The guessing game is officially over regarding the future sound of LexiconDon. These guys are getting better and better and their future looks great.As each release has progressed, musically and emotionally, this song really takes it to another level. Dreamy and moody and groovy and more thoughtful than your usual blogworthy fare, LexiconDon have evolved.

Pretending by LexiconDon

As a label, we are proud to have these talented young men as ambassadors of quality music that defies specific genre pigeonholing and holds its own in a variety of classifications.Part dance music, part indie rock, part… I said, they defy classification. The emotional sincerity and otherworldly yet cohesive instrumentation and arrangement speak for themselves.


The hypnotic energy of the track, the haunting vocals and synth for days…instant repeat mode. Throw this in your weekend playlist and watch for more. LexiconDon is on the rise. great stuff