The LA duo Tyler Blake and Michael David, better known as ‘Classixx’ graces us with a remix of Gossip’s “Move in the right direction” that is poles apart from the original, but boy do we love it. These guys have just signed on with Innovative Design Records, and to put it simply, have a fine talent of developing remixes that sound a hell of a lot better than the originals.

Gossip: “Move In The Right Direction” Classixx Remix by PRO MOTION/LIFT

Within seconds of hearing this remix, you know instantly you’ll be adding it to your Autumn playlist. The boys add gentle, texturous tones and dreamy vibes to create their own rendition. It’s upbeat enough to enjoy its beat and the groove it brings, but I love the smoothness and subtle percussion pieces. Sit back and enjoy this one, because Classixx transforms this radio pop hit into pure bliss. Feel it.