Frank Ocean, Dominic Pierce…two artists that I appreciate but would not think to combine. When I saw this I immediately downloaded it. (It’s FREE!) When it started playing I instantly loved it. When I start driving I am immediately looking for it as my first selection…when I…you get the picture. Sweet tune.

Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You (Dominic Pierce Quik Edit) by dominicpierce

Not too much meddling here. Why would anyone want that? the original is beautiful as well. Dominic has delivered a proper “edit”. The beat is steady and hitting, making it infinitely easier to mix into a set and the consistent tempo adds a bounce to the song that gets your head nodding.Did I mention it is Free?? Get up on this and check out both the Frank Ocean and Dominic Pierce Soundclouds. You will be happy that you did….Keep bouncing.