit Chat Records. Prepare yourselves.